by Soluntra King

In February 1997 as Hale-Bopp Comet came shooting past us with an unidentified object hidden on its other side not visible to us on Earth. It was called the Blue Star and I travelled on the inner planes to it and connected with Beings from my Home Star, and all Beings from all Home Stars to do with Earth. They were and still are in direct contact and may appear materially at times also for transmissions. I had been working with DNA activations since about 1994 and was given the colour codes of DNA and RNA activating into our Christ Light Body and was told I would be given new teachings from the Blue Star. Even travelling to the Blue Star was in a different frequency, before that time I had travelled with astral travel now it was in a Plasma Beam. I was told we will be able to teleport faster than we think. Light probes illuminated my body, reconstructing my DNA and RNA, plasmic codings, and the ability to use plasma as I was given symbols of codings. The next day travelling to the Blue Star again like a drop of plasma, I went into the Light plasma of the Blue Star, with walls of Gold with codings that were absorbed. Like the ones at the temple of Light at Ollantaytambo, sacred valley of the Incas, working with and preparing for the time we are we are multi-dimensionally conscious in our physical body.
 The following day in the Blue Star I go through the codings in golden walls, through a doorway and corridor through the Stars and to Alderbaran, with a clear connection made, in preparation for my mission in Peru later that year.

Since that time in February 1997 I had not been in much conscoius connection with the Blue Star, until exactly thirteen years later on 7th March 2008 when I was triggered by it again as I was invited to inaugurate a meditation hall and place of sacred learning, just constructed by my beloved friend Guruji and soul family in India 12th April 2008.

I was told: “We speak to you again from the Blue Star your home in the stars as the collective unified essence of your dimensional selves on Earth. We have returned now at this time to ground and anchor the light codes for full light body awakening and integration. This is happening now as the 11th Gate has opened on the 9th of February as it did just after the solar eclipse, rather sooner than many may have thought it would. But this is so the heightened energies can be assimilated by humanity and utilized in time for the final point of no return, when your Galaxy folds in on itself. Just like the in and out breath, as they become one in a moment and all merges and simply is….in the stillness. In that moment of no breath all is created and the New Earth is formed from the higher dimensional worlds where it has been holding until the right alignment of energies in your time space understanding were in harmony for this to happen at the Equinox and Easter Full Moon and solar wave (20/21st March 2008) the energies will be dispersed to the fourwinds and the holders of the beam who are sacred guardians of the New Earth will be in place for this to happen. Where ever you and others are on the Earth is the perfect place for this to take part and for the alignment to be. The Eleventh Gate opening was way before those who think they are running the show had even a chance to stop it from happening. The Blue Star has returned now at this time for all who have been here on Earth and been assisting with the shifts in cycle and are here to complete”.


I was told ‘the Blue Star would be grounded and anchored under the site. On the inner planes what is happening is so important, the Blue Star that returned with the Halle Bopp Comet in 1997 and is your home in the stars as the collective unified essence of your dimensional selves on Earth. It is returned now at this time to ground and anchor the light codes for full light body awakening and integration, and will be grounded and anchored under us. The Rishis and yogis, light beings and masters have prepared a great cavern here with the assistance of the Inner Earth dwellers to hold the energy and codes of the Blue Star. Once this energy comes through it will activate a huge wake up, and this Light, once the codes have been activated within us will reach out through the grid point here and around and through the Earth and the new Matrix of Light and through to the Inner Earth Sun. That requires this Light and warmth to illuminate more fully, and continue to hold the balance through the grids and tectonic plates, and volcano valve outlets on Earth while the shift occurs.

The energies of the Blue Star have been awaiting this time, as the beings who inhabit the Blue Star are from our future, and are ourselves in higher dimensional aspects. Returned to our past to bring in harmony balance and most importantly the codes and Light required to repair the imbalances that were created in the last cycle. This mission is of vital importance to Earth and her ascension and all on her.

I was told ‘the Blue Star will illuminate an energy that will activate the dimensions into the inner planes under the site, where many Light Beings, Yogis, Serpent Beings exist waiting for this time. There will be a flash of blue light that will be 10,000,000 times stronger than a nuclear blast that will ignite theses energies and these beings have waited long for this. It will mean they can return to the Blue Star and be in the dimensional worlds of the Earth, your Solar System and Galaxy. This will assist with the transition of the Earth, then to the Galactic Center and into the higher dimensional Earth. The children are so important now they are the holders of the light to allow this transition to complete and awaken humanity to its divinity’.

The Blue Star returning heralds the time when we become the Light beings we are and children now come in already of the new root race, holding the codings of Light that create the higher dimensional Earth. The Blue Star shows us our home in our hearts and the stars, one with the Sun, Second Sun, Greater Central Sun, Inner Earth Sun.

In 2012  we were reminded again to connect to the Blue Star, as what occurred with the 2008 anchoring is on-going. We are in for another anchoring and integration
now to assist us to be our Body of Light.

Tonight or today and whenever you feel too; connect to Source in Divine Will, divine love and oneness and be open to receiving the light codes of you divinity and higher vibrational aspects, as you go on a Soul Travel to the Blue Star and then write down what has occurred when you get a chance. State your alignment to Source and openness to receive the light codes so you can fully heal on all levels of your being, and remember your gifts now to be used with wisdom in divine will for the upliftment of yourself and in loving service there by to all creation and the world you inhabit. Be open to awakening your Light Body more fully.

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Art by Soluntra, Blue Flame at Mukinath, Nepal 1994 see under ACTIVATION ART WATER COLOURS

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