Extract from the book "Light Code Activations" by Soluntra King

     Soul Travel is a little different from Astral Travel where you are working from your astral body and are aware of your body below you, moving through objects and going to places that relate often in a more worldly sense on Earth or in the Astral Planes.
     Soul Travel is when you are travelling in your Light Body and at a Soul level, so you will not be aware of your body as you are in the higher vibrations of yourself and so one with everything, being your multi-dimensional self. So you are not aware of leaving your physical body or going through walls and all the lower dimensional experiences, instead of going out of body, you go within and through your Light Body you are in the Now, all worlds and dimensions at once, there is no separation. Soul Travel in your Body of Light is from unity consciousness and you are not actually travelling anywhere, because you are there already and everywhere.

      In Astral Travel you are operating through the Astral Body, which is vibrating at a lower frequency than the Soul. So you will see more of your physical world and what is happening in it, from day to day experiences, places and people and there are many books on how to do this. I am not going to mention how to Astral Travel here, as I do not do this type of travel myself. When Astral Travelling you may go somewhere on the planet or see friends or family, but you can also do this on a Soul level, and only if you need to and not out of curiosity. With Soul Travel you are Light and travel in Liquid Light Plasma, you are at a high frequency and are out of the gravitational pull, it is multi-dimensional travel. When you work at a soul level and with your Light Body you are connected to Source and your I Am, and work at that level for the upliftment of yourself, humanity and in the bigger picture and grand cycles.

     As with travelling in the Astral Body you perceive information, but it has a direct link with your soul, you are clear about what is taking place and are able to heal and complete through your I Am presence as the multi-dimensional experience/hologram is happening, especially if you are doing this while awake and conscious in a meditation. You are working through time and space with no limitations, and you aware other dimensions, planes, through vortexes, into Inner Earth, the Councils of Light, and Light Cities, civilisations that have moved into the higher frequencies and dimensions, the Milky Way, Star Systems and Galaxies. For example connecting to other civilisations in other cycles, or to stars, or other dimensional places to receive information, complete missions or remember and awaken within you and your body, codings of information that are for grid work, the shift in consciousness and new cycle, New Earth and Solar System.

      When you Soul Travel you are usually triggered in some way by your Higher/Inner Self, or Divine Beings will suggest travelling/awakening to a certain star, portal point or ancient civilisation. You may not know before hand why, but will find out later why it is so important. My first conscious Soul Travel many years ago, was when I read an article on Moon City in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia in a magazine. I knew instantly that I had lived there; this was a great city from another cycle on Earth. When I travelled there on a Soul Travel I saw the whole place as it had been at that time in the Third World, we are in the Forth World going into the Fifth, with a new root race. I saw myself as I had come in from the Stars there, and I saw how it was destroyed by a nuclear holocaust. Since then I have done a lot of work there on the inner planes and assisted the beings trapped there.

     I have been on countless Soul Travels since that time consciously, but always from being guided from my Heart and Inner Self when it is appropriate for some understanding, healing and resolution, or to create the new from the lessons of the old civilisation. Needless to say just as in past life regression you learn a lot about history, but not his-story as the controllers of the planet want us to know it, and not history from just recent times, but from different worlds and cycles on Earth. In some of the workshops I facilitate in different countries we go as a soul group on a Soul Travel together, through a portal where we are physically located together and into a previous civilisation that is now in light, or into Lemuria, Atlantis or the Egyptian pyramids, or an Ancient Civilization from another cycle maybe even millions of years ago in the concept of 3D time. Or to the Councils of Light, or to another Star System to complete something as a group and to heal, awaken, bring back the gifts or resolve what may have been left from the collapse of that time. This is important now as we come to the end of this cycle and the end of much greater cycles, there is a lot of completing going on before we all shift cycles again.
For more on portals, Light cities, ancient civilisations, the Councils of Light please see in my “Book of RA”, for more information on the Astral and Aura in my book “Gateways of Unity, Inner and Natural Healing”.


1. To access information, remember or complete something from an ancient civilisation or place, or other cycle on Earth.

2. To connect to a soul or souls who may not be living or humanoid, to heal or exchange information for healing, planetary work or to complete.

3. To awaken the Light Being you are in the Light Ship and/or the Councils of Light for important work that you do from your over soul self at this time of change in cycle.

4. To connect to someone here and now on Earth to communicate to them from a soul level, to be of service in some way and share.

5. To be at and open up to a place on the planet that has energies or codes that are part of your mission, often we do this physically but can do it also in our Light Body.

6. To be at cosmic schools or healing temples, or other worlds or dimensions to learn.

7. Accessing the inner dimensional worlds within the Earth, Inner Earth, the sea, planets, different star systems to re-connect, learn, share, work together, complete and unify.

8. To be one in time and space to unify, heal and transmute part of yourself still fragmented in a past/now/future Earth life or in Parallel Worlds.

9. To remember and awaken your gifts and multi-dimensional aspects and to allow them to be fully integrated in your body and energy field, being fully present in your life, service and experience on the earth plane now.

     Soul Travel is a way to assist you to become more aware of your multi-dimensional self and what you do on Inner Planes, worlds and dimensions. You start to take more responsibility for yourself on all levels, as some of aspects of self can still be in duality and in other worlds of illusion or the astral planes. Through you connection in Oneness with Source and your hearts desire to heal, unify and be your full divinity these aspects become at peace and unified by your love and acceptance of yourself exactly as you are.

Please see more on this in the “Inner Union” chapter or my book “Gateways of Unity, Inner and Natural Healing ”, the chapter on ‘The Aura and Astral’ about Astral Hooks.

      An example of this is a friend of mine and fellow multi-dimensional anchor who went to China to release a seal over Light at a particular place that had been sealed 13,000 years ago. As the world could not handle the frequencies then, as we went through the Photon Belt the last time and into fear and density, but the world is ready again now to be open to the Light. There were three Tibetan Lamas that had walked for one whole year to get to the same place at the same time, only for a day before turning around and walking back to Tibet! They were there for the same reason, but quietly, unseen by all except the one they worked with and even then she only saw one in passing. Such is the way of the true work that is done by those who are in Divine Will and of service here on this planet, to assist the shift in consciousness and return of the Golden Age, the real work is done on the Inner Planes and on the outer world quietly by those who are connected and conscious.

    If you feel you are busy working at night or get people telling you they channel you, see you helping in dreams or they call out to you for help make sure you are Connected and in the higher energies of your divine self. It is a good idea to imagine you are within the Golden Octahedron, unified frequencies of cosmic life force energy, the top apex at Cosmic Gateway and the bottom at Earth Star, do this night and day until you feel you have unified to the point where you are aligned on all levels in oneness and divine love. This just keeps you unnecessarily out of the lower Astral worlds while you are still unifying yourself. You will still have your hooks in the Astral while you are running victim/victimiser and fear issues but the Golden Octahedron will keep that energy from distracting you, while you do your higher work and also help you be in a calm and centred space to unify the astral hooks you may still have.

     Also if you find at times that you do not feel like doing much, instead of thinking of yourself as lazy or lost it, realise that most of your energy is actually off working on other levels assisting in some way, so just allow yourself to be. The universe will always provide for you and you will have what you need in regards material things so you can do this work.
There is much work going on at present as the higher light octaves are blasting through from the Source and the Greater Central Sun and Galactic Centre, through the star and planetary alignments, eclipses and cyclic doorways of the equinox and solstices. The pulse for the Galactic Centre which is what the Mayan Calendar represents has passed the middle of the Galactic Underworld now as we open up our frequencies of ‘who we truly are’, We move into the ninth step of the pyramid and Universal Underworld on 11. 02. 2011, it ends 28.10. 2011 when we complete creation according to the calendar and the pyramids; that were built to represent this journey into the higher dimensions and Light are a vehicle created to move through the doorway. Of course the pyramid is each of us, the crystal, the Earth, the Solar System and beyond, multi-prismed facets from the prism of Light of Source.
Many are leaving Earth as they have chosen not be here physically for the great shift that is happening, and there are many things occurring with the Earth herself as she throws off all the toxins. But instead of fearing the future or changes; breath love and acceptance into the fear, until it is gone as there is only Love, the Love you are takes you into the New Earth, your Heart is the doorway.

     In your Soul Travels once you awaken enough to know to do them; and when and where you are to be, you will feel only joy for what is taking place as you work with the Councils of Light, Councils of Elders and Ancient Ones, Light Beings and Guardians on the Earth, the Dragon and Serpent People and are aware of the Inner Earth and the beings there as we merge the Inner and Outer as one, the New Earth is birthed.
     You will know from your heart the appropriate time and place to do Soul Travel, it is not an ego thing and something that is to be controlled and manipulated. The work you do is not interfering and changing energies, it is simply being the divine being you are, fully conscious as you experience the lower energies to illuminate them through your being. You are the go-between, the one that through your choice of being in a physical body at this time give the gift through your being of unifying Heaven and Earth, spirit and matter. This process takes place through you becoming your Body of Light, being fully present and aware, not by doing magic or manipulating energies, this is the old path and the new is from Love, Acceptance and Allowing, by simply Being….aware, alive, radiant.
      So either through choice as you awaken, or through circumstances such as losing a job, a relationship, loss of a loved one, health problem or accident your Soul is guiding you into self healing, realisation and service to others, selfless surrender to the divine self.


    You can Soul Travel in your sleep, or while meditating or being still within. You need to know where it is you wish to go; this often comes as a message from your Inner/Higher Self. For example you may need to be through the Belt of Orion, or into Lemuria, you may be directly there or go through a doorway portal like the Giza Pyramids for Orion, or Easter Island for Lemuria first. Or you may want to go into a mountain near where you live, or into the Serpent tunnels in the Inner Earth, or to a particular Star, or to the Galactic Federation, to the Council of Light, or a Light Ship that is in your area.

      I find when I go to sacred sites, vortexes, ruins and dimensional portals and pyramids my Inner Self will often ask me to travel back there in a Soul Travel that night, as I gain more awareness and move into the other dimensions more easily. Often I return on a Soul level many times after I have visited a place physically; for example after being in the sarcophagus in the Kings Chamber and in the Queens Chamber at the great Pyramid at Giza, I often travel in my Light Body there and also take others on the inner there as well, or other locations. As well as painting the Inner Planes in a mandala or activation painting, as a doorway to assist others to open up to the Light Codes and portals there, and in many other pyramids and vortexes.
     On one occasion after visiting the Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA, I was at vortex called Moran and the energy was so powerful it almost knocked me over. I was to soul travel back there that evening, and I was staying near Sedona which was quiet a drive. I had hardly got back to where I was staying and into my room and my head on the pillow when I was off back to Moran on the inner to meet with Council of Elders through the Inner Earth doorway there and got downloaded with lots of information. But when I was physically at the location as I stood at the vortex, at the edge of the great cliffs, the energy was so intense and I was just there briefly and got nudged to go. Often I just have to be in the place to absorb the light codes and energies then do the rest on the Inner Planes away for the actual location. But I will also often stay at a place for hours or return many times over days, weeks and years to Soul Travel into the dimensional worlds within the sacred site or vortex to awaken to the next level of light codes.

     Use the pendulum or muscle test if you are not sure and check whether it is appropriate to go there. Soul Travel is for a purpose that has Divine Will aligned to it. It will be for your healing or completion of some mission, or to receive more wisdom, information and codings. Or to learn at a higher frequency plane, your next step in your initiation process, or for Planetary or Cosmic awareness of the Cyclic Shift and Bigger Pictures and you work with the Councils of Light. If you are in doubt ask if there is anywhere at this time where you are meant to go; it maybe to a healing temple in a higher dimension, or a higher dimensional school for learning and awakening your consciousness. Or in unlimited ways of service such as teaching others on the Inner Planes, or going into the Underworld to assist those who have asked for help. As well as to hold the beam of high frequency divine light and love, unified energy in a battlefield, or disaster to help all souls to transmute the fear and horror.

     You may also be going on Soul Travels but not be conscious of this, if you feel this is happening you can connect and tune in and see what comes into your awareness. If you are not meant to know, there is usually a good reason for this. It could be that your ego will get in the way, or you will tell others and lose the energy, or others on whatever level may hear and cause mischief, or it may simply be that you are not ready to understand consciously yet.


    When you have been guided, or chosen where you are to go, in alignment with Divine Will, then if you are doing this as a meditation while awake follow the next section ‘Aligning and Connecting for your Soul Travel” and then simply go there. Your intention takes you straight there; open up your awareness by simply trusting what you intuit is happening. You will be conscious of what is going on and you can also ask and guide yourself with relevant questions such as:

· “Do I need to heal anything here?” If yes, and you are not sure how, send Golden Light into it and Love from your Heart until it is healed and glowing golden.
· “Do I need to complete anything here?” If yes, then ask your Inner/Higher Self to take you to the place and time, see or sense what it is you need to do to complete. Just trust what ever it is you get a sense of.
· “Do I need to receive anything from here; an object, codings, awareness…?” Then ask your Inner/Higher Self to take you to the time and place where you need to be, to receive what it is. Trust whatever you get.
· “Do I need to return anything to this place or time?” If yes trust whatever it is you get a sense of, it maybe a crystal you took at the end of Atlantis, or a ray of energy from an ancient pyramid site. What ever it is you get a sense of then ask your Higher/Inner Self to guide you back to the place in your Soul Travel where you need to put it back.
· “Do I need to resolve anything?” You may go to a place where there has been destruction and beings, or part of your multi-dimensional self is trapped. If you get a sense of this then send love into them until you can see or get a sense that they are free. If there are other beings, send Love and Golden Light to them until they are free to go back to their Source, which maybe another world.

· You can also go with a group on a Soul Travel to a particular cycle, dimensional world, star system or place and you may need to unify as a group something you left unfinished as the same group in that parallel time.
“Do we need to do something as a group, what happened, what do we need to remember or complete?”
Sometimes it takes a long time of clearing yourself and getting lighter before you are able to access a particular doorway, star system, or vortex.
    For example for years I had been wanting to go through the Southern Cross, but I even had to go to Uluru on a Blue Full Moon and Equinox to make the star essences of the Southern Cross with rock and flowers on the rock, and still was not ready to go through the doorway. When I finally was ready as I went through Southern Cross doorway, the dimensional facets of light that got activated in me were vast, and I could see why it had taken so long for it to happen, I had to get my frequency high enough to hold the energies.


     You will know where it is you are to go as described previously, then get into bed and do the alignment as described in ‘Aligning and Connecting for your Soul Travel’ before going to sleep. You well probably have a very deep sleep, as you travel in your Light Body you will usually not be consciously aware of anything except maybe Light or Golden Light. Make sure you have enough warm bedding on as often the body can get cold as most of your energy and life force is being used on your travel. I have never been on a Soul Travel in my sleep yet that I remember, as it is happening. Usually because it is on such a deep level and the conscious mind is nicely asleep while it is going on. Often if I have taken other people with me, sometimes they have said they were aware of a Golden Light coming to them. Or we have gone travelling yet I may still be awake, I am aware that it is going on, but not conscious as I go to bed to sleep. But I get clarity in the morning when I tune into it.

      In the morning or when you get a chance, tune in and see what comes up for you about your journey. Sit and get connected, go within, deep into your inner self and ask to be shown what happened. If you are visual you will see your journey in your inner vision. If not then you may get a knowing - trust it. Or you can get a pen and paper and write it down, or go and type up what comes with out thinking, on the computer. Trust what you get and allow it to unfold. Then if any of it needs to be unified or completed you can follow the guideline of the questions that are in the ‘Soul Travel in Meditation’ section just previous.


      Ask in prayer and with intention to be connected to your Source in Divine Love, and Oneness through the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun, your Inner Self, Solar Self and Earth. Know that you are in the Golden Light of Source and the Golden Beings from the Great Central Sun and Councils of Light are with you. After you have stated this then connect the Golden Light from Source and the Suns through your Crown, into your Heart Chakra, and down through your body and into the Earth. Then that energy from the Earth back up through your Heart and out to Source.

        Then imagine or see within, all your Chakras spinning and Light, go up them from Earth Star to Cosmic Gateway, (if you are not sure see the diagram in the Chakra chapter on page 55), as each one sparkles and radiates in Light……..
      When they are all sparkling and Light be aware of them merging into One Chakra of Light…….then out through all your physical body…etheric body…emotional body…mental bodies…spiritual bodies…you are one Body of Light…..Open up to the full spectrum of Light Codings to your Christ/White Light Body…Now you are ready to go…. So put out clearly where you are off to.

· If you are doing this in your sleep then just go to sleep.

· If you are doing this in a meditation then allow yourself to be there and trust what you perceive no matter how subtle, just follow what happens. If you find you need more Light then you can imagine that you are surrounded and filled with a portal or column of Divine Light….You are within this spiralling column of Divine, radiant Light as it connects you to the Light Grid around the planet and you open up to the Light Grid, matrix of Light as you travel in Light through the Light Grid to where you choose to go. Whether you are fully conscious of it or not, you will be there, so trust your imagination and what ever you sense, feel, know or see. Happy travelling through the journey of your Soul.

      At first you may become aware that you work with the Councils of Light through Soul Travel, or aware that you are busy working at night in your sleep. You then start to become more aware of yourself, as you are on the planes of Light any time of the day or night, you now become conscious. The more you do this the more you become, and are aligned in Divine Will, becoming more compassionate, loving, accepting, humble and in the world but not of it, out of the illusion. You now operate from the Bigger Picture and the Inner Planes as your frequency has heightened and you have graduated to a new level of awareness.

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