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from the Diamond Light Workbook
by Soluntra King

       The Living Libraries of Light have been seeded by different extratesstestial races and beings and contain light codes that when we are ready to receive their frequencies will liberate us back into the cosmic beings we are. These Libraries have been placed on Earth at different locations and there are Light Workers who are also seeded with same light codes whose mission it is to unlock the Libraries when it is the appropriate time. This is done from within the Light worker and she or he trusts fully to go where guided.

     The extratesstestial librarys of light are one with the Greater Central Sun, the ones in the Earth are part of this vast Library of Light of Creation and there was a missing 13th Library and that the missing code is already within us and we have always carried it. For the activation of all thirteen Libraires to take place it is necessary that the lightworker/activator  has awakened the 13th seed of light that resides in them and that is the key to the other 12 being fully activated. This does not require a journey to a vortex but a journey within and a soul journey to the Greater Central Sun when one is ready to awaken the hidden light codes within. Once this has happened and one or more can access these light codes, then humanity is ready to be awakened,



     The thirteen Libraries are all connected through the Golden Solar Discs and have different ET lineages connected with each one. Like the 13 Rays, these 13 Libraries each have a map of light that is a template in each area to align the relevant stars and planets for the New Earth and New Solar System, the jump in the loop, the crossover point.  As we unify inside out and back to front, up and down and round and round all life completes whole cycles in a blink of an eye when yeah are the creator of the show in liquid light.
      The Libraries are activated when a Lightworker is invited to be in that frequency in the particular space.

The Key to access one or all is already within the particular Lightworkers who have created them on Earth before in other cycles. Those Light workers will know, and those that cannot access all, do not need to visit all Libraries but just one and it will unlock all of them.     

      Each location of the Library’s was chosen when the Earth was a different shape of land masses to now and also some are under the oceans now and are linked to Sirian star bases. Many light workers over years have been guided to different locations and this is all connected in the light grid that also connects through the Central Sun and Greater Central Sun and the Solar and Lunar grids as well and so the Libraries have been getting accessed.

     The blocks that prevented us from accessing these light codes too soon are dissolving now that we recognise we are in the time for the revival of our Divine Blueprint. All the work that has been done by Lightworkers awakening themselves and of service to others has created a bridge to the Libraries that can be accessed at night on a soul travel.
   The important thing is not to wonder where they are located or how many as this is all relative depending on what dimension you operate from, but there are doorways into the 13th Libraries and then through to all the others.

      The Light Libraries that were built on Earth by the Dragons and Draco codes are saying that the time is now for them to awaken, but more than a location it is awakening within us and that those who have a connection with them and work with them have already visited places where they are located or serpent doorways to them and that on

Serpent Day July 30th 2010 through a big inner planers link up a lot of energy was cleared from the underworld and the blocks that have hampered their work.


     So if you feel guided now is the time to start working more fully with the Councils of Light, Golden Solar Discs  and the Dragon Guardians we are with the Libraries and that a lot of new information to help us out of our destructive world will come to Light as there are many Lightworkers around the world awakening to this mission now. Some have not been awake until now and those are ones with specialist skills and jobs that took all their energies, and they are now ready to implement the technological side of the free energy and light matrix templates that are anchoring through the Libraries.


      Some Living Libraries of Light have already been activated, one in Siberia by Anastasia.

The Egyptian one had to be closed down completely and lost with the sands of time as its use was too destructive and created a lot of disharmony and blocked energy. The Sirian Living Library of Light was reactivated at the Sun Disc at Abu Sir on the September Equinox 2006.

     The first Living Library of Light I experienced was when I lived in at a tiny village in the foothills of the Himalayas in 1981 where there is Golden Solar Disc.  I did not realise consciously at the time, but I just knew how to meditate, do yoga after not having done these in this life and was totally focused on my mission.

    The first conscious work was with the Pleiadian Living Library of Light was in 1996 was assisting to re activate one up in the Himalayas on the border of Pakistan and Kashmir in the Glacier lakes and the waterways of the Himalayas. It involved going into war zones and dealing with the possibility of being killed at anytime, and  on the June Solstice at the very source of the Ganges at the glacier wall Gurmak. All through the Himalayas this energy is there for anyone that can access it and through the Golden Solar Disc’s. I have experienced and worked with the Light Libraries; Arcuturian at Iona in Scotland, Antares at Moray in the Andes, Peru, the Pleiadian Mayan Pyramids of Coba and Becan, Orion Living Library of Light are Easter Island, Draco at the Mead Wall Mt Ruapheu New Zealand, Pleiadian Himalayas and the southern tip Kanyakumari and now we will be in the zone of one at Magnetic Island, the thirteenth Library of Light of Wega the white hole

and prism we came through.

     There is also a Sirian one in the ocean out from the east coast of Africa and also in Antarctica 
NEKKAR IN BOOTES Living Library of Light…….Spiralling down through vortexes into the world of Nekkar…..You are shown multiple starmaps each is being designed and activated in different stages for anchoring into the lower realms……The reason you are shown this is that we hold these within us and will anchor them in stages when the time is right.
Nekkar co-ordinates the grander cycles and the fabric of light that creates new worlds. The Galactic Federation has its main headquarters here and the lightships travel with the codings through the Solar System, Galaxy and multiple Universes…..holding the beam and sending representatives to those worlds…..Ground Crew like you…... Be open to communicate to the Galactic Federation now.

In the Diamond Light Workbook are three inner journeys to the Living Library of Light.
See also the Greater Central Starmap