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by Soluntra King



In November 2009 we had the 13th Gate and move through the Galactic Centre crossover point in the sixth dimension, as we move into the Sixth Night of the Galactic Underworld. You may notice how the 11th Gate and 12th Gate have already opened and it depends on what level of consciousness we are working with, and what dimensions we are open to as to how we perceive this in our own life and being. The good news is that the doorways are open for all who chose to move through. No one is a chosen one or special, we choose ourself, it’s up to you where we want to put yourself. It’s a process of openings and at first they happen in the higher dimensional realms and eventually come through to the third dimension. This has exhilarated and if you are just waiting for 21st December 2012 then you may not have realized that its now, everything is in the now, and when we have unified our dark and light within us and our illusionary patterns and beliefs, we are open to the higher frequencies of Light within from the Source and the higher Light frequencies of the Earth and the Universe.
I have seen myself already in the New Earth and I am sure you may have had feelings that you are not here at times. It’s not the old out of body not grounded feeling, well for those that have got themselves present anyway, but that in your higher dimensional bodies you are already there, now it’s a process of integrating your higher dimensional bodies with your physical, the higher dimensional Earth with the third dimensional. The worlds are merging the veils thinning and we are all sensing it. The Thirteenth Gate is another level of union. We need to be ready for when our Solar System moves through the

Galactic Plane in 2012.
A gateway that opens is just like one person may hack a track through the jungle, then more people come through and the track gets easier to follow. Then it becomes a dirt road as more people follow it, then a tar sealed road, and eventually a highway as everyone is able to travel through the forest, so too with the gates and energies that are happening. To me we are already through the Galactic Centre and here in our past doing a repair job so that it creates a positive future for us all. We have played around in duality with our power and control dramas, manipulated energies, and been the victim and victimizer with limited consciousness and two strands of DNA slave mentality. This is still happening as you are aware right now on Earth with the final plays of dark and light, the boring old game that some of us have completed and some of us still want to play. We choose our worlds and it’s no judgment on whether we are on the track, or the highway or through the gateway of our heart.
You will know where you are at and if you do not feel happy with it, or feel you are still sucked into being a slave or feeling powerless then breathe into those feelings and the fear, love and accept it. In the Greater Reality you are divine and already one with yourself and all creation, in the illusion and this concept of time and space we can feel trapped. As you love and accept what ever is happening for you, you will notice that it’s all a dream and you move beyond it. Becoming at peace within and without, in the clarity and stillness you have made the shift, in no time, no space, you are, we are in the higher dimensional Earth, New Earth. So how do you want to play it now? Start thinking seriously about what you are creating and want to create, it’s your creation.
The Thirteenth Gate opening on the Mayan Calendar change over from the Sixth Day to the Sixth Night of the Galactic Underworld is our time to surrender and be in the void and absolute stillness. As we are heightening our vibrations the intention we have to see ourself and everyone as whole and healed and light, then so it is. It is energy and we can make it how we want with joy, ease and flow, but now without manipulating as at the end of the last cycle. But with love and wisdom from our total surrender into divine will as the Light flows though us and illuminates.

The number 13 is becoming more important as we heighten our light. Thirteen to the Mayan was the number of completion and Christ was the thirteenth member with twelve disciples. The number 13 means either death or life no half-way, death though degeneration or life through regeneration, so a time of amazing leaps in consciousness and light as we make the shift back into the natural pulse of our body with the Earth and Stars. 13 can be considered also lucky or unlucky when it falls on a Friday and in some buildings they do not have a thirteen floor but 12th and then 14th, so some pretty strong energies around this number. For those of us not superstitious it means a time of awakening the Christ Light within more fully, and as we enter into the last dark night before the Seventh Day of the Galactic Underworld we need to be the Light from within our hearts as it takes us home to ourself. Shining bight in the new world where being our true self is the key, rather than having to dim our light and be a victim. We are making a great shift at this time and depending on what level of consciousness you are open to, as to how much light you will allow to illuminate from within. But unlike Christ who said ‘greater things ye shall do than I have ever done’ we no longer have to be crucified for our light, but instead become physically immortal right here in our body, our body of Light. At this time if you feel too, you may want to focus on activating more fully your light body.

We also have the thirteenth sign in the zodiac Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer who has been ignored by astrologers but is real and our Sun goes through the constellation. You might ask why it is ignored and also the fact that our astrology is not correct, as the movement of the stars was ignored for about the last 2,600 years. Will it might be because our consciousness was not ready for that number 13, and we could also say the ones playing the control dramas wanted to keep us ignorant and not connected, and so by not having the 13 Sun signs acknowledged and worked with that’s a good spanner in the works. Not to mention the Gregorian Calendar with the 12 months in a year and 12 moons, where as the Mayan Calendar works with the natural cycle of the moon and pulse of light from the Galactic Center, so we have been disconnected for some time now. One article that may help you understand real sun signs and dates is 

Of course beyond Ophiuchus is Draco and where we are heading as we make the shift through the Galactic Centre and back to the natural pulse. We have been living in a time of great darkness and ignorance, even our calendar does not flow with the pulse from the Galactic Centre as the Mayan does, and can tell us what is happening in our worlds of inner and outer means. We have chosen to be happily snoozing until now when we wake up at the 11th hour, 11 Gates and realize as we move through the Thirteenth Gate into the real self.
      This time of the Thirteenth Gate is shifting us out of the illusion we have been under and into the bright light, we will be journeying through the Sixth Night for almost twelve months, from 7th November 2009 where we are given the time to go within and unify, getting back our full connection to ourself and source before the beginning of the Seventh Day November 2nd 2010, where we experience oneness with all creation. When we open up to the bliss and joy of creation and the Universal Consciousness cycle which begins on February 10th  2011 until October 28th 2011, then into Cosmic Consciousness December 21st Solstice 2012 Galactic Center Crossover point, no time, no space, the void, into the higher dimensional self and Earth.
     Note how on the darkest night of the Galactic Underworld, the Fifth Night that went from November 2007 to November 2008 we had the illusionary monetary system collapse and then a black man elected president of the USA, and the world monetary body stating we have to work together and stop poverty, equal abundance for all. So as we came into the Sixth Day, November 2008 to November 2009  a new way of doing things, and with the Sixth Night from November 2009 a deeper cleansing is made by embracing in love and acceptance the past and moving into the future in a new way, in unity.
    If you have not started living and operating in a new, lighter, easier and more joyful way, then love and accept the fear that is stopping you as it will be in your face now. This is no time to resist, surrender in divine will, into the stillness and light within, as your love and compassion, clarity and trust take you into your awakened radiant self and into the Age of Light.

       As you come to be the light within all of your body, all of creation, through all existence, the nothingness and emptiness, the fullness and creation,  the I am, we are, you are one. As the worlds have merged in the higher dimensions and now grounding into the physical plane in your body and density, we still have some work here with integration. The hologram is light filaments and as they merge the light does not get denser but brighter, the liquid light plasma is no time and space, meaning you are everywhere at once, as this happens and you become the bright star that you are.  The Thirteenth Gate is about mastering your holograms and patterns of energy, patterns of light. You may want to check out the Handbook of RA that has a chapter on working with your Holograms.


The Thirteenth Gate is about completion of the old paradigm and duality dance and new beginnings, the bridge to the higher dimensional planes of existence. We are working with the SIX elements; air, water, earth, fire, ether and LIQUID LIGHT.
At the octaves of Light we are now opening too we are owning that we are the ancient ones, the guardians and the Goddess/God. Since the Wesak Full Moon in May 9th 2009 when the transfer occurred of the energies from Mt Kailash, abode of the Goddesses and Gods in the old cycle, to Mt Titiroa and the new cycle; we are now the Goddesses and Gods and instead of traveling on the inner planes to connect to the Goddess and Gods we are them, and at the new vortex point is clear light. The work of the energies being transferred from northern to southern hemisphere has been happening for many years now, but at Wesak this year the transfer completed on the inner planes, this may not be apparent to many on a conscious level for up to 200 years, but it has happened in the higher realms and will eventually come into the physical.

In the greater reality the time is now and this is what the Thirteenth Gate is about; full embodiment. Remembrance of our divinity and oneness with all creation was the first step, now it’s the next step; to be that which we truly are and always have been. For those who are not conscious of these things right now it is happening also for them, the cosmic waves of Light that are illuminating to us are assisting and affecting every part of creation on and off Mother Earth. Some of us have chosen to be conscious to assist with this transition time, and that gives us our joy. Those that have not are no less evolved or Light, they simply have other things occupying them right now, not good or bad, all just is. In the beauty of the light of creation, one breathe one heart.

The Great Central Starmap has also been activated at the September Equinox 2009 and is able to once again align through the heavens with the Earth at this time of the Thirteenth Gate. Wega the brightest star in Lyra is at its centre, and Sirius the Greater Central Sun above, the Inner Earth Sun below. With thirteen stars mapped through it will take thirteen years to be fully grounded and integrated through the Diamond Matrix of Light and through our bodies so by 2022 this will be accomplished through the densest planes of creation.

The Thirteen stars are; Ophiuchus, the serpent bearer which is opposite Orion and the new initiation once we have unified .

Alpha Draco which is called Thuban and was the North Pole Star in about 2,700BC and also opposite Orion. Ophiuchus and Draco will be seen clearly once more once we have gone through the Galactic Plane, the centre of our Galaxy and made the shift, Draco is wrapt around the North Celestial Pole and is the point at 90° from the plane of the Earths orbit.
Sirrah in Andromeda, the Andromedan Galaxy is merging with ours and many Andromedans have walked in to assist at this time. The star essences of Sirrah is ‘Through the eye of the needle you go, blessed of light you are new, alive, rejuvenated – here to BE fully present in a body immortal.
Centaurus, the scholarly tutor Chiron which is about our wound and the brightest star is the closet star to our Sun.
Ursa Major, the Great Bear. The Big Dipper that is next to Draco and illuminates the Seven Rays.
The constellation of Eridanus, the river and is at the foot of Orion, at top is Cursa the star essences made of it is: ‘I am the unified expression of the one. no duality’, the opposite end of the river is Achernar, ‘I am attunement to your God-self, I am the music of your soul that flows eternal'.
The Southern Cross, doorway into the new paradigm.

Pherkad in Ursa Minor, the Little Bear, Little Dipper with Polaris closest to the pole in 2100AD.

Deneb in Cygnus the Swan; forms one corner of the triangle of famour summer triangle with Wega and Altair, in Cynus is a black hole. The star essence of Deneb is ‘Strength of your inner light, the doorway through into the higher aspects of self, I am the light’.
Altair in the constellation of Aquila the Eagle; ‘I am the still point of the spirit’

Nekkar in Bootes, the herdsman.

Octans the Octant (musical instrument) contains the South Pole. Regulus in Leo, the star essence ‘I am the bounty and abundance of the Creators glory and gifts, a heart full of Divine Love and Joy, the eternal flow from Source. The return of your strength through love, your Golden Self and the Golden Age, the light of Source illuminates and aligns you’.

For more on the Central Starmap please see under STAR UNION.

The Sixth Night is a time to go inward and in the last cycle it was the Vietnam War time, when we realized we could stop wars with people power, and this time it’s about the same realization but with everything in our lives. We the people do not choose to live in the old paradigm and its changing fast now into a world of peace and abundance. After we have delved deep into ourself and found the stillness and with rest and fine tuning we open to the Seventh Day 3rd November 2010 and Cosmic and Unity consciousness.

The midpoint of the Sixth Night is May 7th 2010.
In the Fifth Night which is the darkest in the cycle we have seen the collapse of the greed and fear system and the attempts to still control it by the forces of duality. With the Sixth Day since November 2008 until now we have had a rebirth, a new era, a celebration. The last Sixth Day was the Flower Power era, and this one just finished in the last twelve months a time of Light and abundance, joy and opening to deeper levels of your divinity in order to operate on the physical plane. It’s no longer about material security, but spiritual connection and unity, abundance for all and the New Earth, new creation through our hearts and love.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY FOR 7th NOVEMBER; 8 (harmonize, empowerment, integrity, of the one heart) YELLOW (South - ripens, allows) LIGHT - AHAU (Sun, Enlightenment, unconditional love) in the 3 (rhythm, creativity, integration, sacred trinity) UINAL (20 days) of Activation ruled by the Goddess of Birth and Watering. CHALCHIUHTLICUE

On this day of the Sun and New Moon in Scorpio there are seven vortexes worldwide where the union of polarities and the heightened light codes always held there by the Ancestors and Ancient Ones with the Golden Solar Discs and living library of light codes will merge. Opening doorways through the Earth and Heavens takes the pressure from the Earth and transmutes it into the higher frequencies, into life giving rainbow prisms and orbs of light, that will filter through the fabric of creation and the elements and worlds, bringing new life and light to creation, like having a great refreshing swim or massage, awakening from a refreshing sleep into a light rainbow prismed world.
The seven vortexes are Lake Taupo, NZ where I am taking a group, as well as Kata Juta in Central Australia, at Squarra in Egypt,  Silbury Hill in England, Manasal Lake in Kashmir, in the ocean south of Japan and the Island of the Sun,
Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, South America
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 5 (centre, core purpose, acceptance) WHITE (North - refines, detached) DOG - OC ( (spiritual strength, loyalty, heart, new beginnings) in the 4 (foundation, definition, form) UINAL (20 days) of Stabilization ruled by the God of the Sun and Warriors. TONATIUH

The last day of the doorway of the 13th Gate
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 7 (connection with source, mystical attunement, sacred) YELLOW (South - ripens, allows) THE ROAD - EB ( quickening, open vessel, abundance, harvest)in the 4 (foundation, definition, form) UINAL (20 days) of Stabilization ruled by the God of the Sun and Warriors. TONATIUH

    Once the Thirteenth Gate is open it does not close again, it means that this energy is now available for humanity to access in our own time and way. The opportunities are there for all of us, all we need is the connection to our heart and the source within, and the desire to be who we truly are. The BEing of Light we are fully integrated in matter, we have transcended the limitations of the illusion and opened our hearts to the reality of life/light. We have unified dark and light within and opened up to the joy and abundance that was and is always here for us, co-creating Heaven on Earth. We are not separate but one heart, one light and we play and dance together in the radiant diamonds of creation.




The Thirteenth Gate opening has propelled the Galactic configurations that have been held through the Diamond Light Matrix and are now ready to open into the higher consciousness on Earth, and through the lower dimensional worlds to the 7th dimension unified matrix of light that is now pulsating

through the Galactic Centre.
     I was told on the inner at Tikal, great Mayan Pyramid site at the ball court next to the Pyramid of the Jaguar in June 2008 that the Mayan Calendar finishes November 2009. This is true for the sixth dimension and beyond. Now that the 13th Gate has opened it means that the integration of the six elements can filter easily through and awaken the dormant DNA and light codes in the denser realms of existence.
      The six elements of air, fire, water, earth, ether and liquid light plasma passed through the Galactic Centre and then came back through to integrate on our planet Earth, Solar System and Galaxy in their new form as we in our galaxy are absorbed through the Milky Way Galaxy and its centre.

     A great acceleration is taking place and the plants and creatures of earth; those passed and almost extinct or gone are now able to anchor fully in the higher dimensional Earth that is abundant and light, full of life force and everything that we need to be in a state of bliss in bodies and light all one.
   The Thirteenth Gate opening has created a doorway for ease and flow for all those who choose in their hearts as the shifts take place in the next few years. The negative controllers who are poisoning the air with deadly viruses right now will be transformed into their true essence whatever that maybe, and if not in alignment with the divine plan for Earth, our Solar System, Galaxy and Universe will not be able to sustain  their own vehicles here, yet alone cause harm to life. This energy cannot harm those who choose their divine self and embrace in unity and oneness the dark and light within, moving beyond duality.
    The Thirteenth Gate is a great wormhole that is inside each and everyone that brings the inner and outer all into one. Now is the time and space, all complete, the cycles and light cities from each cycle merged through the Galactic Centre. The I am, you are me, the crystal, the diamond, the pyramid, the vortex. The Diamond Light Body is open when one is complete, one with the Diamond Light Matrix of the Earth, Solar System, Galaxy, Universes, one Diamond Matrix of Light.
      The Diamond Light Body was birthed through the 13th Gate and the Diamond Light Body is the body of the serpent alight, arisen and singing the codes of all life, rainbow coloured cloak of light that flows through the landscapes of the heart. Travelling through unlimited spaces, all worlds in the heart, one light,  one love and all is delight, joy to behold the union complete.
    Now the 13th Gate has opened and you are, I am, the oneness more fully anchored for all humanity to know who they are/you are/we are. I am, own it, know it as you are, we are the Light of the one spark that illuminates from within and without no words to describe.  No sounds that are not me and you, I am/you are the love of all creation, the past, now and future, all one,  the star that I am/you are here in a human third dimensional body through hyper-dimensional space, all holograms shine radiant Goddess God I am that I am . The doorway is open and all can come through, but it’s not up to us to help or carry anyone, but simply opened the door for the choice to go through.
    The 13th Gate is us rejuvenated and our light body fully, I am/we are the light of the Greater Central Sun and beyond  one unified Matrix of Light.


The actual physical journey from 6th to 19th November 2009 was incredible. We are the 13th Gate, the doorway, the Diamond Light Body. Each of the places we visited it was sunny for us as we did everything outside, the whole journey was magical on 3d and multi-d, like the crossing of Lake Wiakaremoana, the Sun Temple on 11:11:11=33. Our boat driver dropped us off to walk through the forest and by the lake and did our thing and when he came to pick us up he said the waves were really big as the wind was a gale on the lake, but as we went back with him instead of 30 minutes it took 15 minutes and we just danced across the water. His words ‘you must all be blessed’. 
    The Diamond Light Matrix is glowing and so are we. We cannot do things to carry anyone energetically anymore its time now for everyone who chooses to be who they are, and of course the others still asleep we see as divine and let them get on with it 
    The Dragons left at certain places and put eggs in our chakras that opened up the Diamond Light Body, and more Draco Codes anchored through each of us. On the last day up Mt Ruapheu at the incredible stone wall, Mead Wall we went through and took all codes from the beginning of time that we had worked with and are into hyper dimensional space, no words can describe. On the way back out we were gifted with being able to access all that we choose to BE.
    On the 17th November 13th Gate Galactic Centre cross-over at Lake Taupo vortex we took the 6 elements through the Galactic Centre on the 13th Gate and then brought them back out again from that space and all the cycles and light cities from all cycles merged.
    We will not be the same again, so much more in our hearts and in the oneness. All thirteen of us on 3d, and now it’s into the new, with the other divine ones who were there in the inner planes. You/they/we were there are, I am, we are one.
    The Diamond Light Body is really glowing within us all now, and the anchoring of oneness within our lower dimensional selves, another level of integration, the six elements are also activating higher light codes through the Galactic Centre, so much has cleared and shifted, and for us personally as well to be more fully our radiant selves, such joy to connect with you in the one heart.

    The thirteen stars in the Great Starmap, the central star wheel of MU and beyond was and is necessary for the Thirteenth Gate opening. The reason it is centred in New Zealand is because the spinner wheels needed to ground the starmap fully are here and are harnessing the energies for the stars to align fully and settle the stratosphere and atmosphere of the Earths outer field, as well as the Inner Earth. The doorway in Lake Taupo connects it to the Inner Earth Sun and Golden Solar Discs. The Great Central Starmap is recalibrated completely at the December Solstice 2009 and after the anchoring at Rainbow Beach, Queensland, these are necessary as the Great Central Starmap is aligned once more with Earth, as we complete the great cycles and make the shift into the higher dimensional Earth through the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy and alignment with all the Suns.



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For more on the Central Starmap please see under STAR UNION and MAYAN CALENDAR under COSMIC EVENTS