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by Soluntra King


all artwork is from my photos, mandalas and paintings

     Following is one of my adventures through duality in the sacred valley of the Incas. A real life drama in duality that could only be resolved and transmuted by surrendering into oneness and unity consciousness, God consciousness. This was back in 1995 at Macchu Picchu, and duality and the experiences played out there over different cycles is almost resolved now, as so many people are drawn to going there. This resolution of duality is being completed by the Goddesses and Gods who have incarnated in human form in order to do this from within. Literally repairing the karma by being their limited creation to become unlimited and merge spirit and matter. Macchu Picchu is an incredible portal, inter-dimensional doorway, with Light City and Star port in other dimensional aspects.

     I did not feel excited about going to Peru, I only knew I had to be there, at the appointed time. There were two reasons for this, the first that I had to be on the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca for the Solar Eclipse Oct 24th 1995. Working with the Councils of Light and through the Light City there, as the Golden Solar Discs are activated once again with the Earth plane. Unifying the Solar Grid and aligning the Earth’s core with the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun, as we come back into harmony with the Earth, each other and all creation. The second reason was to join in a reunion of spiritual people at Cusco, in the sacred valley of the Incas, and Macchu Picchu. I did not want to do this but knew in my heart for whatever reason it was important to be present.

     I arrived in Lima and immediately flew to Cusco which is 4,000 metres above the sea. This was the capital of the Incas, and the umbilical cord of earth. The myth from the flood speaks of two Starry Beings coming down to the Island of the Sun and Moon, which was one of the few remaining projections of earth out of the water. These beings had a golden rod, and they flew over the land until they found a place that the rod would go into the earth. This was Cusco, which was the place where the ancestors of these Starry Beings had their incredible temples, built of laser cut stones moved with anti gravity, and the temple of the Sun. Beings who came through the Central Sun were there at the time of this creation, and a physical Golden Solar Disc was at the temple, used to keep the connection of Divine energy through the Central Sun radiant on the earth plane. It was still used up until the time of the Incas, but with the Spanish invasion most of the vast gold which was created into encoded vessels, power tools and templates was pillaged and melted down by the Spanish, the Golden Solar Disc was never found. Many have searched for it under the tunnels of Cusco that linked the temples, and on June 24th each year a radiant light emanates out from beneath the town in the tunnels. But no one will find it as long as humanity comes from greed, it is protected as it operates in a higher frequency, that of Love, it is there, but in a higher dimension.

     After finding my accommodation I went straight to the Temple of the Sun, which physically the Spanish destroyed and built a church over it. The Golden Solar Discs have been anchored all over the Earth, and some having been present for aeons and been active. My job was working with the ones in the Himalayas, Australia, the Pacific and Peru in a trine of energy, linked with tunnels of Light. The one at the Temple of the Sun being reactivated, and at Sacsayhuaman, which is a massive site above Cusco, with temples of Sun and Moon, craft landing sites, palace, and temples.

     I joined 144 people from all over the world who were here for the reunion, but not involved in the Golden Solar Disc work. The first night I was made aware that the leader of this group was trying to stop the completion of anchoring the discs. This came as a surprise and the Golden Beings re-balanced the situation so no interference could take place. But duality was having a last ditch stand, under the guise of anchoring the One Heart. So my higher self had thrown me in at the deep end once again, but had also given me my room mate, who was the only person in the group with clear vision that could see past the glamour.

     As we proceeded up to the sacred valley of the Incas the psychic attack increased as some sensed what was happening, but still coming from judgement and separation were getting affected negatively by it. Nearly everyone became sick, some hospitalised and almost dying. At Ollantaytambo, an incredible Temple and sacred site where the Light Beings came to join people who came from all over earth, the action really started. This is the most sacred place, where the Star Beings came down and built the place, water was channelled up and down hills here with antigravity and the massive rocks flew into place. On my return here a week later, after the finish of the duality drama, myself and two friends had an experience at one of the rocks beside the down hill irrigation channel. Where they activated the rock and the water then flowed uphill with anti-gravity, and stayed like that! Then I got on the rock and my friends said my body was moving with my head pointing to all the mountains around, the Andes. I felt none of this but was aware of the giant computer rock as connecting to all the sacred sites and portals of Earth as I saw them in vision, and was told about the shift and creation story. As well as how important it is for humanity to be clear.

       When we first entered the site as a group of 144, all in white we walked in procession up to another sacred rock up the valley and in the ruins. I was told from within that ‘my heart had been cut out as an Inca and placed here, that now I would be given it back’. As I touched and honoured the rock I could feel my energies changing and as I reunited with a fragmented part of my being within my heart, I was told from my heart ‘not to tarnish it with my mind’. Suddenly my inner vision became clear, and I saw that the leaders of the group were actually opening the portal to dark ones from Orion. I realised this was actually in a parallel world from the past, as these same people had attempted to stop the Christ energy at that time 2,000 years ago. This was only an illusion, but still real to all the players of dark and light, only by surrendering to both do we stop the game.

     We proceeded up the ancient steps to the temple above on the mountain where the Light Beings had come in. There was a Peruvian man dressed in white just like all of us, walking up another pathway of steps to the temple. Our “leaders” made sure they got to the top before he did, and seated themselves on the sacred altar, with encoded rock walls behind that were an inter-dimensional doorway. As the others came into the temple area after a step high altitude climb, any who sat at the altar site were quickly removed and delegated to the join the others around the temple site. Then it began, the ritual bringing in of the dark ones, unbeknown to the innocent and ignorant. I prayed and prayed for Oneness and eternal love to remain, and held the beam.    

   After it had finished and the “leaders” gone, the Peruvian man who we saw before literally materialised and spoke words that resonated with my heart, and truth. He spoke of this being the time that the Ancient Incas return, the Starseeds, coming back to where we had once come in as Light Beings. As we prayed in the Inca way to the Sun, Moon, Earth and Spirit, the dark ones swooped back having sensed what was going on. Those of us in pray were literally lifted up off the ground from praying, I had four people physically pulling me up from prayer. The man, who was really the guardian of the place had dematerialised, and the dark ones were toning back their energies as I stood in prayer, holding the beam and praying that I would be invisible to them. A great battle was fought on the planes of the Dark and Light Lords. I thought if the people in the group cannot see what is going on now, they never will. My job was to remain silent and the observer, holding the beam of oneness with no judgement just Love and Acceptance. I loved all the players and the main dark player was my sister on another level, she was me anyway, there is no separation.

     That night back at our hotel our “leaders” made special mention of what had happened, saying that the man was a Shaman who had blown it, and that those praying had given their power to him. Most hopefully were not fooled by this. Days later on the train returning from Macchu Picchu to Cusco he materialised in the walkway of the carriage. He raised his hand to his face and blew on it. Showing us the pun, from the accusation that he had blown it!

     After Ollanytambo we travelled up to Moray still in the sacred valley, but up in the hills with the Andes' snow capped mountains all around. Down in the valley was a spiral amphitheatre, where in procession we went to do sacred dances and practise for our all night ceremony at Macchu Picchu. I was shown that the power place was another spiral over a rise and down another valley nearby, that had not been excavated. Having to be very careful not to draw any attention to myself, in our break I left and went to this spiral. The energy was so powerful here it was like being in a rocket blast, and as I stood in the centre I felt myself transmuting and going through the Central Sun. I was told this is where I would leave from. It being a portal of inter-dimensional Light and transmission of cellular restructuring into Light with the body. That I could astrally go there at will, but not something to be played with.

       The next day we got the train to Aquas Calientas and then the bus up the winding mountain road to Macchu Picchu. Citadel in the clouds, up impenetrable step mountains at the end of the valley. The night before everyone was getting pretty blasted with negative energy. Having had much experience with this, the only course of action not to be influenced by it is to embrace and love any parts in ourself that may still be that dark, fearful controlling energy and to love and accept it in others, all are beloved of God. By loving it completely, coming from a point of oneness, and therefore no judgement is the only true protection, for in reality it is an illusion. The few who knew what was really going on had to experience the full onslaught of the negative energies, because of their fear, and judgement, until they realised Love and Acceptance are the keys to freedom and oneness. Most people were sick, some very sick and could not enjoy were they were. I spent the day in prayer transmuting the energies, as I wandered around the site, being warned to be careful as I was a thorn in the dark ones side, and they wanted me over the side.

     As dusk came we gathered in the main Plaza for sacred dance, and initiations. No one is normally allowed to stay at Macchu Picchu at night, and it was all an under the table arrangement, with the agreement that the toilets out of the site be left open, there was 144 of us. After the first session I was guided to go off to an area of the ruins and pray and transmute the energies, as I walked back to the Plaza in the dark I had a strong feeling that someone was going to fall and break their neck. As I returned we were told that someone had just done that, but crushed their skull, they died the following night. They had known they would die in Peru before coming, and that they owed one to our leader. This game is not necessary if we come from Love. They were in fact the blood sacrifice, Macchu Picchu having had plenty of it in the past. This was also part of an initiation some of them had done at dusk, and the person that fell was heavily into the old sacrificial energies, and the Gods that require sacrifice. This is obviously sub-conscious but until we love the dark in us we are susceptible to it, hopefully not to that extreme.

     Then the Divine energy stepped in with rain, God was saying enough, the rain was so heavy that everyone had to duck for cover in the ruins. A huge cleanse was taking place and no more duality to be played out here. Most people were very sick, once I would of gone into rescue mode, having once been a Naturopath and Spiritual guide to healing for many years. But now all that was necessary was to simply Be, later people thanked me for the help they received, acknowledgment of how powerful it is to simply Be and hold the energy of Love and Peace.

   The sick were taken down to the restaurant below through the dark night of heavy rain, wind and madness and laid out on the tables, someone commented on it looking like a battle ground, which indeed it was. At 4.30 am the rain stopped and the ceremonies, with the few left, started again but with no energy to sustain them. Then at day break the few left walked out of Macchu Picchu, I couldn’t believe it, out of 144 people I was left alone in this place of such incredible stature on all levels for the sunrise. I went to the temple were the blood sacrifices took place and prayed for any remaining souls and stuck energy to be at peace, as I stood there the Christ appeared. Then as the sun started to rise over the mountain peaks I arrived at the Sun Temple and the great sun rock. Aligning with the Central Sun, the energy began to vibrate at very high frequency, as its’ rays flowed through me and the rock. Later feeling that all was complete I started to descend the ancient stone steps and pathways, taking one last look at the surrounding mountain peaks, with the jewelled crystals within them, not yet time for them to be activated.

   I returned to Macchu Picchu in 1997 and the drama of duality was a lot less. I had a group of 19 with me and we anchored Soul Star chakra and the underworld was free to rise to the Heavens. This time the only drama was a drunk tour operator trying to get into one of the girls rooms in the middle of the night.
I am due to return again this year and have been shown in vision Angels singing and playing celestial sounds there, as Heaven and Earth merge and we fully surrender into Divine Will, Love and Oneness. Lets face it, it’s a lot easier that way, and for those of us who like adventures I’m sure we will have fun as co-creators in other worlds beyond duality.

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