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Many believe we are in for a great Wave of Light, some of the Australian aboriginals believe it will come at the end of this year (2019). Others see it as a great Solar Flash of Light. Whatever we believe or don’t believe things are shifting very fast and we are being prepared.
As most of you know we are now starting to operate in a new way, and becoming so much more present and owning our divinity, we are creating the new Hu-wo/man.
We are in a stepping up process and having smaller flashes at present to prepare us.

On the 27th 28th July we had another one which has anchored 5D with ‘the Return of the Holy Grail and Arc of the Covenant’ which are now available to all on Earth who choose and are able to operate 5D already or able to access it some of the time. Not to mention accessing the higher dimensions of ourselves.
The Star Beings, Inner Earth Beings are communicating with us, lots of Light Ships about, and we are being contacted through dreams and meditations. Lots of frequencies are being given to us via paintings music, poetry, new inventions, new ways of healing and new ways of operating. Our higher dimensional selves are busy. The soul is a prism but right now ourselves from beyond are focused on Earth.
We all have different plans set in place. Pay attention to similarities not the difference, we all have different jobs, missions, desires, and different linages. Some need to continue third dimensional, some 5D, some in the higher dimensions. We have signed on for different things. Each is beautiful and all part of the prism of Light that we all are.

We have been having some wonderful Light waves and the most recent ones being the June Solstice and the Second Sun returned, the July eclipse’s, the last one July16/17 where the template for the new Hu-woman has come through into those of us ready.
At the end of July we have had the return of the Holy Grail and Arce of the Covenant, meaning the pure love and divine light of source is coming through and now in the collective for those who choose to access this within their own hearts.

We have also just had the 8:8 and Sirian doorway that some astrologers say goes for 26th July to 12th August. On the 8th August the day of its zenith, was an opportunity to fully ground and be present from the Greater Central Sun to Inner Earth Sun. Once we are fully present nothing can harm our body as our body is Light, this has now happened the doorway is open all the time.



Big things are taking place behind the scenes on the inner planes and bigger picture with the Holy Grail, Arc of the Covenant and Eden returned and our body the new Hu-wo/man.

All these events are happened on the higher realms but now able to come through into the physical realm since the July 16/17 partial Lunar Eclipse, Capricorn Full Moon Cancer Sun when the Template of the Union of Heaven and Earth of the new Hu-wo/man anchored.

The work with the Holy Grail, return if Eden and Shambala and the Christ within fully awakened collectively has been and still is a work in progress for aeons of time. With all the genetic splicing that had to take place at first with the ape people with the reptilian brain still in tack as it would of been too dangerous and an aborted mission if the new Hu-wo/man was created too soon while the wars and control dramas were still playing out big time. To those that only see 3D you might be saying but they are still going, will at that level things are still playing out but losing energy.

As more people awaken and open up their hearts and chose to live in accordance with divine will and plan, rather than the control systems that have trapped humanity for so long.

Now that we have the return of the Pure Love and return of Eden, which existed when the Earth was formed and balance and peace operated and all who existed here were advanced Star Beings. Once the fall occurred from all the wars and the Earth shifted axis, Eden was destroyed but it still remains in parts in the United Kingdom. Where Rosslyn Chapel sits was the base of the highest point of Eden, and Iona its peak, a lot of it is in the ocean. But those who live or have visited the UK will be aware of how much the sacred earth there is very high frequency, and why there are so many standing stones, stone circles built. As well as all the cathedrals and churches over vortexes, not to mention all the sacred wells.

Since the 27th July we have the Grail energies of pure love returning. What this means is that our hearts can more easily be open to our own divine self, the Christ within. That the pathways of light and through the DNA light codes can now awaken and activate through us more fully. The union and integration of spirit and matter within our physical body.

JULY 27, 28 2019


 My self and a dear friend Sara were triggered early last year 2018 about a big event that was to take place 27th July 2019 with the Holy Grail and Arc of the Covenant returning. The pure Love of Source that flows through our hearts opened fully for those of us who choose to Be the Christed self, the Divine Light and pure Love of Source that we always are, the truth of who we are. But now anchored though the physical plane and through the collective consciousness of humanity.
What had occurred 2000 years ago when we still needed a person, an outer teacher, and outer miracles to believe in the power of love, and that the Creator comes through all our hearts. Back then most could only conceive of this in the form of a messiah, whereas now it’s an inner journey and it’s all of us.

The Holy Grail can mean many things and is a focus from many spiritual and religious linages. But the real Holy Grail is the container of the pure love and it is found within our own hearts.
On the outer the Knights Templar were its guardians and had to hide it well as humanity was not ready, and the outer world prevailed for most with the need to possess the Grail for it’s powers.
When in fact it was there to trigger the power within but that couldn’t happen with the greed, obsessions for power and control and agendas. That many dark Gods and Beings were playing out, and there was a timing, like everything has a timing.

We had of course existed even on Earth in the distant past in Eden a realm of abundance, love, harmony and peace. But that time had to pass and we fell into the denser realms. With all the games of those many Gods and Goddesses and beings from different ET races who had agendas on ownership of the Earth, its resources and control of all that were created and live here on Earth, including us humans. When we were genetically created with the genes of star beings and ape beings, the ‘flight, fright reflex’, the reptilian brain was in the earth creatures and so we took it on. As we had to survive until would could free ourselves through unconditional love and acceptance of all the fear.

We are doing this now with the full support of our higher dimensional selves. Including our so called future selves in this body once you have gone through the shift and are merged spirit and matter the Stargate Aware of our fully integrated physical and Light Bodies all merged at peace. This extends to 10 outer energy bodies and integration with up to the 7th dimension. We are in fact unlimited multi-d but as we open up to the higher light frequencies and codes through the cells of our physical body this is enough for most, to integrate fully and structurally into the anatomy of the body in the denser plane.

The Arc of the Covenant was abused and lusted after also and had to be hidden in another dimension until it is time for us to fully embrace the power of the light we each are within.
 In the build-up to return of the Grail and Arc there has been a huge amount of work happen since the last fall and we dived into duality and mayhem. Even in this life time all the work we have done within, and helping our hearts to open and to be the love, as well as mega bigger picture work done by so many.

Now that Eden has rejoined the Grail and Arc are available to all who choose and in the collective.

We are many that work together often unconsciously, on the inner planes, and in the physical we can even be at locations nearby, wherever that may be worldwide and not know consciously but meet later and realise. It is so beautiful how everything merges through the prisms and how inter-connected we are.


The work was inspired by an article in the UK magazine ‘Caduceus’ Issue 90 by Claire Nahmad and her books ‘Pilgrimage to Iona’, and ‘The Coming of the Holy Grail’ co-authored with Micheal Revill.

Sara and I had originally planned to be in Scotland at Rosslyn Chapel physically for the 26 to 29th July, then to Iona, Glen Lyon and Callanish on Lewis. But then through circumstances we stayed in our homes in Eastern Bay of Plenty, NZ and Wells, England at opposite sides of the world. We linked with each other at  Rosslyn Chapel three times, then Iona three times, Glen Lyon four times over the timing of the doorway opening, 26th to 29th July 2019, if you include both our time zones.

Connecting on the inner planes and being at the locations required on the inner is a lot more powerful and effective I am finding now. Having physically be required to be at locations worldwide previous for 45 years as a code keeper and for many mutli-d reasons but now things have shifted again. Each of us shifts in our own way, but right now it’s a spectacular time to be in, the doorway is open, our love streams through each of us and out through the world and worlds.

The mission started to become clearer in June after the Solstice, for Sara the working with the Covenant. The words she got about the Arc were “‘Testament of Truth’. The understanding was that this contained the content for the New Earth”.


The Holy Grail, Arc of the Covenant are now 5D for the collective consciousness and available to all who choose at the fifth dimension, it is up to us to prepare our self to be fifth dimensional.
And what does that mean? Fifth dimensional living is when we exist in a loving environment in peace and harmony with all others and all worlds and dimensions. But still in a physical body as this is what we have come here for; to spiritualise matter through our body as our body is Light and we are one with Source and are Source, One.
Personally we listen to our heart and are guided from the love and wisdom of the Source within.

The Grail and Arc coming forward is another step for us as a collective, in the past the Crystalline Grids had been worked with bigger picture and with crystals. To harmonise them and have them flowing in order to raise the consciousness of the collective, and also awaken us to our own Crystalline Light Matrix we are.
Then the Golden Solar Discs activated the Solar Grid linking them in 1997, connecting to the Golden Solar Disc within, as ourselves as the holders of the Living Library of Light. Then eventually they dissolved though the ethers for all.
The same with the great Diamonds all activated and the Diamond Light Matrix awakened through the ethers as the great Diamonds dissolved and all is the Diamond Light Matrix, diamond light our multi-d multi-faceted self.
Now the time has come for the Holy Grail symbol of love, holder of the nectar of pure love of the Source. This we each have within us. The return of the Grail is symbolic and synonymous with the awakening of our divine selves to even deeper realms and into the third dimension, transcending fear and limitations, control and pain.
The Arc of the Covenant; the Light of Truth and the pure Light Codes that has now been able to return also. There are lots of stories with the Grail and the Arc being taken by the dark gods and kept locked away or severely abused.
But now the grip of the dark within ourselves has merged into love and peace and we love all aspects dark and light. So the divine light and love can flow forth from our BEings.
We have each had lots of initiations and challenges in this journey and there is always more challenges but it’s always how we face them and with love they dissolve, with fear they amplify and grow worse. We have learnt the hard way which choice we prefer.
So now in the ethers accessible to all who ask or who know, the shift within that encompasses a heart opening, a surrender and let go of all that has been and is to be….

Complete unconditional love and acceptance of what is.
As the soul is laid bare, the flowering of the inner lotus flower takes place and the next level of awareness, consciousness and BEing integrates through the cellular levels and through one’s life.


Next I have a summary of these events, and a link to the full journey which is obviously a longer read, but you too can experience what occurred as it is all light encoded. The full link ups and inner planes work that many took part in with photos as well.



The Solstice itself was huge and you can read about it here, with the Return of the Second Sun
Sara gets guided to work with the Arc of the Covenant and that the time is right to bring this light (truth) into the world. It requires willing hearts to hold this beam.

I was told on the inner back in June that the Ark of the Covent will be able to filter through the ethers once the Grail is activated and that is the work of the 13 Crystal Skulls at Rosslyn Chapel, the skulls are telling me that it is not necessary to be there physically and in fact better that we are where we are Sara at Wells, and myself in New Zealand, the opposite side exactly of the planet to facilitate the Grail awakening so that it can be balanced through the Star Temples that were set up on the Solstice.

Sara connects with the Arc of the Covenant several times and we both connect to our Knights Templar selves. Sara travelled in early June physically to St Tristan’s Falls in Cornwall and we linked up and had very visual remembrances of our Knights Templar selves. The knights are there in a circle at this sacred vortex and sacred meeting place, both Sara and I am knights in the circle.
The Grail cup is in the centre we each drink from it and as each of us does we chant an ancient Dragon chant, we are with the Elementals and the ancient Dragons in the Inner Earth, the natural flow is returned to the Earth with the cycles of the Moon and Stars.
We had been in the old 12:60 control of time and so us. For years so many have worked with the 13.20 flow and the thirteen moons not 12, the Mayan Calendar. Now this has been corrected at the heart of the Earth, so at the heart of ourselves, as we are one with the Earth. As a collective we are moving out of the dark matrix, another step in the preparation.

In our links ups starting 3am 27th July and 4pm 26th for Sara In UK we went to Rosslyn and the Grail came up for us to drink from and there were many others the in a circle around the chapel. The dragons were also and the Arc of the Covenant appeared beside us. All had been awaked and activated.

As we linked again at Rosslyn and the Crystals Skull there from Venus was glowing and all of us there went out through the grids to different locations with the Grail and Arc energies.
In the last link up at Rosslyn the Grail comes through our heart space and heals any cracks and then the Grail goes out through the world and to all those who choose to awaken it within.

IONA 27, 28 JULY
Then next 3 links ups are at Iona, the head of Eden, the top of the sacred mountain, Iona is a very multi-d place.

We first meet at the beach by the Golf Course, where in 1994 I looked down and saw myself interfacing in and out and last time in 2017 my kundalini dissolved.  
Sara; the light ships are there with a beam through the ocean and the Grail glows and the mere people weave its codes through the realms there.

The second link up is at a magical bay with stone spiral, once we get to the beach there is a mist of shimmering light coming off the sea the mermaids and mermen are there and we are all singing in light language they seem very happy and invite us into the ocean under the sea to view the most beautiful light city and the grail is there also.
I ask them is it meant to be here now, as I saw it on the altar at Rosslyn last, they say it spans Eden and has returned to make the bridge that connects Eden back as it once was before we had the great fall when all was in harmony and love on Earth.
They say there are new light codes coming through from Eden that will move around the Earth through the New Earth Grid, once this process has been completed at the church at Fortingall and the ancient Yew tree has reconnected to the living light codes now of the New Earth. Once that integration has taken place then the doorway will be fully open into the higher realms of the Earth for the collective who choose.
The singing gets louder and the Grail shines through our hearts.

Sara: We went to work on creating a new grid. I was threading lines from the stars and although I didn’t see you working I felt it was land based and you then connected the lines through.
The words ‘Star Nations’ came through and I was working with seven lines.
Star beings were watching and I wondered why, as they were clearly already here, why this was needed.
They said that they needed ‘on the ground ‘humans’ to create the new grid points for entry and one of these will now be at this beach.

At the third link up on the generator mountain, where last time I was there in 2017 I had been given new software, sounds good, it was in fact pretty full on and intense.

Then I see a Cosmic Egg and it starts to get bigger, I looked over at Sara and I see she is in a Cosmic Egg as well.
They say the creation codes for the next stage of the Hu-wo/man are directly aligned through the Cosmic Egg and will filter through and into the new template that is now being anchored here.
Then I see we are both in the Cosmic Egg and it connects through the Grail and through the Rosslyn and grounds there. The Crystal Skull at Rosslyn starts to pulsate and send codes through to the Cosmic Eggs. The codes are from the Star Beings who placed the skull there but were too high frequency to come down into the lower realms. Otherwise they too would have been caught up in the denser realms and so used the Crystal Skull as the go between.
The sounds and energies are intense as the skull sends out the octaves of light that get softened through the Cosmic Eggs.

Then I see lots of smaller Cosmic Eggs all multiplying like when people see lots of orbs, the Cosmic Eggs keep multiplying and then they disperse into the ethers and go out through the grid that you created from the stars and was also created through the earth. This grid is a higher dimension of the New Earth Grid and the Cosmic Eggs literally surround the Earth now through this higher-D New Earth Grid then into the New Earth Grid then through the higher-D Earth.


Then I am aware of the Shambala beings coming through as its all the same thing the Shambala beings who live in an Eden utopia realm of love overseeing the return back to our home within, and so our outer home becomes like our inner home, glowing golden and pure love.

There is a shift in the sky as a great star comes through, the star of Bethlehem, the sign of the birth of the Christed Ones within. The star appears on the inner to those who are ready. The outer manifestation was in the last age when the density required physical signs. Like the Christ having to manifest into the physical realm, now it’s through each of us and the star is a sign and can be seen by those with eyes to see. I get it will also be a sign to be able to tell the deceivers who will come to portray the anti-Christ but will not have the inner star so can easily be recognised for what they are.


At the first link up at the Royal Dragon Rock, the Dragons are creating such a strong matrix of Star Light that it is bringing back a resonance that can allow for harmonious undertakings between all life.

At the second link –up Acharn Falls with the fairies through the tunnels line to Iceland also part of Eden re- joined.

The third Link Up at the Yew Tree and as we stand there next to it I become aware of everything merging into the tree which is a vast vortex or portal of light that extends from the Heavens to the Inner Earth Sun. It is very busy in its channel with much activity of beings on many different dimensions. And it feels like the whole of the landscapes are aligned and joined back that had been fragmented at the fall are now whole and healed. I see new land coming up out of the ocean above Lewis……I now know why we had to go to Lewis, it’s about the rising land, but I know we don’t need to go now physically.
Sara meets with the Star Beings

The last link up at the Fortingall Church itself seems to be a disc of light and then the knights are all come back in and surround us they say it is done, and what they have waited a long time to happen. They say there are other people in different knight locations who have been doing similar work, a lot not fully conscious of why they are there but they have anchored this new template.
The template of love, template of New Eden the New Earth for the collective.
I hear the words ‘born anew’. Then I am aware of the Christ presence in the church so vast and loving and we are all encompassed in it, at peace and completed. It’s like there is a collective sigh. As this journey (from the beginning of earths creation) has not been without its dangers and challenges, and still on the lower planes the duality dramas are not over yet. But we are in the Christed love of our true selves and act as a BeAm of love and oneness through it all. As our service is by no means over yet. But now it has changed direction. We are out of the old energies of sacrifice, struggle, work too hard, die for the cause, give always but receive little. We are born anew.


We all use different words and come from different linages, some call it the chalice and the divine feminine returned. And many are resonating with Mary Magdalena.

Sara O’Dowd who I worked with on this sacred mission in our link –ups, along with so many others, some beautiful friends had just visited Rosslyn, Callanish and other locations before this preparing the way. We all do this work and are a team, often we are not conscious of the fact or find out afterwards.

I would like to thank you all, for its all of us that do this, we have all done our inner homework and being of service however our heart has guided us in life. From our open hearts and pure love of Source we create Heaven on Earth. Thank you so much dearest soul family.

Sara can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 she does amazing Soul Code Readings and also Sacred Site Tours in southwest England.

Next is a poem from a dear friend who received it a few days after the work with the Grail. 5.8.2019

Guardians of the Grail
You Opened My Heart
Can this be Real?

It’s been so Long
Have I Forgotten How to Feel
I touch your body and Feel your Grace
Oh How your love fills in the Empty Space
I was Blind now I can see
Our Love shines throughout Eternity
You are my Angel, My guiding Star
Here to remind me of who we truly are
Our love is meant to shine
To be set Free
Its part of the Mountains,
Part of the Land
Part of the Sea
I am the Lock and you hold the Key
Ancient orders in our Blood and Bones
Reminding us to come home
We are guardians of the Grail
The Truth
Guardians of Humanity

Annalysa Caden  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Both paintings here I am sorry I do not know the artists names.

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