by Soluntra King


      We are all aware of how transformational the times are that we are in. We are all from source and on the journey from source through worlds and dimensions we are emissaries from many Galaxies and Worlds, all working now to assist humanity into the 5th dimension while still being in a physical body. The Earth herself is moving very fast, she is ascending and becoming a Sun, just as our own Sun will graduate to a Central Sun, and the Central Sun to a Greater Central Sun, back to Source. But for many there is chaos all around, as the Light illuminates our Souls and all the old unresolved Duality dramas of fear, power and control, the victim and the victimiser are exposed. The only solution to this chaos is Love, to be more connected than ever before to our Hearts, the Earth and our God I Am.
      As we awaken to all aspects of our Multi-dimensional selves, and our part in the drama that is playing itself out. The New Creation is being seeded, the Councils of Light, with members from all the Galaxies and Worlds who have been observing and assisting are now working on full activation, and have been for some time. Over the Equinox in March 1999 a Stargate opened between Earth and Venus, this created a vast opening for the higher octaves of Light to come in, and opened us up more fully to our place on the Councils of Light, and the Light within us. Because of this we are all going through massive changes, our lives are being turned upside down in order to shake out all the last debris of the old paradigm. This manifests in our everyday life through our relationships, work, and survival issues, all parts that are still hooked into dependency on others or the system. For now is the time to truly liberate ourselves, any parts of us that are still trying to control are being radically shaken until we finally let go.

     The path of complete surrender is our only salvation, trusting that the Divine is working in our life and handing it over. The old saying "Let Go and Let God" is relevant now more than ever. Of course as we do this it brings up great pain, for some of the people, relationships or situations that we are asked to let go of have supported us for aeons of time, deeply ingrained patterning of all that in the Maya or illusion seemed so real and fed us. As our Heart Chakras open up more to trust we get in touch with our pain, the pain of separation that has kept us on the wheel of incarnation, but even that we cannot deny or hide from any longer. We have to feel everything to transform it, go into its depths, and by doing this we surrender to it and know that all pain is Love, there is nothing else. As brave spiritual warriors we are now being challenged to be true to ourselves, to be the Love that we truly are in order to hold the Beam for humanity. Becoming still within, no matter how much the storm rages without, we express our God I Am and allow, being the Peace. Destruction and Creation are One, Destruction is necessary for the old to go and new to be born. Creation creates the new, it is a cyclic thing, and nothing ever dies it just changes form. It is our fear of destruction the creates the problem, if we only see it in the physical sense. If we have Love, Accept and Surrender then we have no fear, we step through into the reality of love and the higher Dimensions. Were we have completed the old and are creating as Co-creators a new Earth; we are still in a body. We have done the most amazing transformation ever undertaken in this way. We are no longer on the wheel of karma, death and rebirth. We are one Body of Light, which is all our bodies and physical body, we move through Dimensions, One with them all.
     The fear of destruction is very much to the for in the human psyche. We have the memory of the destruction of Atlantis strong in our collective memory cells. As when we shifted cycles last time, we came into the photon belt of Light with great imbalance in our use of energy. We had to experience the manipulation of power for our own will, rather than God's Will. The disharmonious energy that we had created came back on us in a destructive way. Atlantis went down and a lot of the powers and ability to use energy were withdrawn from us then, as we feel deeper into separation, guilt and fear. That is why there is an in-built fear about the earth changes or Armageddon. We are actually experiencing the Earth changes within ourselves. For we are one with the earth, and if we take responsibility for our emotions, thoughts, words and actions then we will come into a calm and peaceful state within. So too will our outer world be peaceful and filled with Love, as we Love ourselves completely and all else with acceptance.

The Goddess energy is now present to assist us just too allow, and surrender to the Self. The weather and the earth reflect our emotions and thoughts. A storm or fire will come to cleanse, if we continue to fear then we will create a fear-based scenario. If we embrace and surrender to all in Divine Love then we will be operating from the 5th Dimension. We also have our own personal fears of destruction. They may be brought up in an intimate relationship, where we feel we have to surrender to the other person and so fear it and put on our armour, or constant resistance or fear of commitment. The real fear, the surrender to the Divine, the rest is attachment. Or there may be fears of success, from the destruction that may have been created when we held powerful roles in the past. So coming to love the destructive part to ourself, the dark part of the killer, or destroyer in some form. Coming to realise that like Lord Shiva who is the Lord of Destruction and Creation, we destroy to create the new. But this time as we go into this new cycle what we are really destroying and killing is our own inner fears. The more we melt down the ice around our hearts and love every part of ourselves, thereby others and all Creation, the more the Poles are melting also. The old breaks up, shape shifting, Pole shifting, the Heart Chakra melts into bliss. We are the Earth Changes, we are creating the shifts, as Co Creators, and in alignment with Divine Will we are now seeding the new creation in Love and Peace.

     We are coming home, and for us on Earth, and all Beings connected with Earth, there is great responsibility with this, as without Earth the rest of the Solar System and Universe cannot evolve also. Why is Earth so important? Earth was seeded by the Founder Gods from God Creator, from countless galaxies and civilisations, all the information was stored in Earth, in rock and bone, and we as humans hold the key to the doorway. Before our present human history, when a great war took place and certain Creator Gods took over, choosing to rule with fear and control, disconnecting our DNA strands they thought they had all the control, power, gold, genetics, and the dis-empowerment of the female, but they had no idea what they were creating for themselves. They were not coming from Love, but have had to learn it by incarnating in their creations, us! Only through Love and Oneness do we move through the doorway, and the entire dormant DNA, and all the codings get activated. We are now set on a new level of the Creation experience and through our experience of Duality that has given us such gifts of compassion, love, acceptance and oneness. For only through those gifts do we graduate, we can now embrace all parts of ourself that still operate from fear or control with fear. So as the chaos and storms swirl around us we stand anchored in the beam, connected to Source, where there is no separation, and so we are already operating from the higher dimensions as the final play of duality takes place.

      Our Multi-Dimensional selves by their very presence assist us to awaken; we are our own Light and our own Dark, playing the game of duality and separation. We like playing the game that we are a member of the family of Light, and are good. But there are two sides playing, and God Creator makes up all sides, we are in God Creators universe, so are light and dark as well. This awareness is being stirred up inside us and can create bodily reactions because it dwells in the cells of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, and needs to be understood and integrated. We are growing into something new, do you ever notice as I do that every time you clear a major fear or attachment your body changes. Mine will loss weight instantly, or my spine will suddenly feel straight, or my posture and energy feel great. Our bodies are changing at a sub-atomic level, and as we clear our deep-seated imbalances, Light streams into the cells. Rejuvenating them and making them radiant, we glow from the inside out. It is good to have your body adjusted through whatever modality you feel too, or some method through which you are able to access all your bodies, enabling you to transmute old stuck energy. Also drink lots of water, spend time breathing and oxygenating, do toning and sounds. Keep your body active and alive that will make it easier to clear, be clear and stay connected to your Higher Self. Spend time being still so you can listen to your inner voice, meditating in the stillness, being open in communicating with peace, and loving yourself enough to be somewhere that feels home to you. We can play like a child with these games, and have a good time doing so, on a deeper level we are exploring and practicing the ability to understand and experience many worlds. As we learn how to open up to our dimensional selves and other worlds and creatively exchange energy through harmony and cooperation, we change and unify. Coming from our centre, our Heart, we are the Love and we are already home. Having the awareness that Source is in all things is the only way we can fully heal and be at peace, we are all One.




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