extract from my Light Code Activation book plus new Star Lineage Imprints.


     When we come into a body, whether it be through birth or ‘walking in’ we become imprinted with the fears of separation that are our mission and chosen experience to heal, love and unify in this life. Some of these Imprints are our own personally, from other lives/parallel experiences that we have individually and unresolved karma that is held in the Etheric Blueprint. But if you are here to be of service and to unify the energy of duality back into wholeness you would of come in with a lot more Imprints than is just your own personal program; that is mostly held in the Etheric Blueprint. If you are a Starseed, Walk-in or planetary earth-worker then you would have taken on huge Imprints in order to unify the energies for humankind. This is the only way you can have real empathy and compassion, as well as bringing in the higher frequencies of Divine essence into matter. As most of you are busy healing and unifying yourself and assisting others to unify in some way, you will no-doubt be aware of the fact that if you have gone through something and embraced it in love, you will have compassion for all others who have this issue of duality. They will feel safe in your presence and be able to shift easily by you being a catalyst, through your energetic empathy and being. So when we are unified and accepting of all, our love and compassion is so radiant that our Being assists all without doing. We can also call these Imprints - Holograms which is dealt with in detail in “Book of RA”, as we came out of the prism of Lyra, the White Hole and into creation, we chose to experience the Holograms of our Love, the facets of light, multi-prismed, until we decide to experience the furthest extreme of our love, in density on Earth in a body.

     Often when we are very much of service and know it is our work and life here on Earth, we go through many full on experiences in order to unify. I asked my Inner Self once after I had just gone through another full on experience of being abducted as a child by ET’s. Why did I choose this one? I was told ‘because you are a unifier and in order to unify the energy you have to know the energy’. Once I had come to the realisation of the trauma, which was only my judgement and fear that I held in my cells, and I also realised I was the ET abducting me as well. Then I was able to assist more fully in the shift in cycle and great dimensional shift that is happening, not only for humans on Earth but everyone in all worlds and dimensions. As I was integrating all this I was guided to Ecuador right on the equator and to an ancient volcano where I was able to anchor energies from the Greater Central Sun and Councils of Light via the Galactic Federation mothership, these divine energies went to the core of the Earth. There were many ET ships with other agendas trying to block this, but because I had loved my fear and accepted the negative ET in me, I was able to be invisible to them and assist with the anchoring of these higher frequencies. Month’s later back home, I was shown in a dream how it was part of the axis shift, that has been happening for a long time now, it was important to get the portal open to the Inner Earth through the equator. This was part of creating the shift in dimensions gently through a shift in consciousness, as we become our multi-dimensional self still in our body, our body of Light.

     So all those full on experiences you have had are all for a greater reason in the bigger picture. As well as all those past/now/future lives and parallel experiences you thought you had, may not all be yours. But part of group soul or the imprints you took on from the collective unconscious in order to unify duality into wholeness through your bodies as you are on Earth. Taking up this challenge is great fun and also part of the journey of unification for you on the higher dimensions as well.

     You the Creator Goddess/God that you are have put your essence into many multi-dimensional aspects that are experiencing on the Earth plane. As you the divine being are not attached to time, as it has no hold, so you have many aspects in many so called earth time slots, as well as from other dimensions and worlds. These experiences are all held in the cellular memory and in your etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. If there is fear associated then it blocks the life force energy and creates imbalance in some way; through physical bodily problems, survival issues, relationship issues, attitudes and emotions that keep you locked into fear. Your conscious mind does not want this fear but the cells still remember and hold on to it.

     Once you realise that whatever the fear is, it is only a thought or belief you had that created it, and created you to get lost in some world that may not of been very loving, then you can change it, because as long as the body is holding on to the fear it is too scared to open up to the shift. Once you realise you are divine and loving, choosing unity consciousness you are able to let go, trust and move into the new paradigm and the higher octaves of light that you truly are. The dimensional shift is happening very fast now, so there is often resistance in the cells as they are rapidly changing frequency, they may hold anxiety and fear of some of your other experiences, when you were still playing the game of duality and victim/victimiser.

   So in your cells you are holding on to the imprints you took on when you came in here, Holograms of your Love as you chose to experience density and spiritualise matter. The Imprints of limitation and fear, this is not just the Etheric Blueprint but an Imprint that has gone through all your bodies including your Spiritual Bodies in order for you to be in density and do your mission on Earth in matter, the imprints of group soul and collective consciousness.


   When we came in we brought with us in our Etheric Blueprint all our experiences to be sorted still from everywhere, but in our outer bodies we still have some underlying junk that when we have loved and accepted our duality issues and issues from duality experiences we may still feel there is not something quite right with us. It’s not a big thing as by now our lives are so free of attachments, free of hooks to money, sex and other things that control our lower selves. We don’t have any ancestral lineage issues left, the ancestors are all clear. You will know this when the time is right that they are all clear. Don’t think just clearing your ancestral lines once or twice is enough, do them until they are clear.
See my book Gateways of Unity Inner and Natural Healing for how to heal your Family Lines and Ancestral Control.
     Your star lineages can be brought in with you also; you the Pleiadian magician, or golden reptile, the humanoid darling or the intrepid space traveller. The Orion spider energy or the dark lord still in the past locked in. Just because it is your multi-dimensional aspects from the stars don’t think it’s all unified and light. Lots of learning through all the stars systems and planets, galaxies and universes. Other universes also affect us, and us them and we have stories with them also.

     But we could spend forever working out our stellar connections, in this experience it’s important to only know the ones that give us gifts. The rest is accumulated imprints, just like you have accumulated fear from this life and parallel earth lives that you could forever be processing as well. It is only necessary to know some, if we need to, and then not to be attached in anyway, but to love and accept and so transcend the fear of the experience in this now moment with the deep abdominal breathing as well.
     Everything is in the now, and so how are you in each moment, and if not good deep breath in love and acceptance to that negative thought or feeling or physical pain. Become one with it, divine union within gives us freedom to injoy the physical realm and life.

       With these star lineage imprints in our energy field it’s like other imprints that we took on to be here and experience Earth, holograms of our love, but the star lineage imprints are more subtle, and when things are more subtle they are also more controlling of us.
   We learn to move into the core and centre of our self; through all the veils, denials, illusions, deceptions that we have put up with. As well as others from experiences in this life as simple as programs from society, school, religion, TV, vaccinations, drugs, chemtrails, chemicals in food, toxic water and air all these are pollutants of our thoughts and patterns.
     The star lineage imprints are taking it a step deeper, and clearing it by awareness, acknowledgement, acceptance, love and surrender.
       The RA Light of the Second Sun is here now to assist us to clear these imprints. These imprints could be affecting you in many ways; from weight that won’t shift, to health issues that don’t shift, to attitudes that won’t shift.

To transmute the star linage imprints I am facilitating this on day two of Transfiguring workshop and don’t have it written for publishing just yet, it will be in my new project mp3 pdf mini workshops when I get them done.


     This is the extra dross that is from the collective unconscious and the belief of others’ limitations that can hold us in the illusion. Like the illusion of tyranny; fear and control created by war, religion, taxes, government agencies working for our protection and yet creating fear, control and the opposite. All these are Overlays of others’ dramas, thoughts and fears which come from our own inner fears and we take them on. But they are also compounded by so many others’ belief in fear and separation that it takes courage to move beyond them.

     For example Physical Immortality; you may believe in it and chose it, but while so many still believe in death that belief is strong in the collective unconscious as an Overlay. You have to be strong in your belief and hold the energy of it to allow others to wake up and start catching on, then that limiting Overlay is transmuted, the one becomes many. The same goes for physical locations on the planet, some are lighter than others and while we still have karma to deal with we live in the denser energy place, when we finally graduate we move to a lighter energy place. These places are usually full of lots of other spiritual people who no longer have a focus on the material world. Their soul has drawn them to these areas to really get to know themself from within, in a tranquil beautiful place that reflects their inner self and beauty. When the soul is able to no longer be affected by outer influences and fears, as the inner has been unified then everywhere is beautiful, calm and tranquil and so the person can move and live anywhere, regardless of the outer negativity. Through their Light and Unity in Divine Love they hold the beam that assists all others simply be Being.

     Overlays also include Planetary Miasms, a miasm is darkness in the cells inherited from our ancestors such as TB, but one only gets it if it is our issue, the TB Miasm is fear of being in a body and in life. A Planetary Miasm is not inherited from an ancestor but from the collective unconscious, for example Cancer and Aids are Planetary Miasms, where so many people have a fear of getting the dis-ease and so attract that energy to them. This does not necessarily mean they will manifest it physically but it is an imbalance in their energy field that blocks the life force energy. So the fear of so many individuals creates Overlays that keep humanity trapped, until each individual is able to love their fear, then the Overlay transmutes in love. For more on Miasms please see my book “Gateways of Unity, Inner and Natural Healing”.

     It is now time to completely embrace the Overlays so you can operate in the world without the limitation of your own Imprints, and also the Overlays of others fears and limitations that are projections of your own inner fear. In unity consciousness there is only love and peace, Imprints and Overlays are not in this world, you are now fifth dimensional and so is the world you live in.

To transmute overlays and imprints see my Light Code Activation book.

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