Mandala of  Light Body Integration


Written February 2021 

So much is happening internally for us and you may find you are feeling like Being in NO world, from everything to NO thing. In the void, not that interested in the third dimension anymore, except being in nature which keeps us grounded and connected and in rhythm with Mother Earth as we shift with her.
All the good guy bad guy stuff, all the scam stuff, all the Covid lockdown stuff. All the jab dramas. Of course, in 3D its real and we are still in 3D so need to stand in our sovereignty through all dimensions and into this physical plane. Through all time and space to zero point, we merge all our dimensional selves and create a BeAm of Divine Love and Oneness that allows others to open to their own acceptance of what is and move into Peace with all of it.

Many of us are experiencing very unusual things happening to our body and life, and our energetic environment.
Many can’t sleep much, vibrate often, don’t want to eat much or don’t really resonate with food, or maybe just a few sorts of food. Eventually as we get Lighter we live on Light and won’t need food.
Our energy bodies are shifting and basically dissolving, our chakras, kundalini, meridians, astral bodies all gadgets that we needed when we were not so connected to Source and the Universal Flow and merging through the dimensions and worlds.
We needed the chakras as receiver and transmitters, the kundalini to keep the lifeforce and open us to our Body of Light, ignite us. The meridians to keep the energy flows in our body and Etheric, the astral body to hold all our unconscious stuff; emotional and mental. We still had lower and higher vibrations we were dealing with that needed an interface.
We also were made susceptible to being programmed, implanted and kept in the dark matrix and wheel of so-called karma and entrapment. As food for the Beings mostly non-human and physical who had we had played this game with for so long.

Now through our Love and perseverance we are loving ourselves out of that illusion, and as we do everything that kept us trapped in it falls away.

You may be aware of not wanting to do the things you did before and absolutely love, now they have no meaning. For example, I cannot do my cosmic events anymore. I loved tuning in and as those who know me, I am not an astrologer but would get cosmic events, in more recent years on the inner like Stargate’s within opening, but now that too has become a NO thing. I understand why as it is all integrated, I find that everything has just rolled into one.

I also note that my body has always been used, whatever weird little thing or big thing that goes on with it has always been found to be connected to some huge, bigger picture work. I often said ‘no more’ when things got seriously life and death, full on with my body. But it has not stopped and there were no contracts or agreements just part of the reason for coming into a physical body on Earth to be of service. As our body is our biggest gift to be of service. And as we clear, unify, transform so does our body. Spirit and matter fully unified. We become the BEAm.

I did ask back in the early 90s after working through my ET abduction stuff and black magicians always trying to kill me, ‘why do I do all this crazy stuff?’ and my inner self said ‘because you are a unifier and in order to unify you need to know what it is’. And boy have I experienced. A lot I never put in the public arena as it would freak people, or they would not understand, or I cannot be bothered dealing with the flak from people’s perceptions.
But through experiencing being in a body as a multi-dimensional being which has not been easy at all, as I am sure you the reader who is an experiencer would understand.

But our true service is by simply BEing here. As the divine one we truly are, in our beautiful physical body, no matter how many wounds, scars, disabilities it has encountered. We are blessed beyond measure to be here in the beautiful body’s we inhabit, our beautiful gift to awaken every cell and subatomic particle as it is Light.
Your Inner Sun glows so bright is shines through all imbalances and fears, as your presence here is so blessed.
you are your Body of Light.



I have been working with my Light body since the late 1980’s and have experienced over the years ‘No Breathe’, not even needing to breath at all and light coming through me, then deciding to come back and be earth girl and having cosmic orgasm in every cells of my body for days, including the ends of my hair and finger nails. Of teleporting spontaneously.
Of moving into light as a guy tried to kill me with a machete in a pyramid of the sun in Mexico, of stopping an army who were occupying a land and people and wanting to kill militants whereas myself and my group needed to anchor the Pleiadean Living Library of Light which was far more important and so neutralising the army.
That was all in the mid to late 90’s with lots of other wonderful phenomena, like standing in water channel with the water going uphill with antigravity at Ollantaytambo, Peru. At that time, I guess I needed to experience physically that I am Light and so is everything else.
But it was still necessary to have chakras, kundalini etc back then.




In more recent years I have been made aware of the changes that have been happening in my body.
In 2014 after a bigger picture mission in Ladakh and stargate opening I was made aware of the fact I no longer had chakras. After doing Kriya Yoga back in the early 90’s I was bringing all the snakes in my area where I lived in South East Queensland, Australia. King Taipans curled up next to me, Copperheads in my filing cabinet, bookcase, my bath, by my bed, and toilet.

 I realised it was old energy and developed a whole new system of Chakra and Light Body Activation with a lot of higher chakras. But was always was guided to merge all the chakras into One Chakra then One Body of Light. Little did I consciously realise my higher self was guiding me and assisting many others also into a state where the chakras dissolved completely.
I didn’t understand what that meant at the time, but knew I was still alive and functioning normally, which I had wondered about. As to me at the time the chakras were the transmitters and receivers in my Etheric Body of cosmic energy into my dense physical cells and blood and related to my nervous system and endocrine system. Not realising that I did not need any of that anymore, I just accepted.

I have since connected with people who purposely dissolve their chakras as they were gadgets put into us to keep us hooked into the dark matrix. For myself it was an organic process and I seem to always do it that way and find out later why things happened rather than actually knowing, and then controlling what goes on. Or controlling the dissolving of them. It is up to everyone how they work with this but if you are connected to your inner knowing, your higher self will guide you for the path that is best for you.


In 2017 I was at the Isle of Iona at my favourite portal, which the first time I was there in 1994 I looked down and saw myself interfacing in and out. This time I was a gale force winds, pouring rain coming at me horizontal. As I sheltered beside a rock connecting on the inner I was told my kundalini had dissolved. I found that really hard to believe, as I thought that was my life force energy and again how could I still be alive.
I asked for proof and instantly as beautiful butterfly came flying around me, which was impossible in the storm I was in, but it was there to show me this was true.
After that I was aware of the flow through my central channel which of course has always been there but that it was just this clear beautiful flow. Then I realised I had wormholes at different locations in my body and then they too changed direction and flow in me. Then they too dissolved.


In 2019 I realised I had no meridians, sounds weird, and again I wondered how can I be here and how is my body operating. Meanwhile I still was eating, sleeping, and operating as per usual but now without meridians. I must admit unless I get nudged by my Higher Self, I just accept things, surrender to them and keep moving on. I wasn’t really interested in making a science project out of it.

Then in 2020 I was made aware by another person that I still had two astral bodies that were holding old programs and junk I no longer needed so this time I consciously dissolved them.
Meanwhile as we know we have been going through such huge shifts as a collective with the recent December 2020 Solstice and Jupiter Saturn Conjunction which was huge for all of us as a collective and for our beloved Mother Earth which was our focus.


In early January 2021 while still not able to hardly move after the huge energy intakes from the Solstice and Conjunction, I became aware that my Etheric Body had collapsed and got told that it had brought everything into my field without discriminating previous and that it was no longer needed.

When I asked what is happening to my/our fields now I got told that as we embody our true essence the need for all the previous energy bodies is no longer required as they merely served a purpose when we needed to be fully immersed in the level of density that would allow us to experience it fully.
Once we have experienced all that is necessary to transmute it, then our energy field reflects outwards from our core self a field of light that previously we would of called our Light Body but now it is no longer separate from our physical body. Our Light Body is our body. It always had been, but we still perceived it more as separate even though it was not.
This happens in stages and steps as we cannot embody it all fully at once, otherwise our physical cells would combust as the frequency is too high for them.

So we do this in steps. The plasma that comes from the Sun is only a reflection of the plasma that is coming from our Inner Sun.
Since the Solstice and Conjunction our Inner Sun and Sun have harmonised just as the Inner Earth Sun and Sun have harmonised.
The Rainbow Serpent is the connector of Heaven and Earth and has connected within ourselves.
If we look at the
'Vesica Piscis' we see the Old Earth, New Earth with the connection in the centre, just like the old dense us, and the new light us with the connector in the centre.

The connector some might call the Christed self, the divine self, the soul, or soul source self, the heart which is one with the Galactic Centre Crossover Point as we move through the doorway of the heart we move through the crossover point into the new creation.

Previous we did this on the inner and with our energy bodies. Now we do this through the light that glows in each cell, the heart of each cell crosses over.
In order that all cells cross over this is the process that is unfolding.

This is why you feel so tired, can’t sleep, can’t eat properly, can’t be bothered with those still caught in the illusion. All our energy is required for this transformation to take place.


I have written and experienced much about the Light Body since the early 1990’s. Personally I am an experiencer, so everything I write about is from my experience, not channelled from some other source or from some others experiences. I have meditated since the mid 80’s, but when the real challenges and tests come it’s from doing all the inner work. Then at the crucial moment when the initiation occurs its either ‘one passes and lives, or fails and in real initiation dies’.

Personally, I have had many near-death experiences in this life and more recently even had to have medical intervention to keep me alive which I have never been a part of before, but as an experiencer I had to experience that also.
When I first experienced my Light Body I had full on initiations but it was all very exciting. Like the man trying to kill me with a machete in the pyramid of the sun or the Indian army about to machine gun me as I am telling them how dare they abuse the innocent people of Kashmir.
In my more recent experiences of shock, trauma and destruction of the physical body all I felt was love while in hospital for all the staff, beautiful skilled souls who work there. I still had to experience mega pain and also being not able to function properly in my body. Part of me was disappointed and wondered that if I can stop someone murdering me with a machete, and move into light how come I am now in a hospital bed having some very 3D stuff done to me. But apart from the fact I had a huge tumour that was stopping the Second Sun coming through too soon and learning to surrender to my mortality, whereas before I was so into physical immortality. My light body has actually got stronger.


light being colour jpegSo, the fact that I no longer have an energy field, astral body, etheric body, chakras, meridians and kundalini means that the Light Body has fully taken over. I can only share this from experiencing it.
When I first worked with my Light Body it was the Blue, then Violet, Light, Gold, Present, Iridescent, Diamond Light Body, 6D Light Body and Star Light body as a progression. Now all these are incorporated as One.

Also activating at first 12, 64 then up to 40,000 strands of DNA, now it's unlimited.

See below for all links about the Light Body, Chakra, DNA Activations.


The Deva of 2021 told me “My year will be difficult for many. Those that need to learn to let go the material world have already been getting it tough, but it will go tougher and harder for many. No one is innocent or guilty, or their karma. Those are illusionary beliefs.
What you do is crave to experience everything, many to the absolute depths of that experience, no matter how painful. Or often how many times its repeated in various timelines. Until you reach to point of no return.
You die”.
This could be a physical death, but it’s a death of everything you have carried within you on all levels and dimensions.
You surrender it all, accept leaving your body if required, and have no attachment to people, places, things.

This is what has happened for us as we birth into a whole new way of being and doing, or not doing in many cases. So much is not necessary now.

The regular 3D struggles no more, as we learn to communicate with the energies of all creation and in our immediate environment. And in our body which is matter, and so energy, and so Light within it. Our body is Light because it’s energy, because it’s matter. We no longer distinguish matter and light as they are the same thing.

Now we operate from the higher vibrations and frequencies of energy, so the lower vibrational energy which is the third density ruled by fear no longer has any, or as much control over us. It is not like before when we were in the world but not of it. NOW we are in the world of Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony.


The Light Body of true self is fully integrated, no more levels but clear light. The Light Body of the Soul.
Within the body there are codes, there is no need for energy bodies, chakras, kundalini as the body is light codes and the Living Library of Light through the Central Suns.
To attain this Light Body we embrace all of ourself; light and dark and light through the higher frequencies of the Galactic Centre cross over point as the doorway through to the Suns. The Suns of Source. Not greater or central just Source Suns that step down in frequency for us to handle.

The Light Body for many has now integrated enough that there is no need for the other energy bodies as previously mentioned all the NO’s.

If you look at your hand right now on the physical you see the skin, the nails, the veins and bones under the skin, but go into that and see what’s happening in the bones, the skin, the veins…
You might be surprised by what you see, and what’s happening to you.
Like photosynthesis that takes place as the tree absorbs the light and created the branches, flowers, nuts, truck, roots that connect into the earth.
Check your trunk out and the flow that runs through you. You might see you look like the Milky Way in there.
Check out your feet and how they are connected to the earth. You might see it more as energy and a connection like a positive and negative magnet that has to drawn tighter just as when we become lighter our connection with Mother Earth becomes such a natural organic thing.
The flow comes up and down from the very heart of the Earth, the Inner Earth Sun. Aware of the Suns you are, inner earth, heart sun, other Suns.

Personally I can’t even relate to cosmic events anymore as outside myself as it's all me, all within so when I look at the stars now at night instead of them calling me like they used to and asking me to come to them as a soul travel often, especially particular ones. Now there is no soul travels, no coming through them, as I am them.

Our whole way of relating to everything is shifting fast. Like in the past I have mentioned how for myself anyway I don’t put a higher energy around my home when I leave now, it is higher frequency and nothing needs to be done.
As the timelines merge, the dimensions merge within us. It takes rest and time just to BE as the doing is not required anymore.
Previous we meditated with a star, a cosmic event, whatever it may be. Now the cosmic events, the universe, multiverse, earth, and stars are one within. The need for an outer connection doesn’t need to be made. It's all internal.
On the outer world we still function and live, in harmony and with fun and joy, holding the higher light octaves regardless of what is occurring in the world around, no matter how crazy.

I have been in a war zone in Kashmir especially 1995, 1996 when the army occupied fully, and terrible things happened to the general population all the time, and shooting happening all around us. The group I had up at Sonmarg then to the glacier lakes on the border with Pakistan with the militants coming over was a dangerous situation. Also water camping through the waterways and gunfire happening around us in a lot of places.
But we were in a higher frequency and so successfully did our missions and came to no harm at all.

The same with whatever heavy stuff is happening now in your life, home, neighbourhood, country.
If we can stay in the higher energies then we become invisible to the lower energies, regardless.
We are also a BeAm holding divine love and oneness for all those who choose to open up to that within themselves.

I used to have amazing experiences when I was fully in my Light Body like when I was in No Breathe, or full on initiations in pyramids Mexican and Egyptian, or light working in war zones etc.
Now none of this needs to be experienced as now there is no distinctions between what is not being in the Light Body, and what is. Now it just is.

That doesn’t mean to say everything is all honky dory as we are still moving through the Light photonic particles that are resonating higher and higher in frequency, as our Earth’s Schuman Resonate gets higher and higher. We are still in physical organic bodies and integrating everything we have ever been and will be into this physical vehicle is quiet a process.
As our physical body may have reached a certain frequency but still has a way to go yet.

I sometimes work things out in percentages to give myself an idea of what is happening.
When I had the experience of the machete guy trying to kill me as mentioned previous, instead of dying I opened up to my Light, I was at approx. 25% Light Body quotient. Now I am 70% but the real full-on experiences are no longer required.
Also something to be really aware of is that I needed those experiences, but we all have different experiences from each other and none are more or less than each other’s. I do what excites me and it ripples through the collective, just as you do what excites you and I cannot do it, or just not interested in and it ripples out to me and everyone else.
We each are part of the mandala that makes up the whole. I can only use my own experiences to share about the Light Body. But I know each person’s is unique and amazing and of just the same value to the whole.

At present I find I am also feeling like I am dying often, and I do not mean my ego is dying, for of course that is a process that happens and still needs to die some more yet, but I am dying from my physical body. I have always thought dying was easy and a great escape in many ways from one’s situation if testing at the time. But now I have no agenda to be here, or to go. Of course the physical body must be dying in a way as the light illuminates all the old death and decay memories in the cells, it feels like dying.

Another feeling I was having for some while is that I felt I was disappearing. In the No Thing, the Void just being, not a thing at all.
I also feel in the physical I am disappearing from all the work I have done for so many years to assist others and creating the foundations of the New Earth.
Now nothing needs to be done, It is just about BEing.

Of course we are all at stages with this so what I feel may not be what you or other’s feel. But to me just doing the basic 3D stuff to live takes up so much energy and so it’s not easy to do things anymore in the physical. Even writing this up has taken about 6 weeks adding bits here and there. Until I got the energy to make it coherent for the reader.

There seems to be no right or wrong way to go about this, in my own journey I have always been of service to others and I find that is certainly a help as far as being selfless rather than selfish is concerned. But I took that too far and it nearly killed me, always being for others and not myself.
So, balance is required and we need to be honouring of our body and all that it needs which is a lot of rest at present.
Thankfully for a lot of people worldwide Divine Mother has created the scenario where in lockdowns people do have the opportunity and can get off the treadmill, or for enough time to start recalibrating differently and in more harmony with their soul.

I worked on activating my chakras and light bodies for years and taught people and wrote books, made a DVD, mp3’s merging into One Chakra then One Body of Light. I did not realise at the time as I am always guided by my heart, but often do not see the bigger picture until years later at times, that this was a great way to go for things to process organically. Now of course people do proactively dissolve their chakras, not sure about the other gadgets.
Years of inner healing which was basically for the collective, and anchoring light, star alignments realigned, Star mapping, Stargates, Starlines anchored, Golden Solar Discs activated, great Diamonds and their grids activated, Light Templates anchored creating foundations for the higher dimensional Earth was so exciting and fulfilling.
But all that work has taken its toll on the physical body as I was so into the missions, I forgot my body and didn’t realise until it was too late that it couldn’t keep up with the rest of me anymore and did a dummy spit forcing me to rest.
But I note timing, and I was told the missions were completed before my body did the dummy spit.

There is no perfect way to do this and we all have our programs and old beliefs that have run us amuck which is part of the experience as well.
If we want to be in a body, we need to understand it does have limitations, not ignore or think we are beyond those limitations. But surrender to them, accept them, love them. In that acceptance, love and surrendering we embrace it all in oneness and so we become unlimited in our physical body, our Body of Light.

The Light Body aligns through our soul and once we are aware and consciously connected to our Inner Sun and true connection to the Source of all that is then we are feed light into every cell from our inner sun that illuminates each of us eternally.
Now we start to enter into the worlds of Physical Immortality.

I worked with this full-on years ago and had my initiation in the Mayan pyramid where the guy tired to kill me with a machete and I went into my light body fully and moved through the stone in the pyramid. To not only save myself from being murdered, but as an experience to show me how when we do not fear we open to our Multi-D Self.
The third dimension keeps us locked into it and we only perceive things in 3D because of our fears.

The more we breathe love, acceptance and surrender and embrace our fears the lighter we get, the more expanded we get, the more multi-d we get. It is actually very simple not difficult.

Below I have the experiences I utilised and created to move out of the dark matrix without actually realising at the time that was what I was doing. But now all is being exposed and the resonance of our Earth is forcing us to keep up with her in our own personal resonance, things are shifting so fast for all of us.

The track has been cut through the jungle and the first wave is out of the jungle now, finding their way in the unified field as this is a whole new story and journey. So now there has been a road created from that track as more tread it, to now there is a huge freeway taking millions to the realisation of their own soul source self and divine essence within and all that entails as far as being a cocreator of the higher dimensional Earth.
May you be blessed with ease and grace in all your experiences to know how divine, loving and radiant you are.

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