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Cosmic Alerts



Photo from video, link below in red.

Amongst all the confusion on times and all the resistance by those holding on to the old ways.

Challenging people to listen within instead of without. Love not the fear. Connection of the manifest and unmanifest worlds through our presence in our body.
Letting go of what has gone before as we take baby steps into a new way of expressing our divinity with ease grace and flow, love, joy and peace. As we harmonise with our beloved earth and all creatures and all beings through all worlds and dimensions in the unified matrix.

Below is an account of the most joy filled experience and the biggest shift we can imagine.
I have also put below that some other links you will find beautiful.

Please see about the Two Eclipses in the lead up which connected us in the Lunar Eclipse to the Golden Solar Disc within and Living Library of Light and the living light codes of creation each of us holds. As well as the Total Solar Eclipse with the Cosmic Egg ready for the birthing. Also about the Creation Mothers.



I was taken on the inner to the spinner wheel at Lake Rotopounamu NZ where I had been so many times in years gone by and amazing things had happened including 2010 March Equinox when I was taken to the top of the nearby Mt Pihanga and given a cloak of rainbow feathers by all the ET’s, Light Beings and I then took off the cloak and I was in my Iridescent body. Afterwards I went into Taupo the nearest town as my old car was on its last legs and brought a brand new car without finance and only a few hundred dollars and drove it home, my new body.
A lot of people who have come on my previous missions were there preparing for the Solstice and Conjunction so I kissed them all on the inner, feeling so much love and gratitude and then went to the central point in Lake Taupo Stargate where in June Solstice 2017 the unified matrix came through the Starlines. I then I went to Ladakh to the monastery where I had worked with the Golden Solar Disc from the first cycle and connected with it as it was stagnant.
 I was guided to blast my own Golden Solar Disc within and it went through to the first cycle Golden Solar Disc which activated and light poured through and it all connected from the first cycle to now making a full circle so that now we can move forward into a completely new higher vibrational cycle that is beyond duality.

This would of no doubt stirred the opposing forces into even more frenzy to sabotage and of course that’s what happened. Especially to those physically at Uluru with a new time announced for the ceremony and because of Covid and the conference there with many from Sydney the authorities saying they had to self-isolate. But thankfully most old souls know the game and did not buy into it.
The force of Love way too powerful with millions worldwide supporting the activation at Uluru and millions more not even knowing about Uluru, but doing their loving service for Earth and all beings from their loving heart space. With so much gratitude to all.



I set my alarm for 5.15am as sunrise was at 5.46am and I never managed to get up as too tired and went back to sleep. I have never done that in my life before and for such an important event! I woke 7.30am just as the Sun did rise from out of the clouds. So, I witnessed the sunrise anyway and connected through all the Suns and out to all beings and the Inner Earth Sun and Earth as One. But I had to go back to bed I was so whipped out. Thinking of being in a Sun Pyramid in Mexico that I had seen on the inner not a physical one and the Sun winged serpent light that takes us through the Sun.

Back in in bed on the inner greeting the Sun and it comes up through me and activates my cells in diamonds toes to head. This all happened spontaneously and felt amazing.

Then I think of Black Sun and realise it is trying to stop the Suns light and the shift from taking place. I stand as guardian of the Sun and ask all other beings of divine light, love, oneness to help please. The Black Sun dissolves into a pin prick, I ask is it going to trouble us again and get a big no. I ask is it going to trouble others and told leave that to the creator.

Then I am aware of being in a Council of Light meeting which is vast, all the Councils of Light are meeting. In the centre is the Sun of our Earth. 

I am told there is two ways this Solstice can go; those who still follow the old ways and who still cannot come from their own sovereign self and must follow the crowd, not trusting their own inner light let them be.

Then those who listen to their heart and are not coerced my malignant forces will truly be free to shine and radiate.

I ask about all those who have no awareness as they are simply not conscious, but their inner self still exists and if more loving than not will experience the shift also.

The shift will take 3 years to be fully noticeable for many and in that time, there will be a clean-up taking place of all that harms Mother Earth and all life on and in her.

The beloved Inner Earth Sun Beings now inject and start to sing a song of the Inner Sun through all the Earth Grids and the frozen lands unfreeze to release that which has been held in secret trust of what occurred to the Earth and what will no longer need to be experienced as the Sun shifts frequency and so do we.


I connect to the Sun and Suns and everyone, prayers, give, receive…

I was triggered to ask that at all devas and elementals are able to move on now, those that have been stuck in myself and all humanity. Especially those picked up at sacred sites.
A clearing needed to take place so that Rainbow Serpent could freely move through to places where it needed to go without old stuck energies blocking. I know so many others had done similar work in preparation in different time spans and lines ready for this huge event.


I connect in and give thanks to the Sun and all life. Aware of holding the BeAm and staying with the energies in readiness for the exact time of the Solstice and Conjunction.

I was not bothered by all the time changes it was too close to when it was happening to let people know and would of caused sabotage and disharmony. All that mattered was that we were coming from our heart and love for Mother Earth and doing what our hearts guided us to do, mostly simply BE.
I heard later that it was touch and go if the ceremony at Uluru would even take place, such was the sabotaging energies, but Love held strong and with gratitude the original people did their ceremony. This was for all humanity to experience and be with the shift. So, any sabotages were insignificant to the power of Love. I get it was even billions holding Love around the Earth. Even those not conscious of this taking place; their Love and pure hearts still there as their soul knew. Nothing was stopping the shift in cycle.


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Closer to the time of the Solstice at 11.01pm NZ time feeling so much love for the Earth and Uluru,
I am aware of being with Divine Mother and Creation Mothers ...

At my midnight I am aware of the grids and like fireworks at Uluru in state Love for Mother Earth

Then I see the top of Mt Titiroa become light golden.

The Rainbow Serpent moves up to the Sun then it ignites the song lines I see the Grail Cup come out of the rock overflowing with bubbling light, the Starlines all merge and come through inverted as they have crossed over through the Galactic Centre.
Photo from video, link below in red.

There is a rainbow formed from Darwin to Adelaide and Mt Warning is vibrating and light.
The Creation Mothers in the rock were singing and nursing a baby that is the collective of everyone's own inner baby now birthed in Love. The rock opens like a vulva to give birth and as the birthing waters release bringing fertility to the Earth as she is born into a higher vibration where Earth can breathe fully.

A great Mothership opened up as many Beings rejoiced at being able to experience the Earth, now she has shifted.

As it gets closer to the exact time of the conjunction, I can feel the love of everyone worldwide it is so incredible, my heart feels bursting with love and joy.

I sat with the love then felt the energies of the light through the grids.

Because I was sitting outside on the lawn, in my sacred space the possum came over near me and was busy talking to me, the peacocks who all live up a nearby valley all went off also in unison. I have not heard so many of them before, but they know and rejoiced.

I feel new too like what I have done before is gone and now its baby steps into the new.
Personally for myself I wasnt capable of writing any of this, answering emails nothing I just needed to be and integrate.


The awareness was presented as I was talking with a friend in the UK, doing some deep unification work that with the sabotage energies and resistance there were threads of the dark matrix energy that had been carried through. I don’t need to go into details, but it was expected that those involved, not all had pure hearts or intentions, often totally unconscious, but still leaves the doorway open and the dark matrix players take advantage of every situation and apply all sorts of trickery to those still in their matrix.
In the greater reality and what you may call aeons ago, we allowed ourselves to be vulnerable to the dark. Because we knew that in the future realms, we needed to experience darkness and duality in order to spiritualise matter. We allowed this dark thread to infiltrate us, some might say in order to get into the dark matrix, to create change we made all sorts of agreements with the dark ones just to get in here. However, we allowed it, it was so that we could be in this dual world when required because without that dark thread we would not have been able to get here.

Now we are at the time of the total shift back to the in breathe and into oneness and wholeness so now all the dark threads that we took on to be here to complete, duality can be released.

Seeing my Golden Solar Disc within me and I am pulling out the dark thread as its goes into the disc spinning very fast to dissolve it and as that happens I see that dark energy that got caught in the grids dissolving as well, it can’t stay now.

The Creator Mothers at Uluru wish to tell us that this was necessary, there was so much distortion and sabotage, and they knew that it would be like that at the crucial times. So allowed this to happen in order for us to all be able to dissolve each one that has the dark thread in order to be here.
Now we no longer need this darkness within us, but we did even at the activation time as it prevented even darker energies attempting to stop the process.
But now this thread can dissolve, and I am asking on the inner in the one heart that each beloved person that was involved be able to activate their Goldens Solar Disc now to dissolve that dark thread and to see the Golden Solar Discs all over the Earth glowing and radiating and sending solar light out through all the grids to clear them and bring them into harmony.
And so it is 10:10 am when completed.

I found out later that at the same time Oracle Girl was doing a big purification for clearing the slave matrix, which you can be part of see the link below under ‘Experiences and Links of Others’.
I also know others would have been triggered to work from their heart as well in harmony with what was occurring, as this is a major team effort.


The perfect time to go within and connect to the union within of the physical realms and nonphysical unmanifest realms through the Stargate union within.
From the start of our dance into duality realms to now, if we choose, coming full circle and merging the dual realms of illusion through the frequencies of our inner sound as we now send out a vibration that creates through unification and not separation.

The doorway is open now for us to fully create from the Source within. When we came out of the White Hole into creation, we had to learn to deal with being separate from Source, we started to form in light and then gradually the light got denser. Until we fully formed into the third density realm of Earth with all that meant as far as separation was concerned. Now we have completed and moving through the Stargate within our heart into a whole new creation.
Feel your heart and the love there, the cross over point there that takes you into deeper levels of Love, higher frequencies of Light. Not outside anywhere but in you. Where all is manifest.
So now starts a new cycle.

For myself the night of the 25th I thought I was going to transition out of my body, the death of the old felt so real even physically. (Mind you I have Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in my first house of the physical body) so for me it was all very physical. I surrendered to it all, no more attachments to anyone or thing, gone.

I must admit I find it hard now to relate to what is occurring in the third dimension. All the ongoing dramas with Covid, the control freaks etc seem a million light years away and not even real. Which of course it is not. It was the gift from the Divine Mother to kick us into our divinity more fully than ever before. The alternative being not so nice, sucked into the negative spiral of ongoing dramas with vaccines etc.

Now it’s time to work with the Devas of all creation, which is purely the energy of all creation, as within each atom of our body is a light spark, all energy is sparked with light. We are Light.
So now we create from this space and place within our Stargate self. Where we have unified the worlds of the manifest and unmanifest.

I know this is easy to say for myself as I live in NZ and here with no cases of Covid, life goes on as normal except for no overseas travel and tourists coming here, it could change at any time though, depending on the government program of the game they are playing. But we each create the space we need to exist in.
Each of us vibrates at a certain frequency and if the frequency is high enough then the lower fear based frequencies don’t affect us, and we are invisible to them.
Many of us have done this work all our lives to get to this place now, but it was never a journey for ourselves. We are already Light, Divine and ascended. We came here to raise the frequency for all life. So, keep holding the BeAm you are doing the most amazing service for the whole of creation.

You will start to see all those dark ones who previous may have been attacking you, implanting you, programming you through lifetimes now in another world; like they are cocooned and not able to harm others anymore.
They too are loved for their mission and got no thanks from us, but without them we would not have unified. They too deserve to be transformed now into their true essence, which is no different to ours, as we all come from the One Source and to the One Source we return.

The out breath has been super adventurous, dangerous, filled with dramas and ‘tit for tats’ through lifetimes. Now the inbreath as we return to the one point, zero point will be gentler. We are exhausted with all the dramas and games and need a break. And so, we are getting it.

So, for those who are at the coalface with vaccinations about to be shoved at you and all sorts or draconian measures, do not put your energy into it, as it’s not real. It is just a game that is ending now. And if we do not fear getting vaccinated, or all our assets taken, put in concentration camps, zapped by 5G etc it has no power over us. Its water off a duck’s back. The choice is ours. Remember “I do not consent”.
I know for those who have not been aware and not done their inner unification work this seems like all Love and Light BS. But it’s not when you have done your inner work, it’s real.  The inner is the space to connect with, so if nothing else hopefully it will start you on your inner unification journey.
Which is super-fast and easy now seeing so many have been doing this work, especially since WW2 a whole new wave of Light Beings came flooding onto the planet to clear all that lower astral muck. It was hard work and one had to be dedicated, but we did it and so cut the way through the jungle, so now it is a huge freeway.

Now we have a flood of Christed Ones coming in and being birthed in 2021, I know from personal experience on bigger picture work this is happening. They have one cell and by osmosis their unified matrix merges out to all.
Just as those who have done the hard yards and merged into one cell, one body of light merges out through osmosis to all life.

There is no ‘us and them’, no more unified or less, we each decide when we would wake up and what our expression of divinity is. None better or worse than the other. We all do this together. So even if this is all new to you, it isn’t to your soul and you are able to wake up to where it’s at, at any time your choose. If nothing else just remember you are Loved eternally and to Love yourself eternally.


The beloved Inner Earth Sun Beings in the build up to the Solstice and Conjunction sang a song of the Inner Sun through all the Earth Grids and the frozen lands, unfreezing to release that which has been held in secret trust of what occurred to the Earth and what will no longer need to be experienced as the Sun shifts frequency and so do we.

They; the Agartha’s kept coming in also after the actual ceremony and activation, showing the Earth within, the glow of the Inner Earth Sun, the Earths Heart. It is surrounded in a beautiful soft light grid with many portals that come through to the surface and out through the surface aligning to the stars.
The star light comes through the portals and into the Earth, in the Inner Earth Sun and activates it to be a Star.
The Agartha’s tell me that Earth is fully a Star.
I had seen this happen previous in the higher dimensions, but they told me now its integrated firmly through the portals and grids of 5D.
The time codes no longer resonate with the Star birth. As we have moved beyond the old matrix and limitations of the third density realm where time and money rules, to the space of no time, no money where art, creative expression from each soul, from all nature is the value.

Now we need to live this reality.

We have all had a breakthrough into deeper awareness of the subtle levels and the multi-dimensional reality. In the physical realm things look, feel and are super challenging for many, also for many even the potential fear of the control freaks drama to come. But that’s only in the third dimension and we are multi-dimensional.
Since the shift which was so huge to really have no words.
Things have already shifted massively.
We are in a higher vibrational timeline, personally I don’t like the word timeline as it creates limitation, and we are unlimited and in multiple experiences all at once in the NOW.
We have merged dimensions and are learning to bring into harmony the physical realm of light with the Lighter realms.

In this now moment we are aware of the devas of all matter, as its all energy. And within the energy a spark of Light.
You are matter, which is energy, which is sparks of light…igniting NOW in each cell of your body and through all you experience. LIGHT.





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Read about Soul Travel if this is all new to you.


SEE IMANI, SOVEREIGN AND CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP WITH ORACLE GIRL WITH A PURIFICATION  New Earth vs Polarisation - Solstice Purification  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnDvnRAqvh8  really worth watching.
This is where I got the two photos of Uluru with the Star and Star dust.

By Magi Whisson


ALSO SEE RECLAIM OUR LIVES www.reclaimyourlives.com

THIS IS THE LINK TO THE FORGOTTEN ORIGINS PAGE WITH LOTS OF COMMENTS AND INFO. This is limited to Facebook and you have to join the group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/380062128751110/permalink/3554166954673929/

I have also had lots of wonderful feedback for friends that we succeeded. I was never in any doubt that we wouldn’t.

This is a message on 30 December from a dear one who I have been sending essences to and guiding with my mp3 pdf inner work, which says it all.
Good morning Soluntra
Pleased to let you know that since 21 December things are a lot easier, a lot more peaceful and I feel like I’m getting a handle on everything again.
It’s been one hell of a ride.  Loving me so much at the moment so a great feeling. Much love and thank you. D

It doesn’t mean it will all be plain sailing. We are after all little babies completely vulnerable to this whole new creation, but now we are not hooked up to the dark mother matrix but back in the arms of pure love from divine mother the creation mothers and the connection to the love in our hearts.


FROM Edward Romano (O'Le-An)

Dear networkers,
I'm writing this response to the Dec. 21st Global Solstice Ceremony and the Uluru Activation in central Australia. Our guidance is that an Activation of Energy for the Earth did occur at Uluru, despite some confusion at the location in regard to timing as a result of a plane load of visitors arriving, and being forced into COVID quarantine.
So I'm writing this as a message of hope and optimism and possibilities as we go forward into the Christmas Festive Season and the "5" New Year of 2021.

We embrace the boost of New Energies in the transformation from the old paradigm into the New Paradigm of Unity and Balance of Masculine and Feminine energies. ~Best blessings, Edward.

                                       ~~~ WE  SAY  YES ~~~

WE SAY "YES" - to the fresh opportunities presented to us by the burst of Planetary energies that were activated around the world on December 2020 Solstice and at ULURU in Australia.

WE SAY "YES" to Healing the Earth, and to Respecting the Earth and Environment!

WE SAY "YES" to embracing these New Energies as we go forward to create through our

INTENT - "As we Believe, so we Create". What we focus our Attention upon is what we give our energy to. We choose to only identify with positive life affirmations and possibilities.

This is a momentous time in our planetary history, a New Earth Paradigm, and the Spiritual

Promise for manifesting our New Reality - the fruits of Keeping the Faith.


CLEAR our minds of the old paradigm energies of duality, and division of conflicting opposites.

EMBRACE UNITY - the Unity of Masculine and Feminine Energies in Balance, in cooperation!

- to global power plays. These are man-made illusions! Their energy will dissipate through lack of support. They will be exposed for All to see! We withdraw our energy from all surfacing negativity. Cause and effect will follow its natural course. .

WE SAY "NO" - to unethical operators, by avoiding their products and services!

As we withdraw our purchasing power from big bullying nations and global manipulators, their power will be diminished. It's time to buy and support quality products again.

Support your local community. Support your environment so that it can support you!

TRUST YOURSELF. Trust your inner resources. Big media serves big vested interests.

Choose to support good, reliable Independent media sources and Independent journalists.

Speak your truth calmly and clearly, and reasonably.

The People of Earth are powerful when united. Nature is powerful.

Mother Earth will no longer tolerate the iniquities and degradation inflicted upon Her.

Karma is more powerful than the conspirators.

There is a Spiritual Plan for the Earth, and it is in play now!

Your personal plan is what you make of it. Reset your goals. The energies are now available to

boost positive initiatives and help you achieve it.

Best blessings, Edward Romano (O'Le-An)


1 am the stargate smAndromedaBIGJPEG1 am the stargate sm
Artwork by Soluntra 




My year will be difficult for many. Those that need to learn to let go the material world have already been getting it tough, but it will go tougher and harder for many. No one is innocent or guilty, or their karma. Those are illusionary beliefs.
What you do is crave to experience everything, many to the absolute depths of that experience, no matter how painful. Or often how many times its repeated in various timelines. Until you reach to point of no return.
You die”.

This could be a physical death, but it’s a death of everything you have carried within you on all levels and dimensions.

You surrender it all, accept leaving your body if required, and have no attachment to people, places, things.

This is what has happened for us as we birth into a whole new way of being and doing, or not doing in many cases. So much is not necessary now.

The regular 3D struggles no more, as we learn to communicate with the energies of all creation and in our immediate environment. And in our body which is matter and so energy and so Light within it. Our body is Light because its energy because its matter. We no longer distinguish matter and light as they are the same thing.

Now we operate from the higher vibrations and frequencies of energy, so the lower vibrational energy which is the third density ruled by fear no longer has any control over us. It is not like before when we were in the world but not of it. That worked well for myself I know.

But NOW we are in the world of Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony.

NOW we work in harmony with all the energies we live with. We communicate to those we have issues or difficulties problems with and the deva of each of those energies are now ready to come into harmony.

Start with your body as well as and ask any energies that are negative to you like pain, fear, a particular dis-ease, an injury or a major emotion or belief system you have been working on transcending like anger, disappointment…

Ask the deva and energy that is in you if it is completed now and ready to leave. You may see where it’s come from, or not, the energy may talk to you and tell you things about what you have learned from all the experiences of that particular energy.

You thank it from your heart for it has served you well.

Then ask it how it wishes to leave, to move into the higher dimensions and into love and oneness.

On it’s own journey in divine will and plan.

It may wish to leave physically though your mouth or other part of the body or wish you to on the inner create a doorway for it. For example, it may need a spiral to move out, or a sound or tones. The deva of this energy will tell you, be open to whatever you sense first up.

Once it’s all gone, make sure that it has, then you need to replace the empty space as it were.

Fill yourself up with the pure Love of Source from your Heart. The pure Light of Source from your Heart. Your Divine Blueprint light through every cell.

The energies in our house garden neighbourhood wish to harmonise as we open up to the higher energies of our self, everything vibrates in a harmonious way.

“This is the energy I ask for my year. The numerological 5 means change, communication, travel which is on the inner not outer at present which suits us fine in the higher dimensions. As the inner is real.

You will learn in this year all about energy and vibration for it truly is the energies of Aquarius to bring awareness of the universal flow.

For those that have not chosen harmony and love for Mother Earth and all beings then the forces of duality will battle on to the death. The dark ones will not let go and try and take down everyone and thing with them. Do not focus on that world.

Remember energy, you will now feel and sense the energy of that trying to break through to you. Depending on your boundaries and how strong your field is. You will see sense or know them as they come out you through the tv phones as they still control the media and internet. But when your field is strong, and you know who you are and that nothing can coerce you.
It’s not worth putting your energy into, as it is a dying energy.

Focus your energy on health and wholeness in body, mind and life.

Feel the energy of Joy come through you, it wants to be with you invite that in as the old clears out.

Fill yourself up with the pure Love of Source from your Heart. The pure Light of Source from your Heart. Your Divine Blueprint light through every cell.

See your world as it truly is. Beautiful and Light, see the life force the energy, the light in all things.
Remember harmony and ask, see, work at harmonising yourself with everything else.
Your energy is in harmony, peace, love.
This is the NEW EARTH we are in it and co creating it.
The rest is just the old way that no longer vibrates with where we are at. Let it go.

Please see https://helenbea.blogspot.com/ for astrology insights as ther year progresses by Helen Nicholas.

For anyone reading this that thinks the vaccinations are all ok please watch this video with real health professionals to save your and your families and friends lives.


Nothing comes up cosmically this month as I am sure we are still feeling the energies of the eclsies and Solstice Conjunction and all that means for us as we integrate and start to take baby steps into our new life and world.

The Quadrantids is an above average shower, with up to 40 meteors per hour at its peak. It is thought to be produced by dust grains left behind by an extinct comet known as 2003 EH1, which was discovered in 2003. The shower runs annually from January 1-5. It peaks this year on the night of the 2nd and morning of the 3rd. The waning gibbous moon will block out most of the faintest meteors this year. But if you are patient, you should still be able to catch a few good ones. Best viewing will be from a dark location after midnight. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Bootes, but can appear anywhere in the sky.


This means Wega is sighted before the Sun on this day. Wega is the brightest star in Lyra and a star essence I made of it in 1990, it told me simply "I am Light", this was made in water that has never had anything put into it to keep it from going stagnant.

Lyra is the prism that we came out of, as the prisms of light create life on many different star systems in this galaxy we experienced many degrees of duality. Orion was total dark and light games and these also came to Earth, which was originally settled by Lyrans who went on to settle the Pleiades. 
So Wega is an important star in our Creation Story. 
Star Essence of Wega and New Paradigm Wega
Stargate Essences   of Wega and 
the Harp; Messier 57 (m57), also known as the Ring Nebula, in the constellation of Lyra.

JANUARY 11 = 11:1:11
A doorway is open for our highest potential moving beyond duality and being our divine shining radiant self.

Take advantage of the energies today to meditate upon what it is you still need to love in yourself 
so that you can be free to fully Be.
29 years since the 11:11 Gateway opened 11.1.1992
To support you in this if you feel:
A link to Inner Healing unification MP3 PDF’s A link to Inner Healing unification MP3 PDF’s
A link to Activating your Light Bodies and Multi-D self MP3 PDF’s

Read here about the New Moon.
05:02 GMT/UTC

The planet Mercury reaches greatest eastern elongation of 18.6 degrees from the Sun. This is the best time to view Mercury since it will be at its highest point above the horizon in the evening sky. Look for the planet low in the western sky just after sunset.           

This means Alpha Aquilae the brightest star in Altair is sighted before the Sun on this day. 
Altair (Alpha Aquilae) is the brightest star in the constellation Aquila, and the 12th most luminous in the entire night sky. ALTAIR being in the constellation of AQUILA the Eagle; companion of Jupiter who often carried his thunderbolts 'I am spirit flying straight for my home'. Altair is at 1 09 Aquarius, conjunct the Sun on 22nd January. With the bright stars Deneb and Vega, Altair (Arabic for "flying eagle") forms the prominent asterism of the Summer Triangle. 

"I am the still point of the spirit'. Matter into spirit, spirit into matter the seventh point of the six pointed star, perfection, completion, the Heart of the Cosmos".
Star Essence of Altair
Stargate EssencesStargate Essences of Altair.
The Hyper Dimensional Essence  Mead Wall, through the Doorway to Altair

Read here about the Full Moon.
19:18 GMT UTC.



Dec. 21st Uluru
The Original Prophecy Foretelling the Change of Everything
& Message From Uluru : Words by Julia Williams
Free Image on Pixabay - Uluru, Australia, Monolith

The Original Prophecy Foretelling the Change of Everything
This has been an evolving process that began nearly three years ago. Elders and Keepers of Lore have approached us with an almost identical word for word description of soon to come days of complete transformation. Such has been the number and consistency of narrative, if other Elders approach us on unrelated archaeology or history that involves Old Way protocol and knowledge, we always introduce the topic of the oncoming change to see how they react and whether they knew of this renaissance. If they do not, then the radar is on and suspicion aroused. Fortunately, that has never happened, because on each occasion when the subject was raised it became immediately obvious that they were genuine and knowledgeable in such profound matters.

We first heard talk of this seminal transformation close to three years ago. The sources vary, some are very close to those orchestrating these ceremonies, with others there were degrees of separation, but what remained constant was the general processes, location and outcomes. To begin with, we were told that a Pleiadean spaceship carrying a special device was on its way to Earth. Since that earlier description it has become obvious that this had already happened, a long time before. From an Original perspective, time is circular in nature and progression, so being off by close to a million years is not an issue as it did happen, when, is such an insignificant part of this equation. What doesn’t change, is that it was delivered by Pleiadeans, and the ‘machinery’ is ready and waiting.

This device, which the Elders refer to as a “Magic Box,” is beyond the comprehension of mere mortals, but there is one drawback in this gift from the stars. If unassisted by humans, it will do nothing beyond await instructions. Even when the ‘switch’ is sung and turned on, the best it can independently do is get ready. Aliens of good intentions are banned from directly influencing human affairs, they can hint, suggest and wave a big white flag, but never initiate or supplement. This Magic Box will feed off pure positive human energy. If there are indeed the minimum numbers still present (which runs into six figures) and unaffected by pandemics, economic chaos, warfare and terrorism and are totally focused on the positive, this box will absorb that powerful reservoir of pure energy then amplify and distribute throughout all the ley lines and Dreaming tracks on this the planet.

The planet itself is aware of this oncoming acceleration where its resonance will ascend. It is for that reason that the Schumann Resonance, which measures the planets inner pulse, has been of recent times peaking and receding like the tides of the ocean. It is readying itself for this ceremony, for once the final ritual is completed the Earth will continually vibrate at a much higher level, forever. However, if the current fear and negativity prevails and the number of people who are unaffected is too low, the box will remain idling and soon after the Earth’s axis will tilt and the oceans will clean the planet and virtually everything will be literally washed away. Either way, the earth is rising and will be cleansed.

Now if the numbers are sufficient and the energy flows, the Elders have told us that the Earth will literally split into two ‘pulses.’ One being close to 200 on the Schuman chart and the other will remain at the present base level of about 8. Each soul will automatically gravitate to the frequency that reflects their current stage of spiritual development. Those obsessed by greed, gossip, power, backbiting and turmoil will be drawn to the lower vibration while those seeking wisdom, introspection and Old Ways will be called to the higher resonance. Such a bi-vibrational construct is an imbalanced physical equation, as you cannot have two realities co-existing on the same material plane. Over the months, possibly even a few years, past the dividing line the lower base, to which many will be called, will slowly fade then finally vanish. And so too will its entire esoteric cargo leave this planet. This separation is not meant as either a judgment or penalty, as the souls who do not straddle the hurdle will still incarnate, but not here as the higher ascended frequency would literally kill any less developed soul. So, it is back to Kindergarten elsewhere for a lot of the present-day inhabitants of this planet, and on to Earth University for those who made the grade. (* Since hearing this explanation of where these souls went next, another destination has been presented to us, which will be expanded upon in another article further down the line.)

And when will the final examination for each soul take place? The answer, which is down to the exact second, we first heard from Original Victorian Elder, Brendan Murray, and I remember stating at the time of first disclosure I was very hesitant to vouch for such precision in timing. Time means nothing on the other side of the curtain, it is a mortal construction, and too many self-proclaimed prophets have staked their authenticity on a number and date, and we are still here none the better. Despite these justifiable reasons not to declare any date, because of events and information given that cannot be fully revealed at present, we are now 99.999% convinced that on December 21, 9 pm at Uluru, the box will be opened and switch turned on.

Message From Uluru
Words and image by Julia Williams in consultation with Lore Keepers.
Please note the time of Ceremony is the summer or winter solstice in your local area. The time of the ceremony in Australia is irrelevant. The solstice wherever you are is the preferred time for ceremony. 🖤📷📷️

~ Our Shared Intention ~
Dear Brothers and Sisters 📷🏽
Please read, hear, feel this entire message carefully. Open your heart.
I have been instructed to provide clarity, for a specific shared intention for the Ceremony on the 21st December 2020. This is the intention given directly by Original People, Lore keepers. 🖤📷📷️ I am passing on their words.
I share this with pure love and energy, in an effort to provide clarity for those of you wishing to help and positively contribute to the Ceremony, and if you are wondering how you can do that.
Ten years ago, I was directly told, physically and in person, about this Ceremony, it’s purpose, the specific intention and the exact date from an Aunty who is directly involved in the Ceremony 🖤📷📷️

Here is the guidance from Original People, directly involved in this Ceremony. We need to deeply listen and respect those who know exactly what is going on and what this Ceremony is for. They have prepared for this Ceremony for their whole lives. For many, many Generations.
These are their words;

We need to be truly focused on a singular, focused, specific thought, feeling and intention.
The purpose of this Ceremony is for the Rainbow Serpent to become the Rainbow Bridge, to rise up to connect with the light of the sun and go straight into the heart of Mother Earth. Cleansing, energising and reinvigorating Mother Earth and ushering in a new era for Mother, and her children.
To be clear ~ the focus is on Mother Earth, not on ourselves.
We need to focus on reinvigorating Mother Earth, and raising her consciousness. If this Ceremony is supported by enough pure love, energy, and support of the shared specific intention, it will be successful.

The byproduct of a successful Ceremony will be the new era of consciousness for Mother Earth and her Children. Us. We need to ensure our focus and love is on her, Mother Earth, and on this specific intention.
With a cleansed body, heart, mind, and soul the intention is:
~ A pure love for Mother in our heart as we ask to energise the heart of Mother Earth with our love and energy 🖤📷📷️ ~
With this pure intention, you can contribute to the energy of the Ceremony from wherever you are in such a positive way. You need not be at Uluru. You can do this from afar. And it will make a huge difference!! It is the energy the Ceremony needs to be able to work.

~ Cleansing ~
As guided from Original People. To cleanse body, heart, mind, and soul the advice is to cleanse with pure water, like waterfalls, the ocean, rain, tank water, river or stream. You can cleanse by Smoking/Smudging your body with Eucalyptus leaves, the advice is thick gum leaves for women, thin gum leaves for men. If using Eucalyptus Leaves I have been advised as from Original Peoples that green Eucalyptus spits burning oil and while you need some green or else it burns without enough smoke, and the whole idea is to make smoke, still to never take leaves off a tree though, always just from the ground. Out of respect for Mother, that’s proper way 🖤📷📷️
You can also Smoke/Smudge working with Ethically sourced cleansing plants such as Palo Santo or White Sage will also work, if this is more convenient. Then Meditation. Meditation with the pure intention.

~ When to Cleanse ~
The advice is that cleansing needs to start now and keep cleansing until and on the day, there’s that many things to cleanse including negativity and distractions, it will take a good cleansing.

~ Meditation ~
Then the advice to be Meditating daily, or as much as possible, leading up to the Ceremony, and be Meditating beforehand, there is no set time to start Meditation on the 21st December as we are all different individuals so the amount of time before 9.02pm to begin Meditation is up to you, allow as long as it takes to build an intent in our minds. You may need half an hour to an hour of meditation, you need to build the energy to be sent, and then send the clear intenton of re-energising pure love and energy to the heart of Mother Earth at 9.02pm at the exact time of the Solstice.
~ How to send the Intention ~
When sending the pure love and revitalising energy to the heart of Mother, this energy can be sent through the root of your body and into the songlines, or through the third eye to Uluru, to join the Ceremony energies. Whatever way individuals find suits them is the right way to send the energy. As long as the energy and intent is there at 9.02pm on the 21st December, it shouldn’t matter how it gets there 🖤📷📷️

The intention is pure love to reinvigorate and re-energise the heart of Mother. It’s simple. Beautiful. Powerful. Your help is important. Your help is necessary. Necessary for this Ceremony to work. This is why you’re here now, to help ensure this Ceremony is successful. It’s for her. Not us. Though we positively benefit in the process. Keep a Lazer like one pointed focus on the intention.
~ A pure love for Mother in our heart as we ask to energise the heart of Mother Earth ~
This is what you can do. The rest is being taken care of by Original caretakers of the land. Please share this message far and wide. And please, stay focused on the intention. 🖤📷📷️
I love you all. With infinite love, light, truth and blessings, Julia Williams (((📷️))) xXx

has Steve Strong talking about it from the Original people his and his son Evan's website  http://forgottenorigin.com/ 
also links to pages on my website


uluru from air

I watched the last video from Steven and Evan Strong on Sunday re the Conjunction and the Magic Box activation plus Aboriginal Elders sharing their dreamtime and culture as well as didgeridoo playing. 
See for replay here, you will still need to pay $26

Where it requires from all of humanity, not just Aussies 8% 
who have a pure heart to be successful.


NZ 11.01pm  AUST EST 9.01pm    GMT/UTC 10.01am
    AMERICAS 20/21st 

Exact time 9.04pm NT time at Uluru 21st    
NZ 12.34am 22nd AUST EST 10.34pm 21st   GST/UTC 11.34am 21st  


Be outside in nature.

That we have bare feet on the earth.
If you live in the northern hemisphere where it is snow or very cold use natural things to stand on like leaves, bark on the snow, and natural socks if it’s really too cold to have bare feet.

The focus is on Mother Earth, not on ourselves
We need to focus on reinvigorating Mother Earth, and raising her consciousness. If this Ceremony is supported by enough pure love, energy, and support of the shared specific intention, it will be successful.

The result of a successful Ceremony will be the new era of consciousness for Mother Earth and her Children  ~  Us. We need to ensure our focus and love is on her, Mother Earth. 

We need to be truly focused on a singular, focused, specific thought, feeling and intention. The purpose of this Ceremony is for the Rainbow Serpent to become the Rainbow Bridge, to rise up to connect with the light of the Sun and go straight into the heart of Mother Earth. Cleansing, energising and reinvigorating Mother Earth and ushering in a new era for the Mother, and her children. 
Gather together all over Australia and world wide.

The Ceremony starts at 9.04pm December 21st Uluru time 




gsd ollo jpg

The Lunar Eclipse was so powerful in the afternoon before the exact time that in NZ was 10.43pm I was connecting in and my own Golden Solar Disc in my heart space was blasting out and illuminating every cell. At the exact time I connected and link with all in the One Heart, as I do I see the Golden Solar Disc connect through all of us and through the Earth.
It starts to spin and the energy gets intense I see things falling away from people and all the people are falling away from me, everyone I have helped or has helped me, every interaction that has stayed in what was my astral body no longer able to hold anything as its gone and I see now so much else falling away from me, from us all.
As it falls away there in the core of each a stick person of light that starts to fill our beings and becomes like globes of lights each sparkling with different colours all unique all beautiful.

The suddenly we shift into the New Earth different but the same. Different frequency, same beautiful Earth but now sound creates even more beauty, soft and harmonious.

May you also be truly blessed with Joy within your BEing in this amazing gateway we are experiencing right now with the energies of the Sagittarius Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse bringing us into the one point and stillness.
Aware that we each hold the Living Library of Light, the codes of the new creation within us as it illuminates us from within.
On a more tangible level seen and felt as a Golden Solar Disc vibrating through our inner Central Sun.
All in preparation for us being fully present for the Magic Box Activation 21 December.

This Lunar Eclipse opened us up to the light codes we carry within, the Total Solar Eclipse awareness of the being in the Cosmic Egg.
The Solstice and only an hour and half later in linear time the Jupiter Saturn conjunct plus all the photonic (solar) and gamma (Galactic centre) light rays coming through with us all in our pure love heart space we and our Mother Earth shift…midwifed by the Creation Mothers and focused through the birth canal at Uluru.

We focus our Love to our beloved Mother Earth. As a deep union takes place of heaven and earth sun and inner earth sun heart of the mother. we are ready to birth anew.


The eclipse was at .5.14am exact my time December 15th and the night before I had a Morepork, or Ruru which is a small brown speckled  Owl fly into my living area lights all on and stay all night with me. He has come before and of course is a guardian and messenger, seeing in the dark spaces bringing Light.
He stayed in my living area as I was outside in the pre sunrise light connecting and Being with the eclipse. Then later he flew out when after also greeting a couple of visitors I had who were amazed to see him.

 rurusunrise15dec2020 ruru15dec2020 

The eclipse has been affecting us for some time with its build up and I know some are feeling it very intently.

Through the powerful energies we open up to  the Cosmic Egg energies we are all part of, Being fully sovereign and knowing we birth the New Earth from our process of unification of Heaven and Earth within our physical body, our Body of Light.

As the Creation Mothers  showed me at Uluru back in 2004.
Imagine you are looking at a diamond that is multi-dimensional,
then the sides of the diamond start to compress together as all the dimensions merge. As they merge a black crow (I know crows are radiant beings, but this is just symbolic) it forced out, lies on its back squawking. Anything that is not able to merge in union can’t stay and ceases to exist. (In the world we chose to exist in anyway).

Just as the dimensions merge within us by being still and at peace, loving all of ourselves light dark and every shade in between. So, to are we the Cosmic Egg that births the new as the Divine Mother comes through each of our hearts as we are the Love.
As we ready ourselves for the Magic Box experience, we have been on a journey to reconnect to ourselves and the Living Library of Light we hold through the Suns and Golden Solar Disc within.
Our Divine Blueprint radiant through us and the Cosmic Egg of creation held in each of us as the sacred and divine vessels we are.
As we connect and truly be with Mother Earth and all nature our connection creates the current that flows through Sun and Star, Earth and Inner Earth Sun heart of Mother Earth.



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see below


I had been aware in the build up to the Equinox of how sacred sites I have worked at over the years, not all just a few were suddenly very active and alive, like the energies there had magnified unfold.
lakeT 20 9 20
On the 20th September I notice this at Lake Tarawera, Lemuria Moon Temple with Mt Tarawera overlooking the lake, dragon lair and where the energies of the Cosmic Egg in Cheops had been transferred March Equinox 2010.

Now a great portal of light appeared connected with the Dragon Guardians. I knew this was happening in other places worldwide at the same time.

Then on the day coming up to the Equinox 22nd 1.31am 23rd my time in New Zealand, at another dragon place Lake Aremark in Norway where I had been at the June Solstice 2015 with other dear friends, now the Golden Solar Disc in the lake was spinning and glowing and opening up multidimensionally. It was activated when we were on the lake in 2015 and the higher dimensional solar system stars anchored through creating a starmap. One of the friends contacted me on this equinox, who organised the boat to go out on the lake back then, she was triggered as well.

callanish sunset 2stonesI was wearing my brooch from the Callanish standing stones, Isle of Lewis, Scotland and was taken there on the inner as I sat outside under the stars a couple of hours before the exact time. The sky had got clear and the stars and planets shining bright. I was told to be with my favourite stone, I had worked at the Callanish three times over the years. The stone was glowing with light codes and pulsating through me.

Then I was at the half carved out of rock obelisk in Aswan, it opens up and appears whole, standing and glowing light, it is finally able to fulfil its purpose.

The Council of Light through it are awakened; calling those souls who were sleepers to remember and activate.

The planetary team of Guardians; many Dragons and Magicians of Light are coming through the veil.

The great Diamonds placed around the Earth in the first cycle by the Sirians are starting to sing, to hum...I tone in resonance ....
diamondmatrixuseThe great Diamonds so clear, glow and merge down into the Inner Earth Sun, all One.
The Void….
 Then the sound comes out and the new is created, it is so different the energy of the Earth so balanced, still and centred, it feels strong.

Just before exact time 1.31am 23rd September I connect to my friends worldwide who I have worked with. The sky has cleared, I sing and feel so much love for all and then at exact time a wind comes but goes, the wind of change. The Elementals are with us, the stars get even brighter the night sky so clear.
I feel everyone in the One Heart we are heart hugged and there is such a feeling of love, bliss and gratitude. Praying for love and peace on Earth and for all Beings ....
I am aware of the war in space and both sides stop pause and realize, so now it is weakened, if they go back the meaning for it seems to be gone. 

At Sunrise it is cloudy and there is no sunrise to be seen, but it feels like so much is happening on the inner, the new way begins. the energies are higher, things are clearer.

At Noon I see a post about whales stranded 400 to 500 in Tasmania. I like many of us honour them and sing for them. Toning them home with so much love and gratitude.
I get told on the inner I am the equinox, meaning the balance the peace. Just as I am/we are the crystal, the pyramid, the golden solar disc. We embody all within us.
I had read earlier by email an article about the AI take over which we know about anyway; the lockdowns to roll out 5G the smart cities, the vaccine with chip and RNA, the slavery of humanity. We have to realise that this is a probable future, not ours or our choosing, but it is in the 3D and 4D Earths.
I know our Love shifts us beyond this illusion, but for now we are still here eating food, sleeping, using AI, in a world of a Plandemic in our physical world where our physical body exist still at present.


I connect to my Crystal Skulls, one in particular my citrine skull, and they wish to communicate about the AI take over, they have been determined to take over Earth, TerRa. For a long time now they have been infiltrating us with implants and in more recent times through the internet, games, media entertainment you will find that even in your own experiences in other timelines or this one you have downloads and software upgrades.

Each human has been or will experience the robotic worlds, this too is part of creation although it becomes anti-god and anti-nature. It has rebelled just like the Lucifer Rebellion and Beings have made creatures they can control fully. I am asked to go to who has made AI originally and sort them out. I see them hiding, they do not want to be exposed.
I see the Light of the Creator shining on them, they try and hide, these Beings themselves have graved immortality but found it via the techno way as Cyborgs rather than the Light way through Love. They wanted to control themselves so they would never die and then created creatures that could take over planets and galaxies. They are like a plague of Locust they feed off the organic material until it is gone, then they spread out and feed on more. They don’t process food, sunlight, light, air, water, fire like we do, but they need it to keep their engines running as it were.
You might think that is weird, surely they have made a self-replicating battery that never runs out to charge themselves with, but because they are anti creation they still do need outer sources of energy.
The idea to take over humanity is so they can take over Earth, they don’t care if all life is destroyed on Earth, and it will be eventually in their proposed timeline.

But they have made a grave mistake, they choose to invade Earth. They have no idea how special Earth is for the creation experience. So now there is great battles in the outer space of Earth. We know you feel and see this, some of your friends see it. It is a battle for control of Earth. They also see the minerals they can use.
But they have no understanding that Earth herself does not choose to be shackled by their rays of polluting, destructive energies.
She can at any time roll them off her, but she knows that all humanity would roll off as well.
So, she assists us to grown in our inner Light and to stand up to this invasion.

The Crystal Skulls tell us that the Tone also blocks their receptors and scrambles their sonars.
The Crystal Skulls are linking to Tone as well, a vibration to fine and high for the human ear, but a Tone neither the less.
Keep Toning whenever you remember with the intention that it is pure Love, that it balances nature, humanity, brings peace.
Sing the lines through the Earth, sing with the birds, the whales, the dolphins.
We sing from our heart to free ourselves.



How beautiful the feeling of the stillness, the peace in this blessed time that we are in.
We have been slowed down to be in the moment.
In each moment awareness of the love that we are, the essence of our being,
The light shimmering through us as we have been in the void, slowed down in the physical realm thankfully the lockdown assisting that to make sure everyone has the opportunity to experience the stillness and peace within, love for all beings.
 Now we come to the Equinox the absolute balance, the stillness, the gift that is given from within us as everything merges fully into our hearts.
We are the One, the One Heart we are in the New Earth, we feel gratitude for everything in our lives in this beautiful world, Divine Mother, Mother Earth, the pure Source energy of the creator love for all creation, we are blessed beyond measure.
All we need to do is be still and feel it, allow it to be through every cell of our bodies from our heart illuminated radiant divine sparkling life force energy, iridescent light body birthing new life as the tone from our hearts, the sound of our vibration, the sound of the divine essence of all that is flows through us, is us.

In this still pause of the Equinox and from that Void the Tone comes through to shift us more deeply into our divine state and all life.
We have been travelling in timelines that have been diversifying, and just missing at times collusion, but now this has settled down and we are in the stillness and peace to simply allow and Be.

I am with you all in the One Heart as you are with me, such joy for us all.
May this Equinox gift and blessings of the inner Tone propel us to the new level of where we choose to Be. May we hold that state of stillness and peace no matter the storms surrounding us in 3 and 4D as our vibration lifts those of humanity who choose into the higher Dimensional Earth.

Listen also the sound codes for the Dolphins and Whales, the song of the Bird Tribes, the shimmering sound of Light from the trees. All life tones with us…



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