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Read about ‘Your Goddess God Self” in Chapter Three of this book.

Painting of Goddess and God sitting on a cloud having a cup of tea while whole worlds and birthed and super nova by Soluntra

We also witness the change overs taking place. For example, the Dragons; some are leaving the one at Mt Taranaki NZ showed me that back in 2001. Others are just being freed and stirring. Others need healing, others are off to higher realms as they finish their guardian jobs here and we take over.

One of my mission years ago was anchoring the Second Sun, I had to go to the Mother Temple in Bali and it was full of hocus pocus with the priests and the lower astral carry-ons and I didn’t want to go into the temple. The Goddesses and Gods appeared on the inner I also saw them standing over the temples and they asked to have the Second Sun anchored. I aligned to Divine Will and Plan, and if meant to it would happen, which it did and they all left. They were moving on and we now had to be the guardians and are the Goddesses and Gods. But often when they do leave and there is a transition time for the new guardian to step up which is us lot in human bodies and it takes time. The Bali bombings happened not long after.

The same thing in Nepal back in May 2000 I was there for the big planetary alignment and after a mission anchoring the Maitreya energy into the almost physical realms at 4D I asked on the inner to go to the old royal place from where I was in Mukinath.
When I got there and climbed way up to the palace and the temple I didn’t want to go inside but sat on a rock nearby, Kali showed herself to me right on her day when at her temple in the royal palace, with all the blood and guts of slaughtered animals killed so called for her. But she is a deity not a demon, and then she left. I asked her if any would realise she had gone, she said ‘no the place would get darker’. Sure enough it did, there were a lot of deaths from communist rebels and a lot of the royal family were murdered a year later. Then a great earthquake as the demons had to be pulled out. Because of the blood sacrifice there were a lot of heavy demons there, not anymore.

In the past some of my missions have been to really heavy places and war zones or where rebels are, but I only went if guided from my heart. And afterwards sometimes all hell would break lose or a volcano would explode, earthquake happen. Such was the need to clear the energies and bring back balance, it had to come through on the physical plane as well.
Nothing was ever controlled, all in Divine Will and Plan and as an observer. But required to be there physically to make that full connection of spirit and matter.


Read about Star Linages in Chapter Three of this book….  under Star Union.

See also in my shop the mp3 pdf on Contracts and Star Alliances  and in Chapter One in Inner Awareness.
Painting by Soluntra, my ‘Andromedan Self’.

We learn a lot from our Star Family and we all have Star Linages, so often we will connect to some of our star family and they will come in at different times when you require a step up for example.

I often get my step up from my Andromedan linage and beings from there.
They told me a couple of years back I was stepping up when I had a full-on sledgehammer experience through my body. That assisted me to step it from all the clearing I did to get healed again. Thanks guys.

I get more understanding from my Pleiadean linage and connection.
For example, they came to me when I was a Palenque in 1995 and told me ‘we are joyously awaiting the Second Sun’. I was guided to do a new mandala of the Central Sun that has two Suns in it and worked with the Second Sun since then writing a book ‘Handbook of Ra’.
 At the June Solstice 2019 I realised my work with the Second Sun had also affected my body as I held it in place so that the dark forces who were trying to push it in too soon wouldn’t succeed, as it would of meant comets to Earth and destruction. But I had a big tumour in my body on the physical for all that work on the inner. Finally, the Second Sun at the June 2019 Solstice could be free to come in and my tumour could go.

If I had known about that one I would not of signed on, hence the reason why we don’t get to know too much at times or we would bail.

A lot of bigger picture work with my Sirian Light Family and travelling in the Sirian Light Ships. Also traveling into the Sirian Star Base under oceans or in land that was  once ancient oceans now lakes.

A lot of deep healing from my Orion linage of the old duality dramas and dark lord, light lord game.

From Lyran linage a lot of inspiration and also from Cygnus creation story.
We have unlimited multi-d aspects but the relevant ones come into us to utilise now.

Please read about what unfolded with the Second Sun at the June Solstice 2019 
and the Solar Doorway Within.
See my Stargate essences as they open up a lot of beautiful doorways as well as the being the Stargate within, unifying heaven and earth within.


I also get called by Beings for example the Old Fellas in Aboriginal Lore.
I may not be in an Aboriginal body in this life but I have had a few holographic experiences as an Aboriginal through time and space in a body in different time lines.
I was also there at their creation star seeding 800 000 years ago in the Councils of Light overseeing. When a mothership came from the Pleiades with also some Sirian and Arcturians to bring love to Earth and to seed the ape people here at the time, as the some of the Draco’s and Reptilians ruled the Earth with fear. That mission is still ongoing.
At the time the Draco’s and Reptilians lied in the Council of Light meeting and destroyed the mothership as it came into land in east coast Australia. It crashed killing most, but a few survived and managed to do the genetic engineering, creating a new race with Love, before they too perished. So, love was brought in here, but as you know this mission is still ongoing. We did have a loving planet way back but then it got taken over by fear based Beings.

Read about working with the Old Fellas in the recent cosmic event of Pluto Saturn Conjunction and the umbilical cord reconnection at Uluru Jan 12/13 2020.


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Separately; Out of the Loop mp3 pdf.

If you work on the inner planes then you may find that people know within themselves that you can help them at times. I mean people who are going through very difficult experiences, often no one else can help, and who are suffering abuse from demons or other dark beings. They are trapped in some dark world that is hellish and even to the point, they see demons’, reptilians and all sorts of threatening beings who harm them physically as well as metaphysical. Often impossible cases that are not even acknowledged by main stream healers, or they just don’t know how to handle such full on dark multi-dimensional dramas.

You have to realise the person who is under such attack has created it in some timeline and body that’s been triggered in this life time and the drama continues. If it is very dark, they would most probably of ‘sold their soul’ in some timeline. Or have been very dark themselves.
It can also be an initiation as we all go through some sort of facing our darkest shadows at some stage. Or they could be caught in looping patterns, or addictive behaviour, or have contracts or agreements with the dark ones.

Before you help you need to realise if you are able to, and that you are clear enough and strong enough in your own Light and Source connection. Otherwise do not get involved or refer them to someone else who may be more onto it with these particular issues.

They also need to love all their own inner dark aspects, so whatever is presenting on the outer shows what’s not loved within. We never have to love the outer dark ones; they are the messenger to show is what we need to love of our own dark aspects within. Then we feel compassion and love naturally for them.

Whatever you do never bring anyone into your heart, your heart space is yours!
One with Source.

If you choose to help, you can be in another country and never see this person and you do not have to buy into their dramas and fear.
Always know that the person has approached you for help, so you have their permission and they want to heal and clear the madness that is so real to them.
Then on the inner know you are connected to the Source your inner self higher self, and to their to their higher self and be open to what comes through on the inner, or ask pertinent questions. But best to see what comes through. Trust

For example it could be a curse in a parallel time that’s triggered since they went back into similar energies in this life unconsciously. Trust whatever you get, and whatever you get to tell them how to heal it for themselves.

It’s not good to get too involved in their healing as it’s so heavy it can affect us if we still have some parts within that are dark our self, then it will be triggering our stuff also.
If you come from yourself as BeAm (see Step Two and Chapter two) and use your awareness from the inner planes to empower them, then it’s healthy for everyone.

Always remember the Light is stronger than the Dark and that Love always prevails

That this is a game in the lower planes and these beings only attack and do as much harm as they can to survive and feed. When we come from the Light we are connected in our heart, to the pure Love of Source and the radiant Light and that feeds us and could feed them too if they are ready to stop their game. most don’t know how they have been in the dark for so long, but by Being the BeAm in Divine Love and Oneness if they choose, they can open their hearts and step into the Divine Light.

You might even be aware of people who are trapped in very lower astral planes, what religions would call ‘Hell’ call out for help.
There is always help for them as there are Angelics and other Divine Beings who work holding the higher energies for them and when they chose, they can open up to that and move into the Light. If you ever feel to go into that Hell to help, do not stay there long. Be aware you are a Beam of Divine Love and Oneness and observe what unfolds from you love, but make sure you don’t stay there.

Once you are fully in the pure Love of Source and your Divine Essence then that’s all ok, but while we are still in transition you need to be wise about what you do and don’t do on the inner planes.

See in my book ‘Gateways of Unity Inner and Natural Healing’ to clear curses, as well as mega other information on the lower Astral Planes as well as lots of ways of inner and natural healing.

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dna reboot


Brought through at the Virgo New Moon and September Equinox 2017
at Callanish, Isle of Lewis Scotland 2017

I will be making lots of mp3's and new mandalas and new book
as well as the ones in use at present that are in the Light Code Activation book.
See article on DNA   RNA



stones glowing

This mission was all about the new DNA coming through for humanity now that the new creation matrix came through at the vast site of Avebury.

The reason for being here is this vast site which has always operated through all cycles; it is a birthing place.

On September 17th we first went to Callanish III, the stone circle holds the seed essence of the new light codes; DNA and a capsule placed here in the first cycle as this is a fertility site, not just the main stones, but through the landscape there are many stone circles. Also a place where we came out of the cosmic ocean and the primordial waters onto the land. We return now, surrender into the cosmic ocean and light through the water of the cells sparkling so bright. In the greater reality we have always been here, and all of us hold the seed essence of creation and the Living Library of Light. 
In the landscape also a beautiful clear sparkling diamond that glows through the diamond light matrix. Then to Callanish II stone circle and the union of the male and female, goddess and god union as the DNA can flow clearly through us and the grids.
Then to Callanish I and the amazing pearl sun through the Inner Earth doorway here from the heart of our mother earth that I have been aware of in my last two times here. See story from 2011 with the new DNA patterning.

From the purity of not only our hearts but thoughts and clear mind, the pearl opened up and the energy so intense and powerful we had to go lie down on the grass. Of course it opened up for us as it’s so important for the work for humanity, you could go other times and not feel it at all.
The doorway opens into the Inner Earth and the radiant pearl sun glows and hums. Our selves as multi-dimensional beings, guardians of the pearl as it merges with us in our earth body’s and we sound the key codes as it illuminates out through us and the grids and through the unified light matrix as the creation matrix brings forth new forms of life, we sing the song of new life.



At the equinox we connected at sunrise at Callanish III stone circle to the seed essences codes and at the diamond as the sun rose they went out to all who choose to receive them. 
Then at noon at the womb of creation the inner earth doorway and the inner earth sun pearl glowing pure love we connected once more and then surrendered in the cosmic ocean as the DNA unwound of the stress of being in matter and letting go of it as the DNA cleared we travelled through the Stargate we came thorough now on a higher dimension or a new Stargate completely as the DNA rebooted and we open up to ourselves as Earth Star walkers. 
The Return of Light mandala here that I painted after my 2011 trip at Callanish. As the new DNA codes one with the Inner Earth Sun and through the earth glowed through.

callanish sunset 2
Back to Callanish I for the sunset and then to Callanish II for the actualisation through the Goddess God DNA spirals through the earth and us.
   The new DNA no longer in helix spirals but complete in the diamond light matrix of the unified field. Means for humanity a change in our whole body’s molecular structure so we can fully be our body of light all one.

I will be writing up a book and making MP3s on the new DNA.


caludeusThe standard helix pattern of DNA like the twined serpents, the caduceus is not right for the  new energies, now it is Diamonds linked. This creates a full link of the DNA patterning and has no top or bottom that leaks energy, which creates death; in the new paradigm the diamonds linked contain the complete codes, (the DNA actually moves in circles).
    This is the birthing place, not the southern hemisphere but here, as the merged Diamond Lights as in diagram hasnewlightc worked through all the Earth and comes out exactly here from Mt Titiroa, (which is an amazing vortex and Crown Chakra of the New Earth, in the bottom of the South Island, New Zealand). 
The thirteen rays of the rainbow that activate the RNA are now brought in with the merged diamond light. 
    The work with the Diamond Light and RNA is in my booklet ‘Diamond Light Workbook’ and the new light codes will be in the booklet “Living Light”

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from the Handbook of Ra by Soluntra King

     The TWIN SUN operates from the higher dimensional worlds, the ones where you dream and soul travel and are rapidly becoming, at the level of a Central Sun, it activates the codings of the Living Library of Light, the Creation Story within you. So when you experience being in the Temple of the Twin Sun and merge with the Second Sun it will activate your light codings and remembrance of your Soul Story as the RA Light illuminates through the Second Sun through your DNA, Chakras, Kundalini and cellular memory in unity consciousness.


    When doing the meditation read through it a few times first to get to know it, then take yourself through it. Otherwise get a friend to read it out, or make a tape and play it to yourself, remembering to leave time in between to gain awareness and do your healing and integration. The ……….’s mark the gaps for this to happen. See also the back of the book for CD’s.

     Relax and deepen, align and connect to Source, Prime Creator in Divine Love and Oneness. Golden Light from Source flows from the Greater Central Sun, Central Sun, Second Sun, Sun and into your Crown…… through your head, neck, chest and into your Heart, be aware of your connection to Source through the doorway of your Heart, the radiant Sun of your Divine Self…..The Golden Light now flows through your body, legs and feet and into the Earth, down into the core of the Earth, into the Sun in the centre of the Earth……Connecting to the earth energy….. The earth energy now flows up through the Earth, in through your feet, up your body, up your fingers, hands, arms, shoulders and into your Heart…..As you connect through the doorway of your Heart through the core of the Earth….. The earth energy now flows up through your chest, neck, head and out the Crown to Source….You are one with Source through the doorway of your Heart, and one with the Earth through the doorway of your Heart. All is One in your Heart, Source and Earth.

    Now focus on your breath, breathing slow, deep, rhythmic breathes….as you breathe IN you go deeper and deeper into your centre…….

     Become aware that you are walking in a beautiful mountain forest….the path leads out of the trees and into a clearing… you see in the distance a majestic mountain glowing in the sunlight….at the top of this mountain is the Temple of the Twin Sun……You walk along the path that leads up the mountain until you get up through the forest….Up through the tundra and rocks to the very top of the mountain…..As you get to the top you walk over to the Temple of the Twin Sun, it is very familiar to you, you know it well deep within you……You walk up the steps and enter into the temple….walking into the very centre, that is illuminated with radiant sunlight, the walls are covered in hieroglyphics, codings of light that are held within the stone walls of the inner sanctum of the temple…..You sit down and align yourself with the Suns and connect deeper and deeper into your heart……

     You become aware that the codings on one of the walls is connected to Venus and the energy of the codes starts to pulsate as it opens up a doorway through Venus….You feel and sense the Venusian energy through the temple and through you, the energy infuses through you as you remember your Venetian connection and its connection to Earth………….What does it do to you, what is the gift….. how are you connected to it in your Soul Story?………Venus is also aligned with the Sun and Twin Sun…..

       You now become aware of the codings on the wall that are the living codes of Mars…. its energy and glow starts pulsating and radiating through the temple and through you, feel and sense the Mars energy….What does it feel like and how are you connected to it…..what is your Soul Story with Mars and what is Earth’s Soul Story with Mars?……It is aligned with the Sun and Twin Sun…….

     Now the Moon codings start to radiant light and pulsate…opening the doorway to the Moon and Lunar energies……You feel, sense, know its connection and alignment in the temple and you…..What is your connection to the Lunar energies… is it part of the Earth and your Soul Story?…..…It is aligned with the Sun and Twin Sun ……

    Now be aware of the Sun’s codings on the walls as they activate…. aligned through the temple, through you, its radiance and glow, you and the Sun are One, the Sun is also in your Heart, warm, glowing, loving and nurturing….you move through the doorway of your Heart and into the Sun……open to its vibration and its essence……Be aware of what is in the Sun and be open to receive what you need to remember…..What is the Sun important for in you…in your life….and this beautiful planet?……

    You are now aware of the Sun and the Moon, they merge…..the Sun and the Moon are One……Then you are aware of Venus and Mars...they merge and Mars and Venus are One……You have unified the Sun and the Moon, Venus and Mars…. the polarities are unified as the unification opens up the doorway of the Second Sun…You connect to the Second Sun in your unified prescence, as the Suns are One with you…One…..You move through the doorway of the Second Sun and open up to its frequencies, aware of its energy and the RA Light that illuminates through you…..You open up to the energy as it awakens the codings within you…..radiant light force energy illuminates every cell……the RA Light activates the DNA, through the charkas, spinning balls of Light…..up through the kundalini………

      You remember your dream, your Soul Story……..You see the aspects of yourself, your multi-dimensional facets of Light……yourself on the Earth plane….other dimensions….worlds…all One……….

     You remember your Gift…..and why you are here on Earth now…………

    You are aware of the shift in cycle, shift in paradigms and what that means to you….how it affects you and the Earth……..You are One with the Twin Sun, Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun….unified essence…alive, awakened…you remember who you are………..You hold the beam of Oneness and anchor it on the Earth plane, you are the doorway, the unifier of Heaven and Earth… are pure Love and allowing, the holder of unified energy that allows the shift in cycle to take place….you are the Central Sun of your true self, radiant, alive, glowing, life giving essence of Source that illuminates from you……..

    Be aware of yourself fully present in your body, your Body of Light, as you embody and anchor the unified essence of Source through you, have awareness of yourself right in your toes, feet, ankles, legs, knees, thighs, pelvis, up through your body, chest, shoulders, in your arms, hands, fingers…up through your arms, shoulders and into your neck, head, hair… are fully present in your body, your Body of Light…..You are One with the Sun, Second Sun, Central Sun, Greater Central Sun….

    You sound “RA” three times. RA RA RA….unified higher frequencies within your cellular memory…..every cell is alive and radiant, every cell remembers…..When you are ready slowly open your eyes and see the Divine and Beauty in you and all creation……

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imprint of peace
Extract from my Light Code Activation updated book plus new Star Lineage Imprints.
To Transmute the Imprints and Overlays see below and also here sroll to the end
by Soluntra King.


Imprints are information that we have taken on in order to be here; to be of service and also as part of our mission. But we get to the point when we don’t need to have them within us anymore. They have served us well and it’s time to clear them and move on.
Next is about the different Imprints and what they are about.


     When we come into a body, whether it be through birth or ‘walking in’ we become imprinted with the fears of separation that are our mission and chosen experience to heal, love and unify in this life. Some of these Imprints are our own personally, from other lives/parallel experiences that we have individually and unresolved karma that is held in the Etheric Blueprint.
But if you are here to be of service and to unify the energy of duality back into wholeness you would of come in with a lot more Imprints than is just your own personal program; that is mostly held in the Etheric Blueprint.
If you are a Starseed, Walk-in, Wayshower and/or Unity-worker then you would have taken on huge Imprints in order to unify the energies for humankind. This is the only way you can have real empathy and compassion, as well as bringing in the higher frequencies of Divine essence into matter.

As most of you are busy healing and unifying yourself and assisting others to unify in some way, you will no-doubt be aware of the fact that if you have gone through something and embraced it in love, you will have compassion for all others who have this issue of duality.
They will feel safe in your presence and be able to shift easily by you being a catalyst, through your energetic empathy and being. So when we are unified and accepting of all, our love and compassion is so radiant that our Being assists all without doing.
We can also call these Imprints – Holograms, as we came out of the prism of Lyra, the White Hole and into creation, we chose to experience the Holograms of our Love, the facets of light, multi-prismed, until we decide to experience the furthest extreme of our love, in density on Earth in a body.

     Often when we are very much of service and know it is our work and life here on Earth, we go through many full on experiences in order to unify.
I asked my Inner Self once after I had just gone through another full on experience of being abducted as a child by ET’s. Why did I choose this one? I was told ‘because you are a unifier and in order to unify the energy you have to know the energy’. Once I had transmuted the trauma, which was only my judgement and fear that I held in my cells, and I also realised I was the ET abducting me as well. Then I was able to assist more fully in the shift in cycle and great dimensional shift that is happening, not only for humans on Earth but everyone in all worlds and dimensions.
As I was integrating all this I was guided to Ecuador right on the equator and to an ancient volcano where I was able to anchor energies from the Greater Central Sun and Councils of Light via the Galactic Federation mothership, these divine energies went to the core of the Earth.
There were many ET ships with other agendas trying to block this, but because I had loved my fear and accepted the negative ET in me, I was able to be invisible to them and assist with the anchoring of these higher frequencies.
Months later back home, I was shown in a dream how it was part of the axis shift that has been happening for a long time now, it was important to get the portal open to the Inner Earth through the equator. This was part of creating the shift in dimensions gently through a shift in consciousness, as we become our multi-dimensional self still in our body, our body of Light.

     So all those full on experiences you have had are all for a greater reason in the bigger picture. As well as all those past/now/future lives and parallel experiences you thought you had, may not all be yours. But part of group soul or the imprints you took on from the collective consciousness in order to unify duality into wholeness through your bodies, as you are on Earth. Taking up this challenge is great fun and also part of the journey of unification for you on the higher dimensions as well.

     You the Creator Goddess/God that you are have put your essence into many multi-dimensional aspects that are experiencing on the Earth plane. As you the divine being are not attached to time, as it has no hold, so you have many aspects in many so called earth time slots, as well as from other dimensions, worlds and universes.
These experiences are all held in the cellular memory and in your etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. If there is fear associated then it blocks the life force energy and creates imbalance in some way; through physical bodily problems, survival issues, relationship issues, attitudes and emotions that keep you locked into fear. Your conscious mind does not want this fear, but the cells still remember and hold on to it.

     Once you realise that whatever the fear is, it is only a thought or belief you had that created it, and created you to get lost in some world that may not of been very loving, then you can change it, because as long as the body is holding on to the fear, it is too scared to open up to the shift. Once you realise you are divine and loving, choosing unity consciousness you are able to let go, trust and move into the new paradigm and the higher octaves of light that you truly are.
The dimensional shift is happening very fast now, so there is often resistance in the cells as they are rapidly changing frequency, they may hold anxiety and fear of some of your other experiences, when you were still playing the game of duality and victim/victimiser.

    So in your cells you are holding on to the Imprints you took on when you came in here; Holograms of your Love as you chose to experience density and spiritualise matter. The Imprints of limitation and fear, this is not just the Etheric Blueprint but an Imprint that has gone through all your bodies including your Spiritual Bodies in order for you to be in density and do your mission on Earth in matter, the Imprints of group soul and collective consciousness.


We can hold imprints that we came in with as part of our mission.
Many years ago when I was a catalyst to inner healing and natural healing I used to help many people clear their issues by going into parallel lives. Where something was unresolved and had to be loved and accepted in that time space to free them in this time space. Of course it worked every time. I also did this for myself but in 1992 it was time for me to let go the healing with one on ones, as I was moving more into the bigger picture.
I asked my inner self ‘surely I couldn’t have had all those past lives that I had processed over about 10 years previous in my own healing journey’. My inner self said ‘no this is only the third time you have ever been in a physical body, and that all those life times I healed in me that helped so many others were in fact Imprints of information I had taken on in order to be of service’.


We may have literally drawn the short straw, not quite like that but we have chosen to come into a body, while our Twin Flame might have chosen to stay in the higher realms. We also have Consorts from other dimensions, universes and higher dimensional selves. We also have our Group Soul and our families of Light and Star families.
They may need to experience certain things or just purely what it is to be in a body.
So some of our experiences may not even be for our own personal benefit, but for our Group Soul. But we have chosen to come into a body to do it for everyone else that is not in physical form.


    When we came in we brought with us in our Etheric Blueprint; all our experiences to be sorted still from everywhere, but in our outer bodies we still have some underlying junk that when we have loved and accepted our duality issues and issues from duality experiences we may still feel there is not something not quite right with us. It’s not a big thing as by now our lives are so free of attachments, free of hooks to money, sex and other things that control our lower selves.
We don’t have any ancestral lineage issues left, the ancestors are all clear. You will know this when the time is right that they are all clear. Don’t think just clearing your ancestral lines once or twice is enough, do them until they are clear.

See my book Gateways of Unity Inner and Natural Healing for how to heal your Family Lines and Ancestral Control. I also have a MP3 & PDF under Healing Within in my online shop

     Your Star Lineages can be brought in with you also; you the Pleiadian magician, or golden reptile, the humanoid darling or the intrepid space traveller. The Orion spider energy or the Dark Lord still in the past locked in. Just because it is your multi-dimensional aspects from the stars don’t think it’s all unified and light. Lots of learning through all the stars systems and planets, galaxies and universes. Other universes also affect us, and us them and we have stories with them also.

     But we could spend forever working out our stellar connections, in this experience it’s important to only know the ones that give us gifts. The rest is accumulated imprints, just like you have accumulated fear from this life and parallel Earth lives that you could forever be processing as well. It is only necessary to know some, if we need to, and then not to be attached in anyway, but to love and accept and so transcend the fear of the experience in this now moment with the deep abdominal breathing as well.
     Everything is in the now, and so how are you in each moment, and if not good deep breath in love and acceptance to that negative thought or feeling or physical pain. Become one with it, divine union within gives us freedom to injoy the physical realm and life.

       With these Star Lineage imprints in our energy field it’s like other imprints that we took on to be here and experience Earth, holograms of our love, but the Star Lineage imprints are more subtle, and when things are more subtle they are also more controlling of us.
    We learn to move into the core and centre of our self; through all the veils, denials, illusions, deceptions that we have put up with. As well as others from experiences in this life as simple as programs from society, school, religion, TV, vaccinations, drugs, chemtrails, chemicals in food, toxic water and air all these are pollutants of our thoughts and patterns.
     The Star Lineage imprints are taking it a step deeper, and clearing it by awareness, acknowledgement, acceptance, love and surrender.
       The RA Light of the Second Sun is here now to assist us to clear these imprints. These imprints could be affecting you in many ways; from weight that won’t shift, to health issues that don’t shift, to attitudes that won’t shift.
In the MP3 we also look at this and below is the inner awareness that is in the MP3.
In Star Lineage is a mediation to understand your gifts from different star lineages. In the clearing here we are looking at what hinders you for any of those experiences.


The Imprint of Peace was not one that many of us embodied as we came in we took on many other imprints to experience and be in duality and third density so having that would of meant we did not have the experience but now there are many ready for it.

The Peace Imprint is not a template or a blueprint it is an imprint that is being returned now to access our  Light Body. The Imprint of Peace is re-awakened in our Divine Blueprint.

The mandala of the Imprint of Peace is used in the MP3.


      This is the extra dross that is from the collective unconscious and the belief of others’ limitations that can hold us in the illusion. Like the illusion of tyranny; fear and control created by war, religion, taxes, government agencies working for our protection and yet creating fear, control and the opposite. All these are Overlays of others’ dramas, thoughts and fears which come from our own inner fears and we take them on. But they are also compounded by so many others’ belief in fear and separation that it takes courage to move beyond them.

      For example Physical Immortality; you may believe in it and chose it, but while so many still believe in death that belief is strong in the collective unconscious as an Overlay. You have to be strong in your belief and hold the energy of it to allow others to wake up and start catching on, then that limiting Overlay is transmuted, the one becomes many. The same goes for physical locations on the planet, some are lighter than others, and while we still have karma to deal with we live in the denser energy place, when we finally graduate we move to a lighter energy place. These places are usually full of lots of other spiritual people who no longer have a focus on the material world. Their soul has drawn them to these areas to really get to know them self from within, in a tranquil beautiful place that reflects their inner self and beauty. When the soul is able to no longer be affected by outer influences and fears, as the inner has been unified then everywhere is beautiful, calm and tranquil and so the person can move and live anywhere, regardless of the outer negativity. Through their Light and Unity in Divine Love they hold the beam that assists all others simply be Being.

      Overlays also include Planetary Miasms, a miasm is darkness in the cells inherited from our ancestors such as TB, but one only gets it if it is our issue, the TB Miasm is fear of being in a body and in life.
     A Planetary Miasm is not inherited from an ancestor but from the collective unconscious, for example Cancer and Aids are Planetary Miasms, where so many people have a fear of getting the dis-ease and so attract that energy to them. This does not necessarily mean they will manifest it physically but it is an imbalance in their energy field that blocks the life force energy. So the fear of so many individuals creates Overlays that keep humanity trapped, until each individual is able to love their fear, then the Overlay transmutes in love.
For more on Miasms please see my book "Gateways of Unity Inner and Natural Healing”.

It is now time to completely embrace the Overlays so you can operate in the world without the limitation of your own Imprints, and also the Overlays of others fears and limitations that are projections of your own inner fear.
In unity consciousness there is only love and peace, Imprints and Overlays are not in this world, you are now fifth dimensional and so is the world you live in.

Permission is given to copy and redistribute these Cosmic Events on the trust that the contents remain complete, all credit is given to the author and it is freely distributed.
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Inner guidance to transmute the Overlays from the collective consciousness. The Imprints from your missions, service, in order to be a unifier, what you have taken on for your group soul and Light Family, and lessons that have created programs or dis-ease that now longer serves you. As well as imbalances from Star Lineages and Multi-D aspects. Finishing with the Imprint of Peace mandala with light and sound.
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