by Soluntra King


The Rainbow Dragon sorts out the lower levels of existence and awakens the Light Codes through all worlds and aligns the higher dimensions with the lower dimensions. The Rainbow Dragon is within also and opens us to our

 higher dimensional self and the higher dimensional Earth.
The Rainbow Dragon came to me at this beautiful rock, that I called the Dragons Head, on the Crystal Ridge in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Rainbow Dragon wanted to take everyone on a journey at the Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon June 26th 2010 with myself and the group that had come to the Dragons Head for the actual time of the eclipse, where we were taken into the New Earth. I have seen myself in the

New Earth waving to myself here; and many other experiences over the years but now this is different, the veils have been pulled away to the extent that anyone who wants to be in the New Earth can. If you are not consciously aware, then pray to remember.
We create it right now.
The Rainbow Dragon now wants to take you on a journey also to the New Earth and on a Soul Travel through the Dragons Head rock.
The Rainbow Dragon is the vortex energy that receives the spiralling serpent vortexes of divine light, down from the Heavens into the physical.  As the divine light energy from the Sun in the Inner Earth, through the dimensional worlds of Earth, illuminates up through

 us in spiralling rainbow vortex light from the Earth to the Heavens….
That connects us to the Crystalline Grid and great crystals at the dragon lair/vortex/meeting of energies doorway at the
Dragons Head on the Crystal Ridge..


       Then be aware of spiralling vortexes of rainbow lights illuminating from the Heavens to the Earth through you, as the vortex goes into the Earth and connects you with the Earth ….As the spiralling vortexes of rainbow light illuminate up from the Inner Earth Sun through the Earth and up your central channel and out to the Heavens in vortexing spirals of life force energy….

Your chakras spinning balls of Light, as they merge into One Chakra and then One Body of Light…..

 As you connect into the earth where you are sitting, standing or lying and into the crystal in the earth beneath you…. Resonating through your whole being rainbow crystal light, the Diamond Light Matrix of your unified multi-dimensional self…..
      As you connect to the crystalline grid and travel the crystalline grid to the Dragon Head at the Crystal Ridge atdragonlake

 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia…..
   rainbowdragons  Aware as you feel the resonance of the doorway and vortex you come through at the Dragons Head, at the great crystal ridge that runs along the landscape, the backbone of the Dragon and the longest crystal ridge on the planet. With lush bush and trees lining the rock and crystal that lies beneath glowing light. 

      You connect with the rock and look out at the view of the lake, hills, forest and sky,

as you stand on the great crystal ridge...... 
      As the sky opens up like a curtain being pulled open and there is  the New Earth as the

 Rainbow Dragon take you into the higher dimensional worlds of Earth.......
       You see, sense yourself  right now in your Iridescent Light Body, it is your higher dimensional self, as you observe yourself at the level of Light frequencies in the higher dimensional Earth ……
      You ask yourself what is it I still need to love in myself to be in the New Earth?
     How is the change going to affect me and my loved ones?
     What's blocking my energy bodies that I need to clear now and love and accept?
     In my life what do I need to change so I can be aware consciously of my Iridescent Light Body

and Higher dimensional self?
     The Rainbow Dragon takes you around the New Earth to observe how it operates….and into the dimensional worlds within the Earth to the Council of Elders who are from the Galactic Federation and other dimensions of Earth.
     If you are meant to you will remember what is taking place. The Council of Elders meets right now for important decisions to be made in the life of all humanity and the shift in cycle…

       Be open to the healing energies as the Rainbow Dragon illuminates your being from within as you heart centre opens to the Light being you are, radiant prisms of rainbow light dancing bright.....
       As you are the  doorway to the New Earth with the Rainbow Dragon energy within you, that resonates to the Crystalline Grids and vortexes and through unconditional love and acceptance. You hold the beam through all dimensions and anchor into the physical with the new light codes, as you resonate with your Divine Blueprint and express your being in more unified, peaceful, loving ways as a whole, in harmony with all nature and creation.

      You can easily go into the New Earth on your own and sense a doorway vortex to it in your home, scared space or nearby that assists you to unify and raise your vibrations. Now we are called upon to be the Being we know we are and integrate it fully into our everyday lives by being in the stillness and peace within. In that state you can sense the holograms of your love, radiant prism of light.
     In one of those prisms you are in the New Earth right now, in no time and no space.
     As you sense yourself there and how it feels, looks, observing and allowing yourself to be the multi dimensional radiant light prisms of light you are, in the higher dimensional Earth…

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PHOTOS sol26june10
here is a photo of myself at the Lunar Eclipse at the Dragons Head. 

The photo of the Dragons Head and vortex rock is taken by Russell Chen who did the amazing animations on the DVD; light codes; awakened light body and chakras.

Below is a google map of the area of the area with the lake as the dragon shape and its head where the rock is with the blue tab. If you look at the picture you may see the dragon appear.

see the Worlds longest Crystal Quartz-Rich ridge
The Dragon's Backbone, Tabur Hill ( Recorded 16KM Long)

Below is a google map of the area of the area with the lake as the dragon shape and its head where the rock is with the blue tab. If you look at the picture you may see the dragon appear.