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by Soluntra King

On the evening of the 6th May with the ETA Aquarius meteor shower, the energies started to become clear about this Wesak Full Moon, Lord Buddha’s birthday is celebrated and at Mt Kailash in Tibet, the Crown Chakra and adobe of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Wesak being so important this year, as on 23rd February when the energies of Lord Shiva came in and I travelled on the inner planes to Mt Kailash. The Devi/Great Mother/Goddess spun into the mountain as all the demons in the underworld were flying out and she told me that the Kali Yuga is over. I saw Mt Kailash explode and the Himalayas turn to dust. During that time of Shiva I also saw Kailash being dismantled and after the Light Channelling event 26th/27th February when so much light came in and basically changed everything, although we are still in the process of realising that, everything intensified and sped up.

The Dalai Lama had asked me to go physically to Tibet to gather something for him at the Potala and be at Mt Kailash for the August full moon and eclipse, but all that changed too. As now the energies were needed before that time and I was prepared with the help of the Rishis and Yogis, and was taken in a light ship to the Potala. Greeted at the entrance of the underground tunnel and taken down and given a Golden Cosmic Egg to take to Mt Titiroa, South Island New Zealand where I had been for the 12:12. So when I returned from India I went straight to the South Island for the equinox and the Golden Egg was anchored at Ttitroa. This is just a bit of background for the next events.



After my journey up to Northland for the Taurus New Moon 25th April and my connection to Tane Mahuta – Lord of the Forest, the ancient Kauri estimated to be between 3,000 and 4,000 years old, his mighty girth is over 5 metres (15ft) in diameter who stands an impressive 51 metres (150ft) tall. I had gone on an inner journey with Tane Mahuta, but was told not to be aware of it until I got home and when the timing was right.
On the day before Wesak, Friday 8th May I was told; “the kauri is waiting for the moon and I am guided to be holding energy at Mt Kailash. There is a big shift going on and as the old dies the new is seeded within us.”


The Devi is crying at the mess and says ‘’how can you expect humanity to shift when this is what it’s like still on the lower astral planes. She says ‘that there will be an input of golden light through Mt Titiroa and the southern axis of the new template of humanity; and that it will illuminate from here first (NZ). That in the morning of the Full Moon I must greet the Sun even if I cannot see it, it is important for the first light of the Earth and the golden rays to be anchored in the new temple for the New Earth.

On the next morning Saturday 9th May the Full Moon is exact at 4.01pm my time. I cannot see the sunrise or the full moon setting due to rain clouds but the sky is light in the north with pink clouds. I sit and tune in and there is a piece of crystal from Mt Titiroa just sitting on the ground near me looking at me, as I hold it and connect to Mt Kailash and to Tane Mahuta and tone.


nzntanemahutaTane Mahuta is helping to take the light city at Wesak across to Mt Titiroa and the Devi/Goddess loves Lakeeqmanaam Manapouri, I see her by the waters bent over it with her long hair streaming into the water and she is very content and loves the energy. I ask about the gods and goddesses there at Mt Titiroa and just see clear Light, things are not as before they have graduated also. Then with Tane Mahuta I see a great forest growing and told the wisdom has returned. Then an etheric canoe lands on top of Mt Titiroa and I see Maui (creator god of New Zealand) step off victorious, he says ‘full circle, the journey out is complete, now the homeward journey can happen with great inner strength and flow, the paradigm has shifted, no more Kailash Councils of Light guiding, now into the clear light of self guidance love and wisdom. The light illuminates within and awakens all who choose’.

The Councils of Light then tell me “the work at Titiroa and India and all your work has much deeper and more radiant repercussions than you have ever realised for good benefit to have no ego involved. We have successfully anchored the Light for the new cycle with all of us, you are the ground crew and we are all excited that this has been accomplished, the we is us; your loves, friends and light family, goddesses and gods you know so well beloved. We are no longer holding the energy on Earth for the shift it has taken place, now it is up to the ones in bodies to fulfil their destiny and awaken through their hearts and expand their light to shine so bright that they are the new goddesses and gods, each one a walking deity of light and radiance as the New Earth is anchored and life can return to its original divine blueprint. The work you all did at the New Moon in Taurus was so important for this, as the divine blueprint was anchored and the old was transmuted. Clear for the light to anchor now at this most important full moon of Wesak. Most will still think its at Wesak valley in Tibet and this will go on for more than another 200 years, but for the founding light is there and can now be built on, the advance the Age of Light that is all beings divine right.

The divine blueprint that has returned is now the task to anchor fully, you have been working with the divine feminine and masculine and as you know there is still some more healing with the feminine energy. It has been a hard road back to self worth and trust due to the abuses the feminine has experienced in this cycle, so the male who has felt like top dog does not have unworthiness issues but guilt and pain from all the wounds inflicted have come back to him to love now and embrace and with the help of the divine feminine and the woman of Earth this will be accomplish easily. As the woman forgive, accept and transcend in joy at the balance and harmony returning in peace and divine love for the light of the source. Once the divine masculine and feminine has fully embraced in love then the worlds of creation will be enlivened with the sacred union of male and female, the child can be born and it is free and golden. The new root race in the higher dimensional Earth as you saw so long ago the two blue parents and the golden child.” (A vision I had many years ago) Everyone's made the shift in consciousness, on the denser realms it will take about 250 years.

In the afternoon just before the time of the Full Moon I drive to Awaawakino Bay, my major vortex point and place for the exact full moon time. I connect to the Golden Solar Disc there and the Diamond Grid, especially at Doubtful Sound in the South Island with the great Diamond, and Doubtful Bay where we had been at the New Moon, and the light grid, crystalline matrix and light at Mt Titiroa all linked and I see the Councils of Light alternate between being human and clear light, the energy is so beautiful, bliss and great peace within.


nznhail1jThen Monday 11th May was the midpoint of the Sixth Day of the Galactic Underworld. What blessings, the light is nznhail3jilluminating through into the crystal grids within our bodies and the Earth’s, its all amazing, so much has shifted into the higher clear light. I was at my mothers for mothers day and had to drive home about two hours along the Bay of Plenty coast and it hailed and poured torrents of rain along the journey. With up almost a meter of hail on the road at some places and everything white, along the beach it was amazing, the sand all covered in hail and rainbows from the rain. There were lots of hold ups and everyone driving so slow. This never happens, but I am not surprised as whenever there is a big shift it gets real cold or some natural phenomena happens.
The energy for me had finished at Mt Kailash, that happened when I was India in February/March and the
Golden Egg from Tibet was delivered to Mt Titiroa on the equinox. No more gods and goddesses, its us in the clear light. Now we are ion the transition, its happened on the inner and higher dimensional worlds and now has to integrate in the physical realms. This is a whole paradigm shift and all the groups of humans still working in hierarchies and with control dramas and operating and controlling from fear will be clinging on for grime death, the ego now has to surrender into divine will. But this has all been a great game and if we can move enough out of our egos and into the light we can laugh and let go easily. As we come into the true Age of Aquarius of brotherly/sisterly love, of everyone sharing and co-operating as a team with the benefit of the whole as the focus, not the greed of the individual. This transition is not easy and I did get it would take 250 years. But for some the shift had already occurred and they are the pioneers, as we create Heaven on Earth in peace and joy, sharing and honouring each other, the Earth and all creation.


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