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I am sure many of you are feeling stressed out at present, or feeling a bit over it all,
even if there is not an obvious 3D reason or simply that 3D is just getting too hard to operate in.
You may be finding it difficult to sleep or sleeping a lot more, over eating or under eating or seemingly experiencing old patterns and ways of behaviour that you have not done for along time, that was unified and now its back.
This is not because you are regressing or losing it. In fact it’s the opposite, just be kind to yourself as you are rearranging your cellular memory. 

We feel stressed or tired of it all when we are not so connected and at peace with ourself.
    So what ever is happening take a few minutes to take some deep breathes in and tell yourself you are at peace…and love and accept any imbalances and know that it is only a momentary experience and that in the greater reality all is divine and peaceful and allowing, so bring yourself back to the now and the stillness with your breath.
Just a few slow deep abdominal breathes in and out through the nostrils, or in through the nostrils and out through the mouth if really stressed. Stress is a perception from our experience, so the breathe assists us to experience the stillness and connect deeper within.
     We are being forced to connect deeper to our divine core and the source within as our own love and radiance brings us into balance.

     The Sun Spots and the Solar Flares coming to us are also stirring things up as they are bringing in massive amounts of light and restructuring our cellular memory. You may have noted that no disruption was experienced from the latest Sun spots and flares on Earth, in the worse case scenario all the power could go down and take years to repair and the nuclear power plants all go into meltdown as they only have a short amount of fuel to keep the generators going to cool the rods. This is the fear and duality realm but we are moving beyond that with all the love and acceptance we are coming from and state of peace within as we unify and move beyond the duality drama.

     There are many light workers who greet the Sun and consciously aware of their oneness with her, as well as the Central and Greater Central Suns. As well as many able to sun gaze and see the sacred geometric shapes of our Sun in the higher dimensions. We are learning to come from a state of oneness with the Sun, ourself and all life so that we are not affected by the duality and fear that is only held and rules in the third density. Most of you would no longer be third dimensional and if you listen to your inner guidance and know who you are then you are in a totally different space and resonating in higher frequencies of light, one with the Sun within and without, in the world but not of it.
If you are interested in the RA then please see my website and
RA as well as drop down on the Suns.


In order to assist with this transition and to keep you connected and present;

Imagine you are in a clear Octahedron and that the 13 rays of rainbow of the New Earth and higher dimensional you are flowing in through the top apex, spiralling down and around to the bottom and then pouring up your central channel out the top apex and then flowing all around you as in the diagram.octlifeforce


 Do this at the start of your day for several minutes and any other time through the day when you feel heavy, tired or down. I am also using this on trees and plants that are not well and if you have children then see this flow through them as well.octroperson

    The Octahedron and this flow is the universal flow and will get the life force flowing through you more easily as well. The octahedron is a doorway of divine love and light and inter-dimensional and in the bigger picture symbolic of the white how we came out of into creation and the black hole we go back through as we complete this duality cycle.








We will be experiencing a lot of change and the stir up this year as the integration of our and the Earths multi-dimensional levels of existence unifies within the filaments of light that you are in your third dimensional body for full integration. So all the stress, physical symptoms and difficulties you have been experiencing over this build up will becomes easier once we are more connected and in the universal flow.

    Please note the thirteen rays of the rainbow are now here and the RNA is attuning to them as it brings this higher light into your DNA, please See DIAMOND LIGHT ILLUMINATION WORKBOOK for the 13 rays and RNA with more in LIVING LIGHT Booklet.


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