with Soluntra King


We start the afternoon and evening build up and preparation to the Stargate Opening with the Leo Full Moon and Day of Love, Valentines Day. The next day we journey to the hyper-dimensional doorway at Mead Wall on Mt Ruapehu and the Mt Pihanga spinner wheel for the planet and amazing Lake Rotopounamu doorway to higher and unified realms. These places are not far away, and much has already been brought in for the great changes through these incredible vortexes. Just by being present and aware they are changing your molecules and the Iridescent Light Body anchored and cleansing of the old, and the new light codes brought through.
With inner preparation of our Light Body and Divine Blueprint and New Sun and Star self, so we will be able to hold the beam as the un-manifest worlds merge through the denser realms and bring us into the New Earth and beyond the illusion and duality consciousness and lower dimensions. The doorway is open through our hearts and the stillness and peace within.


Through the new Solar System we are being downloaded with new star energies,
as we awaken to the star that we are.
Experiencing the new stars and alignment of the
Suns through the Galactic Centre,
through the centre of you and your cells all one.
Embodying more fully your Divine Blueprint and mastering your molecules, the
Multi-dimensional prisms of light that dance in sheer delight through your love and Being in awakened and unified consciousness.


We will be physical present in the Stargate that is Lake Taupo. The Dragon energy is also moving under the land and opening up the portals to the stars as we experience Earth Star union, Heaven and Earth, spirit and matter one as the dimensional divisions melt into the golden light of love.
Experiencing our new light body and lightcodes as we open to a whole new world fully present in our bodies and lives right here, right now.
Awakening the DNA light codes and cellular memory to be the star that you are more fully.
Cleansing your etheric, emotional and lower mental bodies from love and the higher vibrational aspects of you and the higher light frequencies.
Clarity of your Being and presence here on Earth.
Communicating from your heart and inner light.

I look forward to seeing you at this time for the Stargate shift in consciousness and anchoring of the higher dimensions into the Earth plane through our love and bodies.
In these four days and evenings we will be working with new Light codes from the Stargates and Star Temples, as well as the divine energies of the New Stars that are now coming through from the shift into the New Solar System.

There will be new mandalas and codings that have only been able to be anchored and grounded on Earth recently, opening up to the Star that you are.
Our Starlight Body is being woven through our denser fabrics of creation and creating pathways of starlight to glow through our cells and Being. Giving us greater integration in our Multi-Dimensional bodies and transmuting limiting destructive thought patterns that have blocked the lower astral planes, as we utilise our power of love and see the Earth and everyone as whole and healed.


Please see these links for more on Stargates, Teleporting with Stargates, and the first Stargate Opening in Scotland.
Plus a few articles on recent bigger picture work at the great vortex of Lake Taupo and the spinner wheel Mt Phinga at
Lake Rotopounamu and Mt Ruapehu. 




FROM FRIDAY 4pm to 10pm,

AND SUNDAY 10am to 3pm at Venue then hot pools and Lake.


Includes extensive information in three pdf file booklets on Inner Union, Light Body
and Multi-Dimensional and Star Union. Colour mandala handouts.

$100 deposit paid asap to ensure your place.

I have two rooms to share at the venue costing $175 for each room for the 3 nights, you need to bring your own linen and towels, or I can supply.
Or staying nearby at Tokaanu Lodge

that has hot mineral pools and units with full kitchen that can sleep up to six.


Those from NZ will have their own cars, if coming from Australia or somewhere else, you may wish to hire a car and also do some more travels as it’s the best time weather wise to visit NZ. Or you can get a bus to Turangi and then get picked up and share a car. We can work out car pooling if needed.

For the Friday evening bring something to share, we will have a pot luck dinner, on the Saturday and Sunday nights you might wish to bring your own food to cook as all accommodation have kitchens, or there are takeaways at Turangi and restaurant.
Bring your food for breakfast for three days and also picnic lunch food for three lunches.


Please contact Soluntra
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I live in New Zealand at the place of first light and have spent my life working in the bigger picture and for the shift in consciousness, having had major life and death initiations to experience and be my Light Body and anchor the Living Library of Light.
I have developed activations of the RNA, DNA and higher octave chakras and Light Bodies, using mandalas and sound codes. Facilitated workshops since 1987, taken bigger picture journeys worldwide since 1995, was a naturopath and guide to inner healing since 1984 in NZ, Australia and UK and I am an artist and author of the books;
Living Light’, ‘Diamond Light illumination Workbook’, ‘Light Code Activations’, ‘Handbook of RA’, ‘Egypt and Immortality, Journey to Source’, ‘Gateways of Unity, Inner and Natural Healing’, ‘Crystals, Gateways of Light and Unity’, Dragon Friends’, the DVD 'Light Codes; Awakened Light Body & Chakras’.
As well as the ‘
Evenstar and Inner Pathway Mandalas, the Six Suns, the Gateway and 'Living Light' mandalas’,Sacred Site, Mandala Vortex Cards and Activation Paintings. Having made Evenstar Star, Gem and Flower Essences that have been helping people since 1985. Please see



Dearest Soluntra~ I'm glad your classes in Singapore has worked out.  I know many who enjoy and benefit from the time you share here, and interestingly, along the way, I often meet many people, some friends, some acquaintances, who validate their transformation through your work from the workshop that they attend, and it pleases me a great deal. Loves and Every Delights, In the Dance of All the Joys and Laughter of One Heart~ Lillianxxx
Hi Soluntra,  Thanks for a wonderful and most enlightening and inspirational work shop at Hälsa Utan Gränser. It was really powerful and a lot of things happened and was revealed to me.
Kindest regards, Ylva Pernebrink
Dear Soluntra, thank you so much for the workshop. It was an exceptional experience and its profoundness hardly imaginable. Lots of love and a bear hug from us Christine
What can I say. . . I loved the whole thing.
I loved the mandala's, that was a very good touch to have that up so we could see it, I loved the guided meditations and especially the chants.  The chants sent goosebumps and tingles throughout me as did some of the meditations.  I want to learn those chants.  That was the longest I had ever meditated for. . .  I love Soluntra, love her page, love her sharings...I see she is very knowledgeable and experienced with all realms and dimensions...she feels to me to be very 'real' and she is a testament to what she shares.
Love and Light to all Janine
Hi Soluntra, Thank you so much for today- I totally loved it and loved meeting You (although I felt I have known you many times before!) the day was wonderful, your energy is so free, peaceful, pure and powerful…. Thank you for being such an ambassador of the light.Love, hugs and gratitude melissa
Hi Soluntra I just wanted to say I really, really enjoyed the weekend. I got a lot out of it and valued your frank and direct approach and delivery also. A lot was new to me, but a lot was by some way familiar. I felt strongly that I have received and will continue to do so, a lot of new and wonderful information, and that I have my homework of breathing and getting the hell out of my head and into my heart to do to open that path more and more. It's something that I intend to commit to and look forward to the changes and challenges it will bring.
I valued it immensley and look forward to doing more work with you one day. Mandy xx
Hello beautiful Soluntra, There is sooo much to say and share yet I'll keep it brief. Since Alice Springs my life has been full on, lately all great.  You have come to me and helped me in my dreams on several occasions, waking up and remembering your genuine sincere accepting face.  I thank you for this. I give you hugs of love and appreciation and look forward to seeing you in soul awareness.Sincerely thank you for being there at times when I really did need it, my heart expresses thanks, it did help :-)will see you again and share a smile. It is my pleasure to meet you and learn and experience With love and appreciation, Tina
Hi Soluntra, what a great meditation and activation weekend at Stirling!! I felt like I had realised a purpose here! I am continuing with daily excercises.Love & Light Peter
Many thanks for your wonderful work! An amazing ,multi facetted time,with energy layers I`ve not experienced before. Loving the journey ! Within about  5 mins. from the beginning,a little voice laughs and says"Dalai Lama has a sister" !!!! What a great beginning! And a wonderful compliment to you. Just had to pass on that little message. Kind regards,Rosalie K

Dear Soluntra, goddess of Love and Light, My name is Candace and I wish to thank you so much for the amazing work that you do, I truly appreciate all the information that you share, it has helped  and inspired me through challenging times just to tune in and it feels reassuring as I have been anticipating these times for ages!
Hi Soluntra, Big thank you for of the most powerful wkshops I have done, actually probably the most powerful!!! Lots of clearing and loving..."love and accept, love and accept". Love it, love it! Again, thanks for walking the earth and comi.g on over to Adelaide. Let us know when you coming pre booking a space if you do a wkshop. Bless bless bless. Bianca
I loved the 2 days with you and have felt the new energy since then and other things that feel amazingly fabulous!!!!
How long will you be in Perth? It would be great to catch up with you again before you leave if you have any time. If not i'm looking forward to joining you on your travels some time in the future :-) with love and gratitude for all that you share Jane xx
Hi Soluntra, I have to say thank you for your wonderful sight. So many of your meswsages and meditations have helped me enormously.
I am interested in the essences that come up for me when you douse. I like so many others have a lot of activation and growth happening this year. Mine really kicked in when I started doing so many of your meditations. I feel that an awakening is going to occur and wondered if you would douse an essence that would help me in this journey. Many thanks in anticipation. With gratitude, Laurel
Thank you Soluntra, I never in my life have felt such fine and beautiful healing, I feel loving kindness coming home to my heart again.You have blessed my soul. From my heart to yours thank you.Love Shelley
Hi Soluntra, I have been working daily with sounds and light codes since Tathra workshop including the diamond light. I struggle to find words, they seem so inadequate and I don't want to use them anyway but I do want to say how greatful I am to you for the beautiful work you are doing Soluntra. I caught sight of myself in the rest room mirror on our trip home from Tathra and got a shock as looked so different. Its like I was able to begin to recognize something of the truth of who I am and I started laughing with tears streaming. Must have looked funny to an outside observer. Anyway thankyou so much again. With a heart full of gratitude, Tara
Dearest Soluntra Thank you for this latest information which is amazing.  I love reading about your journeys and the amazing planetry work you do that so benefits us all, even if I cannot understand it all in the physical realm  I know I do on the inner planes.  My heart is still buzzing with love, fulfilment, a journey into the New Earth and more understandings and connections after the awesome workshop I attended recently at Rainbow Beach.  The ceremony held at the Carlo sandblow was just wonderful for me.  So much love and amazing connections.  I continue to follow through most days after "stuff" comes up in my dreams.  I truly feel so much lighter and joyous.I thank you for the journey Much love and blessings Jill  xxxx
Hello Soluntra! Thank you for Rainbow Beach workshop.  It was just what I needed, time for myself without the family. To be able to look after myself without worrying about anyone else. And the main one is to Focus on myself Your mediations were/are fantastic!
Grounding all that energy into the Earth  Thank you Adriana.