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In this section in drop downs please see PHOTOS of sacred site vortexes that I have worked at world wide.

people often say they get healing and activating from looking at the photos.
See drop down of the INNER EARTH AND INNER EARTH SUN and experiences of the union of the Inner Earth and New Earth One under that.
NEW EARTH BIRTHINGS from 2001 and drop down BIRTHING 2009
with Golden Cosmic Egg, Diamond Light Matrix and ancient Kauri Tree.
THE DIAMOND LIGHT MATRIX that has fully activated now as we become our Diamond Light Body and into the Diamond Light Age.
See also under COSMIC EVENTS...ONGOING COSMIC EVENTS and scroll down

to the December 09 Solstice for important awakenings with this consciousness.
THE GOLDEN COSMIC EGGS that create our world.

TRANSFER FROM OLD WORLD TO NEW what occured at Wesak 2009, we are the Goddess/Gods. 










extract from Handbook of Ra by Soluntra king 

In this chapter we are looking at the New Earth with meditations to access the New Earth and your part in the dimensional shift into the New Earth. But first we will look at the Earth itself and what it is about.


Planet Earth this beautiful green and blue ball that spins around our Sun, our home in more ways than one is a gem in the galaxy and has a long history of inter-connective ness with our Solar System, Galaxy and Universe as it is an inter-dimensional doorway for other worlds. When the Earth was forming as a broken off mass of heated rock and gases, its exterior was dust and sonic winds. The crystals within it were formed from heat, pressure and temperate, holding the creation story and the codings of Light from its Source, and this beautiful jewel was already attracting off planet visitors. The first to arrive at this time were the Dragon and Serpent people from Altair, and as the outer surface was not habitable they went into the Inner Earth. There are many dimensional worlds within the Earth and so these beloved holders of the creation codings, the Creator Gods inhabited the inner realms. The Dragon people worked with the Crystals and they linked them around the Earth into what is know as the Crystalline Grid, Dragon Lines or Ley lines. This created an electromagnetic energy field around the Earth that then brought moisture and life, and made the surface inhabitable for many other beings. Some formed through this energy and others now able to come from other Star Systems through the vortexes into the Earth to seed it with their genetics and life. This seeding is still going on and is happening full on at present as we become the Sixth Root Race on Earth, all our ancestors are back to complete the story and heal and unify their own past, which is us. They/we travel through the dimensional doorways in the Grid from the Universe to Earth and into the Inner Earth and back again.
At the major crossings of the grid are the Dragon Liars or portals/vortexes; these are inter-dimensional doorways that have great Crystal Guardians under them that hold higher frequency Light Octaves. The Crystal receives and transmits this Cosmic energy, assimilates it and sends it through the grids, as well as stores, amplifies and focuses the higher Light Octaves. The vortexes are Electric or Magnetic or have both qualities, the Electric vortexes are male energy, giving emotional and physical charge and stimulating the consciousness. The Magnetic are female energy, which enhances psychic perception and the sub-conscious, or Electromagnetic vortexes that combine both energies providing balance.
The energy comes in and moves out of these vortexes – Dragon Liars as spiralling energy, which is the Serpent energy and are doorways into the Serpent tunnels within the Inner Earth and out into the Cosmos. The Serpent energy is the life-force energy, the kundalini, the DNA strands, your Chakras are all spiralling energy, as it spirals clockwise from the Cosmos to Earth with gravity and anticlockwise with antigravity, from Earth to the Cosmos. The Dreamtime and the Rainbow Serpent in the indigenous Australian Myths, the Pathway to the Stars in the Mayan cosmology, the Serpent people hold the Earth wisdom and are the most loving wise beings. The Serpent is often feared as the Vipers nest or poison, as the Serpent shows us our own inner poison and desires, lusts and fears as we dwell in the underworld until we can love and trust enough to rise. As this happens the kundalini moves from the Base Chakra to the Crown, the Serpent is the doorway that takes us to the Heavens as we marry Heaven and Earth. In the centre of the Earth is the Ancient Serpent Woman of divine love and wisdom and you can visit her any time as her love assists you to unify and birth out of the cosmic egg into your divine self. The Serpent rises and you ascend to become your Body of Light. So at the vortex points where the serpent spirals of life-force, inter-dimensional energy is held you can move through doorways into other worlds either physically if ready or on a soul level and awaken, activate and unify. These places the ancients knew about and often constructed Pyramids, Temples, Standing Stones, Stone Circles at for this purpose as these energies aligned at cosmic events such as solstices, equinoxes, eclipses, planetary alignments. They were built to align to different Star Systems as the energies were in harmony with the Earth, Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun, our Solar System was aligned with the Earth and as the Ancient Egyptians knew full well. The Nile was the mirror of the Milky Way and they built different temples along it aligned to the planets and stars in our Galaxy, this brought peace and abundance for all.
This was a time of the Golden Cycle were all beings knew who they were, the God Creator within and the Golden Solar Discs held the divine love beams through all the Greater Suns to Source. These Golden Solar Discs were used for this purpose and held the codes of the Living Library of Light. Now the Councils of Light work with them on the inner planes, and as humanity awakens to their and Earths divinity they are becoming anchored on the Earth Plane once more as the Golden Solar Grids also activate in harmony with divine will. The beings in the Inner Earth rejoice as they have moved into higher dimensional worlds over the eons of time that the Earth has gone through its cycles, now to make full circle as the Earth Mother and Goddess once more is awakened within us, as we are the Earth. The ‘Earth’ is ‘the RA’, when you change the letters around, and the RA is the Creator God/Goddess come back through the Second Sun which is now unifying with our Sun to bring in the heightened energies to uplift humanity through the DNA, charkas, kundalini and cellular structure as we become re-patterned back to our Source as the Creator God/Goddesses we are.
The Earth is us, and we realise as we take responsibility for ourself that the Earth Changes are our changes. If we release and transmute lovingly our anger and rage then the volcanoes do not need to erupt, if we deal with our emotions rather than feeling overwhelmed then the tidal wave is within us and becomes gentle waves, the hurricane becomes a gentle wind. If we flow with change, and embrace in love and acceptance all creation, stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and just accept, we do not need the shake up of the earthquakes. The Dragon and Serpent people are here to redeem the Earth and if humanity does not wake up then it will get a wake up call, if you know you are the Earth and in unity conscoiusness then none of this is of concern, as you are the doorway to the New Earth and the marriage of Heaven and Earth is through you. If you fear the changes then you will stay stuck in the illusion of duality and the belief in death and destruction and so spin around the wheel for how ever long you need to, until you finally realise that all is one, love and divine. Then peace is within your heart, your heart is Earth so Earth is at peace as you are, there is no separation. The word ‘Earth’ is also changed to ‘Heart’, just as it is to ‘the Ra’, and in your heart is the radiant Sun (Ra) of your true divine self.



The New Earth is simply the higher dimensional Earth and the only way we can be with it is through our heart in love, as we unify we open up the doorway of our heart to step through into the New Earth as Co-creators. We no longer operate in the Earth of duality and fear, we have moved into the higher dimensional worlds, this has happened before at changes in cycle and we call these places ‘Cities or Civilizations of Light’. As the world got denser they moved into the higher octaves of Light, still in the same space but occupying different dimensional worlds, places like Shamballa, Rama, Lemuria and Atlantis. There are Light Cities and worlds in the Antarctica, South of India, on the East Coast of Australia and countless other locations; in Tibet, the Americas, Africa and also places where there is now ocean, or there are doorways into the Inner Earth where these higher dimensional worlds exist like Mount Shasta and Sedona.
For those still on the wheel of incarnation and believing in death and birth, hooked into fear and the astral worlds then there is only the third dimensional world that they perceive. Now as we come into the Golden Cycle there is a massive shift of humanity through our consciousness and unification process moving into the New Earth, higher dimensional Earth into the Golden Cycle, we have chosen on a soul level to do this and now is the time that this is happening. So it is not just in a selected area like Avalon; where the patriarchal roman religion destroyed the Goddess and Earth connected way of being that made Avalon move beyond the mist, it is literally that now the mists or veils of illusion are moving and we are walking into the new creation, beyond the mists. This is happening for all who choose, not a "chosen people, which is still from old elitist, fear based controllers who want to keep everyone in separation."
This shift is a shift in consciousness and a shift in cycle, the return and unification of the Sun’s Twin the RA AR is heralding this shift as the RA Light illuminates humanity. There is no separation and the Earth is also the RA, Sun and Earth are One, the Earth herself is becoming a Sun as the Sun becomes a Central Sun, the Central Sun a Greater Central Sun. The Second Sun is the doorway into the New Earth, please see the mandala of this on the back cover.
For more on the dimensional shift please see that chapter. So what is the New Earth like?


Next are some meditations to help you find out.

See Soul Journey with the Rainbow Dragon to the New Earth

Working with the New Earth
The New Earth has always been here just like the Second Sun but in higher dimensions, as you evolve you access it, all the other Star Systems and Stargates are connected to it. Next are two separate meditations, try the first one first as it will be easier to access the New Earth. When doing these meditations read through the one you want to do a few times first to get to know it, then take yourself through it. Otherwise get a friend to read it out, or make a tape and play it to yourself, remembering to leave time in between to gain awareness and do your healing/unifying work.


Try this meditation first before you attempt the higher vibrational One, the Higher Vibrational One will not harm you, you will simply not be able to access it.

Relax and deepen, align and connect to Source, God Creator in Divine Love and Oneness as the Golden Light from Source flows through the Greater Central Sun, Central Sun, Second Sun, Sun and into your Crown… through your head, neck, chest and into your Heart, be aware of your connection to Source through the doorway of your Heart, the radiant Sun of your Divine Self…..The Golden Light now flows down through your body, legs and feet and into the Earth, down into the core of the Earth, into the Sun in the centre of the Earth……Connecting to the earth energy….. The earth energy now flows up through the earth, in through your feet, up your body, up your fingers, hands, arms, shoulders and into your Heart… you connect through the doorway of your Heart through the core of the Earth….. The earth energy now flows through your chest, neck, head and out the Crown one with Source….You are one with Source through the doorway of your Heart, and one with the Earth through the doorway of your Heart. You are the doorway, the unifier of Heaven and Earth within you.

Focus on your breath, as you take deep slow breathes…..with each breath in you go deeper and deeper into your Heart….deeper and deeper into your heart, you are aware of the Radiant Sun within your Heart…your Divine Self and connection to Source, the Eternal Love of your true self……The Golden Light within your Heart, your inner Sun glows with love and peace, beauty and radiance……

Your radiant Golden Light illuminates out through all of your physical body, awakening every cell to its divinity….every cell is alive and glowing Golden in the radiance from the Source within you…..

As the Golden Light from the Source within you illuminates out through your Etheric Body…..out through your Emotional Bodies…out through your Mental Bodies, out through your Spiritual Bodies…..

you become One Body, One Body of Light….
Now you travel in your Body of Light out into the atmosphere around the Earth…..

as you travel further out into the Solar System you see the beautiful blue and green ball way in the distance……You travel past stars, planets, asteroids, comets…….and are drawn to the Stargate you came through in this life, this Stargate holds the resonance and codings that are part of your Soul Story…….

You move through the Stargate having awareness of it, you may get a name or just be aware of its energy and how it relates to you…….

Now moving through the universe to your home in the stars….

You travel in your Body of Light past stars, suns, planets, comets, asteroids, moons…you travel on until you get closer to your home…As you get close to your home you feel the love emanating towards you….it feels so familiar…..the celestial colours, lights and sounds are so beautiful, familiar, welcoming…the love embraces you as you move into your home having awareness of how it feels, you may get visual impressions, inner knowing, a name, sense your family…..

Your home is a Central Sun, you feel the love, the familiar energy of your home, it maybe in this galaxy or in another…..You feel the connection within your heart, the love you are is your home, the home of your Central Sun is you, you are one with your home in the Stars, it is one with you……Your own Central Sun that is your home, that is you from within your heart and through the universe….

It is aligned to the Second Sun, the Central Sun that is one with the Sun, one with you……You move through the doorway that your are, one with the Second Sun, the Doorway of the Second Sun…..

Aware that you open up to the New Earth….and move through the doorway of the unified you from within your Heart, your own Central Sun as you are in the New Earth. You are one with the Central Sun and a Creator Goddess/God that creates Heaven on Earth, the New Earth the higher dimensional Earth that is in unity consciousness…….
You the Creator Goddess/God go to a place in the New Earth that is connected to you……
What is there, what does it look like?…..What is your work and service here?……How does it relate to you now?……What is the frequency and do you anchor it on the third dimensional Earth?……

Be aware of a portal near where you live that is a doorway to the New Earth? Trust what you get this portal maybe in you garden, house, or somewhere nearby, it maybe a place you visit often or somewhere you have not connected with before. Just trust whatever comes into your awareness about this……How does this portal relate to you?….Is there anything you need to do there in the way of healing, clearing, opening up, anchoring?…….Is there any special thing you need to set up at the portal to help you connect to the New Earth, higher dimensional Earth, or do you simply just be there?…….

What do you still need to unify in yourself so you can fully be in the fifth dimensional Earth?…..
See yourself as you are in the New Earth…..feel the love and beauty of that aspect of you, the warmth and radiance……

Open up to that aspect of you and feel it merge into you……you are radiant, loving, beautiful, unified…you are aware of the radiant Golden Sun inside your heart as it illuminates you, every cell, every particle, sub-atomic particle, every part of you is alive, radiant, through your Etheric Body…Emotional Body…Mental Body…Spiritual Body….you are One Body of Light, fully present on Earth as you see the Earth as it truly is, divine, beautiful all beings at peace and divine, you are the Creator of the New Earth, the doorway is through you, through your Heart…you are the Creator God/Goddess of the New Earth….

Be aware of yourself fully present in your body, your Body of Light, have awareness of yourself right in your toes, feet, ankles, legs, knees, thighs, pelvis, up through your body, chest, shoulders, in your arms, hands, fingers…up through your arms, shoulders and into your neck, head, hair… are fully present in your body, your Body of Light…..when you are ready slowly open your eyes……

For working on very high frequencies of unified energy we use the Stargate of the Southern Cross to move through. I personally had waited years before I was ready to access it and when I did, on the evening of 13th/14th June 2001, as I went through the doorway of the five stars to get to the other side I passed through so many dimensions and was aware of interfacing through many higher levels of frequency, until I passed into the new paradigm of unity and into the true me in the New Earth. The Stargate was opened and anchored onto the landscape at Serpentine National Park 32° latitude South in Western Australia south of Perth on 16th August 2001. Now that the Stargate has opened it means that the higher vibrational energies of the multi-dimensional doorway are now here to assist humanity, and that humanity is actually able to hold that frequency, for more on Stargates please see the Glossary at the back of this book page 93 .


I first made an essence of the Southern Cross on the Blue Full Moon in Virgo and 20th March Equinox at Uluru in 2000. I did this on the rock itself, invited by the Old fellows and the essence also had a piece of the rock in it as well as three violet flowers that wanted to go into it as well, they called me over and wanted to be made. They were growing on the rock as it had rained a lot just before I went out there, instead of the red centre it was the green centre with flowers growing everywhere on the rock as well. On the day this essence was made I was alone on the rock having gone up at 6.30am, but the Rangers had blocked it at 8am due to the intense heat and to my amazement after I had finished making the Star essence on an isolated part of Uluru, as I walked to its summit I was alone. After making the essence with the flowers the Aboriginal Spirit woman called me over to a pool of water and welcomed me, wanting me to bathe in it, so here I was on the Blue Full Moon and Equinox, naked bathing in pool of water on the top of Uluru with no one else there….what a blessing and the essence is for:

Made on Uluru on the Autumn Equinox and Blue Full Moon 20 3 2000
“I am your salvation and doorway through into the new paradigm. I assist those who have chosen to be here to help bring in the new paradigm. I am the catalyst to awaken your full potential as a grounded abundant, loving, wise, clear Being in service to God Creator and all Creation in Love for the shift in cycles. I am the Doorway of the New Paradigm.
With ULURU VIOLET FLOWER, three flowers– “I am at onement with the Soul”.

“I am at onement with all others”. “I am at onement with all creation”.
If anyone is interested in this essence as well as other Star, Gem and Flower Essences please see back of the book for details.

So as you can see the Stargate of the Southern Cross is now anchoring the energy of the New Paradigm, New Earth, higher dimensional Earth through all dimensional worlds and uplifting the third dimension into its higher dimensional aspects, this is for the Earth and all beings on her in all worlds and dimensions. Next is the meditation to assist you to move through this Stargate and work in the New Paradigm.

Relax and deepen, align and connect to Source as the Golden Light from Source flows through the Greater Central Sun, Central Sun, Second Sun, Sun through you, through the doorway of your Heart…through your body and the Earth, as you connect into the very centre of the Earth…….As the Earth energy flows through the earth, your body and heart, one with Source…..

You are the doorway, the unifier of Heaven and Earth…….

Focus on your breath and as you breathe IN you go deeper and deeper into your centre…..
Now as you breathe IN bring in Divine Light through the Third Eye sending it to Soul Star Chakra…then with the next in breathe, breathing IN Divine Light through the Third Eye and sending it to the Crown Chakra… breathing IN Divine Light through the Third Eye and sending it to Earth Star….breathing IN Divine Light through the Third Eye and sending it to the Base Chakra….directing the breath and Divine Light through the Third Eye and into the Solar Plexus….Divine Light through the Third Eye to the Throat Chakra….breathing IN and directing the Divine Light through the Third Eye to the Thymus Chakra….Divine Light through the Third Eye to the Sacral Chakra….

repeat through the Third Eye to the Frontal Chakra,…Stellar Gateway…Causal…Universal Gateway and Cosmic Gateway……in that order to bring in the alignment needed……..
Now become aware of all the Chakras as spinning balls of Light….they glow and get brighter and brighter…..until they merge and become One Chakra…One Chakra…..As the Light from the One Chakra illuminates out through the physical body…etheric body….emotional body…mental bodies…spiritual bodies…you are One Body, One Body of Light…
Become aware of all multi-dimensional aspects of self; dark…light….fear…love……see them all as one in acceptance and love….held in divinity and beauty…..see the beauty of all yourself….you are radiant, One Body of Light….
In your Body of Light you now travel to the Southern Cross….you are Divine Light and you travel through a beam of Light through the Solar System to the five stars that make the doorway….You move in through the Doorway of the Southern Cross……

.Have awareness of the higher frequency dimensional energies as you move through them……

As you move through the dimensional overlays you feel the light through all your body and the awakening of the codes within you….Remembering your divinity…your beauty and radiance….
You move through into the new paradigm through the doorway as your Inner Self takes you on a journey of unified essence……..Trust whatever you see/sense or know, your Inner Self will take you to what is appropriate for you at this time…….. Is there anything you need to integrate?……..Is there anything you need to be aware of in your life right now?……..What you are gifted with?………..
You are aware of this energy being anchored through you as you have made a dimensional shift within yourself…….

This energy is anchored through you on the Earth plane…..As you integrate this unified energy within and without, this dimensional shift, you are aware that you are aligned with the Second Sun, the Sun’s are One and open up the doorway to the New Earth…….


You are the Creator God/Goddess, merged with the Sun, Second Sun, Central Sun, Greater Central Sun… step through and are aware of creating Heaven on Earth, through the doorway of your Heart, your Divine Self, unified essence in oneness and peace with all creation….You see the New Earth, Heaven on Earth, it is the higher dimensional world of Earth, you see the beauty and love that resonates all creation in this higher frequency Earth, all is in unity and oneness…..


You see yourself in the New Earth and take responsibility for what you create and are aware that the Earth herself breathes; the trees, plants, animals, rocks, sea, water are alive, all radiant life force consciousness……You know that everything is living and alive….you see living organic homes and buildings in energy fields that harmonise with all creation….

You see humans at peace with each other and all animals, reptiles, birds, fish, insects, plants, all of life…..E

veryone and thing is glowing and alive, resonating light… are aware you can fly through the air, swim in the earth, dance through the sea….there are no limitations of duality and fear….you are in harmony with all of life……You hold the focus of this in your Heart and Mind, you are the Creator of Heaven on Earth……..

In your own time when you are ready be aware of this energy of the higher dimensional you right in your body, your body of Light….Every cell is alive, you are the anchor for the higher dimensional worlds, through you, through the Earth….You love your body, you are one with your body….You love the Earth, you are one with the Earth……you are aware of yourself fully present in you body, one with the Earth in love and acceptance for all life as it is right now….open your eyes when you are ready….




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