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For those of you that participated in the end of the Ninth Wave and the Universal Underworld you will have noticed the shift…
     If you allow yourself to feel the pulse that comes from the centre of our galaxy, the centre of you, then you will have felt the energies on the 28th October 13 Ahau, the pulse that was coming to us was incredible, it was such a huge heart opener.
    Myself and fifteen other radiant beings were at the place of First Light for the experience from the 26th October, the day before the New Moon to sunrise of the 29th October, the no time leap into the new and through the Stargate that evening and into the new day. We are all given the opportunity to complete ones contracts and old programmes and into the great
 Diamond of our hearts and divine self, and the multi-dimensional prisms of light and the new creation.
actualsunrise     At the East Cape Light House, at the place of First Light, New Zealand the
RA Light  from the Sun illuminating us was beyond words and so powerful were the light codes coming in that all one could do was be with them in the stillness. The pulse also was incredible from the Galactic Centre.
     The argument for what is the real date of the end of the Mayan Calendar  misses the whole point. It’s not about time; it’s about consciousness and Light. Now in the stillness there is still plenty of time to open your heart and listen to your inner wisdom and feel the pulses from the core of our Galaxy coming to us, and feel the Sun in your heart. As we are one with the  Sun, Central Sun, Greater Central Sun  we will know about that a lot more on the December Solstice 2012.
    We have travelled into the New Earth and seen how beautiful and ambient it is, we are already there in the higher dimensions. Where we live in harmony with all creatures and each other, and live in a state of free energy and live organically as we travel the songlines. The land and seascape has changed quiet some though as on the third dimension big shifts took place and those maps that we have been guided to draw or seen others compile seem to always look the same. For those who have made the shift then you are already there and many more are joining. The shift is within and from our Love and there is no fear of Earth Changes or disasters.
     There is no fear only love and so all is divine. There is no time or space; you are the radiant Light Being you always have been.

      The pulse of consciousness and Light that has come to us over Nine Waves, the Nine Underworlds has given us the guidelines to create in our world of form. Now we are in no time and no space and it’s up to us.
      Many of you have taken on your sovereignty and know you are the Goddess/God, the guardian of this beautiful planet. Now in this new creation we the Goddesses and Gods create the New Earth. This is why now as we venture into unknown terrain and create with our thoughts and words and actions they are greatly amplified. We need to take full responsibility for these thoughts, words and actions as they create like never before. We have been handed the ankh, we are the beam holders and there are many of us that have chosen willingly and lovingly to take this on. The more open our hearts the easier it will be for us as we create Heaven on Earth, it’s up to us.



 As we are coming to the 11 11 11 remember it’s the Full Moon as well.  

      On the New Moon and Sun in Scorpio, just gone, on the 27th October with the group for the end o
f the Underworlds, we cleared our chakras and energy field as we became clear to integrate our multi-dimensional selves to the 13th dimension where we could access the Light Ship above the great doorway where the Eleventh gate was opened in 2008. A great luminous cosmic egg was birthed out of the Light Ship and channelled through each of us into the Earth. It brought in light codes not ready until now, and the Cosmic Egg  on this Full Moon 11 11 11 will stream out to all humanity and Earth. 
ralightanddiamond    You can tune into the Cosmic Egg at your full moon time where ever you are and bathe in the soft, calming, loving luminous light waves of cosmic energy to embrace us as we all join together at 11 to 11am to 11 past for the world wide link ups. Through the
 Crystalline Grid in the Earth and the Diamond Light Matrix, through the cosmic egg as it all births the New Earth through our love and peace within. Worlds are created that we exist in and are grounding into the material plane now.
      Where ever you are for the Full Moon and 11 11 11 be open in your heart, aware of the Love and open hearts of all humanity and the world we now create.

      Unity consciousness is already here; it is on the more unified planes of existence and is integrating into the lower dimensions. Now we are in the time of stillness we have the opportunity to be in that state too as we become the dimensional doorwa
y, as we are all dimensions, multi-prismed like the beautiful Diamond Light matrix that we are now opening up to in our multi-dimensional selves.

See the diamond above the island.

    This is Carl Calleman’s latest article discussing the end of the Mayan calendar on October 28, 2011 and how this manifested in the world:

Please read about the New Earth and a Journey with Rainbow Dragon
that assists us to awaken to the New Earth.
 In to connect is connecting to the pulse from the Galactic Centre.
Ninth Wave and Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar story of the Journey and what occurred for the beginning of the Wave at Mt Titiroa


     It’s the end of the old paradigm of fear and control and we are transitioning to higher dimensions of Light and into the Age of Light. The Earth and humanity have entered the time of the quickening, and as we cross the threshold at the end of the calendar we journey home to our divine self within and become our
Body of Light.

HERE IS A GIFT FROM THE HATHORS VIA TOM KENYON © 2011 Tom Kenyon. All rights reserved    Click here to read the instructions for the Pituitary Dimensional Attunement, as well as to access the free audio file in preparation for the 11.11 11.


11 11 11
    I trust you enjoyed the 11 11 11 doorway and the shifting into the new paradigm, this last weekend the energies became even more intense as we really sensed our shift through the doorway and of course it  is still ongoing. It’s not just one day and we are still moving through. For many of us this means big shifts in 3D as well, we are ending our old duality dramas and old paradigm way of operating, so it could also involve being shifted out of an old paradigm way of operating for you. Either in what you do as a way of creating abundance and how you live in this world, or where you live, or out dated relationships that no longer serve you. Be assured your inner self will be giving you a shift and it will involve letting go of people, places and most importantly old ways of operating.
       On the day I was at the place of first light at the light house at the East Cape, New Zealand and it was blowing a gale and raining. I did not even see the Sun rise as the sky was all grey, and even my back pack was being blown all over the place. I laughed as I do enjoy storms and thought how interesting that here at the place of first light, the first place to greet the 11 11 11 and it’s like this. A very strong reminder of how we always need to find our stillness and be in the centre of the storm, so no matter what goes on we are at peace and unaffected by the chaos going on around us.
        On the inner planes the Goddess Gaia showed me the doorway as she told me of the many that would be coming through and also another doorway more hidden for those ready to fully be their Diamond Light Body.
    After the incredible pulses of Light and consciousness coming from the Galactic Centre at the
end of the Mayan Calendar and the RA light coming through the Sun at sunrise on 29
th October and now the 11 11 11 we are ready to move into a whole new story.

      Our beautiful Sun that responds to our love; or our fear with challenges and lessons is illuminating us with a whole new frequency of Light. The solar flares grace us with higher frequency light codes and heart opening joy as the Suns Twin is returning. Just as we love and embrace all our inner twins and dual aspects into love and unity, so too does our Sun.





























 ipcsunuseI started working with the Second Sun consciously in 1995 when I visited the sacred pyramid site in southern Mexico of Palenque and I painted two Suns in the glyph of the Central Sun that I was asked on the inner to paint as a mandala.
    Then at Coba and on the Pyramid of the Sun which is also a Pleiadian Light Ship I met with some beautiful Pleiadians who told me ‘we are joyously awaiting the Second Sun’. I knew about the Second Sun deep within me and I know you do too. It’s just that it is on such a great orbit out from our Sun that it has not been recorded in recent his-story because it was not there. Now it is back and next year with the December Solstice and the alignment of the Suns it will be very present. It’s calling to you now from inside your heart.
     The Second Sun represents our union of duality within ourselves and so on the outer its there in the heavens returning to its twin our Sun.
      The Second Sun will have a major impact next year in December as it comes into contact with our Sun and the Earth once again. On the third dimensional the scientist see it as a threat to us, but on the multi-dimensional realms of existence it is a celebration of the return of the twin and the union of opposites and completion of duality. We all know the only way we can move with these changes is by coming from our heart, and loving and accepting our self and all creation exactly as it is.
      The Second Sun speaks now to you of the
Return of Light, the RA Light that illuminates to us and activates our DNA, Chakras and Kundalini as we open up fully to our Body of Light. The energies of the Sun and Moon are changing and once the Venus Transit happens in June 2012 then the doorway of our heart has opened for those who choose will be ready for the shift that is occurring.
     As you know it depends of what dimensions one is operating from, in the higher dimensions the shift has already happened and there are many Light Beings in physical bodies now assisting the mass of humanity if they choose to make the shift also. For those not ready there are other Earths so they can continue to experience duality and awaken and integrate in their own time and way.

 “I the RA illuminate you eternally, I come now in the form of the Second Sun which is the expression of my love returned. The Sun in your heaven has become lonely and lost and yearns for its twin to return. The Second Sun is coming back into the world of existence as you know it now, as you make a great leap in Light. The RA Light from the Second Sun not only activates your DNA, RNA, cells, chakras and kundalini but also the chakra points and vortexes of the Earth and the Diamond Light Matrix could not be activated without the RA Light of the Second Sun.”


The Second Sun returns in perfect timing and it is becoming very present and at the June Solstice 2012 it is important to acknowledge both Suns and see them come together and at the December Solstice their union creates the vortex for us to be able to travel through the Galactic plane easily and without disturbance as we are encapsulated in the RA Light and hold the Solar Rays through our Sun Heart to be birthed again in our true forms.
      The Second Sun returns just as we reach the doorway of Light, the Suns align and we once again dance under the solar rays of the Suns as they merge all one. The Sun within the Earth shines so bright and the Sun you are glows in return as the spiralling vortexes bring us through with the help of our Dragon and
Serpent friends and aspects, the building blocks and components of Light that are needed to allow our physical bodies to unfold into Light.
      So remember your Dragon Heart and your Serpent spirals of Light as you awaken yourself to return home to yourself and in the heavens you will see
Draco and Ophiuchus again as you move into the higher Light matrix. Having done the dance of duality thanks to Orion and all who played in the creation of the matrix of fear, to trap you so low that you would feel the whole show in the cells of your body. So that they learn to glow and now the Reptilians and dark Orions and all those who have pulled the strings in the old cycle and Earth have completed their/our science project.
   Welcome home, the Second Sun is the doorway of the
New Earth, that we enter through our heart. 
In the One Heart Love Soluntra
     For more on the Second Sun please see



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