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from the
Diamond Light Workbook by Soluntra King





  dnaemtionalt    dnamentalt      dnaspiritt   

Physical Body

Etheric Body

Emotional Bodies

Mental Bodies

Spiritual Bodies

     Once the Diamond Light Body has been activated and integrated within us, the DNA light codes of our Divine Blueprint can be fully restored. At the March Equinox 2010 which was a huge shift for Earth and us, the Light Cities anchored through the Inner Earth and created travel freely through the dimensional realms of Earth once more. The dimensional worlds merged with the physical realm and the Ancient Ones who hold the energies through all the dimensions and who are us in more unified light, awakened in us as we birthed our new Iridescent Light Body. This happened in the Bigger Picture and in those receptive at the time, and is now here for everyone who chooses as the Equinox blessings in March 2010 assisted us to shine Light through the lower worlds to allow this to happen in our physical bodies.
      Since that Equinox there have been many more shifts and awakening levels of consciousness as the collective unconscious is being released of the old stuck patterns from separation in cultures, race, religion, colour and greed that has driven divisions in us for so long from the false God of war and fighting for God. Now as this energy has been transmuted in the inner planes and the Lizzies and others who have had big agendas on keeping fear and fight going to feed off, are either embracing the light within themselves and awakening to their connection to the source and no longer need to create a world to feed off. Or those not prepared to move with the shift are leaving this zone of the incoming Light and harmonious, abundant,
loving creation for all who share equally.
     The shifts are great and the time is Now, no longer sitting on the fence but taking the opportunities to Be in your full presence
on Earth in a body, your Body of Light.
     In order to fully appreciate the shifts that are taking place and to integrate the light codes within us, then this is one way that can assist this process,
by being consciously aware of the light coded strands of DNA within you.

     The integration of DNA has come about after many years of working with the DNA activations in the early 1990’s where we worked with 12, then 20, then 64 strands. Then aware of up to 40,000 strands at the level of ourself as a Creator Goddess God.
     Aware also that we have levels of Light Body, from the Blue Light Body at 64 strands of DNA and good health and flow within us, to 5000 strands, awakened at the level of the Violet Light Body. As we awaken to the guide, guardian master within, no longer without, and listen to our inner voice, becoming fifth dimensional while still in a body, unlike the old paradigm when fifth dimensional beings were not physical. To 15,000 strands at the level of our White Light Body where we are master of ourself and molecules and to 40,000 strands at the level of the Gold Light Body, one with the Central Sun, holder of the Living Library of Light and Creator Goddess God creating Heaven on Earth.
     In 2006 as the Earth opened sixth dimensionally for us to awakened through the Inner Earth Sun, the Present Light Body was awakened as we come more into full presence. With the March Equinox 2010 the Iridescent Light Body was gifted at 33.000 strands that awakens powerful creative energies as all is manifest from a state of stillness and allowing. The Light Streams Light Body that is at 40,000 strands and assists the flow of light codes to be more easily assimilated. As we are all levels of Light Body at once, one Body of Light and becoming our Diamond Light Body at 144,000 strands of DNA/Light Codes.



     The standard medical belief is that we have two strands of DNA, you will have learnt that at school, or you can look it up in an anatomy and physiology book. These two strands with all their complex amino acids and with the RNA hold the codings and genetic material that makes us who we are. Or so we thought; only having two strands is actually very limiting and keeps us trapped in the third dimension and the illusion of separation. Believing all we are is our body, believing God is out there somewhere, and that we are worker ants, or slaves that have to work hard just to survive on this planet. Locked into death, decay and being hooked up to survival, being controlled by and slaves to time. Cut off from the unlimited abundance of all there is, and with the DNA only partially activated. Our multi-dimensional selves have been trapped in a prison of experience that repeats itself over and over again, as though the entire planet was playing a stuck record. Humanity has been famous for their inability to learn from their own adventures; tyrants and wars have come and gone, and none seemed the wiser for it until now. This is where it all lightens up; as we wake up we start to empower ourselves, awakening our Divinity, Light Body and Multi-dimensional Self.


      We are unifying through the Galactic Centre right now, it is a change over point into multi-dimensional universes and worlds; where we are the light being, goddesses/ gods we are. As we open to the new paradigm and our unified matrix of light, what is happening to us in our bodies is also happening in the Galaxy; double Helix DNA at the Galactic Centre. The macro and micro cosmos are doing their thing as we open up to the multi-prismed, multi-dimensional being we are; so too is this happening in the heavens, DNA-shaped nebula and human DNA all one. As we come to the end of the Mayan Calendar and spiral through the Galactic Centre in alignment with the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun we all

expand and graduate into the next state of being.



     The extra strands you are opening up to are in the etheric and subtle bodies, but babies born in more recent years are sometimes

now found to have 3 strands of physical DNA.

     Twelve strands are activated at the level of the physical body and related to the twelve chakras and planets.

These can be read in the iris and reveal the genetic codes of purpose stored in the blood.
    Sixty-Four strands are activated when our Etheric Blueprint is clear and we are at the level of the Blue Light Body, a state of health,

vitality and flow in life. We no longer manifest illness or accidents to unify.
     5,000 strands are activated at the level of our Violet Light Body, when most aspects of duality are fully transmuted in the emotional and mental bodies. We can still be manifesting annoying little things as catalysts to transmute energies now in our subtle bodies.
    15,000 strands are activated at the level of our White Light Body, where we are learning to be master of our molecules, a Christed Light Being.
    33, 000 strands are activated with the new Iridescent Light Body that has now awakened within us as the multi-dimensional worlds

have merged on the March Equinox 2010.
   40,000 strands are activated at the level of our Gold Light Body, one with Source in unified essences at the level of the Central Sun, as we remember our purpose and are now fully awakened as a Creator Goddess/God creating Heaven on Earth.

The Light Streams flow fully through us connecting us to the Light Matrix.
     144,000 strands for our full multi-dimensional self as the Diamond of Light we are in our Diamond Light Body.

     Please see Light Code Activations book for the activations of Light and Sound of the DNA strands to the Gold Light Body.
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