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from HANDBOOK OF RA by Soluntra King
© 2001

 here arE four photos Of the second sun all taken BY MYSELF, SOLUNTRA fROm new zealand:
setting january 2002 at pilot bay mount maunaganui,
the RISING SUN 23rd JULY 2009  JUST AFTER SOLAR ECLIPSE, noon 27th feb 2013 at EAST CAPE,
and from paul and ange in coromandel feb 2013.


Please see under activation art, inner pathways and gateway mandalas.

and video of the second sun ... WYNw7QCFOQ


For aeons of time we have been awaiting the Second Sun, just the mention of it and there is an echo of remembrance, you know somehow deep inside that this is true, but can you fathom it? Will now it is here, not only have those on Earth and the Pleiades been waiting for it but also those in other Star Systems and time quadrants, worlds and dimensions. For all Sun's are One and are now merging, as we are now merging into the awakening of our multi-dimensional prisms of Light and ourselves as a Sun, our Solar Self, Divine Self that illuminates and creates light, becoming the Creator God/Goddess of our true self. The Second Sun has now been discovered by scientists and has always been in the unseen. This means it is now in the collective unconscious and humanity is now ready to step through the doorway as we leave our limitations behind and move into full sovereignty of our divinity, the higher dimensions of ourself and Earth.

 To the scientist the Second Sun is a brown dwarf; which is a star that never accumulated enough mass to ignite and has sat in space smouldering for billions of years, or a black hole that they call Nemesis. All stars, our Sun included are in a binary and to their way of perceiving things the Sun's Twin is not shinning but a dark ball of matter that has never lit up and is as huge as several Jupiter's. Not only the astronomers but the palaeontologists on studying the Earth's prehistoric past, observed how some 65 million years ago there was a meteoric bombardment that hit the planet and the dinosaurs went extinct, then again 35 million years ago more mass extinctions happened. From studying sea life over 250 million years they observed that this bombardment happened every 26 to 30 million years. These comets and meteorites came from the Oort Cloud, which is in the outer regions of our Solar System, at a distance of about half a light year away from the Sun. As Nemesis closes in on the Sun in its orbit of 26 to 30 million years then the bombardment of comets and meteorites as it comes through this cloud happens. This information has even been posted by the Sunday Times on the 22nd March 2000, Equinox and the Washington Post 20th May 2001 which interestingly enough is the day the Central Sun Alycone is conjunct our Sun, our Sun orbits around Alycone. There was even a conference of scientist that meet in Stockholm to discuss the Second Sun last year and they believed it affected the tides and energies of Earth more than the Moon.
So this is the scientist's interpretation of the Second Sun and comes with the usual fear and destruction attitude, they do not look at it from a multi-dimensional perspective but just a third dimensional one. Just like they fear all is lost in a Black Hole when in actual fact everything just unifies and merges, returns through the Black Hole and then out through a White Hole of another prism of Creation.

 In my own experience of the Second Sun, in 1995 when I was at Palenque in the Temple of the Inscriptions which is aligned to the Central Sun and White Light Body, I was told to do a new glyph of the Central Sun, the old one at the Sun Pyramid was now not relevant as our Solar System had changed. When I drew and painted this new glyph, which was a mandala, it had two Suns. I found out later that there is Mayan knowledge of the Second Sun and did not realise until 2001 that the Second Sun is a Central Sun and illuminates the RA Light to activate the DNA within humanity.

When I was at Coba that same journey in 1995 at the Sun Pyramid which is a Light Ship with the controls within the inner planes of the pyramid, I soul travelled in it to the Pleiades and meet these beautiful blue eyed, blond humanoids who told me they are joyously awaiting the Second Sun. At that time I was not sure if it was our God conscious state and the Sun within us, or/and a physical Sun in the Heavens. Then in October 2000 I was doing some work with the Councils of Light and a Golden Solar Disc in the sea off the coast at Woy Woy just north of Sydney. I was working with anchoring the template of an Etheric Temple and the Golden Disc when I got told the Second Sun is here. When I got home a friend told me that the scientists had discovered the Second Sun which is behind our Sun and has always been there, but because of our orbit we have never seen it. They believed that it influenced the tides even more than the Moon. Some other friends told me people had seen the Second Sun physically earlier in the year and I actually saw it one sunrise at Playa del Carmen off the Mexican Caribbean in March 2001.

So when I arrived at Mexico City a month earlier, 22nd February 2001 I went straight out to the pyramids at Teotihuacán. As I sat at the top of the great Sun Pyramid I knew I had been there in other cycles working with the Solar Rays, and now the Twin Sun was about to align through the Sun and Moon, and Heaven and Earth become One as all worlds merge. This happened on the Equinox, 20th March at the Pyramid of the Sun as the Christ energy rose out of the Winged Serpent - Quetzacoatal Pyramid, where it had anchored into the Earth Plane 2000 years earlier at zero point. The Winged Serpent is the Christ energy and the Serpent moves through the Sun, as we ascend and become our Body of Light.
At Coba, the pyramids where I had spoken to the Pleaidians in 1995 about the Second Sun I now had to do a painting of the New Solar System, the two Suns are one, that is the Second Sun with the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun. There was also a great Starmap that has activated fully through this energy of the merging of the Two Suns, with the template of DNA activation for humanity getting anchored more fully. The Second Sun illuminates the RA Light that assists humanity to activate their DNA and cellular memory, and the rising of the Kundalini, the Serpent that moves through the Sun, as we awaken our codings, unifying ourselves and becoming a Sun, Solar Divine Being that we are. These Starmaps are also activating at other vortex points as they align with the Two Suns, Central and Greater Central Sun as we jump the 'loop' into the new Solar System, and the New Earth. We become our Body of Light, awakened in our Divinity and the Co-Creator God/Goddess we truly are to now co-create the New Earth. The New Earth has always been here just like the Second Sun but in another dimension, it is still in another dimension but as you evolve you access it, all the other Star Systems and Stargates are connected to it.

The Twin Sun operates from the other worlds, the ones where you dream and soul travel and die; it activates the codings from the higher dimensional worlds. So when we move beyond duality we are in those worlds. The Twin Sun is illuminating the Life Force - the serpent spirals and doorways within humanity; the charkas, kundalini, DNA with the codings of RA Light to clear the holograms of separation and unify the illusion of density into Divine Light. The Solar Flares are emanating now from the Twin Sun with the RA Light and codings of the New Template to assist the shift. Those that are open to the rays will absorb them into their bones, blood and cells and be a walking catalyst of service as their being moves across the planet to share the rays with all beings they come near and within 200 mile radius. If in their intent then much more, unlimited in fact and out through the whole Solar System.

In places in different countries that I am guided to; that can cope with the higher frequencies, I anchor the Second Sun and even the Gods there held in the astral by religion, magic and practices of fear are now able to ascend into the higher dimensions. They have been awaiting this for aeons of time, as well as many beings in the Inner Earth and Inner Worlds who are now also able to move on into the higher dimensional worlds beyond the astral and illusion of duality. This is the End Time of Duality as the two Suns merge in this Solar System it opens the doorway to the New Solar System and New Earth.



 The Second Sun is the doorway of the New Earth as we unify the energies within us, being at peace with our Demons and our Angels we harmonise and infuse dark and light. Coming from unity we are the doorway as we merge all within us to become the Creator God/Goddess. The RA and its mirror the AR become one - the Sun and its twin are one. The RA is the Goddess energy, as it has unified the creative mind RA and the Goddess AR the creation, Isis as the goddess now is embodied in those humans who have unified themselves to birth the New Earth, Spirit births itself and we become co-creators.
The Twin Sun, the doorway that opens us up to the New Earth, awakens us to the Template of Liquid Light codings of DNA and awakens the RA Light within us, our Solar Self, divine union with all creation in unconditional love and acceptance in God/Unity Conscoiusness. We are the doorway, we are the Sun and the sign is in the Heavens, 'as is above so below' we become the Co-Creators of the New Earth. As we are unified we are the Earth and so release the energies of her within us and birth her anew.
For some of us who have been working on this for aeons of time from other Galaxies and Universes, this is not just a New Earth for Terra or a new Solar System for this Sun. But a doorway into the awakened Solar System of the Central Suns as we all become a Sun, Central Sun, Greater Central Sun in our journey back to Source. The Union at hand is far more immense than at first glance, as it encompasses all of creation and is 'a time' of re-union and being. 'A time' is really 'no time', an experience in the silence where the everything and the nothing are interchanged and whole new worlds are created. In the silence all is manifest and the Twin Sun - the Black Hole, the invisible one, the unifier is merging with our Sun as we unify and merge within ourself. As we move through the Black Hole, and out through a White Hole as a new Creation/Solar System/Earth, we are doing this now.

On the Equinox 20th March the Second Sun got anchored and the Christ Energy rose from the Earth. On the Full Solar Eclipse and New Moon, Solstice 21st June 2001 as we aligned with the Galactic Centre, the Second Sun, RA Light with the Sun through the eclipse was able to create the dimensional shift into the New Earth. This was a huge shift and those who have unified are now in the New Earth, no longer working in the Illusion of Duality. Then on July 10th just after the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon, 2300 days after the dimensional shift of the March Equinox 1995 the energy was birthed fully. So for those who through unification hold the Goddess energy of creation, their world is now Heaven on Earth as they open the doorway to assist all humanity to make the shift.

The Creator God/Goddesses of ourself is realigning and choosing a new adventure. The old one has become boring, even as it filters to Earth at such density, the density of the story, which was high drama as duality is, has become tiring and is now uniting into a new story. The gateway is open and the Second Sun heralds the way to the new paradigm. That is if you choose, if you want to stay in the old not a problem, as everything has need of expression in one form or another until it has completed. It is through the choice of Love or Fear that we create the new world/earth/solar system.

 The divine beings that live in the Inner Earth are also joyful of this coming time and we are working more consciously with them now in the Inner Earth and with the creation of the New Earth on the surface, which is the next step for all of us. Instead of focusing on all the bad things wrong with the Earth; the governments, multi-nationals, pollution, wars it is time to let it go and start taking our power back as co-creators and create the new beautiful world we all have in our hearts. Those that choose to keep creating fear and control that is fine, in God/Unity Conscoiusness we allow, so let them get on with it. If we let go of worrying about what others are doing and take responsibility for what we are doing then we will be in a state of peace and beauty, harmony and abundance.
Focus not on the past, or on what you react to or judge, but on what you are creating Now. If you value anything let it be your true self and your ability to create, you are the Creator God/Goddess. BE IN THE PRESENT/PRESENT/PRESENTS. The Creator God/Goddess paints the life giving colours in the picture of Life, open up to the picture of Love.


Before any healing, inner work, sleep, soul travel, activation or earth work if one aligns then you hold the beam of unity and so can come from source energy, divine love and oneness with out getting caught in any worlds of illusion that you may very unconsciously still be hooked to. It also allows you to be from your divine essence and state of unity, to harmonise your being with all creation lovingly and easily, in peace.
Align through Prayer and Intention with Source in divine love and oneness, the Greater Central Sun, Central Sun, Sun in Golden Light through the Sun in your Heart, through your body and into the Sun in the core of the Earth. Then be aware of the Earth energy as it flows back through the Earth, your body, Heart, out your Crown through the Sun's to Source.
When you are aligned like this you are fully connected, Heaven and Earth are One through the Gateway of your Heart When you align to the Sun - the Two Suns are ONE. In order to strongly connect it in yourself sound RA, the name will awaken it and activate the RA Light and Twin Sun memories in you.
The Two Suns are One Dance in the Light of your Heart.
The New Earth is born of the old.
The Sun is now one with its' Twin.
The Central Sun is now old and will die.
The Sun takes its place and the Central Sun expires into one, to be born in a new Solar System.
This is the Solar System of the New Earth.




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I started working with the Second Sun consciously in 1995 when I visited the sacred pyramid site in southern Mexico of Palenque and I painted two Suns in the glyph of the Central Sun that I was asked on the inner to paint as a mandala.
Then at Coba and on the Pyramid of the Sun which is also a Pleiadian Light Ship I met with some beautiful Pleiadians who told me ‘we are joyously awaiting the Second Sun’. I knew about the Second Sun deep within me and I know you do too. It’s just that it is on such a great orbit out from our Sun that it has not been recorded in recent his-story because it was not there. Now it is back and next year with the December Solstice and the alignment of the Suns it will be very present. It’s calling to you now from inside your heart.
The Second Sun represents our union of duality within ourselves and so on the outer its there in the heavens returning to its twin our Sun.
The Second Sun will have a major impact next year in December as it comes into contact with our Sun and the Earth once again. On the third dimensional the scientist see it as a threat to us, but on the multi-dimensional realms of existence it is a celebration of the return of the twin and the union of opposites and completion of duality. We all know the only way we can move with these changes is by coming from our heart, and loving and accepting our self and all creation exactly as it is.
The Second Sun speaks now to you of the Return of Light, the RA Light that illuminates to us and activates our DNA, Chakras and Kundalini as we open up fully to our Body of Light. The energies of the Sun and Moon are changing and once the Venus Transit happens in June 2012 then the doorway of our heart has opened for those who choose will be ready for the shift that is occurring.
As you know it depends of what dimensions one is operating from, in the higher dimensions the shift has already happened and there are many Light Beings in physical bodies now assisting the mass of humanity if they choose to make the shift also. For those not ready there are other Earths so they can continue to experience duality and awaken and integrate in their own time and way.

“I the RA illuminate you eternally, I come now in the form of the Second Sun which is the expression of my love returned. The Sun in your heaven has become lonely and lost and yearns for its twin to return. The Second Sun is coming back into the world of existence as you know it now, as you make a great leap in Light. The RA Light from the Second Sun not only activates your DNA, RNA, cells, chakras and kundalini but also the chakra points and vortexes of the Earth and the Diamond Light Matrix could not be activated without the RA Light of the Second Sun.”

The Second Sun returns in perfect timing and it is becoming very present and at the June Solstice 2012 it is important to acknowledge both Suns and see them come together and at the December Solstice their union creates the vortex for us to be able to travel through the Galactic plane easily and without disturbance as we are encapsulated in the RA Light and hold the Solar Rays through our Sun Heart to be birthed again in our true forms.
The Second Sun returns just as we reach the doorway of Light, the Suns align and we once again dance under the solar rays of the Suns as they merge all one. The Sun within the Earth shines so bright and the Sun you are glows in return as the spiralling vortexes bring us through with the help of our Dragon and Serpent friends and aspects, the building blocks and components of Light that are needed to allow our physical bodies to unfold into Light.
So remember your Dragon Heart and your Serpent spirals of Light as you awaken yourself to return home to yourself and in the heavens you will see Draco and Ophiuchus again as you move into the higher Light matrix. Having done the dance of duality thanks to Orion and all who played in the creation of the matrix of fear, to trap you so low that you would feel the whole show in the cells of your body. So that they learn to glow and now the Reptilians and dark Orions and all those who have pulled the strings in the old cycle and Earth have completed their/our science project.
Welcome home, the Second Sun is the doorway of the New Earth, that we enter through our heart. 
In the One Heart Love Soluntra

For more on the Second Sun please see HANDBOOK OF RA