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by Soluntra King


 See Soul Journey with the Rainbow Dragon to the New Earth



In order to really be of service to the Earth and to all humanity is to come from a state of oneness and unity. To judge or have fear, anger, guilt, sadness about what is happening on this planet either by the wars, greed, multi-nationals, One World Order or the pollution, killing of the trees, dumping of radiation, killing of the whales and dolphins etc is to still be in that world.


If you really want to help first of all be aware of your judgement, angers and resentments, your fears and sadness and breath into that.
Connected to Source and all that is through the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun through your Heart and the Sun in your Heart through your body and the Sun in the core of the Earth and back....Then deep breathing into your emotions and thoughts that are still hooked into duality with Golden Light and the words "I am loving it, accepting it". As you realise all those that are killing, destroying, taking, manipulating are part of you, there is no separation. Deep breathe in and love those aspects in you....when you feel at peace within YOU then you can really be of service.


Now whatever places on the planet are out of balance that you are drawn too whether it is Washington DC, London, Iraq, Kashmir with the nuclear threat with Pakistan and India, Afghanistan. And/or the proposed cutting of 50% of the trees in the Amazon still left, or the wars in Palestine, Ireland, Africa or wherever, or the Japanese killing of the Whales and Dolphins or the dumping of radiation in the ocean, or the factory down the road that is leaking mercury into the earth, waterways and sea, or whatever your inner self draws to your awareness, lets face it there is plenty of it out there. Then to deal with it from a point of Unity and Oneness simply go there in your minds eye and beware that you are a column of Divine Light, one with Source, anchoring the energies of divine love and oneness at that place. You maybe aware of many other columns there, hold that focus for as long as you feel too and go there in your awareness as often as you feel too, or are taken spontaneously by your Inner Self. Some places are easier to hold the energy of Oneness at than others as they have had much work already done at them.


It is not about praying for Peace, as by doing this you are still saying there is War, so still hooked into Duality, by holding Source energy, without any agenda you are coming from the Source within you; that is Divine Love, Acceptance and Allowing. In doing this you are not coming from judgement, you are not interfering as all beings have a right to their experience, who are we to judge what that is. But by holding the Beam of Divine Love and Oneness at that place you are creating high frequency energy there, so whatever is going on there in a lower frequency of fear, hatred, killing destruction, abuse and greed cannot exist. It is simply an energetic principle as when there is high energy the lower energy cannot be there. This will also assist all those souls who want to take, kill, live in fear as they are also here to transmute and the higher energy, which is simply pure love, will allow them to start to open up to their own divinity. If they really cannot cope they will simply move on, but they may find that this planet is not sustaining that energy anymore as enough people are now taking responsibility for themselves and coming from unity not duality. They will simply go to a third density space that is still having duality experiences. Meanwhile this planet has already shifted dimensionally; and all who have learnt to love themselves and honour themselves also love and honour others and the divine being they live on.


You can sign all the petitions in the world, you can moan and complain, you can go and demonstrate but you are really reacting to what is within you that is not loved and you are projecting it outside yourself. Love all aspects that the world shows you that are in duality, that you judge or react too IN YOURSELF, TRUE PEACE IS IN YOU, now you are fully Being and through your Being you hold divine love and allow others to feel and be that also. In effortless effort you are now the Divine, married with the Earth and matter, through this you create Heaven on Earth!

Blessings of Love in the One Heart, Soluntra.


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