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If you work on the inner planes then you may find that people know within themselves that you can help them at times. I mean people who are going through very difficult experiences, often no one else can help, and who are suffering abuse from demons or other dark beings. They are trapped in some dark world that is hellish and even to the point, they see demons’, reptilians and all sorts of threatening beings who harm them physically as well as metaphysical. Often impossible cases that are not even acknowledged by main stream healers, or they just don’t know how to handle such full on dark multi-dimensional dramas.

You have to realise the person who is under such attack has created it in some timeline and body that’s been triggered in this life time and the drama continues. If it is very dark, they would most probably of ‘sold their soul’ in some timeline. Or have been very dark themselves.
It can also be an initiation as we all go through some sort of facing our darkest shadows at some stage. Or they could be caught in looping patterns, or addictive behaviour, or have contracts or agreements with the dark ones.

Before you help you need to realise if you are able to, and that you are clear enough and strong enough in your own Light and Source connection. Otherwise do not get involved or refer them to someone else who may be more onto it with these particular issues.

They also need to love all their own inner dark aspects, so whatever is presenting on the outer shows what’s not loved within. We never have to love the outer dark ones; they are the messenger to show is what we need to love of our own dark aspects within. Then we feel compassion and love naturally for them.

Whatever you do never bring anyone into your heart, your heart space is yours!
One with Source.

If you choose to help, you can be in another country and never see this person and you do not have to buy into their dramas and fear.
Always know that the person has approached you for help, so you have their permission and they want to heal and clear the madness that is so real to them.
Then on the inner know you are connected to the Source your inner self higher self, and to their to their higher self and be open to what comes through on the inner, or ask pertinent questions. But best to see what comes through. Trust

For example it could be a curse in a parallel time that’s triggered since they went back into similar energies in this life unconsciously. Trust whatever you get, and whatever you get to tell them how to heal it for themselves.

It’s not good to get too involved in their healing as it’s so heavy it can affect us if we still have some parts within that are dark our self, then it will be triggering our stuff also.
If you come from yourself as BeAm (see Step Two and Chapter two) and use your awareness from the inner planes to empower them, then it’s healthy for everyone.

Always remember the Light is stronger than the Dark and that Love always prevails

That this is a game in the lower planes and these beings only attack and do as much harm as they can to survive and feed. When we come from the Light we are connected in our heart, to the pure Love of Source and the radiant Light and that feeds us and could feed them too if they are ready to stop their game. most don’t know how they have been in the dark for so long, but by Being the BeAm in Divine Love and Oneness if they choose, they can open their hearts and step into the Divine Light.

You might even be aware of people who are trapped in very lower astral planes, what religions would call ‘Hell’ call out for help.
There is always help for them as there are Angelics and other Divine Beings who work holding the higher energies for them and when they chose, they can open up to that and move into the Light. If you ever feel to go into that Hell to help, do not stay there long. Be aware you are a Beam of Divine Love and Oneness and observe what unfolds from you love, but make sure you don’t stay there.

Once you are fully in the pure Love of Source and your Divine Essence then that’s all ok, but while we are still in transition you need to be wise about what you do and don’t do on the inner planes.

See in my book ‘Gateways of Unity Inner and Natural Healing’ to clear curses, as well as mega other information on the lower Astral Planes as well as lots of ways of inner and natural healing.

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