By Soluntra King


          You are a member of the Council of Light whether you know it or not, it is a more unified aspect of yourself. When you separated from Source you became Founder Gods creating whole Universes. Then separating again you became Creator Gods and Goddesses creating whole worlds, then members of the Councils of Light overseeing whole Solar Systems. As a member of the Council of Light you kept separating to be in the many Stars, Planets and Dimensional Worlds until you separated to be a human on Earth. As you unify you become conscious of these multi-dimensional aspects of self. There are many of Councils of Light, each anchored in a certain dimension and from different civilisations, these civilisations existed once on Earth and as the cycle changed they shifted dimensions. This is happening to Earth again now but in a grand way because not only are we coming to the end of this cycle and into a Golden Age on the 26,000 year cycle, but the 500,000 year and 2 million year cycle. All moving into the Golden Age, this is a grand celebration for this influence is felt throughout the universe and beyond, all are graduating or no longer tying those down who choose to radiate. The merging is taking place in all aspects of all dimensions but most noticeably in the 3rd Dimension as that is the blending of matter and density until all shifts beyond the dream of separation, becoming 5th Dimensional in the physical and fully merging on the 7th Dimension. All is moving in accordance with Divine Will and plan and is in accordance with all beings working with this. 
     Shamballa is one ancient civilisation from the Gobi Desert in Tibet that has a Council of Light that is very active with the Earth and Lord Maitreya operates through there. There is the Council of the An a tar Ra situated from the Andes and working with the Golden Solar Discs. There is a Council connected to Antarctica and to other worlds on Earth in higher dimensions. Some of you may have heard of the Council of Twelve, the Council of Nine, the Brotherhood of Light, these are all Councils of Light. They all work in unison with each other in Divine Will but operate at different frequencies in their service. 
      The sort of work that is done by the Council of Light is that they observe what is taking place and higher frequencies of Light onto the Earth plane, this is always done in Divine Will and with much awareness of what is happening, being done usually at Cosmic times such as Solstices, Equinoxes, Eclipses or planetary alignments. For example on the Solar Eclipse 24th October 1995 I was at the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca, working with the Council there. A decision had to be made about bringing in very high frequencies from the Central Sun to assist with the activation of the Solar Grid, which happened at Tiwanaku nearby two years later. There was the probable future of humanity destructing, with China nuclear bombing America, holding much hatred unresolved. Or otherwise the higher energies brought in, knowing that some of humanity would not be able to hold the frequencies and would have to step out. The decision was made to bring in the higher energy, there have been many more decisions made since to bring in the higher octaves of Light to awaken the consciousness of humanity. 
        Another example was in May 2000 on the Wesak Full Moon 18th May just after the big planetary alignment with the New Moon. I had to go to Mukinath in the Himalayas in Nepal, 5000 metres up to a major portal as the Shamballa force came in. This energy is very powerful and depending on where humanity is at can create wars or peace. Obviously if the energy is too dense to accept the higher energy it will create chaos to bring harmony, but if the energy is clearer then harmony can be brought in gently and peacefully. 
    As you unify you merge with the Sun, a place you go in your sleep for learning, the doorway is open for all souls to be in this level if they choose Love. As you unify more fully on every level and through your cellular memory you merge with the Central Sun and become the Creator Goddess/God you are. You hold the creation story within you and the living library of Light, you become the radiant being you truly are illuminating Light/Life by simply being. You are fully conscious as a member of the Council of Light on Earth and through worlds and solar systems you operate in.


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      These bases are located under the Sea and associated with Sirius B and the dolphins. They actually hold the beam to assist the Earth to shift in consciousness and not actually destroy themselves, as has been evident in the last few years with the prevention of total destruction through nuclear and pollution. When enough of humanity are able to take responsibility for themselves and hold the beam as their divine prescence in a body, then the Sirians are able to leave. These bases are in the Etheric and in other dimensions and one such base that I saw in Lake Titicaca with etheric dolphins in the water, as the lake is 4000 metres up in the Andes. It had been holding the beam for aeons, as a crystal was put back into the centre of the base, which is actually a great mothership, then it was free to go. This meant that there were enough humans in their sovereignty to allow the Sirians to leave. The Sirians, the unified ones that is, have been holding the beam for along time, through the pyramids at Giza, through the dolphins and whales and in the underwater bases. As the dolphins and whales incarnate as humans and our multi-dimensional selves in the higher realms keep plugging us to awaken, then we are able to unite with mothership Earth and operate with love. 






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