by Soluntra King





The Dragons are the guardians of the higher realms and our journey into them, into ourself. The ancient Egyptians believed they were the way to heaven, and the dragons work with the crystals in the Earth, the inner Light that is reflected by the crystals for us to realize within our self The Dragons guard the precious gems that are our inner treasure and with the serpent which is the same energy it is the guardian of the base of our spine and kundalini. The doorway to our ascension into light which is the initiation from Orion and duality consciousness to Ophiuchus the 13th sign in the zodiac and Draco that are exactly opposite Orion the hunter in the heavens. Orion the hunter hunts Sirius the Greater Central Sun and when found within ourself from much cleansing and transcending the illusion then we open to the sacred Lore of the One.

The Dragon People who inhabit the Inner Earth planes are guardians that hold the doorways of the volcanoes open or closed, and what energies are released or transmuted through them. The dragon people have created the dragon lines, crystalline grid and hold the energies on the Teutonic plates that work through the grids, the volcanoes, and geopathic faults on the Earth. So if the grids are in harmony then the Teutonic plates are in balance. The geopathic faults hold all the negative energies that emanate from humans and their astral creations which collect and flow through the faults, affecting people and places.
This causes anything from; gross physical imbalances and dis-ease to subtle body draining and imbalance, to emotional and mental trauma and negative interactions between humans and between humans and other life forms.
The Dragon People work through the volcanoes which are sacred portals that on the physical are release valves for the Earth, and for the dragon people are doorways that they move through and link with other dimensional worlds, much in the same way as the serpent tunnels at vortexes with spiraling universal energy that creates dimensional doorways from the stars and beyond into the Inner Earth.
When the energies held in the grids, faults and plates gets too congested and dark it triggers the Elementals to express that energy outwardly to diffuse it. This creates exploding volcanoes, hurricanes and cyclones, storms, floods, fires, earthquakes and changing weather patterns of heat and drought or floods, cold snaps and/or storms.
The dragon guardians of the volcanoes are often higher aspects of people on the Earth plane as well, and who live near or frequent the volcanoes, they may not be conscious of this, but some how know in their hearts about it and are guided to work or visit the volcanoes or areas often. They are actually holding the energy there on the physical which one of their higher aspects, (the one as the dragon being) is there on the inner planes in the volcano.
You can communicate to the dragon people; they are playing a major role now with the earth changes as they created the energies on Earth to be inhabitable by humans in the first place and are again creating the change that is happening now.
New Zealand being a place of first light and of many volcanoes, it is here the dragon people are working with the New Earth energies in a big way. Many of the Dragon guardians are moving on now as we are them and unifying our multi-dimensional self we come from the sacred Dragon heart and are the guardians of earth. We are graduating just as they are all one.
The star map that is anchored at Coba and Uaxactun in the Mayan pyramid sites in Mexico and Guatemala are also aligned in New Zealand and the energies are being shifted for the next cyclic shift. The Mayan went into the higher dimensions in the last cyclic shift and built the pyramids to allow theses energies to again be accessed and the star map through the Pacific is now being recalibrated, as the Ring of Fire and volcanoes and dragon lines are being re-adjusted.
Sometimes with disastrous results on the physical plane as the shift creates movement on the surface of the Earth that unless humans are resonating in higher frequencies of unity consciousness and love, will be affected in a way that assists them to move on. Ready for their next chance at experiencing the new unified energy field, as we align with the stars in our Milky Way and the Central Sun at the centre of our Galaxy and the in the interstellar dust cloud creates a doorway that our whole Solar System merges with, as we become the Central Sun of our self and so Creator Goddess/God of the higher dimensional New Earth.
The dragon guardian at the active volcano on the Big island in Hawaii activated me with a star in my third eye as on the September Equinox 2009 on Kauai when the Great Central Starmap was reactivated and att eh beginning of the 13th Gate Journey the Dragon att eh sacrd vortex doorway to the east cape north island New Zealand activated the star in my heart as the Great Starmap was anchored at the place of first light.
The dragon and serpent people are working now at the Inner Earth doorways with the guardians and ancient ones who have experienced and created each shift in cycle and here now observing and holding the energies while we shift once more into a higher frequency of the physical realm as it becomes Light.


The world of the Dragons and Serpents is governed by one thing and that is the law of one. All is from source and one with source, not separate in any way. That is how they hold the energy here in the Earth and with the Inner Earth, Milky Way and Universe. The stars they resonate the most with are the ones that link through the Earth and are dimensional doorways through our world. That is Orion, Andromeda, Arcturus, Sirius, Pleiades, Procyon, Southern Cross, Wega in Lyra, Altair, Corona Borealis and Ophiuchus, Drago and Altraea.
The serpent tunnels and pathways are resonating now for more to travel through and to be one with the serpent wisdom inside the self. The stars are aligning now through the portal vortexes and opening up dimensional doorways that allow humanity to access deeper aspects of self and go into the void and stillness, the peace. Once we have felt that connection we can no longer fight and steal from each other, we know and are the oneness. The job now with the Golden Solar Discs, the Solar Grid and the Solar Rays through the Suns is to awaken the serpent genetic codes in all humanity that has been dormant until this time of change in the root race, the DNA, the capability to move and merge with dimensions of higher aspects of self and to be able to jump across the gap in the worlds and be a Star and Earth walker…
The serpent wisdom energy is now calling all to awaken; the DNA and the kundalini and chakras, the RA Light from the Second Sun is illuminating more strongly as it anchors on more vortexes on Earth and shifts the fields of energy so the ones holding the energy move on also (the Ancestor, Goddesses and Gods, Ancient Ones), and the humans now become Gods and Goddesses, fully co-creating in love and unity.
The star alignment of Eltanin at Kings Canyon assisted to open up this energy even more fully, as Drago moves in the heavens the old dross is shaken all over, creating doorways of light, dark and void stillness. The energies are getting rattled as the worlds merge and the stars align, the dense energies become light and higher and the dense fear energy becomes even mere dense and fearful and so worlds are created from the polarised thought field and then a new dance is made for them to discover their own unique abilities and bring them back into harmony with the polarised.

The Inner Earth beings under Uluru are calling you now to travel to be with them in their world they wish to show you something that will give you the understanding of what is happening.
“I go into a cavern and there is a great diamond which the Earth is in, I feel the diamond in me and allow it to radiate out from me. Under Uluru is the centre of the grids in the diamond, octahedron geometric grids of light through the Earth, ethers, and golden solar disc.”
Earlier I had seen Golden Solar Discs in each chakra then one chakra, now I can feel them within and through the Earth opening up the higher dimensional Earth. The keys, the living library of light. Just see them everywhere.


As the Earth moves through the Galactic Plane, the axis shifts and then Drago becomes the North Pole Star and the serpent is seen all the time in the heavens rather than before the Hunter, Orion. Eltanin the brightest star in Drago and the dragons head is conjunct the Sun, the day the Sun is conjunct the Galactic Centre 27 degree Sagittarius on December 20th each year.
Ophiuchus; the Serpent Bearer and thirteen sign in the zodiac and beyond that Drago the dragon are the new gatekeepers in the Heavens, from Orion to Ophiuchus and Drago. As the initiation in the Great Pyramid took us through the doorway of Orion, the one, the union of opposites has occurred. The cosmic egg vibrating fully with life force, creation energy, as we move through the Crossover point and into the higher light octaves, just as the Maya did in their time, to show the way for all humanity to do this now.
On the physical plane the Earth may have ice all over it after we move through the Galactic Center, the axis may totally shift and the Earth now spin clockwise rather than anti-clockwise with great tidal waves, Yellowstone blows as it does every 650,000 years and the pole shift every 13000 year, which is right about now, this has happened and been recorded before as you know. Now we are being given the awareness and the gift of transcending the limitations of the third dimension, our fears of dying and resistance to living, of duality and separation consciousness into the higher dimensional self, in love, acceptance and surrender, one with ourself we have arrived, one with Source, Earth, each other in peace and harmony as we know its all us, unity consciousness. As we align through the Sun within, one with all Suns, we have made the shift, jumped the loop and activated our DNA into our body of Light. We are doing this in our body, not by dying but by living.
As we love and accept our fears without realizing it we are becoming more connected to our inner self and Source, and the love of self and all creation. Our light shines bright through our cells. I experienced this at a Mayan initiation site, in the Sun Pyramid at Becan; Mayan for ‘Pathway of the Serpent” where a man tried to kill me and I had no fear in the split second and moved through into another dimension and travelled through a tunnel of light through the pyramid to safety and a lighter dimensional space, only because I had no fear in the split second. This was in 1995, then with a group in 2004 the Ophiuchus Doorway opened there again. Now if you go the energies have completed and it is over, I was just there in 2008, now its time to do this within the self, as we are the pyramid, the doorway, the crossover point and we are creating a New Earth, one in higher frequencies of light. Through our connection within we move through the great shift in ease and grace, in our body of Light as it vibrates at the sixth dimensional light waves of unified cosmic consciousness.
We are doing this now; you are already Light, divine, radiant, with awareness of our thoughts and feelings of ourself and others in joy and love as we shine. Whatever manifestations of illusion we may still be holding onto our soul has chosen to Be the Light in this great shift that is now.
This shift is on the cards to happen at any time now and through the next 50 years. It has happened so many times, our Sun is changing her magnetic polarities with the Galactic Center cross over, and the axis of the Earth will shift and is doing this at the moment. In the last shift the Earth spun clockwise, we spin anti-clockwise at the moment but that will change again to clockwise and we will have 13 months in the year and approximately 20 hours in a day, the 13.20 pulse of the Mayan Calendar. The Moon leaves and Venus will be bright in the sky again, many things that we know within from other cycles will appear and are now, for example the Second Sun returning and being seen in the heavens as will as the comets and the Blue Star returning. The energies of the Blue Star have been awaiting this time as the beings who inhabit the Blue Star are from your future and are yourself in higher dimensional aspects returned to your past to bring in harmony balance and most importantly the codes and light required to repair the imbalances.

                                THE SUN AND ELTANIN

   Eltanin the brightest star in Draco and the dragons head is conjunct the Sun, the day the Sun is conjunct the Galactic Centre at 27 degree Sagittarius on December 20th each year.

    The Galactic Centre is the cross over point, black hole where we move through as we complete duality and unify. Our Solar System is moving through the Galactic Plane 21st December 2012 according to lots of sources. Just remember everything is in the Now and in the Greater Reality we are already Light and Gods and Goddesses and the Source itself. In a smaller picture we are back from our future to heal our past, but its all Now. Enjoy the Now.

   Please see and and

    There is a pulse that comes to us from the Galactic Center that expresses the vibrations of the day as well as the bigger cycles of consciousness as we spiritualize matter and become our body of light and multi-dimensional selves. The Mayan understood this and built the pyramids aligned to the Central Sun Alcyone, brightest star in the Pleiades, our Solar System rotates around in a 26.000 year cycle. The nine levels of the pyramid represent the Nine Underworlds that we travel through until we get to the top of the pyramid and the Universal Underworld, then into the temple as we have come into unity consciousness, moving through the Galactic Centre, the cross over point and void; within and without in the heavens. Opening up to our multi-dimensional and light self and new earth, higher dimensional Earth, Solar System and Galaxy and we have jumped the loop. The initiate would go down the steps inside the pyramid and into the sarcophagus and align one with the Central Sun, body of Light, one Light beyond the illusion.

    The Star essence of Eltanin assists in the purification of the old energies still held in the cells, DNA and energy field, opening us up to the matrix of unity and the New Earth, higher dimensional Earth. Its energy resides as the dragon at the base of your spine and as you activate and awaken it ignites up your spine and en-livens you.

    Eltanin speaks "I am the fire that comes from the core of my soul, the spirit of fire is ignited with my song, the light of the universe is created through my breath. I create new worlds to inhabit within the light of consciousness of the unified matrix. Acknowledge me not as destroyer or negative but as creator and unified. The fire I breathe only destroys that not of spirit in unity. I transmute and purify that which is old, tired and ready to move on. I give rebirth, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, the new comes from the old, all form changes through the fire I breathe. I herald the new birth, the new creation as transmuted through the fire of spirit and through the eye of the needle. My alignment with the Earth plane again is a sign that the purification is happening. Be at peace and transcend as the fire of my breath awakens the spirit of thee."

     At Kings Canyon, Watarrka National Park in the red centre of Australia the vortex is aligned to Draco and the Star Alignment of Eltanin its brightest star and dragon head happened there in October 2005. In September 2008 the doorway opened as we sat at the same place of the star alignment vortex at Kings Canyon and travelled to Draco on the inner planes.

     The doorway of Draco is opening as it is the new initiation in our body of Light. The gateway through Orion is closing as we complete the 11:11, unify as the chakras spin and glow, the kundalini serpent travels our central channel and opens us to our body of light, multi-dimensional self.

                                          FROM DRACO THE LORE OF THE ONE

• Moving beyond Light and Dark and seeing neither in yourself or others, by simply seeing the wholeness of self and others and the radiance of your Being and theirs in honor and Love.

• Honoring every consciousness which includes objects and all living beings, all is consciousness and Being and all is you.

• There is no sacrifice for others, but only truth for yourself.

• Trust in self, honor of self and listening to the inner self is the most important guide. No outer voice human or otherwise can take precedence, or if it does then you diverge from your path, a choice that you make.

• There is no merging with the lower energies. No judgment with sexual intercourse with whomever, married or not, but awareness of the energies you are taking on or giving. Awareness of what you do to yourself and if it resonates in love or not..

• Stealing is impossible because it is all of you and what you take from another you take from yourself and little holes start to come in your energy field that leaks energy because you have taken another’s energy, which is you.

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