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by Soluntra King from the book LIGHT CODE ACTIVATIONS




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Meditations with two mandalas and sounds, if you feel like being more present in your Body of Light as well as inner healing, awakening, inner self connection in the meditations and sound codes with mandalas of the Blue Light Body and Light Body Integration. MP3 AND PDF BUYnow


Includes connecting through the Suns, being your Earthsun Body, Grounding, opening up to your Star Chakras and Diamonds, multi-prismed Star Light.  Then connecting to the Diamond Light Matrix and the doorway through into your Star Light Body.  As you receive the Star Light Essences and then into deep space for what total allowing or whatever you are preparing for bigger picture.

Finishing with points to rub to harmonise and enhance your physical body one with your Star Light Body.
Open to a name that expresses your higher self and a mudra that expresses your true essence.
Time length 44.05 mins PDF 15 PAGES A4   COST $29  BUYnow


     You are Divine, you are immortal, your physical body is your vessel. Do not be attached to it but Love it unconditionally, it is beautiful. Your temple is complete, your Light Body is your Body, you are ONE BODY OF LIGHT, there is no separation between your Light Body and your Physical Body. You have been asleep to the higher vibrations of your true self, but now you are awakening, no longer are you ignorant, or believing it to be above you, or you are not evolved enough to be in your Light Body. All you need to do is acknowledge that you are it already.

     You have forgotten and lowered your frequency for Divine expression on the Earth Plane, so that you may fully know what it is to be in physical form and experiencing matter. At this level it is easy to forget and be firmly anchored in the material experience. You chose this mission, as only by being in a physical body could you marry spirit and matter.
     You are not separate from your Light Body, it is just operating at a higher frequency than what you may be aware of. This is your true form, the energy of Light and Sound that is the expression of the Divine energy.
     Your Light Body stores the electrical ions that connect all your sub-atomic particles and structures in synchronistic synergy in alignment with Source. There are different levels or aspects of the Light Body and as you clear you open up to them; merging to become one with your Solar Self through the Central Sun and one with the Earth and Inner Earth Sun.

    There are five levels of the Light Body as you open up to the frequencies of your Solar Self; they are the Blue, Violet, White and the Gold Light Body, which are all One Body of Light that operate at different frequencies of Light. As you clear you access the higher vibrations. Do not think you have to be really evolved to work with all these levels of your Light Body, as you are already your Divine Self, one with the Source of all that is, all you have to do is remember it, and activate the codings on a cellular level. The fifth Light Body, the Present Light Body has now been awakened since 2006 as we unify with the Earth and Inner Earth Sun, spirit and matter are one.
     Next is listed the five levels of the Light Body with a visualisation to activate the energy and the description of the mandala of each (found in colour in the chart for the full “Activation of the Chakras and Light Bodies”, in the Activation and Awakening Chapter), and which can be used separately or all together in the full ‘Activation of the Charkas and Light Bodies’.

    This is the first level of Light Body integration; the Blue Light Body is where you cleanse your cells on a cellular level, embracing your fear, trauma, darkness and duality consciousness in love and acceptance. It transmutes the Physical and Etheric Blueprints so that your codings are now opened to your unlimited self, rather than the limitations of duality and separation that were all you could perceive previously. Your Etheric Blueprint is what holds the memories of everything you have been, are and will be. When it is clear, you experience good health and your life flows. The blueprint is situated in the Etheric body, which is an energy field that permeates every cell and atom of your physical body, extending out about twelve centimetres from the physical body, thus creating the health aura connecting the physical to the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The chakras are also situated in the Etheric body that receives, assimilates and transmits energy into the chakras, which are distributing agencies, providing dynamic force and energy to you.

     When you have transmuted your Etheric Blueprint and are working at the level of your Blue Light Body you are in complete accordance with the Divine patterning of your True Essence. This you will know when;
a) You experience in your ‘Being’ a harmonious state of physical well-being.
b) You are in complete harmony with all other beings and creation.
c) Everything you do is in accordance with your Divine Self, you will know this is so when everything in your life is completely flowing.
d) You experience a state of Love and Oneness with all Beings.
e) You become open to being fifth dimensional and being at the vibrationary level of your Violet Light Body.
    To achieve this use the visualisation of the Blue Flame and the Blue Light Body mandala separately, or together, and the full activation with all the chakras and Light Bodies. As well, use the ongoing process of Loving and Accepting your fears and blocks and having awareness of coming from Acceptance and Love of all, not reacting or blaming but going beyond duality and into Oneness and full responsibility for self.
• Cleansing and purifying your Etheric Blueprint, all the old programmes and memory from this life, past life/parallel worlds and all memory that is still held in duality consciousness.
• Being in good health, so working on clearing the Blue Light Body will keep your energy field strong and in good health. For any illness, weakness or dis-ease this work assists shifting your vibration to a higher octave, out of separation and illness.
• Being in the flow and aligned to your soul purpose.
• Harmony and unity within yourself and with all creation.

    The Violet Light Body is the final purification of all your bodies, as they transmute and blend into one unified energy field of Light. It cleanses and purifies the Emotional and Mental Bodies and opens up your energy field to the heightened octaves of Light of the fifth Dimension.
    The Violet Light Body is where you cleanse your sub-atomic particles of the nuclei’s reaction to disharmony and learn to harmonise the atoms in sync with your Divine essence and Source.
• Cleansing and purifying the Emotional and Mental Bodies.
• Being your Fifth Dimensional self and conscious awareness of yourself on the ships of Light and in the Councils of Light concurrent with yourself in a physical body. You are now in the world but not of it.
• Transmuting the outer projection, all the pain, betrayal and disappointment from relationships with lovers, children, parents, friends, position in life and expectations of life. Burn and transmute in the Violet Flame all these outer projections, expectations and control of others and self. All these emotions and thought patterns are from your reliance on the outer world to love and support you. When you feel the love and support from within the Violet Light Body is clear, you have no more hooks in the emotional and mental bodies and are ready to become your White Light Body.
• Moving out of the illusion, astral hooks and duality consciousness and merging with your multi-dimensional self.
     Full unity is at the Seventh Dimension, but by the time we become Fifth Dimensional we are reaching the level of what our guides or guardians were at, when we were less awakened. In the old paradigm Fifth Dimensional Beings were not physical, but now they are us, as we are the Guide, Guardian Angel and Master of ourself as we merge through the Photon Belt and align with the Central Sun, raising our frequencies of Light while still being on Earth.
• Purifying and accepting your emotional and mentals bodies in love. When this is done you create great clarity within the etheric and cells as they are now Light and you enter the level of your White Light Body.

    This is where all your bodies are merged into One Light - Divine Light, where you blend all co-creative fields of energy into synchronistic resonance, the Masters vibration, your Christ or Buddhic self. You become master of yourself and all your bodies; you not only know you are Light but you have fully integrated it, you are it. So you can do whatever you want with your body, as you are master of its molecules. You are physically immortal and can materialise, dematerialise, be invisible, and take or do with your body whatever is in alignment with source and your soul. You are not bound by dimensions or worlds and are of service to humanity in total selflessness.
    The White Light Body is the nuclei of the cells in harmony with their Source and vibrating at the sonic sounds of the Celestial Heavens at the level of the Christ/Buddhic vibration that is the Sixth Dimension.
You can experience a lot of these gifts before you reach this state, but it is usually spontaneous and just to show you what you are capable of, and who you really are.
• Becoming master of yourself and being from the inner realms such as Shamballa.
• Letting go all the hooks and attachments from outer gurus, so called masters and those whose egos need followers. You become free to follow your own soul and learn from the inner planes.
• Awakening the cellular Light codings for rejuvenation and immortality. If you do not like the idea of being around for 500 years or more, then I would suggest you are not enjoying being in life Now. Physical immortality is being your Body of Light and in life, once you attain that it is irrelevant whether you are here for another 10 minutes or million years because you are not only in life, but you are multi-dimensional and live in all worlds at once.
• Becoming selfless and of service, this is our true soul purpose. It does not mean you have to be a Mother Teresa, or give all your money away. We each serve in our own unique way, but we come from the bigger picture and awaken to our soul purpose on Earth from our multi-dimension self. We become the clear vehicle that is Divine Love, Peace and Unity. By ‘Being’, we are a catalyst to assist the transformation in others and the 3rd and 4th dimensions.
• You are now radiant, as you have illuminated your being in total surrender to Divine Will and universal flow. You are now ready to be at the level of your Gold Light Body where you are unified and your body is fully radiant, your heart one with Source, Divine Love essence.
Then you are ready and at the heightened vibrations to open to the Central Sun, as the
Golden Ball of Divine Essence from the centre of your being becomes you completely. Now you can take yourself anywhere completely, in your complete form, including your physical, there is no separation as you are the All That Is.

     Your Gold Light Body is the level of harmony you achieve when you are in harmony with Source, as you know it at the level of the Central Sun. Once you have aligned with the Central Sun you have fully anchored the Divine principle in matter as the connector vehicle that you are. You then move through the Central Sun into wholeness, Nirvana, unified essence, the Seventh Dimension and flow outwards once more creating new worlds. You create these worlds at this level as you are the Creator Goddess/God at this vibration in alignment with Source. You are not Source but at the level of full creative principle in action. So you become true essence, your Solar Self, Golden Being, home through the Central Sun, your connection to Source, your Divine presence.
     We are becoming our Gold Light Body for the first time ever just as we are, still in a body on the Earth plane. It is the state of being that we are, as we shift into the Golden cycle and align fully with the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun. This is the time of the completion of all these great cycles as we move through the Photon Belt and into our home Solar System and the Second Sun. The Earth herself is becoming a Sun, as our Sun becomes a Central Sun and the Central Sun becomes a Greater Central Sun. This state is a blessing that has not occurred before in full embodiment. We have the opportunity to fully marry spirit and matter and create Heaven on Earth as the God Creators that we are. Please see the introduction for more information on the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun.
     We have always been Goddess/God Creators, but have previously abused the power. That is why we are all here in our creation frantically trying to get it together. We are healing our power plays and control dramas in the great Cosmic play by becoming that which we created without full consciousness. The only way to resolve this was to come back into our past, which is now on Earth and heal from within, becoming fully conscious. That way we create the doorway for our future life in alignment with Divine Will, otherwise we continue duality and destroy our future.
• Being your Solar/Divine Self.
• Resolved cosmic karma and great power plays that have kept this world trapped in duality and in the belief that the body is a limitation and not Divine.
• Awareness of yourself as a Creator Goddess/God and the responsibility of co-creating worlds in alignment with Divine Will, being the Divine in all creation, Divine Right Action.
• Through Being, allowing the transmutation of duality consciousness into Unity/God consciousness.
• Being an instrumental in the great change of cycle through the Central Sun and fulfilling your destiny in loving service, at the completion of the duality drama as you create the New Earth and Heaven on Earth.
• You are now ready to move into the black hole, fully back with Source, the void in total surrender and
then you will create new worlds to play in.

     I became aware of this new Light Body on the Wesak Full Moon 2006, every Wesak I travel to Mt Kailash in Tibet in my Light Body to join with all the masters and divine beings from many different dimensions and Councils of Light. They all have a connection to Earth, humanity, our solar system and galaxy as we shift cycle, with the unification of worlds and dimensions through the Galactic Centre. Each year when I travel to Mt Kailash on the inner planes it is always a powerful experience for my service and work. As I entered into the mountain and joined everyone there an Arcturian Light Ship came in with a new Light Body for us all. I connected also to Hikarangi, the place of first light, biggest mount on the East Cape of North Island, New Zealand and the guardian there. Hikarangi was connected to Mt Kailash and the new Light Body that was brought through at Mt Kailash, was anchored at Hikarangi and the energies went out through the Crystalline and Light Grids and Serpent tunnels, through the Earth and all around the world. In Hikarangi I saw an Arcturian Light Being and I was told on the inner “the new Light Body is the one that is working with the New Earth, it comes from the Arcturians and the Inner Earth, these beings are all one, the Arcturians have been in the Inner Earth for aeons and the angels and lightships and masters people work with, may not be as they thought from the stars but from Inner Earth.” The inner and outer are One.
     The new Present Light Body operates in conjunction with the new Soulight Chakra and the new Earthsun Body. It is working with the New Earth, higher dimensional Earth that we are creating and can be used by everyone, as with all the Light Bodies it can be worked with separately as well with the other Light Bodies and Chakras.
     The Present Light Body is one with the Earth and so assists to fully ground us, and attunes us to the Crystalline Matrix of Light in the Earth and within us. This light body is the one where we work in the New Earth co-creating. The new energies that have been graced to us in the 2006 March Equinox, Christ and Wesak Full Moons and eclipses have activated us to be in the frequency to awaken this light body. At those cosmic events and open dimensional doorways the sixth dimensional Inner Earth has unified with the third dimensional surface. This has been a gradual process since the fifth dimensional union in 2001 June Solstice and Eclipse. The union of the third dimensional surface and sixth dimensional Inner Earth activates the Matrix of Light through all worlds within worlds, as the inner and outer are one. We become fully present in our body of light. This opens up unlimited possibilities and dimensions as we anchor and create from the living library of light that is created through the grids of light we are. One with the Inner Earth Sun, the Sun within our Heart, the Sun and Second Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun.
Please see this link for the Soulight Chakra and for the Earthsun Body.
• Being aware of the Inner Earth and the Inner Earth Sun, this union of the Inner Earth and Outer that is now opening us up to the higher dimensional New Earth that we create as the Creator Goddess/God we are.
• Becoming active through our awareness and grounding of the divine in us, our Gold Body of Light, the Creator Goddess/’God we are, as we become one with the Central Sun at the level of the Gold Light Body. The Present Light Body takes us into the next stage in the shift as we co-create the New Earth from our hearts in love, rather than duality and fear. The Present Light Body assists us to be one with the Inner Earth Sun, as we unify through all the Sun’s and are fully present as all worlds merge through our being and body here on Earth.
• Being grounded and present and so are one with all creation and can ground the energies of the RA Light, Second Sun through our union within. The Second Sun illuminates the RA Light that activates our DNA, Chakras and Kundalini to open us up to the higher vibrational body we are and the New Earth.
For more on the Second Sun and RA Light please see the Glossary and “Book of RA”.
• Moving forward as the radiant being you are, in life and in the New Earth.
• Integrating the Goddess/Divine Feminine within.
• Being present so you do not take on negative energies.

     To be your Light Body is an on going process and means being fully present in your body, on Earth, loving and accepting all, seeing the divine in everyone and allowing all to be. Control dramas, fear of survival, relationship issues are transmuted into complete trust and openness, to be in the world but not of it. This is an ongoing process of awareness of self and your relationship to life and others, coming from an open heart and honouring the sacredness of all things.
This is a full life experience, but if you feel you are not there yet, you do not have to worry about how to change, or what to do in your outer world life. If you love and accept from the inner; all aspects of your life as it is right now, then you will be in divine will and so all change will be flowing and easy, you are the Universal Flow. You live and breathe your life by being aware and loving any aspects of yourself not in unity, by doing the activation’s, meditations, exercises in this book and others that resonate with you. By living life with integrity and honour, by trusting you are always looked after, your body becomes lighter and lighter in its frequency.
You will notice your body will change shape and size, subtly or obvious, every now and again or often, you will look different, think different, feel different and experience joy in your life at just the simple fact of being here. You become ‘in life’ which is light, the illuminated codings of the Creator energies from Source are in you. You accept and love your situation in life and are a living example for others, for through your effort you will reap results so beautiful, that you will see the beauty within you and everyone else and all creation.

    You can work with all the Light Bodies right now, you do not have to wait until you think you are clear enough, because you are your Light Body right now, including your Gold Light Body and Present Light Body. You are already One, Divine Essence, all you have to do is remember and activate it from within, not putting any limitations on yourself. By using the visualisation and/or mandalas for the Light Bodies often, you are actually awakening that energy within you. Each time you do the meditation, activation, visualisations in trust, you are becoming that very energy. The more you practise the better you get.
Now that we have awakened and unified enough to be the Present Light Body, you can do the visualisation and/or use the mandala on their own, or if you are doing an activation of the Light Bodies using the visualisations, then anchor the Present Light Body first within, then work on the Blue, Violet, White and Gold, then the Present Light Body again as described next.
Also see in the “Activations and Awakening” chapter, the section on “Working with the Light Bodies and Chakras individually Using the Mandalas and Sound Codes”.



    Your true form is Light and as you become master of yourself and your molecules, you rejuvenate, awakening to your eternal presence; in your vehicle of Light, your physical body and Light Body are One. Your body is your vehicle for this journey, as you align with the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun. Moving into the new cycle and the next Golden Age, you do not lose your body through death, but ascend in your body, as your body is your body of Light.
If you choose to honour yourself and all others in a state of Love, Acceptance and Joy in whatever you experience in life then all experience is easy and flowing, you activate your cellular memory to its divinity and become your body of Light. You are one with the Source that created you and you become in the world but not of it. You no longer resonate at the lower density of matter and duality, but in the heightened frequencies of Light and your multi-dimensional self.
When you Love your body and yourself, you are the master of your own molecules. You create your own reality in alignment with Divine Will, as all your bodies and dimensional aspects merge into One Body of Light. Through love they are aligned with Source and the unification and remembrance of who you are. As master of your own molecules you can rejuvenate your body, teleport, dematerialise and move your molecules through worlds and dimensions. These are not futuristic stories; I have personally experienced many of these things already. The way to do this is to keep embracing your fears with Love, as you move through the doorway of your heart and into your multi-dimensional self.


• Know and trust deep within your Being that you and your Light Body are ONE.
• Affirm `I am my LIGHT BODY'. Visualise it. Feel it. See it. Believe it. Know it.
• Draw a picture of yourself as your Light Body.
• Keep seeing yourself as your Light Body
• Keep telling yourself how radiant your skin is, your hair, eyes, your whole body. Be aware of when you are thinking or saying that your skin is getting wrinklier, or your hair greyer, change the thoughts or the words. “My body is transforming into my Light Body, my hair is thick and healthy, my skin is smooth and soft, and my eyes are sparkling and radiant”.
• Align not only to the Source and Divine Self within your heart centre, but your whole body. Keep telling yourself “My body is my Body of Light, in divine will, energy and love, unity and radiance, flowing through my body right now and eternally. My organs are radiant and alive, my muscles are light and alive, my hair is vibrant and alive, my eyes glow and shine forth my light and divinity, my nervous system is at peace, glowing and radiant, my digestive system is clear, alive and radiant, my reproductive system is balanced, aligned and radiant, my circulation flows in joy and love and my heart is open and at peace, my immune system is alive, healthy and radiant...I am divine light in body, mind and soul”.
• Imagine all the cells are like radiant dew drops with the light radiating from them, radiant, clear, alive, refreshed, rejuvenated”. Breathe in deeply and be aware of light going to all your cells, each cell is alive and radiant, like sparkling dew drops. Do this whenever you remember through the day, and before going to sleep.
• Go beyond the limitations of fear and duality. Loving yourself and others unconditionally, we are all One. Own your fears and deep breathe into them with Love and Acceptance. Embrace all of yourself, and others without judgement. See the chapter ‘Clear to be your Light Body’ for full details.
• Love your body it is beautiful, it is your temple, your Light Body is your Body, you are ONE BODY OF LIGHT, GO BEYOND. GO FORWARD AS YOU TRULY ARE, YOUR RADIANT DIVINE SELF, resonating in Divine Harmony, ONE BODY, ONE BODY OF LIGHT, YOU ARE GOD CREATIVE ENERGY, THERE IS NO SEPARATION.

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