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We are now in the Eleventh Gate.


The Eleven Gateways are through the Doorway of Orion, the 11:11 doorway of Oneness that opened on 11th January 1992. Orion being the star system that all beings choosing to experience full duality went to after coming out of the Prism of Lyra or White Hole.
There are unlimited filaments of light and prisms to explore, experience and Be and the experience of being a Light Lord in denial of their inner darkness, and a Dark Lord in denial of their inner Light was a pretty good opportunity for the Creator to really experience the extremes of its creation. The Creator is in us and we choose to experience the furthest extremes of our Love that brought us into density and a third dimensional planet. The duality drama went on for eons in Orion and came to Earth as well, and it is pretty obvious that it is still in full expression here. Those who are still hooked into the game are playing it to the max, I guess to squeeze every drop of it out before it all completely shifts. This is pretty threatening and fearful for those with a vested interest in duality, and they are working through every control drama imaginable to keep the game going. For those who have chosen unity and oneness to observe this seems to be observing total insanity and complete self destruction, but the energy needs to play it self out. From the point of Unity there is compassion and unconditional love for all players, as they are all an aspect of self simply having an experience, there is no wrong or right, it all just is.
Those tired of the game are busy unifying themselves in their own life and issues, relationships and what they are doing here. Letting go of all attachments to duality and the material hooks as they surrender in trust and love into divine will and allowing. So their world becomes more beautiful and loving, peaceful, joyful and fulfilling. Meanwhile the Duality crews world is becoming increasingly violent, fearful, destructive and unfulfilling, they want more and more of whatever; money, land, power, victims to feed on, never being satisfied until there is nothing left to consume, all an illusion. But for those not playing this game it does not mean the consumers of everything including energy are going to destroy it for everyone else, it simply means that there are two worlds; one in fear and duality with war, pain, hunger, pollution, and one in love, beauty, abundance and joy. It is a only a matter of frequencies of Light, and Light is life, so those in life and unity experience abundant life even though they are in the same planet as those experiencing lack. In the Greater Reality of Love there is always abundance for all in balance and harmony. There are many dimensional worlds and what we resonate to is what we get, we are the co-creators of our life and world, so sooner or later we wake up to the fact that we want it easy, flowing, peaceful and loving after we have had enough pain; pain simply being separation from Source.
So when the doorway opened back in 1992 the energies of duality were finally unified in Orion and that energy opened the door for it to happen here, our choice. So this process had to be gentle and in a stepping up process as there is no way we could step from full on duality and pain to full on love and unity in one step. Besides we still wanted to experience the whole process, as it is fun when you have unified yourself enough to enjoy and not be attached. And what else would you be doing. You came here to experience this great shift in cycle and consciousness as it got rather boring being a bliss ball, and we sure can have some action here and experience

an incredible range of creation.
At Giza the three pyramids represent the Belt of Orion, Alnitak the brightest star is aligned to Cheops, with Alnilam aligned to the second pyramid and Mintaka to the third. Alnitak was the furtherest from Earth at the last shift in cycle and now it is the closest to Earth. In the great pyramid in the Kings Chamber sits Osiris/Orion and right at his phallus is the alignment with the star Sirius/Isis that merges to from the cosmic egg within the Queens Chamber that creates life. Now at this shift in cycle the Doorway of Orion is closing once we have moved through the eleven gates and we are unified. then the next level of initiation and experience is as a higher dimensional being creating Heaven on Earth as Earth too is higher dimensional, all one. This is through Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer, this star system is exactly opposite Orion in the heavens and is between Scorpio and Sagittarius. As this new doorway opens it is through us becoming our Body of Light, the kundalini has risen and settled through the heart and the DNA codes are activated to the Living Library of Light.

There are Eleven Gates to full unity, the number eleven being the number of merging duality, the five pointed star used in magic (control, which comes from fear) and the six pointed star the symbol of love when joined make the 11 points the merging of light and dark into ONE. Look at your own life in accordance with the following dates and you may see a pattern of shifts that took place, even if you were not consciously aware of the Gates at the time.

On the 11:11, 11th January 1992 there was at the Great Pyramids at Giza a great gathering, as well as at Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand of the master cylinders that was brought into being by Solara the cosmic messenger of the 11:11, as well as people anchoring that energy all over the world. This was the opening of the doorway and first gate into unity. Where were you, and what was happening in your life at that time? I was at Mt Abu in Rajasthan, India anchoring the energy.
The Eleventh Gate is at the end of the Mayan Calendar, the Mayans based their calendar on the pulse coming from the Galactic Centre, the calendar does not measure time but consciousness. The Mayans built their Pyramids representing the cosmic pulse with the nine great steps to the top temple, there are nine Underworlds that we must go through to evolve through our journey in matter and density, until we get to the top of the pyramid and Completion of Creation where the energies are aligned to the Central Sun. Inside the pyramid is the sarcophagus and the initiate attunes to the light codes of the Central Sun and becomes their Body of Light.

The first underworld was the Cellular, that started 16 billion years ago, then the Mammalian, Familial, Tribal, Cultural, National, Planetary and the Galactic Underworld which we are in at present since January 5th 1995. On February 11th 2011 we go into the Universal Underworld and at the end of the Mayan Calendar (some say 21st December 2012, others October 28th 2011) we leave the Universal Underworld and step through the doorway into Completion. This does not mean the end of the world, it is consciousness we are working with, not linear time, no point getting caught up in 3D time frames and expecting something to happen on a certain date, as everything is in the Now. The Eleven Gates assist us to unify more fully at each level until we are ready to be the Light we are, fully in our body, as we create Heaven on Earth. As we move through the gates we move beyond the third dimensional limitations and fear of destruction and chaos, we hold the beam of unity and become the being we are through all worlds and dimensions consciously, this journey is assisted if we participate in it consciously and lovingly, through peace and joy.

After the 11:11 doorway opened and the First Gate in 11th January 1992
We had the Mayan 'Time Shift' in July 26 1992 where we moved from 'Time is Money to Time is Art', some of us did this on the physical plane, most have still not made the break yet. Some are forced to with the collapse of the system that is run on fear and duality, but this forced letting go is not going to be too harsh. Just like the Earth Changes; as we are one with the Earth, and as we unify, the Earth does not need to create great dramas to shift consciousness. Those that are not shifting may need an Earth Change to trigger it as they are still hooked into the third dimensional illusion of fear and duality, so will drown in the tidal wave instead of moving right through it. When we come from love we become unified and multi-dimensional, the game also gets more interesting as we acquire amazing skills of moving through dimensions even physically as we become the Master of our Molecules, our Body of Light. See Light Body Awakening and Multi-d Journeys
What happened to you at this time or through 1992, for me at the Time shift I let go of seeing clients as a Naturopath and Guide to Inner Healing, stepping into the void blindly as started doing my mandalas and co-creating. This doorway is still open as all is "No Time" and in the stillness all is manifest.

The Second Gate
On 6th June 1993, when the two came together as one. This shift redefined our intimate relationships, which parted if still in duality or co-dependency. Even though you may still be having lessons with this ever since you are refining this energy until you get to become a whole being. The Second Gate has made sure that these energies are getting sorted now.
What was going on for you? I had the realisation that my wonderful relationship was over, even though we had no problems or issues and loved one another it was time to unify and awaken more. The comfort zone was over and there were many things I needed to love and embrace in myself that could not come to me by staying in the zone I had been in.
The next two Gates assist to sort out a lot of major duality issues once you have chosen to move though the Second. It is not about leaving relationships, but leaving duality behind and moving more into your unlimited self, wholeness and love from within, not needing it from without. Once you love yourself the whole world loves you.

The Third Gate
On 11th November 1997 the Third Gate opened as duality was becoming more unified. Stirring up a lot of unresolved ego dramas and inner turmoil to be moved through before the Fourth Gate, and a lot of old patterning to be let go, required in order to transit the Fourth Gate, so loving and accepting the depths of the pain of separation from the source within. For me it was Twin Soul mirror mirror on the wall lessons, very intently of my inner hatred, fear, rage and violence which opened a powerful gateway to inner peace, love and clarity. What happened for you then?

The Fourth Gate
On August 11 1999 with the Full Solar Eclipse and Grand Cross, humanity on mass opened their heart and chose, even if unconsciously to be from their Soul Self. There was a lot of opposition to this by those still running the control dramas on Earth, but humanity made the leap and from then on the awakening has escalated to a very obvious point. Many of those still asleep until then were suddenly changing the way they operated and started to open up more to their Cosmic origins and inner wisdom, love and allowing. No longer quiet so easily duped by the old paradigm of fear, even though the 9-11 episode was created especially to keep the fear going as those running that paradigm could see they were losing it. But even that huge propaganda machine is becoming ludicrous with all their hatred and warring, all is being

exposed for what it truly is.
Through the Fourth Gate the energies are really humming along, light and dark are not in the equation but unity. There is compassion and acceptance for all creation with no judgment and the astral hooks and victim/victimiser are basically sorted and unified.
Not long after this Gate opened the Second Sun was acknowledged by scientists and astronomer, and was made public on 20th May 2000 in the Washington Post, a sign that it was now in the collective consciousness. The Second Sun is the doorway to the higher dimensional, New Earth and is a sign in the heavens, as above as below, that the twin has returned and as it unifies creates the doorway into the higher dimensional Earth and all creation as we know from the level of the Greater Central Sun, as we unify within our heart to be the Sun of our true self.

The Fifth Gate
On June 21st Solstice, 2001 Full Solar Eclipse and alignment to the Galactic Centre, the Fifth Gate opened, a dimensional shift as Earth became 5th Dimensional. This was a major alignment with the Suns with the Galactic Centre as the doorway of the Sun opened for all humanity.
The dimensional shift happened subtly due to the higher octaves which cannot be perceived by those still in third density, duality consciousness until we surrender to self, one with Source and love unconditionally ourself and through that loving all others and life, going beyond all Earth bound limitations and just BE.
In the Greater Reality you are have always been one with Source, are Source and the Creator experiencing Creation; you are a Hologram of your Love. There is no separation, only oneness right now, not in 2012, 2007 or the next Gate, the power is in the moment and you are it NOW. So follow your heart and listen within, in the silence, there is no time, only the stillness and eternal Now. So even these Gates are part of the illusion, but necessary as being in density and matter the cellular memory has to be activated and awakened in a gradual process. Otherwise the voltage is too high for the vehicle, which is counter productive to the whole experiment/experience.

The Sixth Gate was 19th to 26th October 2002 and the next doorway into the unified energy field of your soul and the solar system and cosmos. This Gate was and still is at a frequency to allow the unification of at least the level of the etheric, emotional planes creating a clear pathway through the duality issues still held there. The Gate started to open on the 19th October, the Aries Full Moon 20th October and continued in its strength through the week until the 26th October when it completed its opening and will remain so to allow humanity to integrate this next level of unity and transformation. The Sixth Gate is at a deeper level than ever before, to truly be the Creator Goddess/God you are.
Eight months before it opened I had been in Egypt and graduated to the Greater Central Sun, was taken into all the sacred chambers by the guards, my experiences in them triggered me to let go all that I did, into the void again, surrendered.
Between the Fifth and the Sixth Gate you do not need to consciously connect anymore, you are connected. You have completed a great level of initiation and ready to go into the stillness and silence at the Seventh Gate. What were you experiences at the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Gates?


The Seventh Gate that opened on 12th November 2003 being the next stepping up in frequencies of the higher light octaves, as we unify or are forced to unify even more fully. We are literally being railroaded now into the state of peace and union with the source within us. This Gateway assists in this process of peace within. When we have peace our body is balanced and working to its full potential, our emotions and mind are peaceful and all flows in our life, we surrender to what is, and allow divine will to flow through us. By the time we have reached this level of being we are starting to really notice the effects of union in our body, becoming lighter and rejuvenating, this is where Physical Immortality really starts to kick in due to the peaceful state of being. Our body becomes more balanced and regardless of diet and what you are doing it will become more pleasing and healthy.
This Gateway is taking us more than ever, deeper inside ourself, in love, union and joy for life. In the stillness all is manifest so you will become aware of how you create your life more and also having more powerful insights, awareness, inner knowing, clairvoyance and psychic abilities, telepathic and amazing connections that all come from the stillness.
This Gateway being in these higher frequencies will trigger those energies not vibrating in harmony with this and so it may appear there is more turmoil, war, hate, violence but in actual fact it is being released and transmuted now and so needs to be brought up to be seen, known, loved, accepted and thereby unified.
As you vibrate more in the state of peace you live in a peaceful world, those that still choose war, greed, fear and hatred will still play out their dramas but they will not affect you as you are in a different frequency of energy and become invisible to the denser energies.
Going beyond the veil just like the Mayans disappeared into a higher dimensions, invisible to the third dimension so to are we who choose love. Creating Heaven and Earth through seeing and being the beauty of Love, the third density world transcends as you surrender to it and love it, thereby coming from a state of peace within and without, union. Now your world is multi-dimensional, filaments and prisms of Light, the holograms of your love you are entering the unified matrix of Light. Through the Seventh Gate you are the stillness and peace where all is manifest, you awaken the multi-prismed, multi-dimensional aspects of self and lift the consciousness of all creation through your union with yourself, the Doorway Home is fully open.

The Eighth Gate opened on 8th September 2005 and is a doorway through duality that has not been fully explored by beings in third dimensional bodies before. It is the heightening of the light in the DNA and cellular memory of humanity at this time, that allows this energy to now be brought forth. Opening us up to even higher octaves of light within the body and consciousness of humanity, for the full shift in cycle and unification process, one with the Central Sun at the level of the Gold Light Body is now accelerating. The Eighth Gate is the heightening of the light in the DNA and cellular memory of humanity at this time, which allows this energy to now be brought forth. Opening us up to even higher octaves of light within the body and consciousness of humanity for the full shift in cycle and unification process, one with the Central Sun at the level of the Gold Light Body is now accelerating. The Eighth Gate is where the cellular and DNA structures of those who are ready and clear enough starts to transmute into much higher frequencies, being a fifth dimensional being still in a body. For many this has already happened to a large degree, you can tell this by what's happening in your own life as a gauge to how much you have shifted, not by your head and what you think. Are you still caught in tick tock, does time mean money or does time mean art? Are you still attached to out-moded relationships and co dependency? Is your body still dis-eased and life a struggle, or is your life flowing and easy and everything comes to you? In all these states it does not mean you have to throw away your job, house, car, relationships, but it is the attachment to them and the way you handle them. Is it in a state of peace, allowing, trust, unconditional love and acceptance?
The Eighth Gate opens us up to the higher energies and the grace to assist in surrendering even more deeply into the Source within and trusting from the heart. It is also activating the DNA strands and light codings within our cells, the connection between mind and heart, left and right hemispheres as one brain, all parts awakened and integrated, one consciousness and an uplifted energy field, a rejuvenated body, and in the central channel, inner strength and free flowing life-force.
The Dragon People; ancient ones and our ancestors, creators of the crystalline grid, holders of the codes of light with the Serpent People; earth wisdom and pathway to the stars through the Sun speak of the Eighth Gate; of the time before now and what happened on Earth and the return now of those who saw and participated in this event; past-present-future, now. In this now moment we have the opportunity to transcend, density is illuminated with its own light and awakening remembrance of the living library of light, the divine codes of unity essence within matter and all dimensions and worlds. ‘Now with the Eighth Gate is the coming together of the duality forces once and for all, the progression of unifying through the other gates has got you all to this point and it is where you have unified so much to be here, past the point of no return. Your journey is now from the centre within you, as anchored and cemented on the physical plane by the Seventh Gate and now with the Eighth Gate into the eternal flow of light you are that gives and receives, flows in and out. All time and space is compressed and dimensions merged as the unified field of mass gravity is imploded from within and illuminates all matter as it awakens and remembers’.
The Eighth Gate is connected through the Belt of Orion with the middle star Alnilam and the second pyramid at Giza. The first pyramid, Cheops and the Kings Chamber has been activated, the cosmic egg is birthed through the Queens Chamber, and now through the earth and matter, it awakens the remembrance of the divine essence of all creation within all creation as all unifies, harmonises, and aligns. The individual soul and intelligence still maintains its uniqueness and consciousness but now the expanded identity embraces the beauty and peace, the wisdom and joy of the divine. Having experienced for so long its opposite it is now time to play in creation, the New Earth is birthed from the old in love, joy and beauty, of the grace that flows thorough all creation.
The Eighth Gate is where the cells are illuminated and glow at fine frequencies of light, the mulit-prismed filaments of light illuminate through their awareness of being ONE. A level of unity that accepts all aspects of self, others, worlds without reacting in the negative to a negative is required, to move through the Eighth Gate and to be able to hold the frequencies of the light octaves, the transmutation of illusion at a cellular level to the level of 20,000 strands of DNA – the White Light Body.
The Eighth Gate is activating the flow of cerebral spinal fluid through the central channel and spine; it activates the chakras and aligns the energy fields through the central channel, chakras and light bodies. The Eighth Gate opens the chakras to the level of the White Light Body, not many will be able to hold this energy when it happens but the gateway is open. The gateway is linked to the interstellar dust cloud, the Galactic Centre and is opening the Light codes of the living library to be activated in the collective consciousness for those ready, and in preparation for the Ninth Gate that opened at the Solstice 22nd December 2006 and completion of Creation as we prepare for merging with the Galactic Centre and Zero Point.
I TOOK A GROUP TO TONGA FOR THE EIGHT GATE to see about booklet of the joureny see under BOOKS and also undr MULTI-D JOURNEYS

The Light Codes from the Greater Central Sun, Sirius are being activated within the cellular memory of our DNA as we open up to the Ninth Gate on the Solstice, December 22nd 2006 and beyond.
The Ninth Gate is a quiet one due to the fact that it is on the subtle levels of the brains’ wave lengths and most of humanity is not ready to respond to it just yet on a conscious level, with the realization our unified essence with Source in a concrete physical way. For example you burn a forest down in Brazil and it affects the life of everyone on Earth, you burn a candle in London and the light affects everyone as well to a far smaller extent, but we are inter-connected and breathe the one breath.
The Ninth Gate has just been made aware to you consciously so close to its opening, or after it has opened as we have always been aware of it on the inner. Infact the Doorway of Orion is closed and we have already gone through, and we are now unifying on the physical plane and everyone is linked on the inner with this Gate. Our connection on the inner planes with each other, the Inner Earth Sun, the Inner Sun within, the Central Sun, Greater Central Sun, is where our focus is now being drawn to unify, resolve and complete our duality dramas. Awakening and activating our Light Codes to the level of the Central Sun in the living library of light as we become the creator Goddess/Gods of our worlds and Earth.
The Inner Earth Sun vibrates through the Gateway of Orion at the Ninth Gate, the Inner Earth and outer are now one. The Ninth Gate is completion of duality within, as you see on the physical Earth duality is still playing itself out. But in October 2006 the new Light Matrix Grid was anchored onto the Earth plane, this matrix of light is new to us, but not new to Earth, it’s the higher frequencies from the Inner Earth Sun that are illuminating to us now since the Earth shifted sixth dimensional on the March Equinox 2006 and the Inner Earth Sun beams more affectively. Awakened in the consciousness of humanity and through the Wesak Full Moon and Earth Day the awareness of the Present Light Body, Soulight Chakra and Earthsun Body were anchored more fully into our energy fields. Now with the Ninth Gate opening is the union of the Inner Earth Sun and Sun within, the Orion Doorway has already closed, you are already through it. All souls chose eons ago at the time of the last great shift in cycle to be here now to open to the love of creation within and without, as we move into the higher octaves of light within our physical body and life. The doorway of the Galactic Centre is now calling us and in these final out breathes from the Galactic Centre the journey has become one of allowing and surrender, love and peace as we reach the void and stillness and into the Galactic Centre, as we move through the cross over point. Our physical bodies are now becoming crystalline based, not carbon, we are the crystal, the diamond, the radiant light facets of the holograms of our love in our body, our body of light. Now is the integration through the Galactic Centre that takes us into the stillness and peace. We are fully in the Galactic Centre at the end of the Mayan Calendar.
The Galactic Centre is at 26 degrees of Sagittarius and is just 4 degrees off the December Solstice and whenever the Sun makes a seasonal ingress it is within days/degrees of a major aspect to the Galactic Centre. It is 26,000 Light Years from the Sun, and we are aligning with it now as we come to the end of the cycle, we become the Sun of our true Self (Second coming, Christ within) as our Earth becomes a Sun, illuminated from within, the Sun becomes a Central Sun, the Central Sun a Greater Central Sun, and as we unify we experience Heaven on Earth that we create through our love and divinity, all is Light.
The official thought is that the Galactic Centre is a super-massive Black Hole, a Black Hole sucks in all light and matter that comes its way, time and space and the dimensions compress, zero magnetics and the Void where all is manifest.
To assist you being open to the energies of the Ninth Gate; then merging with the Galactic Centre makes this easy. You may want to do the following for all your healing, unifying, activating, awakening and anchoring work. We are merging with the Galactic Centre in our Earthsun Body; that assists us to be clear and is a tuning rod that is connecting our physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies with those bodies of the Earth. Allowing and assisting unlimited awareness and being your body of light, master of yourself, refreshed, re-vitalized, physically immortal, the divine being you truly are.
For full information please see my book LIGHT CODE ACTIVATIONS.

Align and connect through prayer and intention to Source, in Divine Love and Oneness, through the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun as the Golden Light from Source illuminates through the Suns and down through your Crown, down through into your Heart. You become aware of the radiant Sun in your Heart, your connection to the Source within you, as the warm glowing Golden Light illuminates from your Heart out through your body, down your pelvis, legs, feet and into the Earth, to the very core of the Earth. As you become aware of the Sun in the centre of the Earth and connect into the centre of the Earth. Then aware of the beautiful earth energy as it flows up from the core of the Earth, through the earth in through your feet, legs, pelvis, body and into your heart. You are one with the centre of the Earth through the doorway of your heart, as the earth energy flows up your chest, neck, head, out your crown and back to Source. You are the doorway that allows the energies to flow through you both ways, through your heart and body.
Be aware of your connection to the Earth….. take your awareness down into the Inner Earth Sun, in the centre of the Earth… it illuminates up through the earth and into the Earth Star Chakra, then up into the Link Chakra and into your Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, until it moves into the Soulight Chakra, half-way between the Solar Plexus and the Heart Chakra……..Be aware that the Inner Earth Sun is in your Soulight Chakra……
Deep breathe in as you connect deeper into your centre….into the Sun in your Heart…warm and glowing, soft and loving….Now be aware of the Sun in the sky… as you greet it… its golden rays illuminate down through the Cosmic Gateway and down through Universal Gateway, Stellar Gateway, Soul Star and into the Crown, then down the Central Channel through the Causal Chakra, Frontal, Third Eye, Throat, Thymus, and into your Heart…..As the outer and inner Sun are One…….
With the Sun in your Heart and the Inner Earth Sun in the Soulight Chakra….become aware of the energy flowing between the two in a figure 8……..As the energies of the two Chakras and Suns merge, an energy body is created from the union of the Sun and Inner Earth Sun within you, the Earthsun Body…..Allow its energy to align and unify through you……..
Breathe deeply into yourself as each breath takes you deeper and deeper into your Heart and the stillness…….Be open to the pulse that illuminates from the Galactic Centre for this day (each day there is a different pulse that is understood in the Mayan’s Calendar)……………. Now merge with the Galactic Centre, just allow yourself to be there…in the stillness and through the Cross Over Point…………… in the Stillness…
Now be open to the energies of the Ninth Gate………these energies are not new to you but have been subtle and higher frequency. Be open to receiving and visualize yourself how you really chose to be in your highest aspects in a body on Earth.
Write down what you fear the most, love the most and feel unified and balanced with the most. Then to love and accept all of it as it becomes one. Deep breathe into the fears and imbalances with Golden Light from the Source and the thought of ‘love and acceptance, surrendering and embracing’, until you feel at peace. See the inter-connection between all your highs and lows and allow them to be,

the love you are embraces all……
You are now in the Tenth Gate so if possible allow time to do something special to honour, anchor and be open to the energies. Have the intent of allowing yourself to be fully present and to Be in your divinity, guided from the Source within you, whole, healed and at peace.


The Tenth Gate opened 20th – 22nd June 2007 on the Solstice and is the doorway of the unknown; walked through when we have no fear of the unknown. The cross over point of the Galactic Centre is completely surrendered to, into the unknown. Life will never be the same; the surrender is of all attachments to your identity as a human and what you base that on. As you know you are becoming a Hu – man/woman, goddess/god. There is no wavering on old structures and ways of being. The light is the path of least resistance now, in total surrender, your life will rearrange.
If you feel you have fears of the unknown, then breathe love and acceptance into them until they one with you and transmuted, so you are ready to hold the next level of frequencies and open up as you become your true self more deeply and grounded, one with the Inner Earth Sun.
The Tenth Gate is following the Ninth Gate in quick succession, the new light grid has been anchored, the matrix of light within us and the Earth is vibrating at new light codes; that assist us to hold the higher frequencies as we become our body of light fully. The light in the cells and Earth, in all this worlds’ soul story is expanding now to increase the voltage of light that enables us to be all holograms simultaneously, to understand, and comprehend in our conscious, physical waking life that we are part of all creation and not separate. The imbalances of pain and fear are so intense now as to implode inner wards and transmute simply by the pressure of the higher energies permeating the cells and awakening the DNA. The DNA codes are sparking a chain reaction not only within our own cellular/stellar memories but within the dimensions that have remained beyond the veil, as we open to them. The ability to move through the worlds is now awakened, the Rainbow Serpent has awakened, and the earth wisdom is illuminating to us through the rocks and crystals. The crystalline matrix has been activated within us by the amount of humans that use or accept the beauty and unifying essences and light from the crystals Mother Earth has given us for this purpose. The DNA is activated into that frequency and is now awakening us from being carbon based to crystalline light.
The Ninth Gate was right at the December Solstice 2006, as the Sun was conjunct the Galactic Centre 26 degrees Sagittarius and the Tenth Gate is when the Sun is opposite the Galactic Centre. Creating a doorway of energy that makes it easy to flow through the worlds in unity and move through the Galactic Centre; to have awareness of the creative abilities within, as we create the New Earth. The doorway is opened through the Earth and the Inner Earth Sun beams the light both ways and creates the friction and energy for the doorway to be opened, and the elemental and natural worlds of nature and minerals all one with the stellar realms and star energies. As we awaken to this and ground it in us the cross over point at the Galactic Centre flows, as the world as we know it can choose to be no longer stuck in the old astral fears and pain. The Sun illuminates more Solar Flares at this time and allows for the heightened light octaves to be ignited within the cellular memory of all creation, even those slaves to the limitations of density will see the light, and it will start to glow and shine within their hearts and eyes. The resistance, fighting and struggle is over, the surrender has created peace within, now we can begin to fully anchor the Light Cities back through the mist and Shamballa, Shangrila, AN and all the Light Cities in the Himalayas, Andes, Antarctica, Artic, under the oceans in Southern India and at Rama, at all the old cross over points on the Earth star map, at the pyramids and sacred sites world wide are now recalibrating and activating the life force, the serpent has risen and is moving across the landscape and through your kundalini. The golden light of your heart illuminates all your cells and bodies as you are the Star that you are and the worlds you create come to meet you. You accept and move through them all and as you do all is healed and unified, one.
The Tenth Gate assists us to open to the golden core essence within and embodies it through the DNA and cells. Remember your golden presence, the deep inner place within you, at peace in the universe and worlds within worlds, the golden presence of your true self is ignited more fully, the illumination is of joy and wonder, lightness and clarity, fully present Gold Body of Light, one with the Central Sun. As we prepare for our full illumination, as we ascend the pyramid and at the top aware of all the directions and dimensions, seasons and cycles, inner and outer one, the light within you ignites into a glowing radiance that shines through every cell as it remembers its Gold Light Body, Central Sun, fully present, one body of light. The Earth resonates and sings and the light matrix that has been anchored more fully is pulsing through the Earth, through you wherever you stand on her, all one matrix of light. The doorway of the Galactic Centre is opened through you and the Earth and the Stars, all one radiant light from the Source within you. The light illuminates your dormant cells as it ignites the matrix of light through the Earth, as the Inner Earth Sun shines its light and the two Suns are one. The doorway of the Light City you are opens and you step through the filaments of light, each shining alive and radiant through your whole being Earth, Sky and Stars, Suns - one Sun. The light is so bright it awakens the DNA codes of the Creator Goddess God you are, you see clearly who you are in all your glory and beauty, all you create through your love, all you are through your love. Do you realise that as you look in the mirror, to your soul, that the love illuminates you to full beauty, youth, joy and aliveness, the fear is gone and what is left is what you heart desired.
The Tenth Gate anchoring was at the time when the Sun was opposite the Galactic Centre, and conjunct Belelguese in Orion and Polaris the North Star. There is the Star Alignment of twin stars in Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer. The star Prior; the preceding star of the hand that holds the serpent, and Posterior; the following star of the hand that holds the serpent. This star alignment is showing us ‘as above as below’, we are at the time when we can hold the serpent, be the master of ourself and the kundalini flows through us igniting our chakras and opening us up to our Body of Light.
Ophiuchus is the thirteenth sign in the zodiac between Scorpio and Sagittarius and extends into the rich star fields of the Milky Way looking towards the Galactic Centre. Ophiuchus is opposite Orion in the Heavens and when we have moved beyond duality and unified the Serpent rises within us, the Kundalini, up the 22 vertebrae, the 22 initiations and is illuminated out the Crown. We become our Body of Light and master of our molecules. In the Great Pyramid, Cheops Orion and Ophiuchus are aligned in the Kings Chamber where the initiations took place. Going through Ophiuchus is the next initiation, as the Orion doorway is closing so Ophiuchus is opening. In Orion we experienced duality and birth and death, in Ophiuchus we experience Life, Physical Immortality and Being our Body of Light fully present in a body.
I took a group to Ladakh to anchor the Tenth Gate and as Ophiuchus aligned with the Inner Earth Sun, Orion and Ophiuchus unified.
The Tenth Gate at this amazing time of cosmic events assists humanity to rise out of the underworld and the desire body, out of the illusion of survival and lack and into total trust in the Creator, divine love from within our heart and the Source of all. We are the Creators of our world and become a being who walks between worlds, in the world but not of it.
We are now in the eleventh gate



The Eleventh Gate opened just after the Solar Eclipse 7/8th February 2008 without any conscoius awareness that it was happening for me anyway, just like the Ninth Gate. I had no idea it would be opening so soon, but at the Tenth Gate at the June Solstice, 2007 as a group of us were anchoring the energies in Lahdak there was a feeling that the Eleventh would not be far away, even though that seemed improbable due to 2012 still being five and a half years away at the time. But with all the huge shifts we have had since the Tenth Gate opened and the Eclipses in August 2007 and the energies coming through at the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008 and the Wega Stargate, I can see why. Our whole energy fields are being re-wired and the ‘no time’ reality is now time as time compresses and everything is accelerated, as we make the last few steps to our imminent awakening. As with all the Gate openings the Eleventh Gate creates the doorway for us to anchor our multi-dimensional self in our body on Earth as we become our Body of Light, being our divine presence. Please see The End of the Mayan Calendar.

The Eleventh Gate opening on the sunrise of 9th February at the place of first light (story below) was a shift in not only frequencies within the third, fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions but also the second and first. This means that the new light grid that was anchored on October 2006 is now able to pulsate the matrix of light through the old established crystalline grid, and then into the higher dimensional grids, that are now anchoring onto the Earth plane. The new vortex areas that are being calibrated now as they are able to take the stress, fatigue and imbalances from the old grid matrix and align and recalibrate it into the higher dimensions as t he Earth herself becomes a Star and heightens her frequencies of the sixth dimension and beyond. There are also new chakra points that have been worked on for cycles but now coming back into use for this next transition stage as we merge through the Galactic Centre one with the Central Sun and

Greater Central Sun, Inner Earth Sun.
In the 2006 March Equinox when the Earth opened up to the sixth dimensional energies in the more physical planes and outer world, the doorway has been open for humanity to really understand and balance themselves with nature, the plants and animal kingdoms as well as mineral. The kingdoms have been holding the energy of the Second Sun RA for humanity until they are ready to absorb and integrate the RA Light themselves and so we of the Galactic Federation and Councils of Light, Creator Goddesses Gods are now finishing this part of the journey. As we hand the chalice of life force to you to embody as you hold the matrix of light within and illuminate it through the grids and vortexes. Until all who choose to stay on the higher dimensional Earth are awakened and unified in their energy bodies, so the light matrix can illume to the point of humanity becoming hu-man. The spirit and soul fully present in form and expressing through the state of peace within and divine love and light.
The chakras of the higher dimensional Earth are now activating within your body and they are also aligned to the Stars and Planets in your Solar System and Galaxy. As you transit through the doorway of the Eleventh Gate; which is simply a frequency holder that allows those who choose to integrate these light codes within their cellular and DNA memory. The opposite effect is also happening as time and space compress and we move into ‘no time and space’ so space and time are created a new in the infinite worlds of separation from Source. So those who choose not to move with the cyclic flow will move into another world of duality and disharmony, but will not even be aware that this has happened. This is not tragic but simply part of the journey there is no time or space, it simply is, the all that is, one. The turmoil within is without and without in until the in and out merge like the in and out breath…stillness one point, no breath…..where all life exists eternal.
With the Eleventh Gate slowly opening through the Solar Eclipse 7th February 2008 4.44pm first light time, and through the Lunar Eclipse 21st February and Star Alignment of Bellatrix in Orion, and on 27th February the Star Alignment of Scheat in Pegasus, Central Sun and Dimensional shift, it is awakening the light codes within. The stargate of Wega on 31st January was the anchor point for the energies to be able to anchor on the earth plane, Wega ‘I am Light’ brightest star in Lyra the white hole Prism. This is not without some resistance, and within we are fighting the last battle of the old patterns and ego the control dramas and limitations of our experiences in the illusions we have created to unify and illuminate matter. This time is not one of movement but of stillness, not of looking without but simply in, of taking time out to simply be. The changes are happening regardless of what one wishes or even intends. The soul has already decided and is nearing completion of this last leg of the duality drama. Do not be hard on yourself if you feel stuck or unable to action things as before. Sit still breath and see the beauty within and without. The moment of birth is almost at hand and for a flowing passage we are best to allow and enjoy this time out to allow our bodies, minds and hearts to open as the light and the new matrix that illuminates from the Inner Earth Sun through the grids with the Second Sun and Sun, Central Sun Greater Central Sun and Solar Grid can integrate within us fully.

Now that the Eleventh Gate is open the energies are flowing more freely than before and you will start to notice the shifts; first in your body and the ability to be in the flow more, then with your life and what you are doing. It will flow even easier and more abundantly no matter what is happening in the third density world of illusion. You will also notice that all the inner work you have done can now be summarized and utilized to assist others even more powerfully, as you have an overview of it now. The place you are at as you start to move through the Eleventh Gate is of joy and ease, the duality world has no hold and any issues that may upset you are dissolved as you move through the Galactic Center and into the Void, into the all that is, where you realize they have no power. So you do not indentify with duality any more, or with pain or the old emotions that kept you so hooked into it. The New Earth is here and it is important to realize that you are in it already and co-creating. Everything you do is in the New Earth, the old paradigm Earth of illusion has served its purpose beautifully and Earth herself is transcended into the higher dimensions. All the vortexes, stargates, portals, dimensional doorways and places of awakening and unifying on the Earth have now become unified in themselves as well as you becoming one with them. All the codes that have been awakened within your DNA are now in unison and the same frequencies as all these places, as you are the pyramid, the crystal, the vortex, the Light.
The Eleventh Gate opening is here now for all to unify, the new paradigm is here, see yourself as you truly are, go beyond the illusion and fear, the time is now and we are one with the Galactic Centre. There is also a 12th and 13th Gate, we have had the 12:12 on 12th December 1994; the Gateway of Freedom opened. For me personally it was huge. I stated I choose to complete and after that life took on a very full on pace of karmic completions with people and patterns, what happened to you around that time frame? The 13:13 will be a zero point, as we move through the Galactic Centre and align through the Central Sun and Greater Central Sun; we become the Sun/Star we are in density.
The Eleventh Gate is like the Void where anything is possible and all things come together. In this coming together those that choose too are in joy and bliss at the union of opposites, and the love and beauty that is shared with all life. For those who resist the union then hard times are happening as the third dimension still operates in duality and there are lessons to be learnt there that need to be completed no matter how long and how many cycles it takes. The Angelics, Light Beings and ETs who are observing the situation are assisting with the souls of those in so much pain, and we too can assist by seeing them as already whole and healed and at peace, in their full divinity as is their divine right, as we learn to see ourselves as such also. The divisions of the worlds are getting less and you may notice in your own life the polarities you are unifying with your love. The underworld and the overworld are merging and this is done through us.
May you always be connected to that which you truly are, and may your connection strengthen to encompass all creation in the oneness and light of all life. May you remember your soul journey and your descent into matter and love and accept all resistance to your life, your body and being on Earth. May you realize that you are Light and so are all others and the Earth. Now you are home on Mothership Earth as she takes us into the Void and the next exciting adventure as we merge all multi-dimensional realities through the doorway of the heart.
In peace and joy divine love Soluntra.
Anchoring the Eleventh Gate will be taking place over the next three years at different vortexses, now from the place of First Light in Feb 2008 Solar Eclipse and into the Heart of Australia and Solart Plexus of Earth Equinox September 08.

On the Solar Eclipse 7/8th February 2008 with the Sun and Moon in Aquarius, the eclipse was sighted here at the place of first light, East Cape New Zealand. I was at my multi-dimensional vortex Awaawakino and at the Sphinx rock and was told by the Councils of Light through Greater Central Sun about the situation in the lower astral worlds coming to ahead now as chaos is reaching critical mass and humanity needs to make the next step now. They said “With the Solar Eclipse the light that illuminates within the souls of all beings is ignited from the Age of Leo where the Sphinx was activated to now. The doorway was closed within now its open…..go through now yourself”.
I do and become aware of being in the Sphinx and the energies there are humming, ‘ENOW TE HOOK TA HEA WONKIT NE AR NASH SLOE WY AH’. The hieroglyphics on the Temple of the Sun at the Sphinx are activated, the energies are awakened again, deep in the Earth there is a transducer and transdenser of light that calibrates the rotation of the Sun in our Solar System. It has been out of balance and is now being enhanced by the solar flares being transduced back into solar energy and returned to the Sun as well to the Inner Earth Sun. This is so the balance can be kept and those who have been underground since the last shift can now be liberated as the surface becomes safe for all as the inner and outer merge.
‘This Solar Eclipse is so important in more ways than you may realise, you can see the correlations with the Sphinx and the ages of Leo and Aquarius. Now that the doorway is open once more so many more souls will awaken and be who they truly are in peace and divinity. Duality is being squeezed out of existence as you are noticing in your own life, there is no time for conflict it takes too much energy, now it is to focus on what's important and required. Your journey in the next three days is important, follow closely to your instincts of where to stop and what to tune into there are codes that you will be absorbing’. I had arranged with my mum to go with her on a little journey around the East Cape to stay at Hicks Bay one night and then Gisbourne, not realising the importance of what was to take place.
nznlighthouseSo the next day we drive up the coast stopping for a swim and picnic lunch and then along the dirt road that leads past the coast to the Light House, at the eastern point where I have received important new Light Codes before. This time was no different and I raced up the steps through the bush to the Light House and reached the top and no one was there. I went to a spot, connected with the Sirian sound codes and to the portals, doing tones and light language and was told I am here to receive the light codes, so after the mudra and movements I lay down on the earth and absorbed the codes as a few tourists arrived.
On the drive back to the motel there was a great Hawk sitting on a fence post right by the dirt road as we passed, he did not move but eyeballed us and days later after I realised that the Eleventh Gate had opened I became aware of his message. I was told he is the Gatekeeper and here to shine the ray of hope and said ‘you are learning to see with my eyesight, I am the totem that takes you into the next level of your learning and light for the opening of the Eleventh Gate. I am the way to the highest realms that are manifesting on the physical plane now, the doorway has been open since the 21st of January, the Leo Full Moon for this to take place and now it is manifesting’.
That evening at the motel I went for a walk down the bush track that leads to Horseshoe Bay and the greatrocknznecsunrise11 portals and the Sun Rock where much energy work has taken place over the years as an Inner Earth portal, and was told on the inner to come there for sunrise. The sea was huge as there had been cyclones in the Pacific and the waves were pounding the rock.
Before sunrise on the 9th I drove down to the bay and walked through the long grass and down onto the rocks looking out at the Sun Rock. I connected TE KE NAKE UMA TON YOK and was told, ‘You are here to anchor the energies from Orion into the Inner Earth Sun, the doorway of Orion is closing as you know and the Earth is moving through as the energies are anchored through the Inner Earth Sun, all is made in ease and grace to flow through the Eleventh Gate!!! Place of first light….THE ELEVENTH GATE IS OPENED’.
WOW, the sea was still really rough and tide very high, the sky magic as the Sun started to shine above the horizon and I was finding it surreal in a way, the gate opening! I had got on the Full Lunar Eclipse, August 28th 2007 up at Mt Wolvi in South East Queensland, lying on the earth looking up at the full lunar eclipse that the Eleventh Gate opening would be early 2008 but had not anticipated it at all…..

Blue Beings/Light Beings from the Blue Star speak;
‘The Blue Star your home in the stars as the collective unified essence of your dimensional selves on Earth…..We have returned now at this time to ground and anchor the light codes for full light body awakening and integration, this is happening now as the Eleventh Gate has opened and is why you have been feeling so twilight zoney. You have been receiving great quantities of light in various frequencies of codings to be downloaded and relayed to human kind. The Eleventh Gate opened on the 9th of February as it did just after the Solar Eclipse, rather sooner than many may have thought it would. But this is so the heightened energies can be assimilated by humanity and utilized in time for the final point of no return when your Galaxy folds in on itself, just like the in and out breath, as they become one in a moment and all merges and simply is, in the stillness. As in that moment of ‘No Breath’ all is created and the New Earth is formed from the higher dimensional worlds where it has been holding until the right alignment of energies in your time space understanding were in harmony. For this to happen at the Equinox and Full Moon and Solar Wave, the energies will be dispersed to the fourwinds and the holders of the beam who are sacred guardians of the New Earth will be in place for this to happen. Where ever you and others are on the Earth is the perfect place for this to take part and for the alignment to be. The Eleventh Gate opening was way before those who think they are running the show had even a chance to stop it from happening. The Blue Star has returned now at this time for all who have been here on Earth and been assisting with the shifts in cycle are here to complete.”

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