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by Soluntra King



    So much is happening to us as we unify and move into zero point, no time, no space and through the cross over point, the Galactic Centre as we align to our Sun within us, the Sun in our Solar System, the Central Sun Alycone and the Greater Central Sun Sirius. The energies are intensifying as you know with each year and now literally each day, where did last year go and so much has happened?  
     In this section of Cosmic Events we have what’s happening .



In Dropdowns; what is happening at present and in the short term future. Below are links to the previous years from October 2001, if you want to check out on some dates that major things have happened to you.
      Also on Drop downs about Ongoing Events that have been big and happened in the last few years that are still impacting us. As well the Gates; the; 11:11, 12:12 and 13:13 13th Gate that we have moved through. To some it may not seem like it but it’s all a matter of consciousness as to what dimensions we relate to. To some of us we are already through the Galactic Centre cross over point and in actual fact we are from our so called future just back in our past doing a repair job. I am sure a lot of you can relate to that. Especially if you have spent a lot of your life being of service here to others as well as working with anchoring Light around  the Planet  and working with the Galactic Federation, Councils of Light and in the Bigger Picture. In the Greater Reality there is No Time or Space its all here Now and we are being forced to awaken to this, not just intellectually but in our body through all our energies bodies as its happening anyway weather we like it or not, or want it or not. So going with the flow is an important way to operate in total allowing and surrendered in Divine Will and Plan.
     In the Cosmic Events dropdowns we also have about the Mayan Calendar with links to those who have studied this full on and are in the know in my understanding anyway. There is a lot of misinformation out there that can easily lead the gullible astray. See the Age of Light to understand more of what we are and in other Menus I have lots of inner work and unification under UNITY and HEALING as well as about your Light Body.
     Under MULTI DIMENSIONAL are articles and my own experiences and ourselves as multi-d beings. Under RA all about the Suns and more recent Cosmic Events of the Great Central Starmap and the Draco Codes. About  Earth Star union under Star Union and our star Lineages. I also have under ACTIVATION ART in WATERCOLOURS paintings of some of the activations I have been on over the years as well as PHOTOS of sacred sites under NEW EARTH and the stories of some of the multi-d adventures I have had working with anchoring the higher energies.






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  2011to June  July onwards    2012 to May   to October  to end of cycle  

best to view from drop down links; current cosmic events or 2013 for module with all links