by Soluntra King
Extract from the book "Gateways of Unity, Inner and Natural Healing" 

      In the times that we are living there is nothing less for us to do but go within, into our Centre, our Heart, our connection to Source. We come to the realisation that the only solution to all our dilemmas, whether personal, physical, emotional or mental is through unconditional Love and Acceptance. We have never been encouraged or educated to do this, and how many times do we identify with less than that, identifying with our pain, emotions, thoughts, roles, sex, bodies and our limited sense of self.  Most of our time and experience is spent on the emotions and the mind, we become so immersed in the personal that the majority of the time we operate within the limitations of duality. Fragmented and relating to our individual sense of self, that the third density teaches us to integrate. When we choose to open ourselves up to live in alignment with Divine Will, Loving and at Peace we open up to spirit flowing fully through us. Charging and nourishing every cell with remembrance of our Divine self and our purpose.
      We open up to the realisation that we are the Creator of our own lives. If we keep seeing problems before us then that is what we create, and it will be so if we keep fighting and not accepting all those things we don’t like within us or others. The problems will always be there because we are always creating a resistance or karma to them, and so it is a continual interplay of action and re-action.
       But if we decide we are going to LOVE and ACCEPT ourselves as we are, or others as they are, then we are no longer resisting, we have decided to take responsibility. To ACCEPTANCE is to TRANSCEND, so our so called problems fall away, embraced and surrendered we are Free.
       Once we acknowledge who we are, and open ourselves up to receiving the Love, Light, Beauty, Wisdom, Abundance that is within us then we operate from that level of Being, who we are and our lives flow in that essence of LOVE.
    To be able to really SEE and HEAL with LOVE, to be as the Creator/Source/God is, and to simply LOVE and ACCEPT, we no longer need our FEARS they just dissolve. We surrender to Spirit and Trust with an Open Heart. If we keep affirming “I am stupid, frustrated, hopeless....” then that is what we are. But if we change the concept to the positive, “I am beautiful, clever, loving....” then that is what we are.  We need to keep reaffirming the positive until it becomes automatic, and the old programmes are no more.
     Everything that affects us, for example our job, family, spouse, friends and that worries us, or hurts us, or that we keep thinking of, it is something that is reflecting that which is in us. Everything and one that pushes our buttons is our mirror, everything we judge is our mirror, so if there is something we don’t like out there in the mirror we need too heal it within, and then it will change on the outside.  Because the INSIDE and the OUTSIDE are one and by seeing ourself and others as Love/God we free ourself and them to be in our/their full potential. If we have negative thoughts and judgements of others or just see them as sick, sad or lost; then we keep them trapped in that box, because our thoughts are so powerful and they create. But if we see the God in them, see them as Divine Beings and see them as healed then we are allowing them to be that, which is what they truly are.
    An example of the power of this is when I lived in Adelaide in the 1980’s, I had come there only for my brother’s wedding. I had been travelling and living in Europe and knew I would have to stay awhile in Adelaide as I had no money. Moving into a neighbourhood that presented plenty of opportunity for my growth, I soon became aware of the neighbours on one side. Their yard was full of beer cans, the was wife bashed almost every night, the music excessively out of harmony with life and blasting out at the highest volume, and the vegetables and fruit in our garden always being stolen. I was seeing clients for healing and doing deep inner work that really required a quiet and peaceful space. This was constantly invaded by the highest volume heavy music.
     Instead of re-acting and calling the police, or banging on their door and telling them to turn the music down. Every time it happened when I wasn’t working, I took slow deep breathes and saying to myself “I am Loving this, I am Accepting this, I am Surrendering to this…..” repeated over and over. When I was seeing a client and the music came on, I did not allow it to upset me, instead observed myself and if I felt annoyed did some silent inner work on Loving and Accepting. It was as if the loud sound did not exist, in this way the client did not notice it. Working with this energy in the most Loving way I could I was coming from the God in me, and honouring the God in the neighbours, without buying into their Fear. It took about six weeks of my inner work for it to heal. By then the music had completely stopped, the wife was no longer getting bashed, their garden was cleaned up and the man planted vegetables and roses in his garden! What an amazing transformation, and by only one person choosing to love and accept without judgement. That was enough to free our neighbours to come from their own Divinity, and for me to do this I had to come from mine.
   The following doorways are connections to the source and Love within, this is the power that heals. You may find one way suits you all the time, or that one way may be good for you in some instances and not in others. Remember with practice it becomes easier and faster to transform yourself, do not give up if you do not feel fantastic results the first time. Like when you learnt to walk, drive a car, play a sport, remember it took awhile to get the hang of it. Once you got it and integrated it you did not even have to think about it again, it became automatic. The same applies to Spiritual Practices, the more you do them the more they integrate, until it gets easier and easier and then becomes automatic. When you want to deal with a Creative Opportunity such as a problem or particular pattern, emotion or experience, you NEED TO GIVE YOURSELF THE TIME TO DO THIS. Stay with it until you sense or know deep within you that you have accepted and love the situation, self or other person. Or it feels really good to you, warm inside, whole, healed and changed, you feel at peace and relieved.
    The more you give to yourself, the more you receive, taking responsibility for yourself is a Joy not a chore. You open up to the beauty inside by simply Loving all of you, this is the Doorway to Unity and Wholeness. Your external world is no longer a struggle, you are not resisting and judging, Peace is achieved, Love and Accept, its that simple. You reach the realisation that the only solution to all of your dilemmas is through Loving and Accepting, Being from an Open Heart. Through this you connect to your stillness and Peace within, the connection to Source. You then become your Higher Self and manifest all your needs in wisdom, you are One with all worlds you operate in, you are your God self.
    To come from Love and Acceptance is to come from the Diivne in us and see the God in everyone else, this creates one hundred percent healing. To do this we use the breath, visualisation of Golden Light and the words “I am Loving it, accepting it, surrendering to it, embracing it”, over and over until with all these three used together; the energy is unified into divine love, oneness and peace. We come from our Heart and total oneness as we embrace and surrender with love and acceptance our physical problems, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks. All is merged and transmuted in divine love and oneness from within our Heart, God I am, our connection to Source. This may sound a little simplistic or naive but it is the only thing that heals us completely of our pain on all levels. The pain is only our belief in the illusion of fear, separation and duality where everything is in constant conflict.
      To move into Unity Conscoiusness and be your true self; the secret is in the breath, if we all breathed fully we would not have any imbalances. The breath pranizes the cells with life force energy, as all our fear is held at a cellular level and until we are able to transmute it all in love, it will still create issues of separation in our body and life.
     We also use the mental thoughts of ‘Love and Acceptance’ and with the breath this gets us centred and connected. We feel the love in our heart as we breath in the words ‘Loving and Accepting’. As well as the visualization of Golden Light, the highest vibration of Divine Love and God consciousness. With all three of these simple connections done together we can move through our fears and blocked energy. Next they are explained in more detail;
     Using the Breath which is the prana and life force energy means metaphysically; that on all the subtle bodies the breath brings in Divine Light, the darkness and fear is transmuted and absorbed in Love and Oneness. Physically; we breath in more oxygen that gets circulated to all the cells, getting water and nutrition to the cells more effectively, and helping the Lymphatic system to clear the toxins and waste out efficiently. A few deep breaths also relaxes us, once relaxed the body and mind becomes calm and can heal.
     We are doing Abdominal Breathing which also called a full Yogic Breath.
    Breathing IN slowly and deeply through the nostrils, filling up the lungs, ribs and into the abdomen. The abdomen expands as we breathe IN and we hold the breath for the same amount of time it took to breathe in. Then we slowly breathe OUT as the abdomen contracts for the same amount of time as the in breath and the held breath, this is a full breath.
     When you first start to do this place your hands on your abdomen - tummy, with the finger tips touching each other, palms to the body. As you breath in your finger tips will part, as you breath out they will connect again. This will show you how much air you bring in with each in breath. If you have trouble doing this just keep practising for ten minutes every day. You may have to train yourself to breath properly as we are often taught to breath in and suck the stomach in, which means we are hardly getting any air - oxygen - prana into the body.
“I AM LOVING IT (whatever the fear or pain maybe), I AM ACCEPTING IT, EMBRACING IT, SURRENDERING TO IT”.
     Simply thinking these words with your mind and maintaining a mental focus on each one as you deep breathe in. Direct the breathing and words into the physical pain, emotion, thought or belief. As you do this you are using your mind power, absolute focus and intent, as well as directing the breath, the life force and Light into the pain, fear, anxiety or problem. You are going right into its core and being it - no more separation - you become One. Keep doing this until the physical pain, the fear, thought or feeling is completely gone. You may need to check on yourself from time to time as you are doing this, being honest with yourself. If it is still there, keep breathing until you feel great, relaxed, free and at peace, surrendered into Love and Oneness.
      The words LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, SURRENDERING AND EMBRACING are all you need to think of. You may wonder how can I Love? By focusing on the words your intention is aligned to that energy; the words carry the vibration of that energy. The breath connects you to your center as well, as you focus on Love. Using the Golden Light, as described next also has you in the beam of the Solar Rays, Gold is the colour of Divine Love. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE is what God does. By doing this we come from the God within us, to Accept is to Transcend.
      Golden Light is the colour of Divine Love, you do not have to be visual to use it, most people aren’t. All that is needed is your intention that you are breathing in Golden Light. Energy always follows your intention, so if it is your intention that this is what you are doing, then this is what you are doing.
     Use the Golden Light as you are Deep Breathing IN the Love and Acceptance. Just your intention that this is happening is all that is needed. Thoughts of it every now and again as you are deep breathing, and using the energy of the words Love and Accept.
      By using the GOLDEN LIGHT which is Divine Love you transcend the situation into the reality of oneness, love and peace.
      If the experience you are healing is related to a situation past or present then Breath In GOLDEN LIGHT, into you, any others and the situation until you know deep within you, sense, see or feel it has changed. If you are visual you will see the whole thing change completely into the highest form of Love and total Acceptance, you and everyone else will merge into GOLDEN LIGHT. If you are not visual you well simply feel free, peaceful, you may also be aware of your energy levels rising and feel clear. Gaining understanding for the experience; the gift, as well as compassion for everyone.
      The GOLDEN LIGHT is LOVE and ACCEPTANCE, yourself and others are infused with this Golden Light. You are become stronger in your inner light, glowing golden filled with Love, Acceptance and Peace, full of joy and the situation full of joy. Transcending the situation and changing the way you deal with it, is 100% healing. For example in a past life/parallel world, dimension or childhood fear based drama, you originally dealt with the situation through reacting in fear, separation and judgement. Now you have gone back and dealt with it through Love and Acceptance, no judgement or fear. This then changes the past and the NOW, the PRESENT becomes a positive reality. No more old unresolved energy able to come in and merge through the worlds and cells. YOU ARE THE GOD-CREATOR OF YOUR REALITY, WHICH IS ALIGNED TO DIVINE WILL. All is in harmony and you are free to move on. Eventually you realise the past and future are all now, you have Accepted and Transcended Duality. All your worlds that were in separation and fear become ONE in full Acceptance.

     If you are breathing into something acute it may take only ten minutes to clear it, if it is something chronic, a deep set block or karmic lesson you may find you need to do the breathing, words and Golden Light for thirty minutes or longer. Then some time later the negative thoughts or feelings may come up again, so breath into them again until you feel peaceful. Each time you do this the block will get less and less but you need to stay on task until you feel free. Obviously if it is a physical imbalance until it is better, if it is negative beliefs or karma with a person; until you think only loving thoughts, then you will know it has been transmuted. You cannot expect something that you have been holding in fear for maybe even aeons of time to clear in ten minutes, unless you have been chipping away. Everything is stored in the cells and at a dense physical level, we have to allow a little time for all to integrate.
     So give yourself some time to do the breathing, words and visualization. If it is a physical pain do not neglect to see a Natural Therapist or Doctor and use all the assistance given. If it is something minor like a cut, splinter under the nail or stomach ache then by doing the breathing, words and visualisation it will assist it to go, you will not need assistance as it was only a minor problem. But if it is a deep pain, or one that comes regularly you must go and get it checked out as the body is trying to tell you there is something wrong. Once you have sought help and taking any medication and/or treatments for it; you will find that doing the breathing and surrendering will only enhance this and assist in the healing process. You may become aware of deep blocks from childhood or parallel worlds that have created the problem so you can do the breathing and surrendering into them.
       You may ask yourself when you feel the shift “what was the gift from that experience, or from the person?” If it is a very karmic issue then you may have to work on it whenever it comes up, but it will get less and less as you chip away at it. You can tell when it has completely cleared by the fact that you will no longer think of it or the people, or if you do it will be with loving thoughts.
There are only two emotions you cannot breathe Love and Acceptance into and that is Anger and Rage.

     Before we are able to Love and Accept we need to clear the anger, it fills up the spaces too much for anything else to get in. Anger is a part of us that has feared Love, it holds us in the old paradigm. By taking responsibility for our anger we open our Heart and move through the Doorway into the new paradigm.
      If you are feeling a lot of anger, resentment or rage acknowledge it, we have been so conditioned to deny it. When you start to get in touch with the Anger and Rage within, which we all have, then you may be presented with a lot of experiences were you are very aware of your anger until you can transmute it.
      Beating a pillow or screaming may make you feel better at the time and it is better than blasting your anger out on to another person or suppressing it, but it is not releasing it at a cellular level. The cells hold all the memories including anger and rage and the main organ that anger is stored in is the liver. So we need to clear the anger and rage at a cellular level as suggested next. This is the only way I have found in all my years of seeing clients, taking workshops and working on myself that I have found works in a positive way for everyone concerned and for the body.
    All anger is really anger at ourself, but if the projected anger at another is too great to own, or if you are healing a past experience where you and others are involved, then the following will help to release it without harming yourself or the other person. How I discovered the power of this was one day many years ago when I was at the Crystal shop my partner and I had at the time. The landlord was there, he always had a heavy energy about him which I judged and felt anger towards him. I did not want to feel like this about him and as I was driving away from the shop this day, after seeing him there and feeling very angry, I saw the image of him in my mind and started to send the image and thought of him ‘Clear Red Light with Love’. This is like righteous anger and I kept doing this until I got a sense that he had become Divine Light. I felt better after this and when I got home that night my partner said to me that the landlord had become really nice, not long after I had left! Every time I saw him after that it was a loving exchange.
1.      Picture the Person/s you feel anger towards in your mind, or their image, or knowing that you are thinking about them. Then send them CLEAR RED LIGHT WITH LOVE. Keep sending the Clear Red Light with the thought of Love at them until they turn of their own accord, not by you making it happen into DIVINE LIGHT. You are not harming the other person or yourself by doing this, but releasing in a positive, non-harmful way all your Anger.
2.      If it is a situation from your past that is unresolved and you felt angry at others and yourself, then first either think of the experience. Or if you cannot remember it then ask your Higher Self to help and just get a sense of it no matter how vague. The fact that you are thinking of it, even if you cannot remember, your cells can remember and they will now be in that energy. Then send the CLEAR RED LIGHT WITH LOVE into the memory, thought, image or knowing of the situation . Keep sending the Clear Red Light with the thought of Love at you and any others involved until you all turn into DIVINE LIGHT.
      Remember you do not have to be visual; all that is needed is your intention that you are sending CLEAR RED LIGHT WITH LOVE. Energy always follows your intention, so if it is your intention that this is what you are doing then this is what you are doing. If you are not visual and do not see or sense the person or people becoming Divine Light, you can still know when all the Anger has been transmuted because you will feel peaceful and accepting.
      The anger and rage is not directed at another person, you realise it is all within you. Often we not only store anger but rage as well, this is not necessarily just from a present experience but can also be from the past and even ancient past - parallel worlds. The anger is stored in the cells and if not released in a positive way will create havoc not only with others in your life, but within your body.
     Anger is RED, Rage is BLACK; never send black to anyone, or red, only the ‘Clear Red Light with Love’ as suggested previously. If you feel both anger and rage then use the Black and Red together.
     Feel, know or see CLEAR RED LIGHT and/or BLACK coming up from the base of your spine. Up your spine and out the top of your Head - Crown Chakra. Imagine it is like a VOLCANO exploding, all that Clear Red Light and/or Black flowing up and out. As it flows it is like a MAGNET, attracting to it all the ANGER and/or RAGE in your body, from every cell, into the flow going up your spine as it flows up and out the top of your head, the Volcano exploding. With the awareness that as it is coming out the top of the head the anger and rage is being transmuted into Divine Love and Oneness. You do not want to send this energy out to harm others but through your true prescence, the God Creator you truly are you can transmute it with your intention in Oneness and Divine Love.
     Do this until it all turns into DIVINE LIGHT; if you are not visual then you will feel relieved, free, and peaceful. Remember you do not have to be visual. All that is needed is your intention that Clear Red Light and/or Black is flowing up your spine and out like a Volcano, magnetising every bit of Anger or Rage from every cell in your body, up and out.
     Energy always follows your intention, so if it is your intention that this is what you are doing then this is what you are doing.


To complete the healing;
1.    I f you were sending the ‘Clear Red Light with Love” to your past experience or something happening now, and when everyone is in Light or you feel better.

Then still thinking about the experience, deep breathe in Golden Light and the words “ I am Loving it, Accepting it, Surrendering and Embracing it”. Into you, and imagine you are sending it to the other person or persons if applicable and the situation. Do this until you feel you can truly Accept and the situation has changed into the highest vibrations of Love and Oneness. If you are visual you will see yourself and the other person as glowing in Golden Light and merged into One, you will also not be able to see the old paradigm scene any more because you have actually changed it. You the God Creator you are, in Divine Love and Acceptance have created a ‘now reality’ of Acceptance, moving on through a new Gateway of the Heart.
    If you are not visual you will feel, know or sense when it is complete because you feel peaceful, accepting and loving towards the whole situation. The deep breathing naturally calms you and aligns you, you may feel warm inside, a sense of peace, joy, a surge of energy or just know deep inside that it is complete.
2.       If you were releasing the anger and rage with the Volcano, then when you feel it has shifted then deep breathe in the Golden Light and words of love and acceptance until you feel you can totally accept yourself, the situation and others involved. If it is something from the past, or a deep set and karmic situation with another person, you will often have more anger come up as you move through the layers. So release the Anger again like a Volcano and then keep deep breathing with the Golden Light into you and/or others.  Keep doing this until you are satisfied that it feels good inside, or you can see or know that it has changed into a positive healed reality.
     If you have a physical pain or problem deep breathe Golden Light and the words ‘Love and Acceptance’ into it until the pain has gone. Focus with your breath and the words right into the core of the pain, discomfort or block. I have done this with amazing results with things like thorns in the foot, under the nail, Dehli Belly and even my hair falling out. It does not matter how minor or serious the imbalance when we can completely love it and accept it we are at peace and healing takes place, we transcend it. Otherwise we are in fear and resistance, judgement and guilt and it still stays or gets worse.
       An example of this was an experience I had many years ago when I was with a friend way out in the bush, miles away from anywhere, in South Australia. I was walking barefoot and suddenly got a large thorn in my foot, it was very deeply embedded and we were unable to get it out. That night camping I went to bed with my Crystal necklaces all around it, as it had swelled up and was very painful. The Crystals helped with the pain but the next morning the thorn was still there and my friend could not even touch my foot, it was so swollen and sore. I now realised I had to do something about this, at first I thought I would visualise it coming out, but realised this was not the way to go. I would be judging it as bad and trying to get rid of it, creating separation. So I lay down and started to deep breath Love and Acceptance into the foot. I imagined the cells of my foot having a party with the cells of the thorn, they were laughing, shaking hands and hugging. I kept up the deep breathing, directing the thoughts and words “Loving, Accepting” as well as directing the breathe into my foot. When it shifted I literally felt something snap in my mind, and the whole thing shifted. I got up and walked over to the car, before I was hobbling, now I was walking. Then I sat down and now my friend could touch my foot with no pain there, he simply massaged around the insertion and the thorn just popped out!!!
      I have used this with Delhi Belly and numerous physical problems over the years and even my hair falling out. I became aware of lots of issues within me that were out of balance and breathed love and acceptance into them, that I would not of become aware of if it was not for the hair falling out so I was grateful. But the hair was still falling out and it became so thin that in the end I just let go and decided to Love and Accept being bald. I had surrendered to it finally and so it stopped falling out, literally overnight it got thick again, like it was before it started falling out, without it having to grow back again. Everything is energy and once the energy is in harmony again, every level comes back into harmony including the physical.
     To accept is to transcend and as long as you try and fight the cancer or whatever your problem, this goes for long-term illness as well, seeing it as an outside influence trying to get you, you will keep it, our fear of it keeps it locked in place. Once you can simply Love it and Embrace it you become one with it, the battle is over and there is peace. In peace all is manifest and will align itself back to Source.
      Lie or sit somewhere comfortable, outside on the Earth if possible. Connect to your Higher Self and Earth, into your Heart, God I Am, through Prayer and intention. Then deep breathe in Golden Light and the words “I am Loving it, I am Accepting it, I am embracing it, I am surrendering to it”, over and over, directing the breath, Golden Light and words into the area of need. If it is an acute pain or ailment then do this until it has shifted. If it is chronic then keep breathing in until you feel really good about it. You may need to do this whenever you get discomfort or are worried, don’t be attached to how long it takes. Once you completely surrender you will start to heal and rejuvenate.
     Of course no matter how acute or chronic the problem do not neglect other therapies, pain in the body is trying to tell you something. So seek help where appropriate from professionals and take whatever medication or do whatever healing, supplements etc you are guided to or advised to take. By working on all levels and bodies at once we create balance and harmony. Eventually through all our experience we move away from having to work through our issues with dis-ease, illness or accidents. We stop doing it the hard way, the more we are aware of our thoughts, attitudes and emotions; loving and accepting them, we do not have to manifest imbalances on the physical. We become master of ourself by simply Loving and Accepting all that is within and without.
By breathing into the imbalance you are oxygenating the cells and getting the life force energy into them, and the surrendering in love as you become one and unify. Keep using the breath, Golden Light and words into it until it has shifted. If it is a deep set problem working with all the other things and help you get will greatly assist the process. This could take time, but just remember it has taken you aeons of time to have this imbalance finally manifest in the physical and so by chipping away at it you will shift it. Know that you are already healed and Divine. The breath and love and acceptance get you in touch with your God I am and the healing power within you.
       You may ask yourself when you feel the shift “what was the gift from this illness/accident?”
    All emotions such as Fear, Guilt, Anxiety, Doubt, Judgement, Jealousy, Grief, Sadness except for Anger and Rage can be breathed into and embraced. Please see the section previous on dealing with anger and rage.
      Lie or sit somewhere comfortable, outside on the Earth if possible. Connect to your Higher Self and Earth, into your Heart, God I Am, through Prayer and intention. Then deep breathe in Golden Light and the words “I am Loving it, I am Accepting it, I am embracing it, I am surrendering to it”, over and over, directing the breath, Golden Light and words into the feeling deep inside you. If it is an acute emotion then do this until it has shifted.
     If it is long standing emotional pain then keep breathing in until you feel really good about it. You may need to do this whenever you feel this emotional pain come up, do not be attached to how long it takes, once you completely surrender it will be transformed and your whole life will change. More Love and Joy and Peace within and without will be your reward.
    You may ask yourself when you feel the shift “what was the gift from these feelings?” If it is a very karmic issue then you may have to work on it whenever it comes up, but it will get less and less as you chip away at it. You can tell when it has completely cleared by the fact that you will no longer feel the negative emotions but have loving and peaceful ones.
      You maybe worried about something; thinking about it often causes anxiety and the fear blocks clarity. By deep breathing into the anxiety, this immediately helps to bring about a state of calmness, and thinking the words “ I am Loving and Accepting it” into the problem mentally you will notice that your mind will let go and surrender. You will feel at peace and the energy is now clear for it to be aligned to Divine Will, able now to resolve itself without stress and in the Highest Good for everyone.
      For example a person who always said ‘how much they came from integrity’ once owed me some money for along time. I gave my power away to the thought of this person owing the money and felt annoyed, as I was thinking of this person when I did not need too. One day as I was out at the washing line picking the dry washing off the line and I started to deep breathe into my thoughts of the situation with this person. I did this until I felt Love and Acceptance for the whole experience and as I walked back inside the phone was ringing. It was the person I had just been resolving my issue with and they apologised profusely saying they had just sent a cheque in the mail!!!
     So wherever you are, whatever you are doing if you observe your thoughts running away with some worry, anxiety or obsession, then deep breathe in the Love and Acceptance, directing the prana and thoughts of Love and Acceptance into your thoughts of fear until they are peaceful.  
    You may ask yourself when you feel the shift “what was the gift from these anxieties and worries?”
      Whether it be someone in your now reality, or a past issue that is unresolved. The problem maybe karmic with the other person, you may not be able to work out or go into the unresolved parallel world. This is not necessary unless you really feel you have too, to understand, as in the Greater Reality all is in the Now. What the person is giving you is a priceless gift; they are mirroring either that which is within you, or that which you still judge. Be grateful and take on the responsibility for your own healing; you cannot change anyone, only yourself.
     Make a Prayer, Affirmation and/or Clear Intention that you wish to resolve your own issues here, and by this your karma with this person. Once you are at Peace and you Love and Accept, they will have no one to play with and will come into Peace as well; so no more karma. Also with a Prayer or Intention connect to your GOD I AM, God Creator of all that is in Divine Love and Oneness, any Divine Beings you work with; the Masters, Christ, Lord Buddha….Always connect to the Earth, Spirit and Matter, Heaven and Earth, Father Sky, Mother Earth are One.
     A thought of Golden Light down through your Crown into your Heart Chakra, then into the centre of the Earth, connect there. Then the energy from the Earth up through your feet and body into your Heart, then up and out through your Crown and all around your energy field/aura. With the pray of being connected through the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun, through your Heart, through the centre of the Earth is a way you can connect very powerfully.
    Now think of the person mentally and yourself in the experience, as you lie or sit quietly. Breathing in slow deep breaths as you think of them and you. Using the Golden Light and words, “I am Loving it, (the situation, them and you all together) I am Accepting it, Embracing it”. Do this repeatedly thinking of you and the other person until you feel like you can fully Accept and Love unconditionally what has taken place.
     By doing this you the Creator create your own reality, for in truth there is no past or future only the eternal now. Whatever happened in the past is actually in a parallel world still affecting you, until you can come to a sense of peace with it all and the people involved. In this way it has been changed into a positive reality, when this happens you can actually feel the shift; you will feel the Love inside, or a warmth. If you are visual you will see or sense Golden Light and you and the other person merged in Golden Light, Divine Love and ONE. When you first start this healing if you feel Anger or Rage about the experience, you and the other person then please use the Red and Black as in the Anger, Rage section. Work on clearing the anger or rage first, then do the deep breathing and Love and Acceptance. You may find more anger come up, so release the anger again then

return to the breathing.      
      Obviously some situations with people are acute, and can be cleared in maybe one inner healing session of maybe ten to thirty minutes. But if it is a deep karmic connection, not just in this life, but there maybe a lot of past life/parallel worlds together, this will take more time to heal. You will have to repeat the inner healing whenever you feel negatively towards the person or get you buttons pressed. Each time you work on Loving and Accepting you are resolving and making it easier for yourself, chipping away until there is nothing left. Remember it is your choice how you steer your life, so by simply deciding you no longer wish to have dis-harmony within yourself about your experience with the other person/s, which is a judgement that’s all.
       Remember God Loves and Accepts, and who are you? The source flows eternally through you, your clear intention will create your reality. This takes as long as we choose, depending on what we need too learn along the way, when the struggle stops, we start to operate in our highest potential, all our needs are meet and the people, situations, and abundance comes to us in peace, love and harmony.
      Imagine yourself standing facing the other person put yourself in one circle of a Figure 8, and them in the other circle.  See the Figure 8 as Pink and White Light, flowing around your back and then crossing over between you and then around them, as it flows brighter and stronger. Allow it to flow faster and faster until when you are ready the link at the centre breaks and the other person floats off with Love and Acceptance.
    Using a normal coloured Flame, a Violet Flame or a Golden Flame are the most effective. Imagine the Flame burning all the cords that have linked you with the other person through your chakras. Then imagine the Flame is burning up through you and them as all attachments are purified in the Flame.
    Go within and ask “what is the gift and lesson learned by my experience with this person?” You will start to realise as you heal yourself with others and situations that whatever you feared in them, or judged and did not like in them was your own fear and insecurities. Soon you will not blame anyone and take responsibility for your own fear.
                                                         DON’T JUDGE IT, LOVE IT. WE HAVE TOTAL FREE WILL, IT IS OUR CHOICE TO SUFFER OR NOT.
     Whatever is happening with you and another person that is not in harmony and peace, is still in the old Paradigm of Fear. Even if you consciously do not want this, there is still part of you in some level of the unconscious, some dimension or world that is waring with this person. In the Greater Reality it is us waring with ourself within. The ego and lower self struggling with the higher aspects, afraid to let go and surrender. To help transmute this fear into love:
     Become relaxed and connected and either tune in and ask to be shown you and the other person on the unresolved level, or simply imagine two people battling. Send Love to yourself in this situation, leave the other person be, what they do is up to them. Keep sending the thought, colour Gold or Pink if you choose and focus on Love to yourself until you get a sense that you are moving into another space, the paradigm of Love. Now get a sense or see yourself here in the energy of Love. Imagine or picture how you now see it from this space with you and the other person. You are now in the new, creating your loving world.
     Those people who we have a lot of difficulty with whether it is MOTHER, FATHER, CHILD, LOVER, FRIEND.... They are our Greatest Teachers. Bless them.
     Please see the section on Relationships for more in-depth inner work.  



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