Out of Destruction into the New Creation, Inner Pathways Mandala by Soluntra


Dear friends
I have had lots of people ask me what to do about the bush fires in Australia as well as what’s happening with the water not just in Australia. This is a worldwide issue, as were the fires in the Amazon and USA, not to mention the super storms Philippines recently, big floods in Jakarta, earthquakes, flooding in UK, it goes on and on.

Mother Earth is telling us ‘wake up or ship out’. She’s ready to move are you?
This is a dimensional shift.

So for those that are not ready to wake up, young at being in density and need more experiences to spiritualise matter.
They will experience until they are ready, and will die in their physical body to spin around the wheel. All these environmental disasters are physical, in the illusion and world limited by fear
and that’s where it all goes down and seems so real to those locked into fear and density.

I know you can argue but the fire is so real, people and creatures dying, homes, forests, farms, jobs lost. Of course but you may note that those who are in unity consciousness seem to miss out on all the dramas even though in the middle of the storm. It will be everywhere around them but not affect them because they are at peace, holding the BeAm, and in a state of Love and oneness with it all, with no fear.

Meanwhile many of us have had plenty of experiences to spiritualise matter and are ready to move through in our bodies, our Body of Light as the multi-d beings we are.
In the blink of the eye we are through.
To exist still experiencing nature but now in harmony with all life, peaceful, beautiful in 5D until that too becomes higher dimensional and eventually we are the pure Light of our Divine unified essence, then wanting to create in some other way to experience creation,
meanwhile this all unfolds in No Time, in the Now.

So for those old souls who are ready for the shift, we are here to hold the BeAm through all worlds and dimensions and time and space. In a state of Being, divine love, peace, oneness.
The doing is done, now it’s about Being our true self fully.

No matter how tough the storm or challenge we still hold the stillness from within, our mission and completion of 3D life.
We don’t die in a physical body, we move through in our light body, physical body all one body, of Light.

All these disasters in the physical plane no longer exist, we no longer exist in that illusion.
The highest gift and service we can be to help is to simply Be the BeAm.

The BeAm

If you feel to see the BeAm in the centre of the fire, storm, earthquake, volcano, tsunami then do that,  it is through all worlds and dimensions and time and space to zero point.
But you may not even feel to do that, but just Be as you are, where you are, how your are, with no thoughts, focus, intentions, just simply Being.

How I first experienced being the BeAm was years ago, I had stopped being a Naturopath and Guide to Inner Healing in 1992 after a very successful time of service. I would often have people with entities, disincarnate souls arrive, in fact I could feel them when they booked an appointment. I not only cleared them using dear Christ to send them to the light but I also helped them heal their issues so they wouldn’t get anymore back. I also cleared land whenever I travelled worldwide, sometimes my car wouldn’t start once I had cleared it, it would start. This happened all the time.

But when it was time to let go the one on ones, I had integrated within me more fully
my own Christ I am.
Then a few year later I was travelling in USA. I had $100 to last three weeks and was as usual on a mission or missions bigger picture wise. I got looked after all the way with beautiful people to stay with who took me to amazing places. One was a couple in Sante Fe who took me out to the Galisteo Basin and to this serpent landscape with serpent drawings on big rocks. There was this destroyed village not touched by archaeologists and with pottery shards and things still there. 700 years ago, the Comanches had raided killing, scalping, raping the peaceful Hopi and I could see it on the lower astral planes. My old self would have prayed and asked Christ to clear it. But I was now my own Christ self, and also had cleared my own inner demons and entities.
So asked my inner self ‘what can I do to be of service here, to assist these souls in trauma and trapped?’
My inner self told me to simply ‘BE’.
I saw myself as a BeAm of divine light, love and oneness, I saw it as a great column of Light from the Heavens to the Earth through me, and then I saw all the lifetimes of those people before they were at that village, victim and victimiser 700 years ago, then all the life’s after, and in this lifetime they had incarnated all around the world.

I realised that by praying for them in that particular lifetime to be free and go to the Light was actually interfering, even though I had done it from my heart with the best intentions in the past.
I now realised that I was a BeAm through all worlds and dimensions and time and space.
If any of those souls choose to come into the BeAm of peace, pure love and allowing then they would fully transform. Not just that life, but whatever their pain in them was from, or future creations, was now no longer. It didn’t exist, there was only the love, the peace, the stillness and they could move on from all these illusions and stories if they choose, when they were ready, and with no interference so I was not creating any karma for myself. All I was doing was BEing.
Fully connected to Heaven and Earth, all worlds and dimensions.


With all these purifications whether they be by fire, water, wind or earth they are clearing away the old and allowing for a time of rejuvenation.
We know in the physical that means there has, is, and will be still a lot of death and destruction first.

But there is no death in reality, just changing form, all those passing over are simply changing form.
There always needs to be a cleanse so that new seeds, new life can grow.

We also look at where these events are happening and often they are connected to areas where there are Earth Chakras or vortexes as the Earth kundalini is firing everything up.

I know myself my kundalini went at Iona 2017 and after that I have had a full on time in the last 2 years clearing out on so many levels and deeper layers of the onion skin, have been forced to be still and go within more, so that now I can birth the new me.
I know that many others are having this experience as well.
So we do it personally and collectively.
If we do it personally then we don’t have to be involved in the big collective whacks.


In the Greater Reality how to deal with all these disasters is too accept and love them, they are there so we embrace them in oneness and love. We are one with the Earth and all nature, we can’t judge or separate ourselves from what we are, if we do we feel pain; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

If there is fear or judgement about whatever is unfolding
Then deep breathe love and acceptance into your fears. (See below on how to do this.)
These disasters will be triggering your fear of survival, possibly old memories from other cycles when things have shifted like the end of Atlantis or Lemuria, or cycles before.
If this is the case breath love and acceptance, golden light and or the Thirteen Rays of the Rainbow into it until its changed, you are at peace and as you passed over and into this experience.

If you are freaked out about the dear animals, insects, reptiles, birds, fish.
Breath love and acceptance into your grief, sadness, pain. In the Greater Reality it is your own pain of separation from the Source within.
Do this until it is gone, re do as often as needed until 100% gone, and there are no thoughts of the suffering of people, animals, trees etc.
When you feel all that and react to it you not only are not helping, but you are trapping all those beings into that box of fear and pain.
So take responsibilitly for your emotions and thoughts otherwise you are making it worse.
See them as they truly are, Divine.

In the Greater Reality you are all of this, so until it’s loved within you, it will trigger suffering.

I have also observed how so many are into blame;
For example the fires in oz, some are blaming the Greenies for stopping back burn offs before fires start. Some are blaming climate change (which really is a cyclic thing and more about the sun cycle than anything else. But of course, we all need to clean up our act re pollution, disposable goods, fossil fuels etc).
Some are blaming the government, the fracking, the abuse of the earth by the greedy ones. The list goes on, but what most don’t choose to realise as they wouldn’t blame if they did, is that we are all of that until we have loved all those aspects within ourselves, then we are really helping.

We need to love the corrupt politician in us, the bankster, the CEO whose company destroys the Earth, the idiot politician corrupted and programmed, the dictator power crazy psychopath, the mad scientists and generals, the ones pulling their strings; the negative ET’s, Reptilians, Black Magicians, Dark Lords, naughty Gods and Goddesses, the false God and dark matrix, all of it.
It's you/me/us.
Once loved they no longer exist on the outside.

We are left with kind, loving, wise people who can organise things.
We already have free energy, we can make desert back to fertile with crystals and copper wire in a circle linked to a central generator, creating an electromagnetic energy field to create moisture and so life. We can cleanse the water and earth, ourselves easily it’s all there already.

This is 5D living and operating while still in our body’s.
In the old paradigm our guides existed 5D but not material, now we are the guide of our self in a body and 5D.

Be the Light of the world by loving all of yourself.
Forget about everyone else, they are messengers and triggers, if they affect you they are showing, teaching you the parts you have not yet loved within.

We are moving now into the higher dimensions, we have been given these initiations to get through, and in real initiations if we don’t pass we die, if we pass we become Light and are Multi-D so not limited by the world of fear and 3D illusions.


You ask for rain if there is fire or drought, but is there really meant to be rain or are you interfering? There is always a reason for disasters, but do we see and listen to the bigger picture and more expanded awareness’s.

I used to be able to ask for rain and it would come instantly, even when it had been dry for months and the trees all dying. I only asked for the 25 acers I caretaked in the bush on a power mountain and multi-d vortex in SE Qld.
Then one time it just kept raining and raining and flooding so I realized I could ask the rain to stop and it did. People would ask me if I could ask for the rain out west where there was a bad drought, but I got No. It was a purification and not to interfere.

Then I decided to not ask any more of the Elementals, I am one with them, and they/I know when it was meant to rain or not.
I found even when I had groups on missions and the weather was terrible and the group wouldn’t of been able to hold the energy well, that the rain instantly stopped. Then once our work was completed started again, this always happens and we need to see things from a bigger perspective and TRUST.
I have also been in big cyclones but my garden is not destroyed, the next morning I will go outside after it’s over and all my flowers and plants look normal, not tattered or uprooted.

As long as we stay in the ‘oh how terrible freak out mode’ then we keep creating it.

As long as we feel we have to fix it up, it will be there.

If you feel guided from your heart and don’t get the absolute Oneness yet, you might like to ask for the Elementals help, the Ancients Ones, Guardians, Devas, Nature Spirits, but leave it up to them, don’t try and create what you think should happen.
Give much gratitude for their assistance.

You might be aware of powerfully energies in certain areas like a great Diamond, or vortex, multi-D doorway.

Light ships, Mothership and connect to the Beings asking for their help, but allow, don’t try and control.

To control comes from fear.

Also do whatever you do, making sure you are not interfering and that all is done in Divine Will and Plan.

See below for a more specific way you can use these energies to assist.


Of course it’s important to help if we can, with whatever the situation throws us and give physical care and support.
Be the love on all levels and dimensions.

It is not our business to know exactly why one country gets one thing, another something else. We might have our ideas, but again we don’t want to get caught up in blame, judgement and get off centre.

But what we need to realise and being told by Mother Earth is we are not living in balance with the Earth.
So in order to do that as a collective we need to listen to those who are still connected to the Earth, the indigenous and rainbow people, the awakened ones who are connected regardless of ancestral connections, we have moved beyond all this and we are all indigenous if we connect to our Mother Earth.

No more farming of animals completely or with love and kindness to the environment best suited to them.
No more digging up resources for archaic factories and ways of operating that destroy the Earth.
Back to making what’s required from local resources and in harmony with environment.
We all know what we desire for all beings, creatures, the Earth, so now it's time to make it happen.
We need to start with ourselves and do the best we can.



See here for more on Initiations. I intend to write more about this, but for now this is one of mine.
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Grids; Crystalline Grid  Diamond Light Matrix   New Earth Grid


There are link ups guided by people at times and we all connect together at the same time, so obviously if you feel guided to participate or action one go for it.


We are all in the One Heart already, so we can connect in with everyone here and in the higher planes that are open hearted and come from love, regardless of what time it is, or where we are,
we are the One Heart.

If you feel guided; be aware that we are all linking up together in the One Heart on the Inner planes.


Before you start make sure you are not holding any trauma, negative thoughts, fears, judgements, pain, and grief of what is occurring.
You can’t help if you are holding emotional and mental baggage, it’s all your stuff triggered by what is occurring.
So deep breathe love and acceptance into all that first until you feel calm, at peace and not buying into the lower astral energies involved in you, triggered by the tragic events.
See ‘Healing Within’ if not sure on this.

1. Make sure you are Connected, or in your own way.

2. Also connect to the Stargate you are within as below. (Don’t worry if you are not in your Star Light Body, Being connected is fine, or do in your own way)

To allow yourself to be the Stargate
 We need to be connected, be our Starlight Body so we are really aligned and transparent, through the cross over point within, in the void in our Earthsun Body one with the Earth and  Stars and Planets all through you, Diamond Light Matrix .
Or however you connect and bring yourself to a high frequency of light, deep in the stillness connected to Earth, Sun and Stars, Galaxy, Solar System, Universe and beyond. 
One with Source from your heart within.                          
Then with your deep in breathes going deeper into your heart, the stillness your centre…Aware of the soft Golden Sun in your Heart…As you open to it it’s like a Pearl… 
The Inner Earth Sun Pearl right there within you as it glows out through the Crystalline Grid  within you and without through the Earth, the Light Grid of all our higher selves, the Solar Grid linking all the Golden Solar Discs, the Diamond Light Matrix Grid and the New Earth Grid…..
Out through the ethers, Solar System, Galaxy, Universe to the Multiverses, beyond the beyond right within you…..
 Aware that it’s there in you….
Aware that all the Earth all the Heaven, all the manifest and unmanifest is you….

As you take your awareness now into your RNA antenna that receives all the light codes from the vastness of your Being….. The 13 Rays of the Rainbow, the light codes of your Divinity
As you are the Stargate…. the unifier of Heaven and Earth….
Open to the Stargate you are….

  1. Ask the Ancient Ones and the Old Fellas, Rishis, Dragons, Light Beings, Guardians, Devas etc to help and give great thanks and gratitude to them. Ask that all is done in Divine Will and Plan.

    4. Become aware of the Great Diamond in the landscape or in the ocean nearby, and the Diamond Light Matrix glowing out through all the grids and the surrounding area.
    Also aware of any Pyramids, Sirian Star Base’s, Motherships, Light Ships that might be in the area, trust what you get.
    Connect into all these energies and ask them to illuminate through the earth, grids, ethers and higher realms through the disaster area and all the horror, pain, terror of all creatures and humans who are affected.
    That the Diamond Light and codes illuminate divine healing energies and relief to all…

    Through all worlds and dimensions and time and space, holding it through all the lower realms where the fear, pain and horror from the disaster is taking place.
    Ask that all those who have passed over; insects, animals, fish, birds, reptiles, humans, all life, the trees, plants are free to move in peace to the higher realms, free of all trauma and karma and that oneness and divine Love be held through all worlds and dimensions in this sacred space.

    5. We also ask the Elementals if it is in divine will and plan to please bring whatever is required to bring healing for the earth, plants, creatures and humans.
    Do whenever you feel too.

Thank you so much.

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