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Celebrate this ceremony with friends and like-minded individuals at sacred sites across the planet (or in your own sacred space)at 11:11 on 2/2/2020 to link-in globally with our thoughts, intentions and prayers for a oneness / unity consciousness to prevail and a more balanced, harmonious world for everyone, everywhere.

At this present time, we have massive pollution in our oceans, (disappearing plankton) rivers, lakes and waterways, ice-caps melting, sea levels rising, affecting coastlines and low lying islands across the world.

Combined with over use of chemical fertilizers, excessive land clearing of woodland, jungles - irresponsible deforestation practices, leading to soil degradation and salinization with the ensuing drought-desert conditions. Exploitive, Invasive and incessant mining of minerals is also contributing to this untenable situation.

Carbon emissions and the continuing support for a petroleum based industry as well as the mullti-national corporations, industries and manufacturing sectors providing a materialistic, consumerist, mainstream society, spewing forth toxic fumes and effluent 24/7 with too little effort to go green and clean.

And of course the Military Industrial complex with their massive spending, and producing of armaments and weapons of mass destruction to perpetuate endless war games, adding to an already compromised atmosphere and loss of ozone layer.

As well as vast amounts of the populace suffering from over-exposure to the proliferation of radiation emitted by electromagnetic fields (cell phones, computers, wifi and phone towers, smart meters etc.) the implementation of a 5G technology will exasperate an already fragile and depleted biosphere on the brink of collapse! The Human D.N,A. and immune systems (in fact all biological life) will be severely affected, leading to an overall decline in health standards across the globe. We are facing the prospect of losing 1 million animal and plant species due to "humans' patterns'.

So will you intend to create caring communities, to collaborate on innovative ideas and viable solutions toward an eco-friendly sustainable future. Then we can ALL leave a "lighter footprint" and manifest a new environmentally friendly "pattern" for generations to come!


and see the bigger picture - We are all in this together now.

The Magnetic Field is dissipating, the Schumann resonance is Rising, Time is quickening, the Dimensions are shifting and the Veils are thinning. Which means our potent intentions are able to traverse and impact the 'Morphogenetic Field' creating a "Hundredth Monkey Effect" enabling an evolutionary impetus, influencing and inspiring the mass collective consciousness, to rejuvenate, regenerate and transform the Earth (GAIA) and themselves, realizing their true role in this life, as caretakers and caregivers of each other and the Planet.

Quantum physicists have discovered that Multiple Realities exist side by side like "a string of pearls" and through focused intention of choice i.e. with enough observers and participants all desiring the same outcome 'that particular reality is the ONE that manifests into existence.

                You can and Do make a Difference. Thanking you.   

                                                                                                              ELISTRA Whaledreamer/Dreamseeder

Email for World Visionary Meditation : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In Victoria meet at Seawinds Gardens, Purves Road, Arthurs Seat, on the Mornington Peninsula. [Mel.159 D12)

These Events change people's awareness, perceptions and consciousness starting with Harmonic Convergence 16/17 August 1987.

                                                HARMONIC CONCORDANCE        ...            ...            NOVEMBER 8, 2003

                                                HARMONIC UNIFICATION             ...            ...            11:11:2011

                                                HARMONIC ALIGNMENT               ...            ...            26.7.2014

                                                HARMONIC RESONANCE              ...            ...            28.3.2018

               and now              HARMONIC VISIONARY DAY        ...            ...            2.2.2020



☼      From the East House of Light Wisdom dawns in us, so we see all things in clarity;

☼     From the North House of Night Wisdom ripens in us so we know all from within;

☼     From the West House of Transformation Wisdom is transformed into Right Action so that we do what must be done;

☼     From the South House of the Eternal Sun right action reaps the Harvest so that we enjoy the Fruits of Planetary Being;

☼     From Above House of Heaven where Star People and Ancestors gather ~ their blessings come to us now;

☼     From Below House of Earth the heartfelt of her Crystal Core blesses us with Harmonies to end all war;

☼     From the Centre Galactic Source which is everywhere at once, everything is known as the Lights of Mutual Love.

Oh Yum Hunab Kủ

Evam Maya E Ma Ho

Mayan Meditation to ignite the Remembrance of your own inner sun.

To be the Sun,


I ignite my luminous body from the acceptance of my Divinity. From within the vastness of my inner sum I birth potential worlds.

Within the foundation of my human form, I awaken my star points within this heavenly body to touch all worlds and move in all dimensions.

My inner Sun blazes with unconditional love. I ignite my heart of self.

I FEEL the radiance of my embodied sun.

I TASTE its brilliance, now consuming my yearning, distilling my essence, revealing my original state of freedom and innocence. My divine child is birthed anew.

As I merge from the spirit of the Great Central sun, I am the return path to the stars.