The Equinox was very big in the most subtle and cosmic ways, and really about ourself and our own shift within, into the next level of our Light Being self. I had a feeling as I started my physical journey to the great vortex of Lake Taupo and the spinner wheel and vortexes of Lake Rotopounamu and Mt Pihanga, New Zealand that it was like a shift into another dimension physically. I was returning to the place I had been for the September Equinox 2012 which was big and also the March Equinox 2010 when the dimensional worlds had merged. At this equinox it felt like the merging was coming right into the physical plane.

Some of you may have had realisations over this time, not of anything new but a deeper level of integration.
Realising that whatever imbalances you might still be experiencing in your body or life are illusion and simply not to buy into them, it’s not real. And even deeper awareness of what is real, ones self as; ‘I am Light, I shine my light from inside out through all my cells and molecules, energy bodies, worlds and dimensions. I choose to be light and divine love from the source that flows through me eternal, with gratitude unlimited, an open heart, one with the divine.’

On my journey I was aware of a Light Ship travelling with me and at sunset on the 20th March just before the exact time of the Equinox I stopped at the place where we anchored the 13th Gate in 2009 on the shores of Lake Taupo.

I connected to everyone and there were masses of Light Ships in other dimensions, the Golden Solar Disc was singing and the Ancient One smiling and jubilant. Things are changing ultra fast. Literally like a flip in dimensions where the inner and outer are one. I noticed everything even more alive and light.
I have done much work at the lake over the years on my own and with many groups I had organised and worked with the Ancient Ones there and the Golden Solar Disc and other dimensional realms, now I become aware of a seal there. The Seal of Kirth meaning; kin/sun/day/the new day/the awakened day and that this seal has now opened. I was not familiar with the seals before and realised days later that this Seal needed to be opened before the Seal of Narath at the planetary spinner wheel Mt Pihanga was brought back into fully functioning in the Light after aeons of misuse. This happened the next day 21st March.

But meanwhile before midnight that night I connected ready for the exact time of the Equinox at 12.01am 21st March NZ time. I was aware of being through the whole of the central plateau in my Dragon self, the stars shinning through me and through the central plateau and all Earth. Aware of my oneness with all creation, infinite finite all one, when I saw a great beam of Light come into the Earth.

The beam is birthing many souls into their light body through the physical body’s  cells, meridians and strange flows, pulsating with the new light codes. This was possible due to all the connections of so many linked around the Earth for the Equinox, having open hearts and beaming their love, it is assisting the beam to move through the grids. The Serpent energy and spiralling life force flowing in and awakening and illuminating those ready.

A new beginning for humanity, love shall open the way to peaceful, light relations. A new beginning for the self, love of ones self fully, respecting ones self, nurturing ones self and open to receive the abundance from expressing ones joy, integrity, love and service. Things have shifted again, be it subtly but we are on a roll.

Before sunrise I went to the western side of Lake Taupo and connected to the solar flares and sunspots that lovingly embrace us and the Earth through to the Inner Earth Sun, Liquid Light Plasma and Diamond Light Matrix through myself and the Earth. The New Sun was sending out new light codes through the Diamond Light doorway and as I await the sun’s rising I tune into soul travel I took while asleep that night of the equinox through Mead Wall that is up on Mt Ruapehu. Moving into a great void/hole of inner and outer space I ask to go to a place of higher learning to awaken, heal and unify myself even more and to be of service for what ever is required next in the bigger picture. Instantly I am in a Lightship and aware of a new vibration of Light filtering through my body, like a new light body, as this happens on the inner the Sun on the outer world rises and I receive the codes in dancing light, knowing that such blessings are being received by all those who are honouring the Equinox energies and present with it.

For the Noon connection I was guided to be at Lake Rotopounamu like in 2010, with no expectations, as many amazing things have taken place here in this vortex with the planetary spinner wheel of Mt Pihanga right next to the lake. I notice how different everything is since the December Solstice Shift and happy just to Be there, as a lot of the anchoring and doing has been completed as we now integrate all that has taken place and are ready to fully co-create the New Earth.
I walked through the beautiful forest path and down to beach facing Mt Pihanga and sat down on the beach, due to the drought we are having the level of the water is way down on previous times I have been here. Connecting with my star and planet chakras, and all the fairies, devas elementals, ancestors, ancient ones, light beings I am aware of the Councils of Light meeting. The Light Council of RA, the ANATARA council is there and there was an exchange going on for the humans who are open, the devas, elementals and plants to the stars. The dimensional worlds that merged here in 2010 are now integrating fully through all the worlds. Now for those who are open, they have moved through and take the union to a deeper level in the sub-atomic particles of light.

The New Sun/Central Sun light codes are elevating humanity as we are stepping into a new cycle and upgrade, so simply let go and allow.

As this was happening a great star blasted into the lake, and in the Council of Light meeting I was shown the New Solar System and New Earths. The different levels of New Earths that are there for where one is at, it’s not just one New Earth that we are moving into. Many are in fact living a life of the New Earth already, in harmony with self, each other and all creation. Many are still not ready to move on from duality, it all about dimensional realities and consciousness. Being in the world and not of it and we all experience in holograms of our love that exists in No time and Space. So there are infinite creations that exist for us to express in the finite world. Like the Black hole that we have moved through in the centre of our Galaxy. We come from the void where all is manifest and we are experiencing dimensional step ups into the more unified matrix as our consciousness expands and our heart opens.

I then walked around the beautiful pathway through the forest around the lake and stopped at the tree trunk that was hanging out over the lake. In 2010 when I had a group here and guiding everyone through the stars and planets within I had been taken to the top of Mt Pihanga and given my Iridescent Light Body and the next day manifested a brand new car, which was needed as my old bomb was almost dead.
The Council of Light had shown me a tetrahedron that was cherry red with a light centre and this time as I soul travelled into the mountain I realised that the tetrahedron is another Seal. The Seal of Narath that can now be utilised to transform the matrix and fully serve the creation of the New Earth into the lower realms.

. As I tuned in the Council of Light were working with it, for it was connected to the matrix that has been abused for so long by those who have been controlling Earth and now at this Equinox this has now been shifted as the light matrix and fabric of life are brought back into wholeness. So many Bigger Picture big things are happening that it’s often not easy to understand in our human brain, that’s why it’s better to just work from the heart wisdom and trust and allow. But this equinox was and still is very big in the subtle higher dimensional realms now integrating with the physical plane.

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