by Soluntra King

Some aspects of my own multi-dimensional self were part of the Aboriginal Myth of the place that I live. The Myth is about the Snake and the Dolphin people, who lived by the grace of God in the land at Cooloola in South East Queensland. The Myth being that the Dolphin people lived peacefully on the land near the coast, the Snake people lived over the ranges and were warriors, wishing to come and take the land where the Dolphin people lived. The Dolphin God asked the Snake God that they have the battle alone, to save the lives of their people, who ever won would take all. So it was agreed, and in their great battle they annihilated each other, where their fragments fell from the Heavens was the formation of Yellow Stone as the Aboriginals called it, or Gold. God in Heaven was angered that his sons could do this to each other, and so the Earth was destroyed and changed shape, what was once lakes is now land and sadness and darkness swept the land. This was at the end of the last cycle, as Atlantis went down and the Flood and the Ice Age came. Now we are awakening to the bigger picture; that we are the Myth, we are the Earth Changes, as we melt our hearts in Love, the ice poles melt. Now is the time to heal the destructive pattern, the war is over when we stop waring within the self, our outside world mirrors this also. Having gone into the depths of the pain and darkness and coming out the other side, knowing we are one with God and our Golden Solar Self, out of the dark, Kali Yuga and into the Golden Cycle. 
       In my own life the Myth was playing itself out in a very powerful way, one aspect of my multi-dimensional self is a Dolphin, Sirian and Andromedan and I can remember those aspects at play. As well as awareness of the Serpent energy within as a human, the kundalini as it inhabits the underworld of fear and venom, then transcends into the Heavens in love, joy and unity consciousness. The Rainbow Serpent and the wisdom of the Ancient Serpent Woman within the Inner Earth being strongly connected to this place as I live right on a Serpent line, with a doorway into a Snake tunnel within the earth nearby. These are accessible when we have merged all our fragments and through the Love in our Heart step through the doorway into other dimensions. Opposite the doorway, across the valley is Round Mountain, which is a hologram from the future and a doorway into the Light City there. With many Light Cities around the world, they are in other Golden Cycles now moved into higher dimensions, not visible to those locked into the third dimension and the illusion of separation and time. As we unify and accept all in love the veils fall away and we merge with all worlds and dimensions, being aware of the Light Cities, Light Ships, Star Bases and the Councils of Light connected through them as aspects of ourself. 
      There are pyramids, temple sites and an ancient civilisation that the Aboriginals spoke of to the first European to come into the area in the 1830's, they said the water came in and destroyed it all long ago. The ruins were taboo to them and over thousands of years eroded to the point where the twentieth century settlers destroyed most of what was left, even dynamiting the tunnels under the Gympie Pyramid which is a sacred initiation mound and Orion Doorway. The settlers also took the stones of the pyramids and other buildings and used them as foundation stones for the main street of Gympie. There were also stone statues like the Easter Island statues, and also animal statues. These have also since been destroyed or are hidden, but photos and sketches of them remain from the first white man to come into the area. 
       The Pyramids at Tin Can Bay were also destroyed, bulldozed into the ocean by the army in the 1950's. The his-story as the powers to be wanted it, was going to stay the way it had been since Captain Cook arrived, those that have discovered and spoken the truth have either died mysteriously or been frightened or manipulated into silence. But the landscape, the myths and the portals, inter-dimensional doorways and grids speak to those who listen with their heart and do not need to prove anything. The veils are lifted and the ancient worlds still alive and seen by those with clear hearts. The people who built the pyramids were according to the Aboriginals brown skinned, blue eyed, blond haired with Dolphin pendants and came from the stars, they pointed to Orion, or maybe they were pointing to a more advanced civilisation across the seas, from Mu in the Pacific Ocean or both. They were eventually wiped out or left, the last being at Fraser Island which is a major portal and doorway into the Crystal Planet, the higher frequency Earth. It links the pyramids through a generator crystal there and out to a pyramid at sea and through the grid worldwide. I had previously with others worked on reactivating the Golden Solar Disc at the Pyramid in Gympie, but only the core was activated, it was still not ready with more integration to do yet, as the Gold, the tears of the Gods, sacred to the Aboriginal has and is being mined for greed. 
        A few years ago I had a block in my Heart Chakra and could feel it as a cough and restriction in the lungs, two friends also had the same thing. Something triggered me to connect with the Pleiadian humanoid part of my multi-dimensional aspects, and I went to them in a soul travel. I was shown how they were some of the ones that were here, and these friends and myself are multi-dimensional aspects of them. Coming back to this area now to heal the Myth, and ourselves only by resolving the battle could the cycle be complete and ready to move on to the new story, the new Earth. We had to bring back a ray of energy that was withdrawn from the Pyramid and we could only do it by completing the Myth. My chest, which had been blocked for a few weeks started to clear, a friend and I were playing out the last of the Snake and the Dolphin battle, the sense of destruction and annulation. We were both tapping into unresolved warrior experiences on parallel worlds, with the fear that ran these old stories rearing itself up from the deepest recesses of our hearts and souls. The pain of taking the fruit from the Tree of Life and plunging into separation, fear and duality now to be completely surrendered before God, in Love. On this plane as we constantly took responsibility for our words, actions, emotions and thoughts, we merged deeper and deeper into the One Heart and Divine Love. In doing so the drama is completed not only in our own lives, but the Myth is completed too, out of destruction and into the New Creation and Cycle, this place is about anchoring the new Earth. 
       One of the pyramids now under silt and in Lake Cootharaba is a doorway to Andromeda. The pyramids, stone circles, standing stones around the planet were built as part of a great star map of our Milky Way and aligned all the stars with the Earth, this was in the last Golden Age, from the Fourth to the Fifth World and as we are now opening up to the Golden Age once more and the Sixth World. The remembrance of this is awakening in the codings we hold in our DNA and often being in these places accelerates it as they are now re-aligned. Each of these sites is connected to a Central Sun and the Serpents of Wisdom, holders of the lifeforce energy within the Earth and in us. As the kundalini moves within us so too are the Serpent Tunnels opened for those resonating at the heightened frequencies of their God Self as we now connect back through these sites in order to heal, unify, complete and align. 
       The pyramid in Lake Cotharaba starmapped with the Andromedan Galaxy, that has never been in duality and is a doorway for Divine Will now merging with Earth and our Galaxy. As we travel into the pyramid on a soul level and open to its harmonising frequencies the doorway opens and we awaken our Golden Self travelling the inner planes to Andromeda and anchoring that energy back here as the Andromedan Galaxy merges with ours. The Golden Beings who inhabited the worlds before now reawakened in us as aspects of our multi-dimensional self beyond time and space.
        Imagine now that you are going to the Pyramid in Lake Cootharaba, travelling to the lake. Then travelling under water to the entrance of the pyramid which is all Light, with great stone walls encoded in Light codings, they seem familiar to you and resonate a soft, loving energy. Entering you go into the inner chamber infused in Divine Light and lie on a table at its centre and are infused with cleansing, calming Light. There is a screen above you and you look up at it as it shows you everything that is stored in your Etheric Blueprint from the first experience in physical form, through to now. You observe and accept all parts of yourself and are washed by Golden Light through all your cells. You can let go any aspects still locked in fear and ready to be transmuted in the Golden Light, replaced with joy. As the joy awakens in your heart the Golden Light becomes more radiant and loving. You become infused with Golden Light in every cell of your body and are illuminated from within. There are Golden Beings around you and they take you through the doorway of the Pyramid and to Andromeda. You are in a beautiful temple and meet by a group of Golden Beings from the Solar Luna Council of One. The energies of Divine Essence are flowing through you as you are replenished with life force energy and vitality, you surrender all parts of yourself not in alignment with Divine Will easily and lovingly. Your energy becomes blended with Divine Will, your will and divine will are one. You become clear and knowing of your mission and focus on Earth and the connection to the place that you live, and the overlays of the dimensional worlds that you are one with. You allow yourself to remember and know through your Divine Self that you can go to the pyramid and dimensional overlays any time you feel guided; to heal, rejuvenate, unify and awaken. 
      From the Second World there is still another story and overlay in the landscape here that I looked out from, up on the range near my home at Round Mountain and Mount Coondoo. This was a time when the Earth was still in its infancy and those who came here often stayed in the etheric in order to be able to live here. These were the Ancient Ones from Wega, Altair and Andromeda, they came some into the Inner Earth and maintained the doorways to other worlds. Those on the surface withdrew as the energies changed and others with different agendas started to come searching for gold, crystals and creating fear to survive. They brought the Govinda, nuclear weapons and scared the earth and landscape, the earth beings perished in pain, remembering in bitterness as they merged more fully into density. When the next world came their energy merged with the energies of others who came and so set up a pattern where by this energy was held on the earth plane - pain and suffering, bitterness and revenge trapped those who came here unless they were of higher enough frequency to not hook into it. This created a great division and so duality started to play itself out until now - resolution time. 
       The Ancient Ones are now coming back, seeding into humans like yourself with an agenda to unify. In this region there had been the 'Battle of the Furies' with great nuclear weapons and some of that destructive energy was still here aeons later when the white man came and nearly genocided the Aboriginals, but this was just part of the dark/light, victim/victimiser game. Now this area attracts people who are into unifying themselves and being of service to others, it has come full circle as the beings from the stars are back in bodies. So that they can activate from within the latent DNA strands and awaken to their divinity on Earth, completing the Myths and unifying the Worlds as all merges back into wholeness as we align to the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun as we enter the Golden Age, we are spirit in matter. 


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