by Soluntra King
A brief version of my journey, written for Annym magazine. The full journey is in my book "EGYPT AND IMMORTALITY, JOURNEY TO SOURCE". 

     I had wanted to go to Egypt in the past, but the timing was never right, deep down I knew that I had to be really unified before I could get there or else experience difficulties. So I had let go and forgotten about ever getting there until a few months before the February full moon in 2001 which was on the day I was born, I was born on that day many years before with a full moon so knew it was a special day for me, but it was also an activation moon that year when the Goddess energy was anchoring more fully on the earth plane. When I asked my inner self if I was meant to be at home, which was in the bush in Queensland, or somewhere else I got 'Egypt' and was totally surprised and excited.
EGizaCheoFRONT    I booked my air tickets and knew I needed to stay at Mena House, a five star hotel right at the pyramids, all my psychic friends insisted that I must stay there also. So I booked a single room facing Cheops only three days before I was to fly out, trusting that the money would be there to pay for it and because I was following my heart the money came, enough to budget travel around. But with the Goddess energy flowing in on my birth full moon when I would be there, little did I realise that I was to be treated like a Goddess and given luxury accommodation. I was also going at Eid, the Moslem Christmas and only realised that when I got on the Egypt Air flight packed with Middle Eastern people going to Mecca on pilgrimage, all I was conscious of was to be in Egypt somewhere for my birthday and that I was going to awaken more light codes especially with my favourite project, physical immortality, as will as allowing in divine will, and anchoring the second sun and sharing in the RA energies.
    After about 50 hours of flying and hanging around transit lounges I landed at Cairo in the early morning with a clear view of Giza as I came in, and realised 'I am really here'. In my guide book I read about a bus into town and got through the airport and out with a determined walk as if I had been here a thousand times before and knew where I was going, I walked though the car park to the waiting bus and travelling into the city. I decided to get off at the Ramses Railway Station to book my bus to Luxor first as I just wanted to get out to Giza and stay there. But because it was almost Eid every bus and train was booked, there were masses of people at the railway station and the only way I could get to Luxor in four days time was by 'wagons lit' first class sleeper train. So I paid all the money I had just exchanged at the airport for the sleeper, knowing I was a billionaire in energy and then got a taxi out to Mena House.
     When I got into the reception I was surprised to see so many tourists, I thought because I had booked a room so close to arriving, the place must be empty due to the 9/11 just happening a few months before, but no it was a busy place. Mohammed (I was to become aware very quickly that a lot of men were called either Mohammed or Ali after the prophet), welcomed me and told me that the room that they had faxed me for $100US was actually $170, but that they were giving me a suite for $250US! I never asked why just was ecstatic and thanked Mohammed very much. When I got up to my suite my main window just had Cheops and Chefren in the view so close that I could not sleep any closer if I tried, wow!
    I had a luxurious bubble bath and then went straight over to the pyramids, it was 1.30pm local time and I brought my ticket to the plateau and then my ticket to Cheops, not realising at the time that they only let 500 in at 8am and 1pm and that no one was meant to stay in the Kings Chamber. Being naive and full of enthusiasm I ran up the great blocks to the entrance and as I entered the tunnel with all the guards - guardians one looked at me and asked 'did I mediate'. I said 'yes' and he asked me 'how long do you want in the Kings Chamber?' This boggled me as I had been hanging out at the Mayan pyramids many times and some I stayed at all day, I told him I was just going up there to stay for awhile. Then he said he would come up in 45 minutes and for me to sit around the back of the sarcophagus. As I walked up the Great Gallery there was a group of 'switched on' people in the Kings Chamber chanting and I felt so blessed to be ascending with these divine sound codes, the energies were radiating and it was all so vast and amazing, all I could do was just be present and allow. When I got into the Kings Chamber the tourists and chanters left and I was there on my own for ages, I did not go into the sarcophagus, I knew I had to be invited by the guardians, so I went around the back side of the sarcophagus out of sight and sat there. The next thing I was travelling on the inner planes on the Solar Barque along the Celestial Nile through the Sun and into the Temple of Immortality.

EGizaKING    When Mohammed arrived he invited me into the sarcophagus and my DNA was really activated with life force and serpent energy was zapping through me, light codes activating. When I got out Mohammed showed me the centre point in the chamber and we faced each other and looked in each others eyes, doing spontaneous mudras while on the inner we were pharaoh and queen dancing and merging the portals and star grids, doorways and worlds were opening and aligning. The walls of the chamber were interfacing in and out and there was a lot going on. After all this had completed Mohammed invited me to come back at 8am the next morning as he was going to be on duty (they swapped the guardians around the site, but he was there for everyday I was). I then went down to the Sphinx after several marriage proposals by camel men and touts. There were masses of tourists all around it, and I was just doing the sightseeing thing myself when I was approached by a guardian, he invited me to come into the inner chamber in the Sphinx, so I  asked my heart, inner self, but got 'no'. He could not believe it and was almost hasseling me to come, but for whatever reason I knew I was not meant to, either not the right timing, not safe, or not my business but some other beings. I noted he did not ask any of the other hundreds there, and I soon realised that the guardians of the sacred sites really know who is meant to be there for other reasons than sightseeing. They will take you where you need to go, no baksheesh, sexual favours, but just because they are the guardians and it is their duty, they understand those who are there in the bigger picture to do with the shift in cycle and those who have strong connections there. I also experienced woman, as well as men where ever I went telling me 'how beautiful you are', this is the only place in the world I have been where the people really see who you are.
     It was now getting late and I went out to the fast food place that looks right at the Sphinx, then made my way through the back streets of the village to Mena House. All I could do was lie on my king size bed and get downloaded even more as I was taken in light on the inner planes to higher realms and having realisations, unifications of energies and awakenings.
     Each day I was at Giza I spent ages in the Kings Chamber just being, or guided from within, consciously aware of what was transpiring, I was always on my own and had the place for hours, I felt so blessed. The Queens Chamber was locked to the public at that time, they alternate closing a pyramid each time, when I was there the third pyramid was closed, and they will only have one chamber open at a time in Cheops. But I was invited by Mohammed to go into the Queens Chamber and he had to unlock the iron barred gate and turn on the light quickly while I crouched and ran down the low tunnel into the chamber then he locked me in and turned off the light. Locked in the Queens Chamber in the dark, this place represents the Void to me (where all is manifest) I sat on the stone floor for some time just allowing. When the light came back on I ran back out the tunnel and Mohammed re-locked the door. As if that was not enough of a blessing when I left Cheops to go the Chefren I experienced the guidance of another guardian as he took me over to an area in the third pyramid temple complex where I was guided to be while some cyclic shift energies exchanged, he knew what my purpose was so took me there for it to take place. I was also given the gift of going into the sarcophagus in the second pyramid, Chefren, the light was very intense there, not so subtle as Cheops and the room glowed as well.
    All the camel men seemed to know me, I was not interested in riding one I wanted to walk out over the plateau and connect with my feet on the ground and tune into the underground chambers and world, but they all assumed I had been here often and treated me like a long lost friend, which of course I was.
     The journey to Luxor first class was great and as I left the Luxor railway station at 5am and walked through the streets in the early morning quiet, I was guided from within to a hotel right on the Nile and overlooking the Luxor Temple where I was given a corner room with balcony and view of both. I visited the Luxor Temple and Karnak many times and had amazing experiences in each, in the Luxor Temple a guardian again recognised me and lead me to a special area, but the area I connected to most was the in the Temple of Amun RA at the bridge space of the worlds, where if we choose, are able to jump the loop into the new solar system as we make the bridge for humanity, but I realised many were not ready and would do it in the next cycle as everyone has their own timing and journey. At Karnak I kept getting guided into a temple complex area where I was a high priest in a parallel experience and did much work on the light codes and physical immortality as well as planetary work. On the day of the full moon and my birthday I was there and spent ages in the temple, there were hundreds of tourists wandering around the site, but none came near the temple complex I was in, and after I had finished doing my work there I was hoping someone might come so I could get a photo of myself there, but no they still kept away. Then I wandered to the opposite side of the great temple complex and outside to the areas of sand, ruins and rumble, where I found a serpent symbol on a crumbling piece of wall, I knew I was onto something and the next thing another guardian who is standing down the sandy pathway goes "pisst! pisst!' so I followed him. He led me over great piles of rumble and down a narrow crumbling passageway and into a hidden away temple complex, in an inner chamber he unlocked an iron barred door and guiding me into the inner sanctum where EKarnakSekmetthere is a statue of Sekhmet the daughter of RA. I was overjoyed and went up and connected with her, the guardian had disappeared but he was on the roof opening up a gap and the noon sun shone down on my and Sekhmets heads, what a birthday present. I stayed there for some time; downloading, sharing, allowing and then went over to the lake to anchor in the goddess energies at the exact time of the full moon.
     At Edfu I also experienced the invisible as this is the Temple of Horus, Sun God and I was there to activate more fully the Golden Solar Disc, when I arrived in the convey with my taxi driver, the boats that take the tourists along the Nile and to the sites had just arrived, there were hundreds of people all going into Edfu at the same time as me. This was the norm as even though I was not travelling with the tourist groups I had to travel in my taxi in a convey due to the fear about terrorist attacks, since the people were shot at the Temple of Hatesput and the Cairo Museum.
      At the temple of the sacred marriage of Horus and Hathor it was kept clear for me as I experienced the union and allowed that energy through me and all creation, it was as if the tourists could not see the chamber, and later at the chamber of the Golden Solar Disc, I and the chamber where invisible due to the fact that we were in the higher dimensions and the tourists were not vibrating at that level so did not register the chambers.
      I had many other adventures and amazing experiences in Luxor, on the West Bank, Abydos and Dendara but space does not allow it here, then I was off to Aswan and the Khumn Temple over the Nile on Elephantine Island as my first call. It was there that I got this occasional cough in my throat and it was not until I returned back to Queensland that it finally cleared, when I saw my Peacock 'Raj' who is an Egyptian Pharaoh in one of his other aspects, he had a great dead, grey rotten lump hanging off his neck. I had worked on clearing the cough for a few weeks but it was not until I got home and saw Raj had taken on the manifestation also because of our Egyptian connection, that the inner work I did on it the day after I got home, when I went to my favourite portal, Rainbow Beach for the Equinox and cleared it, when I got back home his neck that was gross a few hours before had completely cleared. Aswan was pretty full on for me, I felt in my body all the transmutations going on and had aching hips and headaches as the energies cleared and I was forced to do deep inner work just to get my body feeling good again. Thankfully I had manifested a bath with hot water in each place I stayed to assist in my transmutation.
    The day I finally went to Abu Simbel I was feeling great again and it was a solar arc day, these are days and numbers with codings that are doorways to the Central and Greater Central Sun and Inner Earth Sun, and because I work with these energies I always get taken to the places I need to anchor and receive energies at these times. So I was off on the convey again early in the morning, watching the sunrise and greeting it as we drove across the desert to the place on Aswan Lake (the water from the Aswan Dam on the Nile) that Abu Simbel had been moved to before its original location on the Nile banks was flooded. Again arriving with hundreds of people I was not concerned and went straight to the Hathor Temple to connect and then into the Ramses 11 Temple. In the inner sanctum I was greeted by the four Sun Gods seated there, they told me on the inner I had now graduated to the Council of Four in the Greater Central Sun. I found out later back at home that meant there were no more 'have too's' and I did not have to be on Earth if I choose not to, I could go into no breath (which I had done before and was just light) but this time not come back. But with so much to still learn and integrate and the opportunity to do it, I graciously choose to stay and have taken on new contracts, my home is in my heart and this beautiful experience on Earth has only just started to get real exciting.
    I had amazing experiences at Philea and Kalabsha my favourite place with codings at the level of the white light body and Kom Ombo the final initiation, then I flew back to Cairo. I knew I had to find the Temple of RA at Heliopolis in Cairo, but there were no ruins and just suburban sprawl and I did wonder how I was going to find it. But as usual all was taken care of, as my Egypt Air flight was two hours late and I missed my connecting flight to Athens (a present for flying Egypt Air), I was going to do the RA on my return from Greece but the universe had other ideas. So upon arrival at Cairo airport I searched out the Egypt Air office all excited and wondering what adventure lay ahead of me now. The men there were amazed at my calmness and friendliness, they were used to anger and frustration by distraught customers and they proceeded to inform me that they were putting me up at a five star hotel at Heliopolis and that on my return from Greece they would put me up there again, even though they did not have to but the universe needed me there. When I got to the hotel it was over the ancient temple of RA and it took two visits in the RA, Second Sun anchorings to complete, I was in abundance of not only of spirit but of the earthly realms as well as I watched the sunset in the Temple of RA, Being, the worlds merged.


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