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We have been given a sacred mission. I was in fact railroaded to organise this journey in November last year. And then a month before flying over to join the group I had an unforeseen circumstance happen that meant I couldn’t physically be there, I realised the training that I had been told I would do had started. That those of the group who choose to still go, that I would work and guide them on the inner planes and via email, What’s App, talking was in fact the start of a whole new way for not only myself but those who decided to still be in the group physically. A stepping up for us personally and for humanity and Earth as well.

A deeper journey into our divine source at a soul level and also a cellular level.
The rock on Inishmore holds codes that were created at the beginning of the Earths experience as a living organism with life as we know it starting to create.
Now we can connect to that core life force essence within, with the assistance of being at a place where the life stream of the creation energy is clear and attainable to assist us.

The veils are thin here and so it is easy to access your higher dimensional selves, as well as being recalibrated in the timeless wind, earth, sea, sky, ether
and dimensional realms of earth and star that we exist in.

The crystal skull there is calling us to remember.
Some of you know you were at the inception of the creation of the Earth.  Now we have returned in physical human body’s to establish the Earth once more as it was always intended.
To be at the creative pulse within our self and our Earth, not limited by time or dimensions, the Dragons, Elohim ourselves in our purer form of Light; births new worlds for us to exist in that resonate with our union of Earth and Star, the Stargate we are, Earth Star Walker and Creator Goddess Gods we embody. Integration of form and non-form, matter and spirt to live in the state of Re-Genesis.

We are now oscillating in a higher frequency of Light and grounding it, so much is shifting within us and in our world now, thanks to all our love, planetary link-ups and our own awakening and unification of duality consciousness. Working with completely new energies; the new DNA codes
as well the new grids through the New Earth and ourselves. 
 We have personal grids as well and are building new grids through our energy bodies to support and stabilise us as our physical body deals with the changes from carbon to crystal, to diamond and for some to pure light.
        We will be not only be awakening to our origins on Earth at the time of creation and our role, but now here we are creating the foundations of the Earth for us to exist as we have always been intended.
Opening more fully to the Star Lore of Creation and here now, from our Solar System and Galaxy, through the Multiverses and higher dimensional realms.

Working with Light Body levels of higher frequency; your Star Light Body, Stellar Crystal Body and Clear Light. As well as the new DNA codes and the Forty Rainbow Rays.

I spent a lot of time before everyone met tuning in on the inner planes to what was happening so I could give everyone the guidance on what to do at each site and what was happening cosmically.
Including inner unification work and my mandalas and everyone really took it on board and followed through beautifully. I was so grateful that Elsheia, Adrian, Russell, Mikasa, Violet and Deb choose to still go to Ireland and be the ground crew. I asked Elsheia if she could please co-ordinate the physical stuff for me and being very tech competent was great as I could talk to her and the group during the journey. I also received photos from the sites as it happened which was beautiful, as I was in winter time New Zealand.



mikasa-group29th.jpgThere were seven of us humans on this mission, six at the actual location on Inishmore and myself on the inner and also present there in the higher dimensions.

    Everyone travelled over by ferry to Inishmore Island from Galway in the early afternoon and met at the venue house that I had rented and Russell cooked everyone dinner, I heard he did that often for the group which was wonderful, thank you Russell.

The only way to get around the island was by push bike. In the photos I saw it looked flat but I soon heard from the group that it was in fact hilly and everyone was having sore bottoms, and some places were a long way to bike so at times a van was hired, good call.

After dinner everyone biked to Dun Duchathair on the south west coast, for honouring the divine energies and being open to the journey at this ancient doorway through the Inner Earth Star.
Connecting and into our Star Light Body and honouring the four directions, the guardians, Elementals, Light Beings and all the divine beings in divine love and oneness who are there and working with us. The beloved Mother Earth and Source of all that is.
As we asked to be totally aligned to divine will and plan and with an open heart, at peace within, through clarity and divine Love in service for this divine mission of bringing back the light codes as originally meant for Earth and its inhabitants.
With so much gratitude and love.

 I asked everyone to starmap themselves with the stars of the Higher Dimensional Solar System that are also star mapped on the Earth at different locations. Through our physical and energy bodies, through the Earth and Stars, we are the Earth Star Walker.

The Creation Cosmic Egg opens to us, be in the Love so pure it creates life from its Light.
Allowing to feel, Be in the pure Love of Creation and the vast Cosmic Egg…

I connected with everyone and see the sunset, hear the waves and feel the Love, in the Cosmic Egg it is so loving that everything merges in the Love.

Soul travelling that night to connect to the crystal skull.

inishmorvenue-house.jpgEveryone met in the morning at Oatquarter, the venue house to do the inner work and share lunch. It was also a day of Dimensional union …….as we are the stillness

Then biking to Dun Aonghasa, the ancient fort to connect to the ancient starmap and star fields.
Where the six present physically formed the shape of a 6 pointed star and open to their/our Star Light Body. 
Doing a mudra of ones highest multi-d aspect that is working through each of us on this mission.
Then connecting to Venus, as well as honour and acknowledge the ancient ones and all the divine beings in the sacred space.

Aware that we are in the star fields, they are sparkling like the Sun on water, the Starmap already there…
Us from the ancient times……. when Venus shone through the Earth like a Sun....
The Starmap held the doorway codes of the Venetian energies of love and beauty, of life….
The five dimensional guardians choose to stay, holding it as they were the lowest frequency at that time.
 Density as we k
now it was not sustaining life, but was the bedrock of the higher dimensional filaments, danced over and through like ethereal mist. 

The atmosphere was soft and gentle, the Starmap will come back through now as we stand there physical in a 6 pointed star, the stars are those that supported Venus and are coming back in to align, as now we are needing the loving embrace to catalyse the shift back into the heart for all humanity…..
Aware of this happening and the stars anchoring through us….and the Dimensional union on this day …….as we are the stillness.

 mikasa-fort2.jpgmikasa-fort.jpg mikasa26thcliffs.jpg

From Deb Bell “In my expansive Star Light Body adrift in the cosmos and witness to stars becoming form......... in an area certain stars shone and pulsed brighter and brighter to those around them, some drifting closer together others drifting a little apart, shifting and dancing then eventuating to form, a geometric solid I suppose you could call them. As each form was completed it floated back in the distance and another group of stars presented themselves and repeated the process to become another form shaped very differently......... this continued and then all the ‘forms’ floated and linked, a few joined up side by side and most upon each other like a totem of a huge giant satellite.

As I drifted back to earth I could see ( what I feel to be, as I’ve never been there)Dun Aonghasa and was taken to the inner Earth through tunnels but when I came out of the tunnels back on to firm earth I was surrounded by red Earth..? Kings Canyon…… Then I was back above Dun Aonghasa ,there were 7 noteable  ‘ spots ‘ on the earth which as I drew closer appeared to be standing stones but were in fact 6 of us  sitting around you in the centre. Morphing in and out of physical form to standing stones we were linked grid like. Then We were in our light bodies, the grid lines were hinged and the portion where we sat rose up as if we  were the apex of a pyramid...... no longer form but light it was apparent we were diamonds of light ......there was a pyramid, upside down portion under the ground.


What I got on the inner; I am aware of everyone there in the star, the love, Venus shining through as the starmap. Sounds distant at first but the sound on the inner and frequency grew….
The starmap poured out from the doorway we had created with our love in the symbol of the heart chakra, the six pointed star where we stood, with the centre open the starmap opened like a flower blooming with the stars from Taurus, Aldebaran the Bulls Eye shining so bright through the landscape and the other stars out for it anchored through the earth, sea and air, through us.

The star essences for ALDEBARAN, the Bulls Eye in TAURUS
Aldebaran star essence doorway is for those that are ready to fully make the shift into the New Earth and higher dimensional self, as the wormhole links you through the worlds and dimensions and your body on Earth all one light. The centre of you is the centre of the universe, the centre of the doorway that you create through your light octaves at frequencies to move beyond all third density limitations as the worlds within you awaken. The bull’s eye and diamond eye of illumination glows through you as you open to receive the essences of the diamond eye, diamond matrix of light illuminates through you merging all dimensional selves. The doorway is open and you hold the key. Aldebaran lights the way.

The starmap is back ready.

From Deb Bell. When we arrived there were only a few people and every empty space we seemed to go it drew people. We found our place and settled to work they came in abundance lol, family, children, loud drunken footballers and all very curious and drawn to come see what we were up to. We were able to remain focused and toward completion the folk dwindled away. When we were done I heard the guard talking to someone and looking down at this space In photo,  there were several dolphins swimming about someone said 5 and then guard said no there’s actually 7 lol 😂.   Absolutely Perfect.

That evening a soul travel to skull through the Stargate and Starlines.

First before the Stargate it was important to greet the rising Sun at the eastern point near the Seal Colony View point.

Connected and in our Star Light Body’s, before the Sun rose we connected to all of the divine beings in the Light Grid, to the grids. Pyramids, Solar Grid and Golden Solar Discs and around the Earth. The network of Grids around Earth, they are absorbing the Thirteen Rays of the rainbow and are being re calibrated…..
 The grids all being cleansed as the
RA energies come through them, re- knitting them into higher frequency gold/platinum/rainbows/light and sounds that resonate at such high frequencies.
Hear the celestial sounds in your sonar awareness as they play through the cells of your body and everybody on Earth and in the other dimensions. The sounds display a need for alignment into your heart…….
The RA Light  and higher frequencies of light have come in with a loving cleansing energy… There is a cosmic river of liquid light plasma flowing through the grids they are being illuminated and glow in the Thirteen Rays of the rainbow, glowing out…..helping you and everyone to stand strong in your own divine Light, one with the illumination as your higher dimensional selves embrace you in love. The love radiates from your heart through your physical body and energy bodies and through the grids to all who chose to be open to it.

 As we remembered our connection and alignment through the Greater Central Sun and Source.
Aware of the grids and ourselves in the higher  dimensions as the Earth is cleansed through us and our Love……….the Inner Earth Sun glows and radiates in the Thirteen rays and the Liquid light plasma.  Vast dimensional worlds….. and you the vast multi-dimensional being….. all One.
The presence of the RA light is so bright as you are the Greater Central Sun of unified light…… our divine essence is so bright and pure it is almost too dazzling to look at and it gets brighter and brighter.
The energy goes through our heart, through the heart of all those consciously linked in the Light grid and out to humanity. The doorway of your heart chakra grows more expanded and vast…… in each of us and then the whole Earth moves through the doorway, through your and every ones hearts………

We are all transported to a higher realm and sit in the Council of Light as we watch the Earth in the Solar System ….it looks different to the old Solar System. We are through into a different world and higher dimensional Solar System as the Central Suns align. These Suns and Stars are huge but we can cope easily with their light and closeness to Earth and ourselves. Our bodies are glowing and you know we have moved into a new reality, but it does not appear strange but natural and normal.
We are starting a new day and life in a space without the constraints of time and space as they were in the third dimension. Our energy in our bodies is different, vaster, more peaceful, more connected into the One Heart…….

As we affirm  ‘I am in my Body of light, I am infinite, I am love, I create from my love and our love in the One Heart…I am that I am, us am, we are…..I am being and by my being and infinite one that I am I hold the beam in loving service to all humanity and to the Earth as we all awake to our infinite selves in divine love and oneness.

With the light and sound codes of the mandala of the Greater Central Sun as the Sun rises out of the ocean.

I asked everyone to do light language about the energies coming from the Sun.
I tune in and got on the inner:
As the sun slowly rises all watery and glowing plasmic I feel it's first rays in my heart. It reminds me of how the Suns were when things harmonised, it was letting us know of the Regenesis that is here and has been for a few years now in the collective, the ability to be ones Light Body, Solar Fire.

Yes the return of the Solar Fire, the inner glow so strong it purifies everything. Use it now while it’s fresh in your knowing. And remember to keep using it.
The gift of the Sun through the lens of the sacred doorway of the island accessible by physically visiting there or inner planes soul travel.
GREATERcentSUN.jpgAnd seeing as it's about the soul the easier for most to accomplish.
Do not direct the Solar Fire to anywhere specific let the high frequency salamander essence dance and burn where it finds the imbalance. Allow the Solar Fire to do its thing until it burns to ash and then dissolves completely. Ready to reignite when needed.
The sounds of the Greater Central Sun mandala enhances it more fully.
5 times


In the early afternoon the ground crew hired a van to take them to the western end of the island to where the Stargate and skull are located near Ballydavock. 

In our Star Light body and doing the mudra of our highest dimensional aspect come through for this mission, aware of the octahedron spirals of eternal flow and the 13 rays of the rainbow through us, the new light codes.
Open to the New Earth, higher dimensional Earth, the light and sounds codes of the One Earth, One Heart mandala resonating as we are aware that each of us is a Stargate, at a Stargate doorway at this location.
The Stargate is glowing fiery and very active it's not like the usual ones….Aware that we travel through the Stargate moving through lushness, vegetation, great coloured crystals.

There is a Deva waiting to greet us all. She is the guardian of the Regenesis of nature and that she can be accessed through the Stargate as that is the safe guard of the union of form and non form.
The starlines are glowing through the crystals, vegetation and are carrying the codes back through the Stargate and into form. ….as we allow and then make the sounds codes of the Stargate within and without mandala as it opens us up to the Deva who is so full of love and holds the Creation Cosmic Egg in her hands……for us the Creation Cosmic Egg encompasses us and the multi-verse’s, in the union of form and non-form the macro and micro are one, the inner and outer…… the egg we are in…. the Deva who holds it………….. as we move through the Stargate and open up to the crystal skull ….

The energy for the skull is right through our own being, it is vast and the vastness of creation through each molecule in our body.
The skull speaks about Regenesis and the light codes that have not been able to be accessed in our Divine Blueprint until now when on the full moon the doorway will fully open….

The rock on Inishmore holds codes that were created at the beginning of the Earths experience as a living organism with life as we know it starting to create.
Now we can connect to that core life force essence within, with the assistance of being at a place where the life stream of the creation energy is clear and attainable to assist us.
Within each of us is the core of creator codes, the living library of light.

As we allowed ourselves to be with this, and that evening as we slept, allowing ourselves to be in the Cosmic Egg through the Stargate with the consciousness of the skull, star earth wisdom already through us….surrendered and loving this process of awakening the light matrix within….our inner landscape is changing and getting lighter….

The skull vibrates through the Cosmic Egg, through us, the Stargate, the stillness…..
Suddenly the worlds of form and non-form invert and project out at the same time merging….this dissolves the illusion …..I see it crumbling away…..
The Deva smiles, the Earth gives a gentle sign….

So now it means it’s easier for us all to dissolve our own illusions of our self, our life, our body, our Being.


Everyone met at venue house in the morning for inner unification of the broken DNA links, transmuting DNA at dense structural levels and aware of the light through the endocrine glands and their higher gifts. The thirteen rays of the rainbow and light codes through the cells and aligned through the nuclei of the cells, through the centre of the Galaxy, aligned through the Suns all One.

Then early afternoon biked to the Light City near St Ciaran's Church and Holy Well, Stáisiun Doiteain.
group-light-city.jpg mikasa-lightcity.jpgmikasa-church-light-city.jpg

After opening up to the Diamond within and the Diamond Light Matrix, being ones Diamond Light Body we are instantly aware that the Light City is diamond shaped with multiple diamonds and the matrix of Diamond Light. The energy is very high frequency and zinging.
There are Elementals who got caught in the hardening of the Diamond when the Light City went into the higher realms they weren’t able to move

After opening up to the Diamond within and the Diamond Light Matrix, being ones Diamond Light Body we are instantly aware that the Light City is diamond shaped with multiple diamonds and the matrix of Diamond Light. The energy is very high frequency and zinging.
There are Elementals who got caught in the hardening of the Diamond when the Light City went into the higher realms they weren’t able to move on and are still trapped like the shards have grown through them and the filaments hardened through their fluid energy body.
We all toned together with love from our hearts for the Elementals and the Light City all One.
The Elementals showed us the tones that make colours in the 40 rays of the rainbow and they start to bend and flow and the Light City itself becomes more flowing, lighter.
The Elementals are able to move into their realms of harmony and bliss and the Light City resonates at a softer more gentile hue, the sharp diamond filaments start to glow and flow more and a doorway opens.

The Light City exists in all dimensions and realms that have existed on Earth, holding a Library of Light that speaks of the story of Earth and the journey she has been on. With so many beings from the stars, planets micro realms and macro. So many stories and changes from light to dark, dramas unfolded in the illusion of density where love and god are perceived as outside, so all is lost now the in breath back to the whole.

We are each taken to a temple or building that we know, our home our own library of story on Earth. Watching a movie of that story unfold before each of us…………………..
Going deeper into our hearts and feeling love for our self no matter if victim or victimiser, controller or puppet, dark or light you see within, we  our self the shadows and parts that run on fear and love, our self like that and surrender to it, feeling the love within and for all these other selves…..
The love radiates out through our body and all the old selves fall away dissolved embraced one within our love and allowing…..Aware that we are birthing a new…
Then doing the light and sounds codes of the DNA Reboot mandala; Light streams through us, aware of the higher dimensional Stars star-mapped through us and the Earth…….

I am aware of the ambience of the energies at the Light City and even though on the inner planes what I saw with the Elementals and the Diamond Light City occurred the at some level, now connecting to the group I toned as well with everyone and the energy was really clear and diamond light.

The Elementals said they are so blessed to be freed and so grateful we understood what was happening to them.
The Light City is glowing as I go to a place that resonates with myself in it. It is light and starry I realise it’s a doorway to the stars I walk out and feel that my body is clear transparent and the stars mapped through me are linking me from the higher realms to the earth and back, that this is not negative but an alignment that is taking place as the Light City and Diamond facilitate the alignment of all the realms connected to what is to occur on the full moon.
Once the full activation occurred on the Full Moon time the next day, then the alignment dissolved but while the work was in process it was important we were aligned and are connectors to Heaven and Earth.
The Light City is so multi-dimensional and I can see so many layers of it through time and space through cycles and worlds.

It is clear and glowing and holds light codes that once the Stargate tomorrow on the full moon is activated fully for the return of the Regenesis codes of life for all humanity all beings and Earth.
The Deva is blissed out with what is occurring.

That evening the group went to the blow hole to watch the Moon rising.

mikasa-fullmoonvenuehouse.jpg Full Moon at Inishmore, and NZsag-full-moon-regenesis29may1.jpg

The group met for final attunement in the morning to open up more fully to their Iridescent Light Body and Physical Immortality.

Then back to the Stargate ready to start at 2.30pm for the exact time of the full moon 3.20pm and the open doorway, no veils, Star remembrance, Earth creation codes awakened through the ancient of ancient serpent, dragon, lightship, creation matrix flow. The accumulation of the beginning and the end and the beginning again, merged through no time, the spell of time broken, the essence of life fully awakened.

Positioned in the 6 pointed star connecting to all beings, Star Light body and Mudra of our highest self.
 As the solar rays and cosmic life force flow, liquid lightening streams of light, a sparkling river. Aware of the flow from the infinite Source of all… from the Heavens to the Inner Earth Sun through all the Suns of creation it flows and links us up…. Through all our body and with awareness of the still point in our heart……….The stillness, the void, the absolute peace as creation and the life force flows all around and through our bodies and life, the earth, the stars, the universes, the unlimited facets of light of creation…..
Bringing our awareness back to our central channel….it is transparent and one with the all that is…..The unlimited realms the filaments of light the inner realms of life……. Aware of being fully present  in our body’s…..the inner realms of life force creation dancing through our cells of our physical body…all one cell….All alive and enthused with joy of life…tingling and radiant, glowing multi-prismed………form and non-form all one with in……Aware of being on the Earth, and through the Earth to the Inner Earth Sun… she breaths in and out with us………and out through the Earth’s crystalline grids, light and solar grids, diamond delight, the unified matrix through the grids of Earth through us…….As we flow through the grids and see the Earth and creation and realise it is all part of us, from inside out…We are creation and creating through the Earth and all nature…..the joy of life, the beauty, the love……the love for all life, deeper into the love…. The warm golden light of our hearts resonated with the love of life, the joy of life, the beauty of every living thing, the abundance of the gifts open to receive…..Our creative essences awakens more fully… it shows our joy and what you are creating…… immersed in the Cosmic Ocean.

The Crystal Skull here is powerful; it says ‘I am a creator skull, meaning the creators essence channels through me from the Greater Central Suns. I was here at the beginning as were you, and now a new beginning not corrupted and distorted.
Look to the highest aspect of yourself to be open to this true way of allowing your divine self to shine through the grossness and pain, the illusion and fear, the light starts to pulse in a song that we remember….


The moon being at its fullest shines a path of light through the ethers waters and emotions of the old matrix that resonates with the cycles of the moon and its cycles.
The doorway opens as the creation energies of the great Cosmic Egg hum and we bring our molecules and remembrance into the Crystal Skull awareness as you are the Stargate, the unifier of Heaven and Earth.
The rock on Inishmore holds codes that were created at the beginning of the Earths experience as a living organism with life as we know it starting to create.

Now we can connect to that core life force essence within, with the assistance of being at a place where the life stream of the creation energy is clear and attainable to assist us.

The veils are thin here and so it is easy to access your higher dimensional selves, as well as being recalibrated in the timeless wind, earth, sea, sky, ether and dimensional realms of earth and star that we exist in.
Everything is merging in a vortex, surrendering and allowing …..As we see the Earth rise through the doorway, glowing and light, of everyone on her in harmony, peace, joy of life, hearts wide open ….
There is a great whooosh of energy as the codes in the rays of the unlimited abundance of life as it is in harmony with all creation illuminating out through the grids; diamond, light matrix, New Earth matrix as the birthing unfolds……….. as our being is the doorway of heaven and earth, spirit and matter as the return of
the Regenesis codes resonates through you as you are the Earth, the stars the one.  One heart, one earth, one star …… and the energies for Venus, The Deva and Cosmic Egg, the Skull, through the Stargate, the Starlines and the Diamond Light City….as the light codes of creation come through now us, the grids out to all Beings

In my evening the moon is so bright and it is multi-d as well, when looking at it is a tunnel with myriad geometric shapes through the tunnel of Light.
I go to rest for a couple of hours as its late my evening and am told to journey through the Moon to prepare first.
As I go into the Moons energy I realise it is resonating and looking like never before, it tells me ‘it too is in the Regenesis energy of renewal and return to the Light, to the Love’.
I spin through the tunnel aware that each geometric shape is a sound that flows through me, as my body becomes milky liquid light plasma with stars shining through.

There is a gathering of many Star Beings, and others in the Moons higher dimensional essence. I know many say the Moon is negative, a satellite put in to control us. But like everything it has higher aspects of its self, as well as the core essence which is Love and can’t be anything else but, as it comes from the One Source.
The Beings tell me ‘it’s time to stop saying something is negative, or those beings are negative, or we are under attack, or a victim or victimiser’.
We all have known this all our lives, and live it as best we can, and work on it if not, but we have still been at times drawn back into the duality dance and illusion with our day to day life.

Now it will harder for us to be drawn in, if at all.
The illusion is dissolving as we give it no power anymore.

On this day of Regenesis heavenly Beings of all descriptions and guises are with us, the time is now.
We have been given a sacred mission and a stepping up for us personally, and for humanity and Earth as well.
I connect in again when the group are at the Stargate in the 6 pointed star preparing as they are there with the guided meditations and tune ins I had provided and mandalas of light and sounds to align, activate, connect and prepare us energetically to be clear vessels, I too did them as everyone else was..

 As the full moon exact time builds up the Deva reminds us of the Cosmic Egg, that we are one with the Stargate within the Light City in resonance the world's past and future all one.
The energy is so strong and loving as I see the Earth birthing through the Stargate.

It feels amazing, I have go outside under the Moon as the codes come through, I dance under the Moon it’s electric and blasting, the light tunnel and geometric shapes so clear to see, we all so full of joy of life.
I took some photos with my phone but of course it doesn’t capture any of the detail but the energy yes.

Then get told it is done and I do the ‘Starbirth, DNA Activation of the New Body’ mandalas and sounds…..
I then go back to bed to get integrate and get more information.

I am told on the inner by the Star Beings and the Skull ‘that the pure loving codes come through and as we have opened to the One Cell.’ (One Heart, One People, One Light…)
The One Cell that has now been brought through into the physical. By the birthing of a few babies worldwide who have no distortions when they came and are coming in.
The Regenesis codes can flow easily into us all. In the One Cell, through the One Heart.

Thank you so much dearest ones for the most amazing gift of your presence in Being, to be of service to assist us all to return to our natural state, and for our beloved Mother Earth. A state of abundance, peace, harmony and love for all beings.
Thank you so much Elsheia for co-ordinating and doing such an amazing job, I and everyone I know, so appreciates all your loving service.

We create from our Love, we are the Creator Goddess/Gods returned to now be present in physical bodies to now bring this process fully to the realms of matter. As matter is Light. To BeAm.

Thank you Mikasa, Deb, Elsheia and Violet for the photos I have used here.

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The Cosmic Eggs all activated seeding the new creation and the astral planes cleared of the trauma from all the other cycles.