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Soluntra King

 It is 20th April 2008 on the Wesak Full Moon the first one, there is also another with the next full moon still in Scorpio May 20th, and in between them the Sirian Wave on the midpoint of the Fifth Night of then Galactic Underworld May 16th. I am at Jasialmer in the Rajasthani desert near the border with Pakistan.
 the lake at Jasialmer I have been working through the vortex for many years before coming here and on the physical it is surrounded by temples some still used and some small and some in ruins around the perimeter of the lake. It is hot and dry and the water level is down as it is coming into summer and needs a few months of heat build up before the rains come and fill it up again. It still has a lot of water and people are having fun in hire paddle boats and canoes.
 I walk around the lake and connect to the Ancient One in the lake and I ask permission of them and the guardians to enter into their space as Light spirals into the center of the lake and I am told;.
 “The grid system here has been holding the Diamond Light Matrix with trice the extra codes now of Light from the Central Sun and Greater Central Sun, before it was from the Sun only and Inner Earth Sun. The Inner Earth Sun is at the core of the Diamond Matrix and can now be illuminated and balance the Central Sun and Greater Central Sun, this is assisting the harmonization of the Tectonic Plates. There is one plate that intersects here under the Earth, that is why it is so important not only for what is happening on Earth but also to repel and stop nuclear blasts in the Earth here as well as above the Earth, it would be disastrous for Earth and all life. The Pakistani and Indian governments are both capable of doing this, but now the new matrix and treble Diamond Light has been anchored it is not possible.
 You wonder where the Second Sun is in all of this, it is illuminating the RA Light through the Diamond Light and assists it to vibrate at certain frequencies that enable the Diamond Light to radiate without blasting everyone out. The birds especially as you have seen last night and this morning as well as the animals and plants are still holding this energy for most of humanity as they slowly open up to absorb it.
 I was shown at the Central Golden Solar Disc at Mysore a week after that the Earth is covered in light codes and we will be able to move into the black hole/void/no time/no space/higher dimensional unified matrix of Light and into the new creation without interference, and that the Light Beings with most of us in consent neutralizing the nuclear radiation and devices. We have shifted before with great Earth Changes and our own power issues blinding us into nuclear destruction, but now in this cyclic shift it is in Love not Fear.
 On the Libra Full Moon
October 7th 2006 the new Light Grid and diamond matrix was activated at Kanyakumari the southern tip of India and it has been anchoring through the vortex points ever since until now it is able to hold the Golden Eggs.
 On this Wesak Full moon a Golden Egg was anchored in the lake by Lord Shiva and Pravati. The Golden Egg is part of the creation story of Earth. Below is what I was told.

pokharaegg “The beginning of this story was before time, before the sound even from the beyond and worlds of creation. It started in the pure darkness of the womb of creation, the great mother gave birth to the sound as she passed out the sound and the vibration created the first light. From the first light was birthed to God the source of the worlds and from this point all life was formed as the God danced with the Goddess and created life in myriads of worlds and dimensions, so vast as to understand them would be of no benefit. As the creation of the vibration of the sound carried through the worlds, unlimited multitudes of life were formed and gave birth to the first gods and goddess who are our ancestors in cosmic time, for they are us but so ancient is their energy that there is no sound to express that which they are so they became the void as we know, the silence and stillness from which our worlds were formed.
 When the Earth your planet was first created it was supporting life in different dimensions and forms to that which you can perceive now in your world. There was a great explosion from a collision with the Moon and Mardak, and Earth was torn off and slowly formed in a smaller version than it had once been and all life was gone. There was nothing but a great heated molten mass on the physical world, as the Earth spun out of alignment and wondered through the Galaxy, she finally after billions of years settled. Meanwhile as she spun out of control it caused great chaos for other life on other planets and star systems, this created a kind of cosmic karma that Earth created on this journey, until she found harmony within and her orbit slowed enough for the first beginnings of life to form. As you know she was surrounded in sonic words and unbelievable radiation that none of the life forms from your Galaxy or Universe could cope with for eons of time. Until at last the multi-dimensional shape shifters of cosmic dimensions, the serpent, dragon and reptilians were able to master the energies and come into the dimensional worlds within the Earth. 
 pushkarcosmiceggThis is where we come in as we were able to come from distant stars, planets and suns way beyond your universe and dance and play here in the dimensional overlays of light and sound. We wove webs of light within the Earth through the crystals and without in the stars in your Galaxy linking them all through Earth and stellar gateways of serpent kundalini energy for all to merge and move through the dimensional portals of time and space and matter and spirit. We played for eons of time like this and created great civilizations and worlds that came and went. With each of these cycles and worlds we played until eventually we got denser and denser and came into full bodies of light. As for us a body of light is still a concrete thing to us and so we started our descent until at last we come to this cycle and we knew that we would lose our memory and knowing of who we are.
 So we anchored a cosmic egg you have seen and painted the one at Lake Puskhar (1995) and you know the one in the great pyramid at Giza, there is also one where you live Soluntra out in the ocean in front of your home and there are 10 others located around Earth all waiting for this time. They are not the Dragon Eggs that you know of and have worked with. The Dragon Eggs are for birthing small worlds of light that complement the Golden Eggs, and you have been aware of these and worked with them as do many others. They were and are necessary to activate grid points and align them with the stellar energies of certain star patterns, creating a link through which the energies can be brought into harmony for the Cosmic Eggs to align and anchor on the physical world for the time of your now moment on Earth, as you complete one great out breath and in the no breathe you awaken and remember your origins and unity with source through all worlds of creation. It is only in the no breath that this can happen, the pregnant pause the great stillness and silence. Now as this moment is at hand you are now aware that the Cosmic Eggs are humming and ready to give birth to the new creation, the New Earth, the New Solar System. As the dance begins once more and you play in your creation, this time in matter and your body of light in matter as you now ascend as the dissention is complete. The Cosmic Eggs have been placed strategically around the Earth and once one is activated all are activated this is about to happen tonight when you go to the lake for sunset, and watch to moon rise.
 The Golden Egg then opened up. Birthing the New Solar System, the New Earth, and rooted into earth.
 In Deeqtitroa3cember 2008 on the journey with the group for the 12;12 in the SOUTH ISLAND NEW ZEALAND  at Lake Hawea there is an Cosmic Egg so clear and powerful we just had to receive the codes and at Lake Wanaka the Diamond Light Grid was connected with the Golden Solar Disc in Lake Manapouri and Golden/Cosmic Egg at Lake Hawea stabilizing the planet and the diamond light grid is bringing in so much light now as it has been fully activated with the Golden Eggs and Golden Solar Discs.
 At the March Equinox 2009 and Higher Dimensional Earth, a Golden Egg that came from Ladhak, that I was guided to collect was anchoeqdoubtfulred at Mt Titiroa place of Galactic Center, Inner Earth Crossover for 12:12 and in readiness for the New Earth and higher light codes. The Diamond Light grid was activated with the Light Channeling event 26/27th February and the Diamonds in the Earth activated, located in many places, at Doubtful Sound one 19kms at its widest circumference.
 Just before the Light Channeling on 23rd Lord Shiva came for 11 days into our world to assist and the Goddess came through Mt Kailash Crown Chakra and home of Shiva and Parvati and said the Kail Yuga is over and Mt Kailash was being dismantled as the energies are now being anchored in the New Earth and new vortex points, the new Himalayas in southern India and the place of first light and new zeal…New Zealand.
 As we move from Male/God to Goddess/Female, North to South, West to East and all the polarities merge and unify, we move into no time and space the stillness, Galactic Center.
 As the Earth moves through the Galactic Plane, the axis shifts and then Drago becomes the North Pole Star and the serpent is seen all the time in the heavens rather than before the Hunter, Orion. Ophiuchus; the serpent bearer and thirteen sign in the zodiac and beyond that Drago the dragon and are the new gatekeepers in the Heaven, from Orion to Ophiuchus and Drago. As the initiation in the Great Pyramid took us through the doorway of Orion, the one, the union of opposites has occurred. The Cosmic Egg vibrating fully with life force, creation energy, as we move through the Crossover point and into the higher light octaves, just as the Maya did in their time, to show the way for all humanity to do this now.
 Some other experiences with Golden Cosmic Eggs in MULTI-D JOURNEYS
 1990 on central plateau of Mt Ruapheu, Tongariro and Ngauruhoe
 1994 Lake Toba Bali
 1995 Lake Pushka, Rajasthan and Aru, Himalayas, Kashmir
 1997 Easter Island
 2002 Egypt at the great pyramid at Giza Abul Simbel.
 2003 Paleque, Mexico
 2004 Chitzen Itza
 2005 Tonga
 2006 Saquarra Egypt
 2007 Lahdak
2013 cosmic eggs NZ Iceland, Sweden and Wales
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