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Soluntra King

       According to Carl Calleman’s research the calendar finishes on October 28thwith the end of the Universal Underworld. This is an ending of the duality dramas, even though for many they will still be going on, it is the end on the cosmic realms of existence and the pulse coming from the centre of our Galaxy is now on a higher frequency that requires us to come from a unified level of consciousness. It’s the end of the old paradigm of fear and control and we are transitioning to higher dimensions of Light and into the Age of Light.
      The Earth and humanity have entered the time of the quickening, and as we cross the threshold at the end of the calendar we journey home to our divine self within and become our Body of Light.
     We are coming into the pregnant pause, the no time and space, like being in the womb where we are sensitive to every word, emotion, action and have the choice to stay in the unified matrix and be birthed as the shinning Light Being we are from the love in our heart, or stay caught in the lower vibrations of the duality world. 

 It’s a time of instant karma and in this time of stillness and healing we will be birthed through the Suns as they align at the December Solstice 2012 as we also move through the Galactic Plane into the new creation. Becoming the Sun/son of our true self as our Earth becomes a Sun and the Sun a Central Sun, the Central Sun a Greater Central Sun…
    We are now entering the time of a great gift and opportunity to be able to fully embrace ourself in love or fear, the outcome which will be crucial as to which world we chose to operate and exist in.


We are the initiate who has come in to experience all of density, from being a microbe, to a tree, rock and water , a flower, to being birds, animals, fish, insects as well as other beings in multidimensional realms, its all you, and me.


mayan9underWe have now got to the top of the pyramid after working through the nine underworlds. Some will still be working through lower underworlds but the majority who have come in for this time are ready to move into the higher dimensional realms of existence through our heart, from the densest realms of creation, to now opening up to our Body of Light while still being in a physical body.  We have always been Light, and spirit has always been in matter, but now we are expressing it fully in full integration and full consciousnesses.

At the top of the pyramid is a temple that is aligned to Alycone the Central Sun at this time we are coming to as we move through the Inter Stellar Dust Cloud at the centre of our Galaxy and also get blasted with higher light octaves from the alignment of the Sun, Central Sun, Greater Central Sun. As the scientists say our Sun is doing some major Sun spot activity then and when this happens there is a huge shift in consciousness. 

 On March 6th to 10th  earlier this year, 2011 there were a lot of Sun spots and this was the time of the beginning of the Universal Underworld and the Inner Earth Sun changed frequency completely then and so have we.
     This is on going and is preparing us for the change over. As the initiate at the top of the pyramid we are invited into the temple and aligned through the Central Sun and then descend down the internal stairs to the inner chamber and the sarcophagus. This is where the RA Light from the Central Sun illuminates through and into the initiate as they open up their heart to the Sun that they are, illuminating light from their heart centre, the Living Library of Light and light codes that create the New Earth.

      ip5afuseI have experienced an initiation in the Sun pyramid at Becan, Mexico in 1995, this mandala is called ‘Aligned and Fearless’ and from my initiation there. 

The site had just been excavated and I was guided to the side of a pyramid wall and there was a small tunnel leading in, that I crawled on hands and knees through until I came into the centre of the pyramid of the Sun.
     I had been in the Temple of Inscriptions a few times at Palenque, which was not as ruined as these pyramids and climbed up the steps to the temple at the top and then down into the inner chamber where the sarcophagus was and the lid that holds so many codes. So I knew the layout of the pyramids, but did not dream I was to have an initiation myself in this day and age. As I stood in the archway between the inner chamber that once housed the sarcophagus and the room where the internal stairs come down from the top of the pyramid, I heard someone crawling in through the tunnel I had just come through, I was expecting to see a torch light as I had my torch but there was none and suddenly there is a man in front of me with rape robbery and murder in his eyes trying to pull my torch out of my hand and with a machete in the other hand. All happening in split seconds he comes to hit me with the machete as I look him in the eyes and speak power words that come out of my being and push past him and now I am in a Tunnel of Light standing up moving out of the pyramid. I had instantly become my Body of Light as I had no fear. As I came out of the pyramid in Light I then went to the front of the pyramid and my attacker was running into the jungle with his machete totally freaked, he had an initiation also and I knew he would never attack anyone again.
     This experience showed me that as we come into this time now, we are at the top of the pyramid aligned to the Central Sun in our hearts if we wish to be, from our intention. Then we clear our fears enough so that we can walk through the doorway and be our Body of Light right here, right now, as we move with our Mother Earth and become the Sun that we are as she becomes a Sun too. Click here for full story and photos.

    We are given this time in the sarcophagus to go through our final initiations, if not already completed. We are all at different parts of the journey but now we have the opportunity to unify and move out of the lower realms of density and duality. There are those who do not want to embrace the love that they are and experience a lighter reality and that’s fine for them they will keep experiencing duality as it gets denser and creates the shift physically. For those who have healed within, then the outer reflects this as beautiful and loving, in harmony with creation as the reality we have created, through our love. Notice how the more you love and accept your issues and duality consciousness the better your life gets, more abundant, loving, peaceful and flowing.
ipcsunuse    By the December Solstice 2012 when the Suns align and the solar rays illuminate us, as we also move through the Galactic Plane then everything will be more natural and lighter. Not a drama or painful, you have already done that or are completing it now.


 Below is a meditation taking you into the pyramid of Inscriptions and experiencing the Central Sun alignment of your true self, as a holder of the Living Library of Light.

This is a mandala of the Central Sun that I was asked on the inner to paint the new glyph of the Central Sun in 1995, with two Suns as the Second Sun is returning. I have written a book on this called 
Photo of the Temple of Inscriptions, then the temple of the Sun and side on the Temple of Inscriptions with palace and
Venus observatory opposite, at Palenque, Mexico

     This meditation is from the LIGHT CODE ACTIVATIONS  book and connected to the level of our                                            
WHITE LIGHT BODY, there are different levels of Light Body that we open to as we activate the strands of  DNA, the light codes within us.


    Become aware of a Column of Divine Light that surrounds and connects you from the Heavens to the Earth…The energy is moving clockwise and anti-clockwise, through and around you within the column….As the column connects into the Earth you become aware of another Column of vortexing spirals of clockwise and anti-clockwise Divine Light coming from the Earth up through you and around you to the Heavens……..You open up and surrender to the glittering Light energy as it sparkles and radiates all through and around you…... You are completely immersed in a vast beam of Divine Light that floods your whole being with radiance. The energy is moving clockwise and anti-clockwise, up and down from the Heavens to the Earth and back again, in glittering radiant Lights through and around you within the column and you.…..All your chakras are spinning balls of Light…..they merge into One Chakra….your energy field opens and resonates with the higher octaves of yourself……You open up to your Light Body, you are the unified matrix of Light as you link with the Light Grid around the Earth that links our Higher Selves.…..You travel through the Light Grid to the Yucatan in Mexico…….To the Pyramids at Palenque………you are aware of the jungle and cloud then a clearing as you see the pyramids, temples and palace of white stone……you go straight to the Temple of Inscriptions the biggest Pyramid and become aware that you are standing at its base…..You ascend the steps slowly and as you do you remember your connection to this place and the energies of the Central Sun….

     As you reach the top landing you enter through the doorway of the temple there and into the chamber, there are steps leading down inside the pyramid….You go down the inner steps that are illuminated with light…you walk down the steps deeper and deeper into the pyramid as it gets lighter and lighter…down into the inner chamber and to the entrance that leads into the inner sanctuary…….As you enter the inner sanctuary you see a large stone Sarcophagus in its centre……You walk over to it and step inside the Sarcophagus….As you lie within it the lid is placed over you…as the lid closes you become aware of pulsating Light with the Sarcophagus and through you…aware of the light codes through the lid, sarcophagus and pyramid….

    The Heavens open up through the portal of the pyramid as the Solar rays come through the apex of the pyramid and illuminate you…….You are your Light Body…you are your body of Light……

    You are one with the Central Sun….

    You merge all your bodies, all your dimensional selves and you observe the cycles you have been in…physical and non physical…..the cycles of Earth and your part in the creation story………You remember these codings from the parallel experiences in other dimensions and cycles as you awaken to your divinity as all these aspects unify in you now!……………..

   You are your Body of Light….one with the Central Sun…Creator Goddess/God of your true presence, the holder of the Living Library of Light…the Creation Story is held within you…..As your DNA activate… as you remember your divinity….you remember your purpose for being in a physical body….your physical body is Light, beautiful, radiant…it holds the codings of Light… are the Central Sun of your true Self….you are your Body of Light

    Then when you are ready have awareness of yourself fully present in your body…In your toes, feet, legs, pelvis, body, chest…. fingers, hands, arms, shoulders, neck, head…fully present in your body, your body of Light…
when you are ready open your eyes.


THE 11:11:11:11:11 = 55 =10 = 1

Time to go within, if you connect to your true self then you are naturally connected to everyone else.
Is all about resolving duality and 11 11 11 11 11 11 = 1 new beginnings with the creator within.
We are still in transition right now and it’s a minefield at times and tricky. We are choosing wether we wish to be our true self and come from love and peace or be a slave to the global elite and life will become unbearable. The number 11 unifies duality, but duality wants to cling on at times within us as we have been cosy with all the dramas and games. But until we realise how destructive they are we will keep on the loop and literally be food for the lower astral lords and reptilians who exist 4th dimensionally and need slaves and fear to survive.

      One of our biggest downfalls is judgement; of them, the dark forces and controllers, of other people, of what’s happening, of everything. Whatever we judge we are also judging ourself so we must have that aspect within also. Their gift is as a messenger to show us that which is not loved within until it is and then we are free of the lower astral worlds and duality.
      So on the 11 11 11 11 11 try and spend some time going within, the external world is showing you what you still judge or upsets you. Take some time on this very auspicious energy day to know yourself within and come from that space. Deep breathe in
Love and Acceptance to your internal battlers and drama characters until they feel at peace and surrender into the Love.
       If we all went within then we would not have to concern ourselves with the without, it reflects what’s within.
By you going within and Being the peace, that will go out around the Earth and connect into everyone else allowing them also to be at peace, you create it all from within you.
      See Cosmic Events 21st November for meditation to feel peace within.

        This is something a friend sent me via email. Take the last two digits of the year you were born and the age you will be this year and the result will add up to 111 for everyone!!!!

      You may wish to read about the ELEVEN GATES that have all been open since 2008 on the higher dimensions accessible by many and now integrating into the physical realm. The doorway is already open; you are the Doorway, the Stargate, the Crystal, the Pyramid…its all in YOU. Spend time going within and knowing yourself.
Here is a link to connecting to your inner self more fully.


   It is great to see more people are becoming aware of the Golden Solar Discs. Here is an article on the Golden Solar Disc, I have been working with them since 1981 and in the higher dimensions they have all been activated, merged with the silver discs and wait the activation within each soul, for we must realise that we are the Golden Solar Disc that holds the codes of the creation story at the level of the Central Sun where we fully embody ourself as a creator Goddess God here creating Heaven on Earth.




        The Central Golden Solar Disc is at the Mysore Palace in Southern India and I have worked with it over a number of years now. I was just there recently on the Inner Earth Sun Day 22nd September just before the Equinox. I have seen it merge with the Inner Earth Sun, and also been shown how there are light codes all around Earth from the core and the Light that many hold as no harm will come to Earth even though there is the fear of comets crashing etc. Nothing will happen as we are higher dimensional beings and the Earth is higher dimensional as well.
     This time as I connected the Central Golden Solar Disc I was aware of the light ships that are always there and suddenly we all went through the Galactic Centre in the Central Golden Solar Disc. It then returned in a totally different frequency and all those who went through with it are the new guardians of Earth. I saw us all like the paintings of the Goddess Nut, we were huge and our bodies covered over the Earth.




I asked the ocean today as I walked beside it, ‘what did it think of all the things that are supposed to happen, in 3d anyway; of earth changes and comets crashing, money collapse and the ones behind it who destroy and take and care for no one but themselves?’
    The ocean replied ‘everything changes, see how much I change all the time, with the sand of the beach and tides, and I am the third dimensional ocean and the cosmic ocean, I am all dimensions and worlds. So what care I for changes to come, it’s always changing and I am one. I flow through all worlds and dimensions and do not get stuck in fear and attachment of just one, and the densest at that. Come float in me and let go your fear and control that destroys everything and allow yourself to just BE.


The mandalas are part of a set of Inner Pathway mandalas,
and the books 


are all work books with activations using light and sound and inner journeys and meditations, inner exercises to
assist you to unify and awaken to your divine self, fully present in your body, your Body of Light.
Please also see the


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