Six weeks after the Great Shift, December Solstice 2012,  when I was travelling on the inner planes to the golden solarmbaypyramid at Awaawakino Bay, eastern Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, the golden beings there embraced me and nudged me to be aware and open to the energies of the new Sun within my heart!!!  It was vibrating in the old paradigms solar rays even though I had done so much work with the RA.

I was told that until we acknowledge the new Sun within, (our more open heart, and deeper connection to the stillness within), that we will still be hooked into the old paradigm Sun and energies, however subtle it maybe now.

The Sun changed completely as the Earth went through the Galactic plane, and all the Suns aligned and stepped it up. We became the Sun that we are and now owning it, the Sun became a Central Sun, the Central Sun a Greater Central Sun, as the Greater Central Sun became a Greater, Greater Central Sun. This happened on the sixth dimension, but many are able to tap into that dimension of greater union and selfless love now, and more everyday. As it anchors through us into the lower astral plans and illuminates the dross and fear through our love as we hold the beam from the Sun within us.

Now the Sun is sending out new codes of light, the Second Sun is in union with the Sun, the two have merged!!! This has created a union through the two Suns that has changed the energy and has a big affect on us, assisting us to our more unified state.

I first connected with the new codes of the Sun at the place of first light, light house East Cape with the group I organised for the end of the Universal Underworld October 2011.
Here is a link to the webpage that has a photos of the Sun and a diamond can be seen near it as well.

secondsun13This time, late February 2013 near the Light House I noticed the Clouds over the Sun looking amazing and took a few photos, not realising until I downloaded them that there was another Sun in the photos; the Second Sun. I have seen the Second Sun a few times now, but here is was again just after I had been told of the union of the Suns.
The new Solar system is also now open to us, here is a painting I did of it back in 1995 and since the shift when everything could be likened to ‘moving inside out’, there are new galaxies interfacing with ours.
Please see here for the Galactic Gate, Starmap and Umbilical Cord of the New Earth at Hicks Bay, East Cape, New Zealand.

If you feel have been floundering since the shift,  the Sun within you was/is out of alignment and no longer connected fully to the outer Suns as they have changed frequency. It is very simple to open to the new light codes.                      

Simply ask with pray and intention that you are now open to the new light codes of the unified Sun. Just one a warning when ever we state to be open and aligned to divine will, and the unified matrix then we usually get shown in our face everything that is not aligned and unified.
Next are two more in-depth ways.



The light codes from the Sun are now vibrating at the Central Sun level so all the divine Light Beings that illuminate as the Sun have graduated just like we all have. The Light frequencies are coming a lot harder and faster from the Sun now and stirring up the deepest imbalances and ego, fear and control dramas that have been subtle underlays of humanities polarised essence that is now coming to completion. The vibrations are stirring everything up and exposing all, which I am sure you are aware of, with much gratitude.

Since the December Solstice this has been playing out so much more full on, and the solar rays continue to beam it. The Sun only sends love; it’s our own fear that comes up to be embraced. The solar rays flow through us when we are transparent.

The Suns love illuminates through the Moon, the Sun shines through the Moon and the Goddess lightens the way. The Moon has also graduated and illuminates the subtle dark places that light could not easily penetrate before, due to the thick veil that separated the worlds. Now the veil is clear and removed completely for some, the Moon and its doorway is the final initiation
that can assist us to complete the duality dance also. As we have an inner Sun we also have an inner Moon as the Sun and Moon are one within us.

There are many ways the Sun and Moon merge within that are in my Light Code Activation book, as well as a beautiful mudra to merge the Sun and Moon in our heart, and be fully connected. With an open heart and surrendered to divine will and plan. Also more on the Moon in the Living Light book.


The conventional world and powers to be would have us fear the solar rays and what harm they can do. But the Sun/Central Sun is us, we are one with it. Instead of fearing its harsh burning rays or affects of flares and sunspots; that could rattle our very vulnerable way of operating here on Earth, we need to embrace the rays and Sun in our heart with gratitude and love. With thanks for the life that it gives us and the light codes to assist us to be the light being we truly are.

This is just a simple greet the Sun as you see it in the sky, sunrise and sunset are good times but any time of day is great.

Connect first.

Become aware of the Sun within you, with the intention you are open to the new light codes of the Sun as she has graduated and so be open to the rays of the Central Sun. Feel the warm gold light in your heart.

Then greet the outer Sun and feel the outer and inner Suns merge in your heart as you send that loving energy out to assist all beings. See them all whole, healed, connected and radiant shining Suns that they are, at peace with all of life. Then send the Central Sun/Suns rays down into the Inner Earth Sun for balance and harmony through the grid and tectonic plates and out through all the Earth.

This is a bit longer and incorporates the Liquid Light Plasma and the Diamond Light Matrix. Liquid Light Plasma is beyond the more solid forms of matter; solid, liquid and gas, and opens us to the multi-dimensional realms and larger universes of omniscience and exists with anti-matter and dark matter as well. .


See or be aware of the Solar Flares lovingly embracing the Earth
and the Earth responds in loving embrace of the Sun.

The electromagnetic grid needs to be kept balanced by visualising it absorbing the Solar Flares as the grid sparkles as Liquid Light Plasma comes from the Suns and Inner Earth Sun. Through the chakras then out through your Gold Body of Light as the same thing happens to the Earth.

Connect and do your own chakras first with Golden Liquid Light Plasma coming down from the Source and Suns into each chakra. Then Platinum Liquid Light Plasma coming up through each chakra from the Inner Earth Sun, and then the Gold and Platinum Liquid Light Plasma balances in each chakra. Then aware of the Golden Sun in your heart out through all your bodies, one Golden Body of Light.

Please see this link of the Liquid Light Plasma for full details and also link to connect first.

This will not take very long to do and once you have it you will be able to do it very fast.


Then imagine the same process for the chakras of the Earth.
You do not need to know where all the Earth Chakras are, there are different opinions re these anyway.
With your intention know that the Golden Liquid Light Plasma is coming from the Source into the Earth Chakras, then the Platinum Liquid Light Plasma coming up through each chakra from the Inner Earth Sun through all the Earth Chakras.

As they balance out the blocked and dark energies dissipate from the Earth and the Inner Earth Sun glows out through all of the Earth and her outer bodies aligned through all the Suns. The Greater Central Sun, Central Sun, Second Sun, your Inner Sun, the Inner Earth Sun all one. 

When you have finished see a Diamond above your Cosmic Gateway Chakra and the Diamond comes down through all your  chakras and out through the Earth Chakras and Grids and touches into Inner Earth Sun as it becomes  Diamond bright through the Inner Earth Sun, Earth and Suns and Cosmos.


In the Light Code books are many ways we get our frequencies into higher light and become transparent but here is a simple breathing exercise you can do to assist you to be in that space.

Connect first. Then focus on your breath doing deep abdominal breathing.

As you breathe in deeply take your awareness right out into the Universe, hold the breath.
Then as you deep breathe out take your awareness right into your centre, into the stillness within.
Hold the breath, then deep breathe in again as you take your awareness right out into the universe and the stillness of the beyond the beyond.
Hold the breath, then deep breathing out as you take your awareness within your centre, deeper into the stillness within.

Do this breath for about 10 rounds. If you are used to being in the stillness and all that is, then you will only need to do it a few times. If this is new to you then do for 10 rounds and then just allow.
Use it often until you allow yourself to feel transparent, one with everything, invisible and still.
The secret is in the breath.
Do the in, hold and out breaths for the same amount of time.

 Background mandala of The New Sun

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