by Soluntra King


The Central Sun is really a level of consciousness we attain and at this level we are a Creator Goddess God creating Heaven on Earth. In the physical realm our Sun is connected to the Central Suns, our own Central Sun is Alcyone, from the Pleiadian Star System that we are part of. There are many Suns and Central Suns, it is through these Suns that all worlds are created and aligned. The Sun illuminates the vibrations that help us to grow, if it feels our Love it feeds that Love, if it feels our fear it creates experiences for us to open up more fully to Love.

The Central Sun we open up to once we have reached a higher light vibration in our being through purification of our lower self and moved out of the lower astral world. We get to a point where we become a Central Sun and our light illuminates brightly as we hold the beam for all humanity and the upliftment in consciousness. We have great responsibility at this level and work in the Councils of Light where there are twelve of us in unified consciousness. The Golden Solar Discs are at this level and the Central Sun holds the living library of Light at the realm of creation we operate in. The Golden Solar Discs were used by the ancients to keep the alignment of the Suns in balance and we were totally connected to our Solar Self at that time, the last Golden Cycle .

As we progress in our awakening through our initiations and transcend the lower realms of desires and attachments we become the Greater Central Sun where we work in the Council of Four. With even more awareness of the bigger picture and our part in it, that it is not us but all of us and the ego plays no part in the work.

Our Sun and Solar System cycles around the Central Sun in a cycle of 26,000 years that we are completing now. There are photons of Light that illuminate from the Central Sun that we pass through half way through this cycle and then again now at the end of the cycle. The Central Sun, Sun and Greater Central Sun are also aligned to the Galactic Centre at this time, the Black Hole that we move through as we transform into Star Walkers, Shinning Ones, Goddesses and Gods, our Divine Self, Physically Immortal, Body of Light. This is what we are preparing for now and have been all our lives and for aeons of time. What makes it special is that we are not dying and doing this, but doing it in our body, or those who chose are; to be the Sun of our true self the Son of God, Christed One.

The Mayans who come from the planet Maya which is a lot closer in orbit to the Central Sun Alycone and thereby illuminated with Photon Belt Light to a lot greater degree than our Solar System, understood the cycles and the role of the Central Sun and Photo Belt. They built the Pyramids aligned to Alycone when it would align with the Sun and Central Sun and we move through the Galactic Centre. The Ball Court was our Galaxy and at t its centre the inter- stellar dust cloud, the centre of our Galaxy where we move through, this time in our bodies and on our Earth who is us and we her all one.
I have had initiations in the Pyramid of the Sun at Becan and moved into my full body of Light as a man went to kill me with a machete me and understand what they were built for. As we move beyond physical death when we have no fear and our hearts are open. At the Pyramid of the Jaguar at Tikal in Guatemala in June 2008 at the small ball Court beside it I was told the Mayan Calendar would finish in November 2009 in the sixth dimension, this was the 13:13 13th Gate and the doorway is now open in the oneness of our divine self for all to move through. It will take a couple more years to filter into the lower dimensions and fully integrate in our physical bodies, but in the greater reality it has already happened and we are through.

See under COSMIC EVENTS about the Galactic Centre, 13th Gate and Mayan Calendar. Under NEW EARTH, PHOTOS of Mayan Pyramids and about the initiation under MULTI-DIMENSIONAL

Now as I write this extra piece in September 2013, we have had the December Solstice 2012 and aligned through the Suns and Galactic Centre. This shift happened at the Seventh Dimension at that time and is due to step down into the Sixth Dimension in 2014, and Fifth Dimension where it will start becoming clearer to us that we have really shifted in 2015. Those of us who are sensitive and work with energy already feel and notice the big shift since the December Solstice 2012, but for the mass of humanity it is not felt as they cannot access the higher dimensions yet. But as the New Sun keeps downloading us with new light codes and all the other shifts taking place then by 2015 a lot more of humanity will be ready to step it up and become more at peace within and shine their light.


Your Gold Light Body is the level of harmony you achieve when you are in harmony with Source, as you know it at the level of the Central Sun. Once you have aligned with the Central Sun you have fully anchored the Divine principle in matter as the connector vehicle that you are. You then move through the Central Sun into wholeness, Nirvana, unified essence, the Seventh Dimension and flow outwards once more creating new worlds. You create these worlds at this level as you are the Creator Goddess/God at this vibration in alignment with Source. You are not Source but at the level of full creative principle in action. So you become true essence, your Solar Self, Golden Being, home through the Central Sun, your connection to source, your God I Am/We are presence. We are becoming our Gold Light Body for the first time ever as we are, still in a body on the Earth plane.
It is the state of being that we are, as we shift into the Golden cycle and align fully with the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun. This is the time of the completion of all these great cycles as we move through the Photon Belt and into our home Solar System and the Second Sun. The Earth herself is becoming a Sun, as our Sun becomes a Central Sun and the Central Sun becomes a Greater Central Sun. This state is a blessing that has not occurred before in full embodiment. We have the opportunity to fully marry spirit and matter and create Heaven on Earth as the God Creators that we are. Please see the introduction for more information on the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun. We have always been Goddess/God Creators but abused the power previously that is why we are all here in our creation frantically trying to get it together. We are healing our power plays and control dramas in the great Cosmic play by becoming that which we created without full consciousness. So the only way to resolve this was to come back into our past, which is now on Earth and heal from within, becoming fully conscious. That way we create the doorway for our future life in alignment with Divine Will, otherwise we continue duality and destroy our future.

* Being your Solar Self, I am/We are.
* Resolved Cosmic karma and great power plays that have kept this world trapped in duality and in the belief that the body is a limitation and not Divine.
* Awareness of yourself as a Creator Goddess/God and the responsibility of co-creating worlds in alignment with Divine Will, being the Divine in all creation, Divine Right Action.
* Through Being, allowing the transmutation of duality consciousness into Unity/God consciousness.
* Instrumental in the great change of cycle through the Central Sun and fulfilling your destiny in loving service, at the completion of the duality drama as you create the New Earth and Heaven on Earth.
* You are now ready to move into the black hole, fully back with Source, the void in total surrender and then you will create new worlds to play in. The Central Sun is also at the level where you work consciously with the Councils of Light and also anchoring or activating the Golden Solar Discs. Working at this level is not something you can just do, you will know if you do it as you will be conscious of your meetings with the Councils of Light and what is being activated, aligned, anchored for the shift in cycle and merging of the Suns.


You are a member of the Council of Light whether you know it or not, it is a more unified aspect of yourself. When you separated from Source you became Founder Gods creating whole Universes. Then separating again you became Creator Gods and Goddesses creating whole worlds, then members of the Councils of Light overseeing whole Solar Systems. As a member of the Council of Light you kept separating to be in the many Stars, Planets and Dimensional Worlds until you separated to be a human on Earth. As you unify you become conscious of these multi-dimensional aspects of self. There are many of Councils of Light, each anchored in a certain dimension and from different civilisations, these civilisations existed once on Earth and as the cycle changed they shifted dimensions. This is happening to Earth again now but in a grand way because not only are we coming to the end of this cycle and into a Golden Age on the 26,000 year cycle, but the 500,000 year and 2 million year cycle. All moving into the Golden Age, this is a grand celebration for this influence is felt throughout the universe and beyond, all are graduating or no longer tying those down who choose to radiate.
The merging is taking place in all aspects of all dimensions but most noticeably in the 3rd Dimension as that is the blending of matter and density until all shifts beyond the dream of separation, becoming 5th Dimensional in the physical and fully merging on the 7th Dimension. All is moving in accordance with Divine Will and plan and is in accordance with all beings working with this. Shamballa is one ancient civilisation from the Gobi Desert in Tibet that has a Council of Light that is very active with the Earth and Lord Maitreya operates through there. There is the Council of the An a tar Ra situated from the Andes and working with the Golden Solar Discs. There is a Council connected to Antarctica and to other worlds on Earth in higher dimensions. Some of you may have heard of the Council of Twelve, the Council of Nine, the Brotherhood of Light, these are all Councils of Light. They all work in unison with each other in Divine Will but operate at different frequencies in their service. The sort of work that is done by the Council of Light is that they observe what is taking place and higher frequencies of Light onto the Earth plane, this is always done in Divine Will and with much awareness of what is happening, being done usually at Cosmic times such as Solstices, Equinoxes, Eclipses or planetary alignments.
For example on the Solar Eclipse 24th October 1995 I was at the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca, working with the Council there. A decision had to be made about bringing in very high frequencies from the Central Sun to assist with the activation of the Solar Grid, which happened at Tiwanaku nearby two years later. There was the probable future of humanity destructing, with China nuclear bombing America, holding much hatred unresolved. Or otherwise the higher energies brought in, knowing that some of humanity would not be able to hold the frequencies and would have to step out. The decision was made to bring in the higher energy, there have been many more decisions made since to bring in the higher octaves of Light to awaken the consciousness of humanity. As you unify you merge with the Sun, a place you go in your sleep for learning, the doorway is open for all souls to be in this level if they choose Love. As you unify more fully on every level and through your cellular memory you merge with the Central Sun and become the Creator Goddess/God you are. You hold the creation story within you and the living library of Light, you become the radiant being you truly are illuminating Light/Life by simply being. For more on the Second Sun, RA Light, being the Creator Goddess/God you are, working with your Holograms and Golden Solar Discs.



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