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With inner preparation of our Light Body and Divine Blueprint and New Sun and Star self, so we will be able to hold the beam as the un-manifest worlds merge through the denser realms and bring us into the New Earth and beyond the illusion and duality consciousness and lower dimensions.
The doorway is open through our hearts and the stillness and peace within.


Through the new Solar System we are being downloaded with new star energies,
as we awaken to the star that we are.
Experiencing the new stars and alignment of the Suns through the Galactic Centre,
through the centre of you and your cells all one.
Embodying more fully your Divine Blueprint and mastering your molecules, the Multi-dimensional prisms of light that dance in sheer delight through your love and Being in awakened and unified consciousness.


We will be physical present in the Stargate and the Dragon energy is also moving under the land and opening up the portals to the stars as we experience Earth Star union, Heaven and Earth, spirit and matter one as the dimensional divisions melt into the golden light of love.
Experiencing our new light body and lightcodes as we open to a whole new world fully present in our bodies and lives right here, right now.
Awakening the DNA light codes and cellular memory to be the star that you are more fully.
Cleansing your etheric, emotional and lower mental bodies from love and the higher vibrational aspects of you and the higher light frequencies.
Clarity of your Being and presence here on Earth.
Communicating from your heart and inner light.

Our Starlight Body is being woven through our denser fabrics of creation and creating pathways of starlight to glow through our cells and Being. Giving us greater integration in our Multi-Dimensional bodies and transmuting limiting destructive thought patterns that have blocked the lower astral planes, as we utilise our power of love and see the Earth and everyone as whole and healed.


Please see these links for more on Stargates, Teleporting with Stargates, We are the Stargate and the first Stargate Opening in Scotland
The second Stargate Opening, Lake Taupo NZ
The Five Stargates, overview and participants experiences.


Working in the new paradigm with your Light Bodies and the Diamond Light Body,

the new template for the higher dimensions

of your oversoul, multi-dimensional self as it integrates into your physical body.
The Diamond Light Body is formed through the Diamond Matrix of Light

now being activated

on Earth which means also through you and your body.

This happened as the light codes have intensified through the Great Shift in Cycle,
through the planetary link ups as well as all the work that has been done with the
great diamonds worldwide that are in the higher dimensional Earth.
The Diamond Light Body is the link that has been missing, and is the vehicle
that takes us to the realms of the Light Body master codings
and the wisdom and Light of our inner self.

We will be working with new paradigm mandalas and sound codes for RNA, DNA
and Light Body Activations.

RNA activation and the Thirteen Rays of the Rainbow,
the RNA receives the multi-dimensional codes.

The original DNA activations of the 64 strands, Liquid Light Transmission of DNA,

Liquid Light Love Actualisation, Transmuting DNA at Dense Structural Levels,

Integration of DNA Activation  
and now the DNA Integration of the Physical and  Energy Bodies.

 The Chakra and Higher Octave chakras and the Stars and Planets through your Chakras and being as you merge with the Diamond Light matrix of all creation.

Opening up to Liquid Light Plasma and the light codes of your divine blueprint.

The Iiridescent Light Body
The Living Libraires of Light

Transmuting the programming of the old matrix, into the new paradigm

and the freedom to be who you truly are.
Loving, accepting and transcending being in the loop and hooks to the lower astral worlds to get out of the loop
Clearing implants and hooks to the dark forces and old programmes of fear and victim consciousness.
Go within and ask who am i?
Aware of yourself in the higher dimensions,
The multi-dimensional being you are.             
Healing your energy field in the bigger picture.
Seven levels of energy networks within you.

Healing relationships from the bigger picture.

The Moon, sustainer of life and final initiation

The Kundalini and Draco Ophiuchus codes from earth to star.

Awareness of the Invisible with lots of opportunity for inner unification, healing and activating the light more fully within by embracing duality and clearing soul contracts.

We are now experiencing a huge paradigm shift and our bodies are awakening into our divine essence as we expand our awareness and go deeper into the stillness and peace within and through the cross over point of the Galactic Centre, as we align
with the Central Sun and Greater Gentral Sun.

We are upgrading to the next level.
Working in the stillness and void through the Galactic Centre and with the New Earth and dimensional doorways within your being and the Earth.

Gaining awareness of the Central Sun and RA Light and Holograms of your love
as the multi-dimensional being you are.

Patterns of Light….working with your holograms and unifying
them through light and sound, as well as with your own inner knowing through

art creating the matrix of light in harmony.

Communicating with nature and the elementals realms who hold keys to unlock
forgotten awareness of the unity of all life and the magic of the light weave.

Speaking the Light Codes in the language of Light from your Soul and coming from the Eternal Love that flows from your Heart as you awaken and remember your divine self.
Being from our Light Body and awakened DNA codes, unifying the missing links.

By our connection to the Inner Earth Sun and the union of the Sun and Inner Earth Sun within we open up to our Earthsun Body and align all our energies bodies and our connection through the

Matrix of Light with all life.

Notes and colour mandalas supplied.

                                                        A FEW TESTIMONALS FROM RECENT WORKSHOPS    

Dearest Soluntra
Blessings of Peace and Joy Within!
I wanted to say thank you once again for your efforts in facilitating such a magnificent, wondrous, amazing and unbelievable journey for all of us.  Words really can't do justice for the magnitude of what transpired - but from one heart to another Thank You!
In ONe heart Kristyxx

Hi Soluntra  Thank you so much for recording, was wonderful to listen to your voice again and recall all that we experienced ,to hear the sound of the waves and through this  see beautiful manapurri lake and everyone  again ,did make me home sick for new zealand and being so connected in nature at such beautiful sacred places . I cant thank you enough for such a wonderful experience ,and for sharing such amazingly beautiful sacred places with us ,there was no greater gift i could have given my self than this trip ,what a blessing to be in such beauty and to do such deep inner work activation and downloads with your wonderful mandalas and toning ,imagine living life like that every day  much love ' Tracy

Dear Soluntra, i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting us know such a easy way to heal ourselves.  I shall work on myself and keep you posted about whatever happens.  
Thank you once again dear one !Lots of love Pragti

Thank you Soluntra for sharing your journey … you are an amazing catalyst of change … connecting with you when you came to Perth recently brought great shifts for me personally … sensed a great opening and alignment with the inner earth sun, inner heart sun and all cosmic suns … reclaiming my lineage of light … bringing greater capacity to hold light and anchor the shift. I so resonate with much that you describe. Much gratitude and respect Alison

What can I say. . . I loved the whole thing.  I loved the mandala's, that was a very good touch to have that up so we could see it, I loved the guided meditations and especially the chants.  
The chants sent goosebumps and tingles throughout me as did some of the meditations.  I want to learn those chants.  I must admit, it took me the rest of the day to recover...I felt really spaced out.  That was the longest I had ever meditated for. . .I will be doing that again but I think I will break it down so to be kinder to myself.
I love Soluntra, love her page, love her sharings...I see she is very knowledgeable and experienced with all realms and dimensions...she feels to me to be very 'real' and she is a testament to what she shares. Love and Light to all Janine

Hi Soluntra, It’s was great meeting up with you again, and what a great meditation and activation weekend at Stirling!! I felt like I had realised a purpose here! I am continuing with daily excercises.Love & Light Peter

Many thanks for your wonderful work! An amazing ,multi facetted time,with energy layers I`ve not experienced before.Loving the journey ! Within about  5 mins. from the beginning,a little voice laughs and says"Dalai Lama has a sister" !!!!
What a great beginning! And a wonderful compliment to you.Just had to pass on that little message.Kind regards,Rosalie K  

Dear Soluntra, goddess of Love and Light,
My name is Candace and I wish to thank you so much for the amazing work that you do, I truly appreciate all the information that you share, it has helped  and inspired me through challenging times just to tune in and it feels reassuring as I have been anticipating these times for ages!

Hi Soluntra, Hope you well and rested Soluntra,flowing with the tides! Big thank you for of the most powerful wkshops I have done,actually probably the most powerful!!! Lots of clearing and loving..."love and accept, love and accept".
I gotta tell you much anger and fear has been released and as expected it keeps on releasing.
i am sooo grateful to have participated in wkshop...such anger etc has just been leaving. Love it, love it! Again, thanks for walking the earth and comi.g on over to Adelaide. Let us know when you coming pre booking a space if you do a wkshop.
Bless bless bless. Bianca

I loved the 2 days with you and have felt the new energy since then and other things that feel amazingly fabulous!!!!
How long will you be in Perth? It would be great to catch up with you again before you leave if you have any time. If not i'm looking forward to joining you on your travels some time in the future :-)
with love and gratitude for all that you share Jane xx

Hi Soluntra I just wanted to say I really, really enjoyed the weekend. I got a lot out of it and valued your frank and direct approach and delivery also. A lot was new to me, but a lot was by some way familiar. I felt strongly that I have received and will continue to do so, a lot of new and wonderful information, and that I have my homework of breathing and getting the hell out of my head and into my heart to do to open that path more and more. It's something that I intend to commit to and look forward to the changes and challenges it will bring.
I valued it immensley and look forward to doing more work with you one day. Mandy xx

Hi Soluntra,
I have to say thank you for your wonderful sight. So any of your meswsages and meditations have helped me enormously.
I am interested in the essences that come up for me when you douse.
I like so many others have a lot of activation and growth happening this year. Mine really kicked in when I started doing so many of your meditations. I feel that an awakening is going to occur and wondered if you would douse an essence that would help me in this journey.
Many thanks in anticipation. With gratitude, Laurel

Hello again Soluntra,Just letting you know once again how much I enjoyed the day at Cape Schank, the very relaxing evening at the spar pool and the lunch with girls.
The experience has given me so much to think about and the inspiration to begin to change and better deal with so much that is going on in my life today.
kind regards, Jan Kiefel

Hi soluntra,
I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful week, I have had many profound experiences and thankyou so much for being who you are and in sharing your knowledge with us.
Have a safe trip back and I am sure I will see you again. Love nanci

Hi Soluntra,
Thank you so much for today- I totally loved it and loved meeting
You (although I felt I have known you many times before!) the day was wonderful, your energy is so free, peaceful, pure and powerful….
Thank you for being such an ambassador of the light.Love, hugs and gratitude melissa

Thank you Soluntra,
I never in my life have  felt such fine and beautiful healing, I feel loving kindness coming home to my heart again.
You have blessed my soul.From my heart to yours thank you.Love Shelley
Hello beautiful Soluntra, There is sooo much to say and share yet I'll keep it brief.
Since Alice Springs my life has been full on, lately all great.  You have come to me and helped me in my dreams on several occasions, waking up and remembering your genuine sincere accepting face.  I thank you for this.
I give you hugs of love and appreciation and look forward to seeing you in soul awareness.
Sincerely thank you for being there at times when I really did need it, my heart expresses thanks, it did help :-)
will see you again and share a smile. It is my pleasure to meet you and learn and experience With love and appreciation, Tina

Hi Soluntra,
I have been working daily with sounds and light codes since Tathra workshop including the diamond light. I struggle to find words, they seem so inadequate and I don't want to use them anyway but I do want to say how greatful I am to you for the beautiful work you are doing Soluntra. I caught sight of myself in the rest room mirror on our trip home from Tathra and got a shock as looked so different. Its like I was able to begin to recognize something of the truth of who I am and I started laughing with tears streaming. Must have looked funny to an outside observer. Anyway thankyou so much again. With a heart full of gratitude, Tara

Blessings Soluntra,
Many, many thanks for an amazing workshop in Tathra,  I feel so privileged to have been part of this extraordinary event.  My Thymus and Throat Chakras particularly, are still feeling the effects!
I particularly enjoyed the meditation we did with you where you connected each Chakra with a planet, though I have forgotten which chakra aligns with what planet.  I’ve been doing some research of my own on the Planets following on from some lessons and meditations I attended last year and I’m loving that everything is so connected.  I had a vision a couple of months ago where I saw myself outside our universe and as I moved, so did all the stars and planets, and this is what I felt was happening while we were doing your meditation.   I feel that as much as the Planets and Suns affect our lives, we too are having an effect on the movement and changes of the Planets and Suns, and even this insight is only scratching the surface, there is so much more and at the same time we are both the little picture and the big picture.
Much love, Lou

It was  lovely reconnecting  with you Soluntra - magical  authentic being!  The South Coast setting just
perfect with its intimacy and ancientness and also meeting the beautiful light beings drawn to you.
Continue generously sharing your wisdom,
Much joy, Zania

Dearest Soluntra
Thank you for this latest information which is amazing.  I love reading about your journeys and the amazing planetry work you do that so benefits us all, even if I cannot understand it all in the physical realm  I know I do on the inner planes.  My heart is still buzzing with love, fulfilment, a journey into the New Earth and more understandings and connections after the awesome workshop I attended recently at Rainbow Beach.  The ceremony held at the Carlo sandblow was just wonderful for me.  So much love and amazing connections.  I continue to follow through most days after "stuff" comes up in my dreams.  I truly feel so much lighter and joyous.I thank you for the journey Much love and blessings Jill  xxxx

Hello Soluntra!

Thank you for Rainbow Beach workshop.  It was just what I needed, time for myself without the family. To be able to look after myself without worrying about anyone else. And the main one is to Focus on myself Your mediations were/are fantastic!
Grounding all that energy into the Earth  Thank you Adriana.

 Thank you, beautiful goddess for this information and forward. It resonates deep within me.
thank you also for the amazing workshop at rainbow beach. lots of valuabble information and deep insights surfaced.
I would like to say what a joy it was to see you again and listen to you. every cell in me felt the deep joy ,peace, love, wisdom, beauty, etc you radiated out to the world and to me it felt like you were being even more radiant than before, like a burden had fallen off your shoulders, so light and radiant, so much laughter. wow.
on a personal level for me this was the first time i saw and felt myself as a total lightbeing as well and exchangigng looks and a few words with you was incredible......the feeling of being in that space of utter love and bliss stayed with me for a little while longer..... until it fractures. my focus now is on getting back into this space and staying there...... there is still lots of mental energy happening - so working on this one - but also communication. irinas farewell words to me were: goodbye lonely, very well, yes, many more transformations to take place.Thank you for all your guidance and support
blessings of peace and joy love Nette Y QLD

thank YOU Soluntra.
 My emotional detox and purification is continuing. thankyou ! Memorable workshop. When's the next one? Maybe I'll have time to get "my house" in order... haha
 It's a special time now isn't it? Enjoy your family and the holiday season with much gratitude and appreciation kerry


Dear Soluntra
Thank you for your latest information about Solstice etc. and also follow up on Rainbow Beach.  I have had time to assimilate what happened over those precious days and I am very happy I was there to take part in this awesome journey. Everything is a gift for me these days, and now that I have transmuted fear I have been gifted eternal Youth!  Wow I love my life.Thank you for being part of my life, beautiful Galectic Being.
With love Chris

Hello Soluntra
Blessings The workshop was very special for me and so I continue to expand my consciousness.  Thank you ssssooooo much for sharing your wonderful energy and knowingness. I In divine Love Suzanne
Hi Soluntra,
I had an amazing time at your workshop and hope to see you for more next year. I love the way you teach and your down to earth way. You made me belly laugh! Thank you for all you do for the planet and the souls on it. Love Natashaxx

dear soluntra,
 many thanks for organizing the trip through the south island, the many fabulous meditations, your wisdom, guidance, awesome and unforgettable experiences.
 special, very special indeed - so are you. wishing you joy and peace much love nuria

Dear Soluntra, Guiding light, illuminating supreme being, thank you so very much for all, I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to play with you! Things are bubbling along just beautifully, lots of stuff falling away, with plenty of opportunity to put all these great tools into action!!
Am keen to get another couple of books, the crystal handbook to begin with, And next gateways of unity inner & natural healing. Soluntra thank you.
An ever keen crew member, in one heart, Biggest love, Fleur


Blessings Soluntra,
The weekend was so increadible. So much was happening within me, of course!
I really want to sincerely thank you for your commitment in what you do and share with people. I love how you truly embody what you teach; I've only ever seen you relate to everyone as Source and though many teachers talk about it, I've never seen anyone demonstrate it so fully, so simply and so profoundly. 
 Among my realizations on the weekend, was that although I've been connecting with this work via you speaking my own heart to me for a good few years now, I still wasn't ready to comprehend it. I wasn't ready to embody and demonstrate in my life, that yes, I am divine and one with Source. Especially when it came to looking for teachers and looking for trainings, as though everyone else has the authority but not me!
Although I've understood in my head that I was still doing that, I wasn't ready to actually make the leap to stop seeking external teachers for my own internal guidance.
 So on the weekend I activated something deep inside me, where I got to sense the coming freedom and pure consciousness waiting to be fully met and expressed from within me. I look forward to allowing this newness to come through me and to maintain relating to myself in this way.
When I got to Rainbow Beach, I was wondering whether or not to do a Tantra teacher training program in U.S. with someone else's model - but in the first 5mins of sitting in the room, it was confirmed to me loud and clear that I am not to go anywhere else but inside, because I seem to have alot of coding to bring through, especially in spiritual sexuality. So a new journey begins........Love Shannon/ Shiromani


I am still stabilizing in my new level of awareness/conciousness after the wonderfilled weekend with heaps of “integration” …love and acceptance, right.
Thank you for your radiant love and illumined wisdom. I stabilized in a level of conciousness I have been working toward for a while now and am very grateful for your courage and example of operating conscious and integrated “beyond”..
Love and Blessings Paul

Dear Radiant Goddess,
Thank you so much for the weekend, I do feel much has shifted for me..
Thank you for the fantastic work you do & have done for all of humanity & the universe.


Your work is helping me to bring it all together so to speak.Helping me to understand my own life process in really exciting ways.I have been doing the dna transmission for 4 days and noticing a big difference already,information is coming through much clearer.

Thankyou for you many blessings Emma

Hi Soluntra
Many thanks for your amazing work and workshop.  I love your work and see you as a true universal light worker.
Divine love and light to you,Sue

Soluntra dear Soul,
I have been putting into 'practice' what I learnt from you & the notes [very comprehensive they are!!] Was surprised to find how relevant the LINK chakra is for me - also the Soulight & Soul star areas at this point in my evolvement. Feel the Gold Diamond body more 'REAL' these days -- so I'm having fun with it all -- thankyou for your wisdom & support.
Cheers, Blessings and Laughter Rose

Hi Soluntra:
Thanks for a wonderful and rich workshop yesterday.
Although I had read some of your newsletters, this workshop was full of new things for me. 
I know the most important part is the experience and I can tell you that I went deep on those meditations
The light language was quite a different experience for me too.  For some reason, it reminded me of my younger daughter who has a language of her own and makes me wonder a bit, as she is quite a special one indeed.
Anyway, thank you very much for a day full of love and new experiences.
I hope I see you again in the future!
Lots of love, Danielle 

Hi Soluntra In light and love

 Thank you so much for the beautiful sound codes that you have shared with us from your book light code activations

 I facilitate a weekly meditation group and we use them regularly w It is amazing both the chakra sound codes and the light body codes... on the equinox I had a largish group toning hu ra ma see then a chakra meditation plus plus and then  Heloo heloooooo it was beautiful

dear soluntra,
thank you so much for all your information inspiration and open hearted divine inclination and the joy and love that radiates from you. i feel very blessed to have been able to reconnect with you and attend your workshops as its all helped me to finally find my focus in this life. i hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and may the year ahead bring you everything your heart desires with much love and blessings. dale 

Dear Soluntra,

I am so glad I was there to experience it all with your input - it was magical, and you have truly helped me find more parts of myself that can interact with nature and the cosmos so much better as I travel about myself. Many blessings, Linda


Workshops 2014






Bunya Mountains in Queensland, Australia.











For the June Solstice 2014
5 days in Kashmir and 19 days in Ladakh






JULY 19th 20th





info up soon please email if interested