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extract from LIVING LIGHT booklet by Soluntra King.
    The Sun is the source of Light and the Moon is the reflector of it and sustains life, without either we cannot exist here. There is a doorway through the Moon that initiates must take. It is after the Sun initiations and is the final clearing of the emotions and lower mind, as you move through the Moon you will see what still needs sorting out. On the dark side what ever remaining fear comes up as you keep moving through it, knowing it to be an illusion and not who you really are. You have the Sun in your heart from your Sun initiations and are Light. As you create the pathway through your courage there are others coming behind until the doorway closes. Those outside see only moonlight, those still in are caught in their fears and trauma and not ready to let go. Those who have gone through are rejoicing and there are pillars of light there and a beautiful world. That is your world watch the beauty unfold even more amazingly.

      The Moon is now the most important link you have to your soul self, as it is the subtler more powerful energies of the feminine, Goddess reflective essences of Source. Remember often to reflect the softer can bring in more that assists than the raw Source of the Sun as it can burn through our own foolishness. Absorbing the lunar rays softens what you are and have, and revitalizes, rejuvenates and awakens, so your youthing is happening now with your Moon Dance.
 The Sun is young, eternal renewal through the Moon.
The Goddess paints her life giving colours in nature, all is renewed eternally.
Awaken to your renewed, rejuvenated Being, alive in the Dancing Light of the Sun's rays through the Moon. The Godforce shines through the Goddess and the Goddess gives Life.

     The Sun is at the centre of our Solar System and is the centre of Light, it illuminates this Solar System with life and is connected to every aspect of life and creates the world as we live in it. The Sun is not just a gaseous ball but very highly evolved worlds and Beings, they illuminate direct to us and at night through the Moon. The Sun illuminates and gives life and at night illuminates through the Moon. The Moon expresses all the cycles of growth, from the seed at the beginning in the New Moon until it reaches its peak at the Full Moon and the celebration of Life, then it cycles back to the New Moon and into a new life once more, the dance of life and the eternal renewal of life.
      The Sun, which is in unity consciousness and seen in the day, expresses a Yang masculine energy, the Moon is seen at night and so expresses Yin and feminie energy, both are still there, even though at night we cannot see the Sun and during the day we cannot see the Moon. The Sun is one with the Moon on a New Moon, for example when the Sun is in Pisces and the New Moon is in Pisces, so they merge at that time to create new life. In the Full Moon the Sun and Moon are opposite, so if the Sun is in Pisces then the Full Moon is in Virgo, its opposite, now they are expressing their full growth, just as all of creation is expressed in the same way.

     The Full Moon is a doorway between the spiritual and material worlds and a solar alignment and electromagnetic ray of Golden Light links the Sun, Earth and Moon in Divine Love and Light that is available to humanity. Have you noticed how golden the Full Moon is now days, the solar rays of the Golden Beings from the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun illuminates us through the Moon, Goddess creation.
       From the point of Source as symbolised by the Sun, God seeds the creation through the Goddess, as with humans the male with the sperm seeding life, and the female egg creating life, so too we have this in the big picture. Prime Creator manifests a womb matrix we call Mother Goddess and from her many other sources of creation are brought forth. A multitude of higher beings form thought, these thoughts become sound and sound in turn flows out to its own level of frequency and manifests realities.
     The above is an extract from the Inner Pathway Mandala ‘Reawakening’, inspired from the Mayan pyramid and temple site of Tulum on the Caribbean in the Yucatan Peninsula.

      At the Moon Temple, with the cathedral built over it in the Zoccalo in Mexico City, and where the Aztec Calendar
was found I was there in 2005 and was told:
“This is where the offerings were made to the Moon, far more important than the Sun as it was the inner worlds and journey to the underworld and through to life everlasting body and soul. The Moon represents the final stage of your journey. The light you saw yesterday is from the Light Beings of the Moon who hold the energy here at the ancient temple, built before Lemurian times and gone under the water not once but five times before.
   The crescent Moon with Venus that you saw earlier this morning anchored here at this Moon Pyramids temple cathedral”.

     I hear a few people say that the Moon is negative; we know it’s a satellite and was placed where it is to assist Earth. Others say it is to control us, and how the Moon creates us to have wars, and many flip out over a Full Moon, the word lunatic comes from lunar. We know the Moon affects the tides in the ocean, the water in our bodies and our emotions, the sap in the plants and if we garden to the cycles of the Moon, even cutting our hair then we reap the benefits. So the Moon has a huge affect on us.
     But to blame it for all the negatives is a bit much, we are being controlled in all sorts of ways from the two strand DNA mentality, to all the programming genetically, to TV and movies, chemicals in the water and food, nearly everyone is on prescription or illegal drugs. So before we think that solving our problems just means getting rid of the controllers who so called use the Moon to brainwash us and we decide to rearrange our solar system, how about rearranging ourselves. If people want to be victims to the so called bad guys then look at the negative ET or dark lord in ones self first and tell that aspect in you that is not loved; ‘I love and accept you exactly as you are’ until your negative selves are all whole and healed. Then once you have loved all your darkness and owned your Light see how you feel about the Moon.
     There is a doorway through the Moon that initiates take, it is after the Sun initiations and is the final clearing of the emotions and lower mind, as you move through the Moon you will see what still needs sorting out.

     In 2011 I was told on the inner “There has been a battle going on for possession of the Moon, as whoever controls it controls Earth. We are asking you to go into the future and see the Moon.”
     I saw the Moon with layers of flowers around it and luminous pulsating like it’s a womb with an unborn child in it. The child is important to the New Earth, the Reptilians wanted to use it to birth their being into the New Earth but this did not happen even though the war is still happening in our time. But because so much has cleared on the inner planes and bigger picture with work myself and many others do, it means the light is maintained and a place of harmony and beauty, peace and divine energies of co creation are able to take place on Earth.

   When we have completed the Sun Dance and learnt enough in the physical world to thrive on our own energy from the Sun within, one with the Source, then we open up to the Moon. The Moon Dance is on the inner planes and creates waves the Light through all the worlds and exposes the dark. We can be doing the Moon Dance at the same time we do the Sun Dance. But once we have owned our inner Sun and radiate it brightly then the Moon dance continues as there is not only subtle clearing to still take place but we open up to the Goddess we are (wether in a male or female body) and dance in the bigger picture for sharing the Light in subtle but powerful ways, just like the Moon is always there, sometimes seen, some times not, but always there.
     The Sun Dance can often be harsh and we have all had those harsh lessons exposed by the blazing solar rays and learn that the only solution is to come from the Love and Acceptance of the Source within us through the Suns.
    The Moon Dance is the soft approach easy for most women and there is no exclusive club, but many male shamans think they know how but run ego and still work through desire. The male has to surrender first into the Goddess and feminine essence and then they can easily dance in the subtle realms of creation too.
     The Moon and Sun have sacred union within as we move beyond all dual levels of consciousness and this is where we are at now. The doorway of our hearts are open and we marry Sun and Moon the inner and outer, all one.

     This is from the Light Code Activation book and only a small part of a connecting mudra.
      Hold your Hands; Right hand on top, Left hand underneath and imagine there is a beautiful Golden Sun or Golden Ball being held in between your hands at your Heart Chakra. This is the Sun of your true self.
    Now swap your hands over, so the Left hand is now on top and the Right hand underneath as you now merge the Sun and moon within your heart ……Allow yourself to breathe deeply….and as you do this be open to the energy as you unify the polarities of the Sun and Moon, the Yin and Yang, the inner and outer merge…… One from the Source within you….
an Open Heart.

     The Lunar Cycle has changed, that is why many think the Moon is negative; it is not, it is them that are negative. The Moon reflects what is out of balance that is why many go mad on the Full Moon. The Moon was created to keep the Earth from falling through space. It holds the Earth in a pattern that sustains life. There were stone circles built, like the one I was at for the Lunar Eclipse in June 2011, Callanish Stones at the Isle of Lewis, Scotland that enhance the lunar rays and utilise them for the abundance and fertility of Earth and the people.
      There is a deeper meaning of all this to do with the RNA and DNA and cellular memory. As you know the death and
decay programme has infiltrated all cells.
     The standard helix pattern of DNA like the twined serpents, the caduceus is not right for the new energies, now it is Diamonds linked. This creates a full link of the DNA patterning and has no top or bottom that leaks energy, which creates death; in the new paradigm the diamonds linked contain the complete codes, the DNA actually moves in circles.

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