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by Soluntra King,



   The Diamond with its multi-prismed, multi-faceted, sacred geometry expresses the life force of the Universe from the Source within, the Diamond Lights of your Soul and Source. The Diamond can be utilised by us to attune us to Source within our Heart, the Diamond of the Unseen, the multi-faceted, multi-dimensional Diamond of our true essence with the filaments of Light, the Holograms of our Love that radiate rainbows of life force/light creating worlds within worlds. The Diamond allows us to experience our multi-dimensional self while still in a physical body and assists us to activate the cellular memory and DNA as we open up to our expanded awareness and purpose, our vision and clarity, inner strength and union our radiance, we are a Diamond.

The Diamond which is also the shape of the octahedron allows the energy to flow from the Sourceoctroperson through it in spiralling vortexes of life force energy/light and as it reaches the bottom apex flows back up the central channel and out the top apex surrounds the diamond/octahedron. If you do this through your self with the centre of the diamond/octahedron at your heart chakra several times you will feel the chi/prana/life-force zinging through your body. In the bigger picture we come out of the white hole and back through the black hole and through the cross-over point into the new creation. The diamond lights are all linked in the eternal flow. 

     The Diamond is a crystal and much treasured gem and the crystals were utilised by the Dragons and linked around and through the Earth to form the Crystalline Grid. This gave us life as we know it, and created the electromagnetic energy field that brings harmony and light to the physical realm. Now as the Draco Codes are activating further, as we make the alignment back into the home within, the Diamond within, our home in the stars, we return to the Source. The Diamond Doorway opens so that we can awaken the Living Library of Light within and allow the Diamond Lights to illuminate our chakras and each and every cell. As we take ourself into the inner planes of Earth and since the 999 on 9.9.2009 the crystal realms within the Earth have activated to the Diamond Light Matrix that has been awakening through the Earth. The Diamonds that have been placed around the planet are now awakened and humming and connecting through the Southern Cross doorway of the new paradigm, and through the Draco Codes that are flowing through in the Earth Light Matrix. As we allow ourselves to be the Diamond Light we are, liquid light plasma that is the next step in frequency for the Crystalline Grid.

whiteholebalckhole    The Draco Codes are activating the grids of Diamonds through the planet, the Diamond Light Matrix and much work has been happening with the Diamond Light by many light workers for years. This is intensifying now and there are great Diamonds placed in the Earth that are activating, some that I have been aware of and working with recently are in Bangalore India at the Light influx in February March 2009, and Doubtful Sound, South Island, New Zealand at the March Equinox 2009, at the Central Starmap for the September 2009 Equinox in Kauai. Hawaii, at the central plateau North Island NZ for the March 2010 Equinox and at Tathra NSW and Magnetic Island in 2010 in preparation for the shift out of the Underworlds. Each Diamond is placed at a crucial vortex point that is harmonising not only the Earth Grids, and Light and Solar Grids but also stars in our Solar System, Galaxy and Universe. They have been there since the formation of the crystals and the work of the Dragon people creating the Crystalline Grid, and now the next stepping up phase of our awakening consciousness as the liquid light plasma illuminates through us in Diamond Lights. Through the chakras and cells, DNA and life force in Diamond radiant prisms of light that are the energy of creation, in the macrocosm and the microcosms.

    The Diamond is important as it is the doorway through all the worlds and dimensions. It holds the Source light at the creation story of the Greater Central Sun and light waves of creation for density and into the New Earth and New Creation.

    The Diamond Light Matrix operates through the Crystalline Structures in the Earth and the dimensional worlds within the Earth and the Sun in the Inner Earth. Each time a person connects to the Inner Earth Sun it lightens up. The Inner Earth Sun is instrumental in keeping harmony through the Earth and on the surface with the release of pressure in the tectonic plates.

    The original Crystalline Grid is active to the extent that it has raised the consciousness enough for the new light grid to be anchored more fully in the DNA. The new matrix works through the DNA of humanity and the Earth, the Earth’s DNA is increasing to assist her to ascend into light. Many have been tampering with this, the Reptilians who assume they own the Earth and the DNA codes are leaving and transmuting into higher life forms. They were instrumental in the inception of Earth and the DNA matrix of life to this point. Now as the DNA activates to divinity within the cells of humanities bodies in the material world they have finished their mission, and the fear factor that kept and trapped humanity into limitations of the third density have been forced to release their hold purely by the shift in cycle, not from any judgements of their control dramas. This is perfect and part of our mission to unify duality. As we are aware; on the physical plane this final hold on power and control is in its final throes with even more fear and control being manufactured everyday. But for those who have connected into their hearts and their inner light it cannot hook into and as you know more are waking up everyday to their divinity and peace within.

  The water is now heightened in Light Octaves and will assist humanity, many of us have worked with the light codes in the water for many years and it means that the water is energised now and will hold the Diamond Light Matrix. There is still more work with the water in the next few years as it rises in the oceans, water or lack of it will be about the most important thing on this planet. Now it is time for the water in your body to get fully energised and activated if you choose, by drinking water charged with quartz crystals, and drinking more than normal to cleanse the cells and allow the transmissions of crystalline light to illuminate the cellular memory.

These are just some I can remember and have at hand to share, there are many others over years and also many light workers who have been doing this work.
In September 2009 there were some big inputs;
”On the 9-9-9, many light workers were focusing on the activation of the once dormant Atlantean "Emerald Crystal of Healing" located in the Arkansas Crystalline Vortex of the USA and triggering further activation of other mega influencing crystal formations in the Earth including the Om Crystal of Multidimensionality in Mt. Shasta; the Golden Crystal of Healing in Minas Gerais, Brazil; and the Sun Moon Crystal of Light in Lake Titicaca. According to Tyberonn, founder of Earth-Keeper, the reverberation of the emerald crystal will flash an electro-crystalline wave that will instantly awaken the other dormant Master Atlantean power crystals. The planetary Crystalline Grid will be further strengthened into 75% functionality. He continues that the heralded Ascension is then, in effect, the coming of the new Crystalline Age. The 9-9-9 event will greatly recode the crystalline energy of both the planet and humanity”. Extract from

I was at Mount Maunganui, North Island New Zealand at the so called extinct volcano at the end of an isthmus with the Pacific Ocean on its east and north, to the west Tauranga harbour and Kaimai mountains and to the south the isthmus with the suburb of Mt Maunganui. I have done much work here over the years and at the top is the Sun Temple and below it on the coast and volcanic rocks the Moon Temple. With pyramids out at sea that string all along the coast line and down to where I live at the south eastern end of the Bay of Plenty, a doorway for the Inner Earth Light ships and Crystalline Grid point with ancient MU energies and New Earth awakenings. On the walk up to the top of the mount under the amazing rocks I honour all the beings and go into a crystal gateway tunnel that is multi-prismed crystal light, it is so beautiful and I am reminded to go into it everyday on the inner planes for more liquid light plasma activation in the Crystalline Light Matrix within the body.
At the top I stand on the vortex and connect, the energy is amazing, the sort that almost blows one over, the Crystalline Grid Light Diamond Matrix. I travel in my body of Light to Mt Coondo. South East Queensland Australia and other places I have worked at over the years, to the top vortex Crystalline Grid point the Aru, Kashmir where oneness was anchored and a great crystal mandala laid under the grass in 1995, the glacier lake above Sonmarg from anchoring of the Living Library of Light in the waterways in 1996, to the Gurmak Glacier at the source of the Ganges, Men-o-tol in Cornwall and Silbury Hill in England and vortexes in northern Europe and also Russia. Lights go on and Alaska, Mt Shasta, beings coming out of the vortexes, MU and Inner Earth 6D beings, through to Romania and a vortex in the mountains there, Egypt under the Sphinx . Then to India and to the Yogis cave who I is alive after 200 years buried under the earth, and I have had a big connection with him over years. He told me that this link up worldwide with us all through the crystals is of vital importance to the grids and harmonisation of tectonic plates for the shift and the diamond light within and without, liquid light plasma, our next step.

Just before and at the Equinox, working with the Draco Codes and the Ancient Dragons at the volcano’s in Hawaii, at the active crater on the Big Island the Ancient Dragon and Draco energy came in very strongly, as an activation and reminder of the return of the Ancient Ones in human form now to herald the way of the Serpent Bearer and the Draco Codes. The Draco Codes are crucial now for the balance of the initiated forces of light to cement the Diamond Light Matrix fully in the Earths energy fields at the higher subtle levels as well as at the densest. The Diamond Matrix of light was activated through the core of the volcanoes and is decisive for distribution of light through grids linking into the Diamond Light Matrix. It linked into the matrix now the Doubtful Sound Diamond (that I had connected to just before the March Equinox that is huge under the sound) and to the one at the Hawaii crater were linked, and are now like magnets. This opened up into the higher dimensions the Diamond Light that can illuminate fully now. Much of this work in Hawaii was also connected to the tectonic plates and Ring of Fire, the earthquakes and tsunamis could have been much worse but enough people are linked through the Diamond Light in their hearts which is one with the Earth and the Light Grids in the Earth and the harmonisation of the grids can only happen through the combined work of all those who are meditating and linking at certain cosmic events as well as spontaneously and of course in our higher self light matrix union. We are the Earth and through our rasing of consciousness and open hearts she harmonises with us.

At the Equinox itself the work with the Central Starmap, at a major Diamond vortex at the top of the Waimea canyon in Kauai Hawaii. Please see The Central Starmap.
The day after the September Equinox in Kauai at the Kilea Lighthouse a nuclear explosion that had happened in the fourth cycle (we are in the 5th cycle going to the 6th). Its energy needed transmuting, as it had still been affecting the plates and the vortex was shut down, it was bombed intentionally to block the vortex but its time for it to be open once again. I went over to the point and connected especially to Lord Shiva and Vishnu to help transmute the radiation, having worked a lot with them on this project. The dolphins help also and it unplugged and the energy poured out and an Etheric Temple rose with beautiful huge columns. The Temple of Divine Light and Redemption I am told. The temple is now here and will create great light through the plates and grids here and will link eventually to other etheric temples worldwide.
At the second Lunar Eclipse in August 2009, (please see all three eclipses). There was such a huge shift, so much light and remembrance of light codes of the creation story. At Awawakino Bay, my major vortex near where I live East Cape, place of First Light New Zealand I connect with everyone and the link up, and all creation feels so light and bright. I see us all dancing light, celebrating. Then I go down to the end point of the bay near the pyramid and Goddess realm and connect to those that are doing this work and see the vortex that opened on the June Solstice and the fish in the ocean were really alive and light. The beautiful Diamond Light Matrix shinning and anchoring through us all into the Earths vortexes. The Guardians of the Serpent Doorways said:
“Beloveds the Diamond Light Matrix through the hearts of you all, through your love is fully activated. Be the diamond you are. You are all connected in the unlimited facets of light, woven through your love. As this love connects more fully the Earth spins,as it spins in through the Galactic Centre. It is spinning so fast and bright that the flip is not even noticed and into the higher dimensions. The dolphins and whales, the trees and flowers, the elephants and serpents have been holding this with the bees, ants and flys. Other species have also been assisting but these are the main ones as humans awaken and allow the light to illuminate through the Diamond of the heart, one Matrix of Light.”
The grids and Golden Solar Discs are glistening, in the lower realms much confusion and fear of a great storm brewing. The Golden Solar Disc within each of us is anchoring through to the lower realms as souls who choose can be liberated and allow themselves to be in joy, peace and light. Many are choosing now as there are so many of us holding the beam.

The Lunar Eclipse took us inward; within ourself as well as into the Inner Earth Sun. The golden beings are linking through the energising of the Inner Earth Sun by us as individuals and as we connect through our hearts into the one heart, one sun. With the focus and intent of being the bridge to awaken the light codes within our third dimensional body, with the Earth with all our bodies and all the Earths, One Body of Light. We strengthen the grids and tectonic plates, the vortex points are recalibrating and there are new vortexes as well as ones that have been there since the creation. Now these vortexes are being recalibrated and strengthen in order for the Earths and our transition into the higher dimensions of Light, we and the Earth are not separate.

The new Light Matrix connects more fully into the Crystalline Matrix and the higher dimensional worlds unify with the Earth and Earths dimensional worlds creating an awareness of life/light in abundance and peace, harmony and radiance. This is our Source and our destination; as we breathed out and now in the pause unify and breath in…..transparent… one breathe….no breathe….Light. Some of you may have experienced no-breathe where one does not need to use the lings but Light flows through our whole being as we are Light. My experienced gave me a deeper understanding of this at a cellular level and also cosmic orgasm in every cell of my body for days. I have met others who had this experience also so we are fast coming into the time of BEing our Body of Light fully, in the body we occupy now.
At March 11th 2009 Virgo Full Moon, just home from the Light Channeling event in India I hold and link some of my big quartz crystals with the moon and grids through the Diamond Light Matrix in the earth and to the diamond at the Shiva temples at Chamdra Hill Mysore and Nandi Hill for the Diamond in the cosmic tower at Manasa Bangalore. I had to make lots of sounds codes and realiseed why the rishis wanted me to do the sound codes in the cosmic tower just before I left to fly home. The Diamonds illuminates and linked through the grids and I could feel my whole energy field shifted a great deal lighter with that of the Earth and everyone else. The Diamond Light matrix illuminating through us all one.
At the Light house at the most eastern part of the East Cape the next day I connect to Diamond there and others through the grid at the Shiva temples at Chandra Hill, Nandi hills to the Cosmic tower for the awakening of the light body in humans and the light Earth. The Devi/Goddess is present at the place of first light, codings doorway and Diamond Matrix. She tells me “that the Diamond here is bigger than the ones in India, it has been lost since the time of MU. But now as Guardain it is only necesaary to be present as the energies have been aligned and anchored in the physical, the Diamond here I have worked with in the golden cycles.The Diamond is important as it is the doorway through all the worlds and dimensions. It holds the Source light at the creation story of the Greater Centreal Sun and light waves of creation for density and into the New Earth and New Creation”. On the beach later my inner voice said REDUCE YOURSELF TO A GRAIN OF SAND….THEN NOTHING, try it.


At Doubtful Sound just before the March Equinox 2009 as I travel across Lake Manapouri making the sound codes all the way on the inner the dolphins and whales hear and were waiting for the activation of the Diamond Matrix the new Light Grid through the lake and Doubtful Sound. At doubtful sound the crystals were aligned with the Second Sun and also with Mt Titiroa where the Golden Egg from the inner planes at the Potala were anchored at the top of the mountain on the Equinox in preparation for the shift of energies from Mt Kailash at the Wesak Full Moon.
There are caves under the sounds and lake that were in the time of MU ancient sacred places where Yogis went. The Yogis were still there and moved into the higher dimensions as the great Diamond was activated; they had been holding the light for all that time and had not been into the outer world since then. They had been waiting for this time and it was a great reunion as they ascended and completed their mission.
The diamond in Doubtful Sound the biggest of all and the energies from Uluru, Mt Warning and Kimberley’s in Australia, the Cosmic Tower, Mt Kailash and Kanyakumari in India radiated through to bring it into activation, it is huge 19kms in circumference at it’s middle. The dolphins and whales had been waiting for it to activate so they could go home to Sirius B and Andromeda. There will be less and less whales and dolphins, some will think it is because of pollution and whaling, fishing and killing of dolphins which all count of course, but they will have finished their mission here and return back to their form as a star. Some will still remain to assist humans as they have been doing all along, but as humanity owns their own divinity and awakens their divine blueprint their mission is completed.
I can remember coming in as a dolphin and also being a real star (not Hollywood) and some of you also will remember these multi-dimensional aspects of yourself. When enough of us do then the whole dace of light changes into the higher eart/self/worlds.

On the Equinox at noon an energy was beamed from Mt Kailash to the Golden Egg I had received in the inner planes in the cave under the Potala and then this energy was sent out through the new grid, the old grid cannot cope with this higher frequency light. Connecting into the serpents head it illuminated the diamond eye and connected with Ophiuchus. Orion; its mission completes as we make the shift through the Galactic Centre and Orion moves out of the sky. A lot of this work is in earth time a long way off yet, it has happened on the inner and will take approximately 230 years to happen on the denser realms of existence.
Mt Titiroa which I have been given the name Mt AKÚM looks like a great crystal with prisms and doorways into different dimensions and worlds and at the Wesak Full Moon with the help of Tane Mahutu the great Kauri tree, thousands of years old and the Devic Kingdoms, the transference of energies occurred. The Devi/Goddess sat on the shores of Lake Manapouri, that I now call Lake Parasha and the clear light illuminated through the mountain. The time of the Goddesses and Gods holding the energy is over they have graduated and so have we, we are the Goddess and God and we are in the time of CLEAR LIGHT.
At the March Equinox was not only the completion of the anchoring of the 5th dimension into the 3rd but the activation of the Diamond Light Matrix fully and the awakened light body, things have sped up, and it is necessary for humanity to make a huge leap now.
On the New Moon in Taurus in April 2009 at Cape Regina to top of the current land mass of New Zealand the Light Grid and Diamond Matrix was activated and linked with Mt Akum, Stewart Island and the whole of New Zealand glowed. On the hill overlooking the lighthouse and the meeting of the waters, honouring the northern point, I was told; “You are here to work with the Ancestors, the place of departure of souls has shifted as has everything else. Souls no longer need to be sent off (this was from the Maori traditions). Now it is an in breathe, inward process, into themselves, into the light within. This place is now being anchored with the Diamond Matrix of Light and seed Cosmic Eggs are shining bright.” Remembering that this work in human earth terms is 100’s of years in the future in the denser realms of existence but has already happened in the lighter higher realms.

I saw all the seeds of souls coming through radiant. As I sat on the hill watching the two oceans meet, west and east, male and female. I also saw the northern tip and southern tip of Aotearoa at Stewart Island all linked and the energies zinging and radiant.
Nearby is Doubtful Bay on the eastern side, where there is a Golden Solar Disc that merged in with the vortex and links with the Matrix of Light. I thought it was also interesting that the great Diamond in Doubtful Sound, at the bottom west side of Aotearoa was linked to Doubtful Bay, top eastern side of Aotearoa and the great Diamond and Cosmic Egg in the vortex here. As the linking created a great resonance of light and energy flow through New Zealand and fell into a holding pattern for the New Earth and New Zealand being the place where it all starts.
Then at Ahipara on the west coast at a little mountain there by the sea, at the base of the Ninety Mile Beach. Muruwai (Waitaha princess whom I work with on the inner planes some times, the Waitaha people were peaceful and lived in Aotearoa before the Maoris came and were killed except a few females who passed on the lineage). She was with me as we sounded the codes and the Dragon Guardian left as the Serpent Egg/Cosmic Egg comes into the mountain. I was told that this mountain is a special link to Mt Akum now with the Cosmic Egg and is balancing the energies that are linked through the new Diamond Matrix of Light. I saw zapps of light flowing through New Zealand from north to south, and south to north. (I was at the Steward Island in early December 2008 and Mt Akum for the 12;12 and 13th December and then the March Equinox 2009). All this has a lot more to do with the bigger picture and the shift in cycle than we may have understood consciously as at the Wesak Full Moon the transference of energy from Mt Kailash and Tibet occurred to the New Earth and place of the new energies.
In December 2008 I was at Lake Hawea in South Island with a group of dedicated lightworkers I had organised for the 12:12 and there is a Cosmic Egg there so clear and powerful we just had to receive the codes. At Lake Wanaka the Diamond Light Grid was connected with the Golden Solar Disc in Lake Parasha/Manapouri and Golden/Cosmic Egg at Lake Hawea stabilizing the planet and the Diamond Light Matrix Grid is bringing in so much light now as it has been fully activated with the Golden Cosmic Eggs and Golden Solar Discs.

At the first Wesak Full Moon 2008 (there were two that year, blue Full Moons in Scorpio) at Jasialmer Lake in the Rajasthan Desert, India. I walk around the lake and connect to the Ancient One in the lake and I ask permission of them and the guardians to enter into their space as Light spirals into the centre of the lake and I am told;.
“The grid system here has been holding the Diamond Light Matrix with trice the extra codes now of Light from the Central Sun and Greater Central Sun, before it was from the Sun only and Inner Earth Sun. The Inner Earth Sun is at the core of the Diamond Matrix and can now be illuminated and balance the Central Sun and Greater Central Sun, this is assisting the harmonization of the Tectonic Plates. There is one plate that intersects here under the Earth, that is why it is so important not only for what is happening on Earth but also to repel and stop nuclear blasts in the Earth here as well as above the Earth, it would be disastrous for Earth and all life. The Pakistani and Indian governments are both capable of doing this, but now the new matrix and treble Diamond Light has been anchored it is not possible. You wonder where the Second Sun is in all of this, it is illuminating the RA Light through the Diamond Light and assists it to vibrate at certain frequencies that enable the Diamond Light to radiate without blasting everyone out. The birds especially as you have seen last night and this morning as well as the animals and plants are still holding this energy for most of humanity as they slowly open up to absorb it.´

A week after Wesak I was shown at the Central Golden Solar Disc at Mysore, the Earth covered in light codes and we will be able to move into the black hole/void/no time/no space/higher dimensional unified matrix of Light and into the new creation without interference, and that the Light Beings with most of us in consent neutralizing the nuclear radiation and devices. We have shifted before with great Earth Changes and our own power issues blinding us into nuclear destruction, but now in this cyclic shift it is in Love not Fear.
In July 2007 after the 10th Gate opening at Ladhak in India travelling back to the southern tip again at Kanyakumari and to the vortex, the new Light Matrix Grid was anchored more fully and opening a doorway into the New Earth through the Diamond Light Matrix and the higher light octaves of Sirius the Greater Central Sun. Since then the light matrix has been anchored more fully at many locations especially in the southern hemisphere as the energies have shifted.

On the Aries Full Moon October 7th 2006 the new Light Grid and Diamond Matrix was anchored at Kanyakumari , southern tip of India where three oceans meet and ancient light city and great dimensional doorway and through vortexes in the area. Also anchored through Zosers step pyramid at Saquarra, Cairo, Egypt at the Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse and Equinox 22nd September 2006, and also Amara's hillock Bangalore urban, India and Awawakino, East Cape New Zealand, this grid is now being anchored and activated around the Earth
In 2006 the Earth shifted sixth dimensional on the March Equinox, and anchored at the Solstices and Eclipses, the light codes are activating within us rapidly. The Earth has heightened frequency with us. The doorway of our heart is open to our higher light octaves and in October 2006 the New Light Matrix Grid and the Central Golden Solar Disc were anchored. This Grid is the light codes of our divinity within the Earth, our body and Inner Earth Sun and the Sun within us.

We are opening up to the new light codes and being present in our Body of Light. with the new Light Grid anchored and this reflects what is happening internally within us. As the light codes activate and our atoms become silicea/crystalline based from carbon based, we are creating the new root race and the New Earth, one with the Crystalline Matrix of Light, as the inner and outer Earth are One. The light codes are awakening within us and the light matrix within the DNA and cells one with the Crystalline Matrix of Light within the Earth, aligned through Sirius, the Greater Central Sun and Inner Earth Sun.
We are now ready to open to the potential of these new energies through the Soulight Chakra; that connects us with the Inner Earth Sun, and when the Sun and Inner Earth Sun unify within us through the Heart and Soulight we create a new energy body; the Earthsun Body that unifies all our energy bodies with the Earths. Through this connection we become a tuning rod that holds the higher light octaves and awakens our consciousness and awareness, strengthens and revitalizes our body and assists in all ways with our being and life. Unifying all our energy bodies with the Earths is necessary for our transition into the higher dimensions of self and Earth, as we open up the Present Light Body, one with the Central Sun and Inner Earth Sun, fully present in our body, our body of Light.

The Diamond with its multi-prismed, multi-faceted sacred geometry is the life force of the Universe from the Source within, the Diamond Lights of your Soul and Source. The Diamond can be utilised by us to attune us to Source within our Heart, the Diamond of the Unseen, the multi-faceted, multi-dimensional Diamond of our true essence with the filaments of Light, the Holograms of our Love that radiate rainbows of life force/light creating worlds within worlds. The Diamond allows us to experience our multi-dimensional self while still in a physical body and assists us to activate the cellular memory and DNA as we open up to our expanded awareness and purpose, our vision and clarity, inner strength and union, our radiance, we are a Diamond.
For more on Holograms please see the Glossary and my “Handook of RA’.
You can visualise a Diamond;
· In your Heart Chakra to give you inner strength and a strong connection to Source.
· In your physical, then etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to clear your energy fields and resonate at higher octaves of Light.
· In your Heart; step through into the Diamond and the multi-dimensional, multi-prismed facets to access holograms of your Love, parallel experiences that are already unified or ready to be loved, embraced and unified as the Diamond Light and prisms illuminate brighter and brighter through your Love.


This activation of the Chakras is using the Diamond as a Gateway to step through into the unseen, the Fifth Dimension and beyond. By doing this practice it assists you in being more able to be master of yourself and move your energy field consciously in a multi-dimensional way.
Before you start always make sure you are connected to Source and the Earth through your Heart and divine presence. Ask in prayer and with intention to be connected to the Source of all that is in Divine Love and Oneness. After you have stated this then connect the Golden Light from Source, through your Crown down into your Heart Chakra and down through your body and into the Earth. Then the energy from the Earth back up through your feet...body… Heart… neck…head…Crown and out to Source.
Doing Abdominal Breathing, slow, gentle and rhythmic.

Breathe IN as you draw Platinum Diamonds (just pictured or sensed) up from Earth Star and Inner Earth Sun through all the Chakras.
As you breathe OUT Golden Diamonds come down from the Suns and Cosmic Gateway through all the Chakras to Earth Star.
Continue doing this, you will sense a merging and aligning of Higher Resonance.
Do this for as long as you feel too, maximum of twelve minutes.
Then draw the Diamond at the Cosmic Gateway and the Diamond at Earth Star into your Centre at the Heart Chakra...........becoming the Diamond......being aware of all the facets of Light within your Being....

Not in Light Code Book and just added.

The Diamond shines bright in your heart centre and you are aware of the prisms of  rainbow lights shining out through your heart and through the cells of your body. Every cells is alive and diamond bright……

The thirteen rays of the rainbow shine through your cells clear and radiant, every cells is alive and sparkling in diamond light…

As the diamond light facts glow through your heart and cells of your physical body,
the diamond glows brighter and brighter and glows through your cells and out into your etheric body as your etheric web and blueprint glows in diamond lights, clear and radiant….

.As the diamond light facets of unlimited lights glow through your heart and cells and physical body, etheric body and out into your emotional bodies, clear and radiant…

As the diamond light shines out through your physical, etheric emotional bodies and out into your mental bodies clear and radiant in unlimited facets of diamond light…..

As the diamond light shines from the source within you and the diamond light that you are, through all your physical, etheric, emotional, mental and out into your spiritual bodies… you are one radiant diamond light….
Aware of your connection to the earth and the diamond light matrix that shines out through the earth and connects to all the diamonds in the earth shining bright, as you are one with the earth and the diamond light matrix….

You are aware of the ethers and the diamond light matrix shining through the ethers and out through the heavens and cosmos…

All one diamond light matrix from the Source within you and through all the cells of your body, all your energy bodies and out through the Earth, ethers and Heavens the cosmos, all one…as you resonate in the Diamond Light Matrix…..


More information using the Diamond to unify please see the books Light Code Activations and Gateways of Unity, Inner and Natural Healing.

On the September 2013 Equinox; nine months after the Great Shift, a birthing occurred and the diamonds are now through the Crystalline Grid.
Crystalline Grid is linked by all the crystals in the Crystalline Matrix of Light that we are too, with the chakras through us and the Earth, the doorway vortex points for inter dimensional travel and the serpent, kundalini, life force flow.
For the crystals to now appear on the inner at the fifth dimension as Diamonds in the Crystalline Grid shows we have integrated the higher dimensions through to the firth dimension, the new physical for many, we and the Earth have birthed our Star self in all our radiance. This is real for those resonating at the fifth dimension. For those not it is still a process of integration mostly still happening in sleep state.




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