Extract from the book "Light Code Activations" by Soluntra King  

 pchart     We have already looked at the Light Body and Chakras and ways to clear, balance activate them. Next is a full activation of all the Chakras and Light Bodies using Light and Sound. This was developed for the energies now at the shift in cycle to assist anyone regardless of how much or how little meditation they may have done, allowing for the opening of the light codes within, one with the Central Sun, I Am presence.
     I had practised Yoga for many years in this life and also Kriya Yoga, which is the form of Yoga that is for awakening the Kundalini and activating the divine within. But I noticed that the way this Yoga was taught actually gave the energy to the Guru and not a pure connection with the person doing it with Source.
     In the dark ages – Kali Yuga, Iron Age that we are coming out of a Guru was necessary, as the frequencies of light were so low and only by being guided could a person hope to attain enlightenment. This of course is no longer were we are at, even the term to be enlightened means that we are seeking something, which is an illusion, we are in fact already divine, all we have to do is remember it. In the old age the initiate usually lived in a cave or temple all their life to be able to attain this state as the world was at a lower state of consciousness and so the initiate withdrew from it in order to put all their focus into their spiritual pursuits.
     You may remember being a Yogi, or High Priest, Priestess, Shaman or Magician and yet you are still here on Earth and probably living as a normal person with family, work and social life. In the past the initiate was shut away and maybe even in denial of a normal worldly life, being supported with food and clothing, all their physical needs were provided for, so he or she could spend all their time in the inner planes. But now we are going through all our learning in relationships, money and survival issues which is our initiation at this time. We can no longer be in denial or judgement of the worldly aspects of life, but love and accept our body, life and all experiences, as we do we integrate and become spirit in matter. We are in the final initiation, of fully accepting duality and the illusion of separation at the time of the great shift, as chaos and darkness play out their final throes on Earth. In the greatest darkness we are here to anchor the light, in order to do this we have to love and accept the dark and light, how we do this is through our life experiences, and from the messengers who come into our life to show us those parts of ourself that are still in fear and judgement.
     From my own personal experiences of my remembrance of myself as a spiritual being in Egypt, the Andes and the Himalayas in India over many years of visiting there, I could easily at any time go and live there and be totally respected, loved, supported and honoured for my spiritual, planetary and cyclic shift work, which happens when I go there. But this would have been too easy for me, and also not appropriate for the new age as I would have been placed on a pedestal and become a guru myself without wanting it, as the devotional energy is still so strong there. In the west I have been labelled a nut case or too out there, cosmic and constantly misunderstood. But I would not have grown in ways that were now important for the next step in my soul journey, so I have based myself in the west and breathing through duality issues that would never come up in the purely spiritual life; such as moving from poverty consciousness to unlimited abundance, being controlled by others to control of self, and learning balance of the inner male and female and sacred marriage within from intimate relationships. None of this came easily and a lot of pain and tears along the way, but I knew that in this life experience, my challenge was to hold the beam and higher light octaves in a world caught up in the illusion and obsessed with money, greed, control and destruction of nature, so as to come from unconditional love, acceptance and allowing. By doing this I have the blessing of integrating and being in the world but not of it, not coming from denial, fear or judgement but embracing it, and so merging the world of spirit and matter. This process has not stopped and continues, now in more subtle ways, the pain and tears replaced with joy and laughter at my self when I get caught in the illusion. Being of service on Earth at this time is by acceptance and love of all the pain and fear that is within, thereby assisting all humanity to transcend this also.
      How I came to develop the Activation in the early 1990’s, with the Activation of the Twenty Chakras System with Light Bodies, actually started way before this life experience. But in this life I had always wanted to do Kriya Yoga, so when the time was right and I had cleansed myself enough to be able to cope with the energies, I went and learned the process which is very complex, and to do the twenty Kriyas takes two hours. Once I got home and started the practise I found I was manifesting real live snakes everywhere. At that time I lived in snake country at a place called ‘Coondoo’, Aboriginal for Kundalini or Death Adder and all types of deadly poisonous snakes lived in my environment. But as I did my Kriyas I would have a King Taipan curled up next to me, or I would open my filling cabinet and a Copperhead snake would come out at me, or there would be a snake behind my computer, in my bookcase, in the bath, toilet, they were everywhere. I realised this was old primal energy that is no longer appropriate for where we are going, and so I stopped doing Kriya Yoga and of course the snakes went back outside. The Kriyas could only be done if one had done a lot of yoga and or clearing, as otherwise people generally flipped out, went mad or blew out their energy systems and chakras, so it was dangerous unless done from wisdom not ego. A lot of the people that learnt it with me flipped out in their lives, and it caused a lot of turmoil within them and in their relationships with others and work, fine if one is living their life in a temple, but not so fine living out in the world.
     I realised that now it had to be easier and gentler for people, and also the fact that now we are in the times where the energy is here for everyone. As we are all aligning to the Galactic Centre and moving into the Photon Belt, the inter-stellular dust cloud together, and into alignment with the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun, not just some of us, and we cannot go and live in a temple anymore.
     I was gifted with the following activation that can be used safely by anyone. But only do it once a day, never abuse these energies, the more subtle the energy the more powerful it is, and you will become aware of the energy first in your subtle bodies. So if you are not used to subtle energy do not think nothing is happening, as you are not sensitive enough at present to notice it, the more you work with subtle energy the more aware you become. But again do not do the activation over again thinking by doing it a lot in one day you will get it, just respect the energy and allow yourself to open in divine time, not your ego’s impatient demands. The energy filters through your spiritual bodies, mental, emotional, and etheric bodies and into the physical where you start to notice more obviously that things are changing and rearranging as you become fully present in your body, your Body of Light.
      Light Activation of the Chakras with Light Bodies is part of the stepping up of our vibratory field of energy within ourselves, Mother Earth and all Beings. We are now opening up the Higher Light Octaves that call for us not only to have an awareness of, and mastery of the seven Chakras, but it is necessary for our awakening to also be using the Higher Octave Chakras and Light Body, opening up to our Multi-Dimensional Self. As we awaken our consciousness the higher chakras and light bodies are activated more fully and their energies incorporated into our every day life. The seven chakras are so important for our well being, but now as the light flows in with each eclipse, planetary alignment and the heightening pulses from the Galactic Centre as we unify, we are now awakening to the higher light frequencies of our own being. The higher vibrational Chakras open us up to our expanded, unlimited self and the Light Body for total integration and Ascension, becoming your Solar Self at the level of the Central Sun.
       To assist in this activation are visual symbols of the seventeen Chakras, One Chakra and five levels of Light Body called Mandalas, and that when focused within the corresponding Chakra and Light Body activate its energy and assists in its opening. The mandalas hold light codes to activate each Chakra and Light Body to open to its own natural rhythm, in harmony with your Whole Being. The focus on the particular mandala in the corresponding chakra brings together the awareness, intention and energies into harmony and flow within the Chakra, so that vision and sensing are used.
    In addition to this, the Sound Codes of the Chakra are made, creating the harmonic vibration of the chakra also. The sound together with the vision and feeling of the chakra creates a synchronistic, high vibrational energy flow that creates peace, centeredness, transformation and transmutation of the chakra into its higher vibrations and potential. Also by moving the energy through and around the chakras creates the current of Life Force, the Kundalini energy to flow and ignite into Light, each chakra and our whole Being. This is an easy, safe, flowing and effective way of not only activating your Chakras and Light Body, but through them your whole energy field. Merging all your Chakras into One Chakra, all your bodies into One Body as you awaken the Light Body and become One Body of Light, becoming whole and integrated on all levels of your being. It also assists with being able to focus your energy and being receptive and open to the universal flow, connected and clear.
      We can take this one step further again and also use the Etheric Crystal of each Chakra as described on page??. So we are using Light through the Colour Mandalas, Sound and resonating it with the Crystalline energy grids within our multi level structures, from the physical, the core of the Earth through Earth Star to the Stellar at Cosmic Gateway, then through the Central Sun, we are the gateway of the sacred marriage of Heaven and Earth. When doing the Activation you can use all three light codes; the mandalas, sound codes and crystalline matrix of light or just one of two of them, depending on your own preference of the time you have available.
     The Light Bodies have no sound as we open to hearing the inner Celestial Sound of each.
     Because of the times we live in, the new Higher Vibrational energies are here for us now, and accelerating all the time. So that it is now so much easier for us all to attain the state of Peace and Love, in the Oneness and inter-connective-ness of all.
     As our sensitivity and awareness heighten, so too does our potential and gifts, we become clearer, joyful and accepting, intuitive and aware of energy and how to flow with the Rhythm of Life, opening up to other Dimensions and Worlds. This journey no longer has to be done through denial or suffering, but through the spontaneity and love of our True Presence. The Activation of the Chakras and Light Bodies assists in achieving this, as they are the energy points that link us to our Whole Being and the Oneness of All. We can maintain the state of Loving Peace and Joy that is our True Essence.
                                                                     THE FULL ACTIVATION USING LIGHT AND SOUND
      Alignment with the Cosmic flow of the universal energies. Union with your true presence as expressed in all dimensions, the assimilation of third dimensional matter, your physical experience in the transmutation to the fifth dimension and beyond, mastery of self, unity consciousness and being fully present, accelerated growth in the transmutation process of activation into Light, One Body of Light.
    The word ACTIVATION means to awaken our cellular memory of our Multi-Dimensional consciousness, becoming our True Self on all levels of our Being, integrating with all Dimensions. This activation has been used very successfully since 1995 in the countless workshops I have facilitated and people using them from the previous editions of the book. I have never bothered to collect testimonials fully but there are a few at the back of this book.
                                                                                        THE LIGHT - COLOUR MANDALA
      The word `Mandala' is a Sanskrit word meaning holy, magical or sacred circle. Everything in the entire universe is a mandala, from the cells in your body and the movement of the electrons, to your eye, a flower, fruits, snow crystals, spider’s webs, the cycle of the moon, the planets and galaxies. The mandala is a symbol of wholeness and all there is, the circle infuses all with life.     
     By looking at a mandala, its colours, shapes and energy go through into the first consciousness, where they create shifts in the consciousness to a more positive, lighter, whole vibration, facilitating a connection in consciousness, working specifically on the particular attributes of the one which you have chosen to look at.
     The colours of the mandala have subtle to powerful influences on the physical, material, mental and spiritual energies within an individual or the environment. Each colour and shapes of colours are vibrating at certain frequencies, which enhance, calm, clear, change and charge, uplift, revitalise and trigger our atoms and inner consciousness. We receive these light-wave frequencies through the eyes and skin, and this then stimulates the glands and corresponding chakras within our body, mind and spirit.
    Mandalas assist in triggering our own inner healing powers to their full potential for balance and peace. The mandala is used for centring, orientation, purification, construction, absorption, destruction, reintegration and actualisation and are transformational gateways of unity, they prism the Light as a catalyst that activates the Light within.
     Mandalas are powerful tools to use on their own, and can be used by not only adults but also children, animals and in the environment. You do not need to be a metaphysician to use them, as they are catalysts that activate your own inner healing power and connection to source within. As well as within animals, and assist to harmonise environments in order to express their higher light octaves. The Blind can also use them, as we not only absorb the vibrations of the colours and patterns through our eyes, but through the skin and our entire energy field. The Mandalas can be used by looking at them or placing them on the body, in the environment, and holding or sleeping with them under your bed or pillow.
     Mandalas are a vibrational healer like Essences, but do not need to be taken physically. They are also a form of colour healing that harmonises the body to its frequency of wholeness, as well as the emotions, mind and soul. Mandalas are tools that open up the Gateway of your own Inner Potential.
    I have also created the Evenstar and Inner Pathway Mandalas that are a catalysts to activate, awaken and unify different aspects of our being into wholeness, please see under MANDALAS

     Making the Sound Codes of the mandala brings in its harmonic resonance, it activates and clears blocked energy and resistance and actualises the positive qualities through your energy field.
      I have used sound for many years as a Naturopath and Guide to inner healing, when I saw people one on one, and now on phone consultations or inner planes healing and unification, I make the sound that comes spontaneously through me to assist the shift for the client. It literally cuts through the fear and resistance to enable the client’s own inner healing power to actualise. The fact that the Sound shifts the energy instantly is especially needed if you, or a friend is going through something that needs emergency action. Obviously still seek professional help when needed.
     I also intuitively use whatever Sound comes to me to clear a block in an organ, or some other imbalance. I also use Sound to clear energies in a place, or to do Earth grid and portal work at multi-dimensional doorways, I will sing in Starry Language for my work with the Councils of Light and on the inner planes.
     By using the Sound Codes in this book and those you may intuitively be guided to use for; situations in your life, clearing places, healing and unifying yourself, in anchoring higher frequencies through the grids, as a catalyst to assist another to heal them self or whenever you feel guided to. You will find that the Sounds are the catalyst for your connection to your own divinity. For bringing back harmony, for clearing, unifying and actualising the positive reality of Love that is your Divine heritage.
     When creating your own Sounds spontaneously remember to always connect to Source, Infinite Creator or what ever you call source energy, in Divine Love and Oneness through the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun, through the doorway of your Heart, through the core of the Earth and back again, and you cannot go wrong.
      Making Sound will also assist you in clearing your Throat Chakra and you may be pleasantly surprised by your singing voice. In the beginning was the Word, the language of Light is already within you, there is only Light and Sound in Infinite Creators universe. The power of the Word or Sound has incredible creative or destructive ability. If you have difficulty with using Sound just keep making them and your Throat Chakra will clear whatever fear is held there.
      The Sound is utilising all the harmonics and light that is the catalyst to awaken, activate and connect you to the healing source within, opening up your codings and cellular memory to their divinity.
      For those of you who may have used the Activation between 1993 and 2005, you may notice some of the Sound Codes have changed for; the Base, Heart, Third Eye, Frontal, Causal, Crown and Stellar Gateway and Universal Gateway. This is because the shifts in us and the Earth have opened us up to higher light codes.
     The One Chakra previously did not have a sound code, but on the Wesak Full Moon 2002 in the inner planes at Mount Kailash, Tibet I was given the sound codes to now be used also.
For how to do the full activation as will as the colour chart of the chakra and light body mandalas: available in the LIGHT CODE ACTIVATIONS book.

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