THE 11:11 12:12 13:13 GATEWAYS

Soluntra King © 2002 – 2009


The Gates are levels of consciousness that open to us. They open at certain times in our understanding of time and space and once that light is anchored then it is there for all humanity whenever they choose to move through.

The 11:11 opened in 1992 and it was about duality and unifying light and dark as each of the eleven gateways opened it was another level of unity consciousness that as a collective, we could access easily.

There have always been amazing beings on this planet who have transcended duality and are light, but now it is here for all humanity, and is a process as we cannot access high frequencies of light when we still have a lot of fear and negative programmes running that keep us in separation consciousness.
So, with each gate opening it means that the collective consciousness is ready to move.
On an individual basis some are ready to move now and some in their own timing, but it is easily accessible for us to be the light now as we spiritualise matter in our bodies, our bodies of light.

The 12th Gate opened in 1994 and on 12:12 in 2008 the male and female energies unified on a collective
that is assisting all now, as that is one of the main issues on Earth.

The 13th Gate is about another shift in consciousness we are moving into the Galactic Centre/void/no time/no space and aligning through all the Suns, this is happening in the sixth dimension. It takes a while for the energies to integrate into the physical plane, like at Wesak 2009. I have worked at Mt Kailash for years consciously and the Wesak Full Moon 2009 after things exhilarated with the Light Channelling in February 2009 and Age of Aquarius.
The Golden Cosmic Eggs, the light codes of the new creation were taken from Tibet to New Zealand and then the energies at Wesak were shifted as well.
The age of Goddesses and Gods and divine beings on the outer is over, as we remember that we are them and they graduate to higher realms just as we are. We are the Goddesses and Gods creating Heaven on Earth, the New Earth.

If you read about the 11 Gates, you might be able to think of what is happened in your life at those times. The shift that happened at Wesak 2009 will not be known on the physical realm for 250 years. (As of 2020 30 years, that's how fast we are shifting). All this work is through the higher realms of Light, but we are needed as the grounding link to be in bodies and anchor the Light on the Earth plane through our bodies.
Some of us have come to Earth just for this mission at the great shift in cycle.
This time it is happening while we are in bodies, not jumping out of them as before, but now fully present.

I have had lots of physical initiations in the pyramids and elsewhere and experienced the light in my body and moved into other dimensions, so I know from personal experience. Whether you believe in these matters not, it is about feeling it in your heart and knowing your own truth and being true to yourself and trusting in the love and radiance of the source that illuminates you from within.


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