The train arrived at Luxor Station and it was only just getting light, I had already worked out where I was going to stay and the way to get there, it was a hotel right by the Nile and the Luxor Temple site.  As I came out of the station I meet an older English couple and walked with them for some of the way, the town was still closed up and hardly anyone was around, we parted company and I kept on walking to my hotel hoping that it would be open and someone awake. When I got there a guard with a gun was at the door, since the killing of the eighty odd tourists on the West Bank at the Temple of Hatesput and the ten at the Cairo Museum there are guards everywhere and a special Tourist Police. Egypt relies heavily on tourism to survive and they are trying to assure tourists it is safe, but when I was there the 9/11 had not long happened and the fear factor was huge, unbelievably so, but the reality was a lot of people stopped travelling and this was the case in Egypt also.
      I entered the foyer and the guard went off to find someone, I had a bit of a wait as a blurry-eyed man came out to give me the forms to fill out. I asked for a corner room so I got a view of the Nile and the Luxor Temple and he gave me room 407. I got the lift up to my room and a toothless old man came running after me who I soon found out was the chamber man, I quickly escaped him and got into my room and it had a great view and balcony, a bath with hot water and a TV and fridge, wow luxury. You may laugh at my mention of hot water but in poorer countries most people do not have it and a lot of hotels I have stayed in over the years do not have it either, so when its there it is a very much an appreciated luxury, something most westerners take for granted.
ELuxorENT     Standing out on the balcony I looked down at the Luxor Temple, it was right opposite with the line of Sphinxes going up to the entrance and some of the grand columns and walls still standing, as well as great statues. The Sphinxes once lined the walkway for three kilometres between the Luxor and Karnak Temples and some of the town has been built over it. An important RA place, once a year for the flood of the Nile, at the feast of Opet the sacred bark of Amun Ra was taken along the corridor of sphinxes from Karnak to the Luxor Temple, Anum Ra being accompanied by his bride Mut and son Khonsu, the Moon God who is the destroyer of evil.
        The street below was starting to get busy and there was a bicycle hire guy below the hotel next to its garden restaurant. Over the road was where the horse and carriages were lining up already at this early hour waiting for tourists or locals on holiday, the horsemen were feeding the horses bags of hay that were put around the horse's neck. The road was at a fork and connected to the main road that ran along the Nile, the hotel being on the corner I could see all the Feluccas, the ancient sailboats along the Nile, tied up with their sails down waiting for customers. The hawkers and Felucca captains were starting to lounge around down by their boats on the footpath and I decided I would go to Karnak first and judging by my guidebook map it was not far to walk.
      I wanted to get a taxi driver to take me around the West Bank the next day, so when I left the hotel I walked over to the footpath by the Nile where the Feluccas are tied on the jetty below and met Hassan, who had come up to me and offered his services. I tuned in to see if he was ok, he was so I let him lead me onto his felucca where we discussed business. I have seen that it was about 50 pounds for the taxi in the guidebook so we agreed on that price and I told him all the places I wanted to go, then I also asked him about going to Abydos and Dendarra, so we organised a price for that also, agreeing to meet the next morning by the ferry to the West Bank at 7am.
      Having got my transportation organised Hassan then took me up town to the internet café which was very kind of him. He lead me down laneways through a menagerie of shops with exotic spices and wares out on the street and hanging up along the shop fronts, we dodged the donkey carts, bikes, odd car and people and it reminded me of India, but instead of chai shops there were the cafes with all the men sitting in them smoking from the hubbly bubblies. The hubbly bubbly is a water pipe that tobacco is smoked from that are everywhere in Egypt at all the restaurants and cafes. After I had read and replied to my emails I went strolling through the back lanes and found the main street and looked for somewhere to have lunch. I found a little vegetarian tourist restaurant that was in the guidebook and climbed up the rickety stairs to the top dinning area. Young guys ran the place and were friendly, I ended up helping them with their menu as they had a few rather major spelling mistakes in English. Moslac one of the young waiters who also works in the government with computers wanted me to come back in the evening, he said he would wait for me, but I graciously declined his offer. Even though I dressed as much in a sack as possible to hide my body, the fact I am a westerner, have fair long hair and blue eyes was enough to get them all going, at least they were polite and not into hassling or touching. I walked back through the town buying some yummy Egyptian cakes with all that googy honey running out of them at a bakery that had a big stall out on the street, and some fruit juice at another shop and thought I better take my supplies back to my room and fridge before heading of the Karnak. It was getting quiet warm, I was there at the end of February, which is winter but the further south I travelled the warmer it got.
      Judging by where I ended up it was obvious I needed to go and see where all the Sphinxes were that had been saved from destruction, apart from the ones in the walled off archaeological area of both temple complexes, so I ended up walking the long way round to get the to main entrance. I walked for some time up two main roads and I came by chance to an area in amongst houses where the line of Sphinxes were uncovered and left, most in pretty bad need of repair but just sitting in amongst some village houses and date palms. The side road that ran along the side of them led towards the outer area of the site and the great gates that were the entrance in ancient times. Amazing that once there was such a magnificent civilisation and now there was a poor village. Some young boys came past me in carts full of hay pulled by ponies, they kept asking me if I wanted a ride, I could tell by their giggles they were making some naughty remarks and it was good not to understand what they were saying. I finally got around to the main entrance where the tour buses were parked and rows of souvenir shops that were all closed. It was also where the big Nile cruise boats pulled in, as the Nile was nearby and lots of horses and carriages were waiting for the tourists to do the site and come back. As I was to learn from talking to a lot of locals the tourist trade was right down due to it not being long since the 9/11, I was grateful, as it would have been too overwhelming with even more people, to me it seemed as if there were heaps of tourists anyway, I had definitely chosen the right time to come. 
 EKarnakent     The ticket office was hidden away and I almost walked past it, as I purchased my ticket I took note of when the 'Light and Sound Show' was on then walked up to the main entrance. An overwhelming feeling came over me of familiarity and I almost felt like crying for joy as I remembered being here in a parallel time as a priest. I walked into the main area and most people were going up through the giant columns, but I was guided by my inner self to head over to the right and into a smaller temple complex, I knew this place very well even though I had not visited it in this body. I went right into an inner chamber where two chambers lead off it on each side, I knew this place and I was guided to the right hand chamber, it was dark inside but that did not matter, I was where I was meant to be and it felt wonderful. I over-heard a guide telling some people that this was the priest's area where the Pharaoh, Gods and Priests did their thing. After standing in there for some time just being I walked out into the main inner chamber again and looked at the remains of the beautiful paintings on the walls up high by the ceiling, then walked out of that room and walked into another one next to it. There was an interesting lot of paintings there on the wall that depicted the Pharaoh giving flowers to the Moon God Khons, some how it was relevant and I got told on the inner that my consort when I see him again, which was not until I had returned from this trip and gone to Central and South America and then New Zealand eight months later, that he would give me flowers, meaning our relationship had cemented and he had shifted. So I had to trust that would happen, which it did on the first day I spent with him he picked roses and gave them to me.
     As I sat in the temple I was told: “You daughter of RA and your consort Horus will reunite in life as in death, you are now to reunite in this life as you are. You are immortal, to shift the collective of death you have worn in your cells, body and face realise the luminous blue ball is within you. In the inner chamber this will transmute what you have taken on, you will not take on anymore but need to transmute what you have, the doorway to the white pearl can be fully opened." I was to learn eighteen months later that Karnak, which is dedicated to Anum-Ra the Creator God was once the most important place of worship in Ancient Egypt, where initiates learned the power of compassion by transmuting strength through force and I was given a Blue Pearl ring by my consort, a Paua Pearl, which showed me the energy was filtering into the physical, he gave it to me on the 23rd July 2003 Sirius day! I had not seen him for a long time as we live in different countries and had no idea that blue pearls even existed.
     Thanking the beings and energies I then went back into my familiar inner chamber, that holds very high frequency energy, I called it my 'zapping chamber', I was told I would journey back there that night in a Soul Travel. I decided to walk around the site but did not tune into any other places except by the sacred lake where I cleansed myself metaphysically. Feeling tired after not much sleep on the train and walking all day I decided to walk back to the hotel and this time I went the faster way. Walking out from the entrance and down to the Nile and then along past all the luxurious boats tied up, with hotels and shops on the other side of the road, horse and carriage drivers kept asking me if I wanted a ride but I liked walking. Getting back to my hotel I lay down for a short while as I knew I still needed to go to the Luxor Temple in the evening as it was still open with all the lights shinning on the magnificent structures.
      At least the Luxor Temple was only over the road, so I got up and walked down the stairs to the hotel foyer and out into the street with the sunset over the Nile, the magenta pink and vermilion sky so beautiful as it toned with the last shades of desert colour of the West Bank. I walked up beside the Nile and saw Hassan still there, what a long day he, as well as lots of other men in similar employ have, hoping to get some business off tourists, but as most came in the organised tour packages and only a few travellers like me, usually who do not have much money, life must be pretty hard for them. I crossed the road, which had now got quiet busy and entered into the Luxor Temple. The lights shone on the statues of Ramses the third and the walls and chambers, an incredibly beautiful place, I walked through the main areas and through a very powerful chamber, which I was to work at later, to the back of the temple. The guard there instantly connected with me said his name was Ali Amed and he lead me over to an area right at the back area of the back left side temple.    
       When he left I sat down at the base of a column nearby and felt the energy, I crossed my arms over my chest again and connected to the Gods and Goddesses. I deep breathed in love and acceptance into an issue that instantly came into my awareness and then I was in a loving space and the Gods and Goddesses took me dancing into the inner planes. I was aware of the 'Blue Pearl' inside me and it got activated within, I felt and saw this explosion of light as the energy of the 'Blue Pearl' transmuted the collective conscious memories of death within my cells and DNA. I resonated in peace and this radiant energy for some time and then Ali Amed came back and took me over to a spot on the wall that had an 'Ankh' and the 'Left Eye of Horus' on it. He directed me to touch it three times and place my hand on my heart chakra, I did not actually feel anything, I guessed it was at the level of his belief system and not mine, but was happy to learn about it, he also wanted some money and I guessed this was a way to appear that he was showing the tourist something special to earn baksheesh. After he had gone again I sat back where I had been for some time longer just being in the energy. Then I walked around to the other temples and left feeling very blessed, I went straight back to my hotel room as by now all I wanted to do was go to bed, knowing I would Soul Travel back to Karnak in the night to my 'zapping chamber'.
     The next morning I tuned into my Soul Travel to Karnak, 'I Priest of Anum RA, aware of the DNA activated and the serpent spiralling within me', I was told I would do a painting of it, which is what I did and is the Sacred Union, Goddess/God see on page ????. I was then told  “beloved the next time you visit the temple physically you will remember much. You know you were here and performed ceremonies here and at Luxor. Once a year at Luxor you transmuted your shell into your Goddess/God self. You are going to transmute yourself more fully than ever before.” I saw myself as transparent and as an ET.
     It was then time to go down and meet Hassan at 7am, so I took my bag for the day and walked to the Nile where Hassan was waiting and we caught the ferry across to the West Bank. I had assumed Hassan was the driver but I was to soon find out that the driver was Abdul, Hassan had lost his licence and so Abdul, his brother-in-law was to drive as they had their business arrangement. He still accompanied me for some of the way and our first destination after going and buying all the tickets was to the Valley of the Kings. They dropped me off with directions of how to walk across the hills to Hatesput that were very vague, but I knew I would do it, just another challenge. We agreed to meet at 1pm outside Hatesput's Temple, which is called Deir el-Bahri.
     I decided to walk up the road to the tombs rather than wait for the tourist cart and there were quiet a lot of tourists there already, as everyone had the same idea of coming early due to the fact that it was quiet warm and hot as the day progressed. I had the advantage of living in Australia and being used to the heat and walking long distances in it.
Ehatesput     There are a lot of tombs in the Kings Valley but I only went to the ones I was guided to visit as I needed to keep my awareness on the fact that I also had to find the path and walk over the hills and see Hatesput all by 1pm. So I visited Ramses 7 first, which was very interesting, there is a long tunnel going into the hillside with beautiful paintings on the walls of the life of the Pharaoh, as well as statues and the central burial chamber. Then I walked up the main path and of on the trail to Ramses 3, I was amazed by the incredible work that had taken place in these burial chambers, the first two were not that huge in the length of tunnels to get to the inner chamber, but some of the others went very deep into the mountains. I did not get anything spiritually from them, but after all they were burial chambers not incredible pyramids or temples built and used for initiations and powerful ceremonies with the Gods and Goddesses.
      I paid an extra 40 pounds to go into the 'Tomb of Tutankhamen', but could not see what the extra fee was about except he was more famous than the others, all his treasures were in the Cairo Museum that I had already seen. I then walked past where I had sussed out I had to walk over the hills to Hatesput and wondered, no signs or proper trail was evident. I walked up to the back end of the Kings Valley and there were some very interesting tombs that required a lot of walking up stairs, then down into little canyons, then into very complex tunnels in through the mountain side, that were still painted on the walls, with rooms that were quiet large that had housed the mummies in comparison to the Ramses tombs, I was fascinated by these particular tombs and ventured into two of them and was very impressed, but still did not get any great realisation, connections or tune ins. Because I do not work on the astral I did not pick up anything to do with the souls departure or state but felt they had moved on, the energy was pretty clear in that regard, obviously due to all the ceremonies to assist them on their journey of immortality, but I did sense the presence of guardians that were left there to protect the tombs. The whole idea of the tombs being dug into the mountain side was to hide them from future grave robbers and to stop them being found and disturbed. The Pharaoh's treasures being buried in the tomb with them was more than enough reason for their presence to be well hidden.
      It was getting rather hot by now and I felt it was time to find the pathway to Hatesput and get over to it, not being sure where to go or how long it would take I had to go on intuition. There were a few Egyptian guys trying to sell me souvenirs or hanging around as they saw me hiking up the hill. I knew I was protected, not in the usual new age sense but from the fact that I resonate at higher frequencies and out of reach energetically of those who may of wished me harm or wanted to rob me, no judgement just not my world, different frequency. I was even told by one or two guys I meet as I hiked up the hill to go in a certain direction but it did not feel right so I followed my nose as it were. There was even a guy with so called artefacts to sell at the top of the hill giving me the wrong directions, whether it was because I did not want to buy his things or he just liked tricking tourists I did not bother to wait around to find out. I eventually came across some tourists on horseback and their guide was taking them to Hatesput so I followed them until they out walked me. The directions Hassan had given me were also difficult as he said when I came to a guard's shelter to walk past it and down but I sighted three of them along the Thebes Range that was above Hatesput. Just as well the universe had helped me as usual by bringing the horse people at the exact time I needed them, I realised we were walking along the cliff top above Hatesput and eventually I could see her temples way down below as the track slowly wound down to the site, the hills are very dry with no plants growing and the soil is this beige coloured dust. Hatesput was the only Queen in Egyptian history, and the site of her temple pre-dates the Old Kingdom.
    I felt the walk was an initiation of a mild kind and was told as I walked along; "You are an eagle and can fly". I am an eagle energetically but not as yet physically I thought but wished I was. "You are here to anchor the Goddess once more, the Goddess is brave like you, she is strong and she does not need to reproduce herself like you as she is all creation, you are all creation, you cannot tell those here that, they do not understand. You are blessed on this day just BE all is happening, you are open".
     Eventually climbing down to the bottom of the hills I walked over to the entrance of the temple site, which is beautiful and huge. This is where they were or have done an opera, and also where the terrorists shot dead about eighty tourists that effectively destroyed not only their lives, and all the familles and others involved indirectly from that experience. But also the tourist business and apparently the year after that happened Luxor, which relies mostly on tourism just about starved. I did not think of this event while there or pick up on the trauma at an astral level but I am sure many healers and lightworkers would have assisted over the years since it had happened to clear and free the energies. The top part of the temple was closed but I went over to the left side, which happened to be the Temple of Hathor and beautiful it was, I honoured her and the energies there and felt myself dancing with the Goddesses, said on the inner "I am a Goddess". I then walked over to the right side of the main temple to Anibus my dear beloved friend the jackal or dog guardian of the dead, and guardian of the journey through the underworlds and to the over worlds and immortality. I honoured him also then knew it was time to leave so walked out and down the wide steps where I sat for awhile just being and absorbing the energies before going down the last of the steps and out the gate to the souvenir shops, taxis and buses, I saw Abdul waiting in his car. 
     Next on my itinerary was the Seti 1 Temple, which has amazing energy and very beautiful, then it was back in the car and around to Ramessuem. This place has some huge statues and columns and is majestic, there is still some colour in a few of the wall paintings by the top of the columns and a man was sitting painting them. The energy of the Thebes Range was calling me more and especially behind where Hatesput was and I got told in the inner I would go back there in the night on a Soul Travel. Often I have to go to the place physically then go there in a soul travel after to really get what it is I am meant to be conscious of, as I have picked up the codings and the energy has permeated my etheric and other energy fields and cellular memory. I also felt drawn to an area of the hills to the left and later I asked Hassan, who speaks reasonably good English, Abdul speaks hardly any. He told me it was the area of the tombs of the Nobles. By now it is very hot and I have drunken most of my water so I walked up the road to a restaurant and had a few juices while I waited for Abdul to return.
     Once he arrived with Hassan they chatted awhile with the restaurant owner then we headed to Habu Ramses 11, which is another amazing place. I walked to the Osiris Temple up through the temples main area then through the intricate complex, which has no roof left on it. As I entered the chamber I felt black magic had been practised there, which is fine as Egypt did have some quiet dark times near the end of the civilisation. I got told on the inner that all the amazing energy that I was working with and the clear divine energy is at Karnak. We then drove to Del Medina, the Nobles Temples and I went into two tombs that are a lot smaller than the Pharaohs, but still have beautiful paintings on the walls. I got guided to walk up to a small temple on the side of the hill that is nearby but closed; I could feel the energy but do not get anything in particular. Abdul was waiting at the car park and by now it was mid afternoon and I was starting to feel a bit tired, we drove up to the Valley of Queens and there was now hardly anyone there, the sun has passed over behind the sand hills and I walked up to a few tombs, very nice but again I got nothing. I walked to the end of the Valley of the Queens, which is a lot shorter and smaller than the Valley of the Kings and then decided it was time to leave. I could of paid more to have gone into Queen Nefertaris tomb but I had brought 'fold out photos' of it and by now I was 'tombed out' and glad I had done the West Bank in one day, as I had other places to visit that were more important to me.
      Abdul drove me back to town to a hubbly bubbly café where Hassan was waiting to be paid. I did not realise before that Hassan fancied me, how could I have forgotten, I was a western woman with blue eyes and fair hair. He ended up dumping his life story on me, the usual Moslem dramas, he was made to marry his first cousin and they are not happy, but he had to do what his father said. They have one daughter and no sex life, or so he said, he had a German girlfriend and so according to him knows what sex is, inferring that he is available if I want him. Too much, I did not know why I even bothered to sit there and listen to his poor me story, but being a Pisces I have always had this tendency to be there for everyone and used to also take it on board as well, I always attracted the strays but now I was aware not take it on. I do not have a problem with whatever religion people want to get caught up into, hopefully at some stage they move beyond all that, but I had heard this Moslem story so many times in India, Kashmir and Egypt, and must admit to feeling for the men as well as the woman of course. They all choose to be victims to this system that made everyone unhappy, I guess it is about getting the balance, the ones I used to talk to in Kashmir amd India reckoned that the westerners were so decadent and had lost the plot totally. But I observed that the men got married to their cousins, or whoever their father choose; more to keep the wealth in the family or for survival reasons of one degree or another. But then they went off and bonked as many western women as they could, that was all right. I had also seen the absolute beauty of the Moslem faith with a Mullah that used to come and say prayers in my friends shop in Dehli, India, the energy was incredible, and my friends nephews singing the Koran which was so beautiful and divine. Through all our interconnecting nowadays with different cultures we are being given the gift of being able to move beyond all the extremes of each, take the good out of all of them and create a world where we can all be happy and not play victims anymore.
ELuxorWbank       So with a sense of relief I caught the ferry back to the East Bank and decided to go back to the restaurant I ate at the day before for lunch. Moslac was there and we had a great talk, he was actually Coptic Christian and he showed me a cross, tattooed on his wrist as a sign. Originally Christianity was the religion in Egypt in more modern times after Christ and then the Moslems invaded from the east and Egypt became predominately Moslem, but there are still a lot of Christians and churches. He told me it was his birthday the next day and he wanted to take me to a party, even though it would of been nice to meet his family and friends I did not want the hassle of what the trade off had to be, him getting either intimate with me, or wanting to marry me. So I said no thanks and walked back to my hotel and the sanctuary of my room.

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