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     In some traditions the physical ocean is considered so spiritual it is not to be swum in. For those us born in countries where we are hot at least some of the year we love being in the ocean, its energy not only refreshes and heals us energetically by clearing auric field. It also heals wounds, and clears our sinuses and colds, and in the bigger sense it supports life, without the oceans we would not be able to live on Earth.
We are blessed to have so much ocean to play in, for food and for our weather to be able to sustain us physically.

     Metaphysically the Cosmic Ocean is the void, the nothingness that all life comes from. We can let go and relax fully in the Cosmic Ocean, just like we do if we float in the physical ocean. As the solar rays illuminate the ocean with light, so too does the light illuminate our cells through the water of our cells. So they sparkle, shine and glow with life force energy.
   Our body is all most all water so just like water can be programmed or re programed so can we. Our physical body transfigures into Light and at the level of the Blue Light Body we surrender into the Cosmic Ocean for good health and flow in our life and Being.
   The Cosmic Ocean takes us home to the stillness and oneness within and without, all one, surrendered in the Cosmic Ocean right through to the cellular level.
     We came out of the primordial ocean, and then replicated into cellular then multi-cellular beings of all descriptions, now we return.

The water is now heightened in Light Octaves and will assist humanity, many of us have worked with the light codes in the water for many years and it means that the water is energised now and will hold the Diamond Light Matrix. There is still more work with the water in the next few years as it rises in the oceans, water or lack of it will be about the most important thing on this planet. Now it is time for the water in your body to get fully energised and activated if you choose, by drinking water charged with quartz crystals, and drinking more than normal to cleanse the cells and allow the transmissions of crystalline light to illuminate the cellular memory.


       The gateways to the cosmic ocean and dolphins are the first step into the multi-d realms.
This is a meditation to assist in your connection.

     Take your awareness deep within, look at the mandala, open up to the joy that the dolphin and whales have dancing through the water. Playing in the oceans, suspending in the cosmic realms always, as they know the stars are in them and through the ocean.

Now think of a time in your life when you have been really happy…
Now feel that joy more fully in your heart and become aware a doorway is opening in your heart…..As you float through the doorway….. Out into the ocean of your heart…
Your higher-self shows you your dolphin and or whale linage….

Become aware you are dancing in the ocean weightless, no gravity, just light and joyful….as you play…looking at the clear water bubbles of oxygen, waves playing on the surface……just allow yourself to float and play…

This is the gateway of your multi-d self you are the dolphin the whales…..
Now the connection to the whales and dolphins is Sirius and Andromeda, most relate to Sirius but you may also relate to Andromeda…

Now in your Cetacean body you hear the sound and see the light from Sirius beaming through you, through the water, so light and beautiful…
The solar rays
gatewayofthe cosmicocean creating Diamond Light patterning through the water as you listen within, to the deeps of you through the depths of the cosmic ocean.


Going deep within feel the joy of a time in your life when you danced free.
Reawaken that feeling from within and allow yourself to swim like the dolphin through the waves, dancing as you play in the Cosmic Ocean. With the solar rays in diamond lights sparkling through the water in you and your whole being. Each cell is alive and remembers it’s light as you float relaxed and at peace one with the Cosmic Ocean……


     The cosmic ocean is from the joy and light in our heats that illuminate all the cells and energy bodies clear, sparkling light body.

     Water is so much more than just a physical substance which in itself is amazing and transformational by the imprints of any codes to it, the impressions and adaptability. But it is liquid light as well and flows through our cells, the water in our body.

     Imagine floating in the Cosmic Ocean and that it flows through the anatomical structures of your body, meridians strange flows and kundalini, universal cosmic organism, liquid light plasma flow.

     The Cosmic Ocean is not parallel to the physical ocean, it is one with it and the lakes, and streams, and ponds, and dams, and springs, and water drops, and dew and the water in you. You swim in the Cosmic Ocean came out of the primordial waters and experience air, earth, and fire but still be passed through water that is Liquid Light Plasma and is the gel that keeps consciousness all together. Even in the driest desert the cells of each grain of sand is through the cosmic ocean, the endless realms of worlds within worlds, as you live in the cosmic ocean.
       With this awareness you can stretch and pull, fight and be still, resist and act, react and drain yourself to a point with, fear and resistance but it’s all just a play. You are still in the Cosmic Ocean of no time and space, the void, life, light, the love that is immersed through all your being.
Once you become 5th dimensional you start to appreciate the cosmic ocean and that you can surrender into it and allow the transmission of celestial sounds, the light codes, the solar rays, the dancing light to freely enter through the cosmic ocean in you.
The 6d light body is simply deeper in the cosmic ocean of yourself.

deepcosmicoceansmall Deep onto the Cosmic Ocean there is a way through the maya, the illusion fully to be one body of light from the love that you are.

As the Light that you are Integrates through the DNA Light Codes to the emotional overlays and bodies and through the physical body, Anatomical Balancer. Out of Destruction into the new Creation, Resolution of Duality, Drawing back the Fragments. Surrendering to Resistance, Flowing with Change, Healing and Rejuvenation, Peace within is Peace without, Cosmic Time Clock through the Second Sun, Doorway of the New Earth, Light Body Integration, one with the Greater Central Sun.


twosuns set


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   Transfiguring is what we are doing through our Being, allowing, and surrendering into the love, into the stillness and peace. As well as consciously activating our light codes that are awakening within
our physical and energy bodies.

Personally I have physically experienced being my Light Body from an initiation in a Mayan pyramid, as well as being in no breathe then cosmic organism for days right through me. Stopping a whole army getting to the Himalayan border areas as the mission was more important anchoring the Living Library of Light, as well as being invisible, teleporting, all these things are natural and part of how we really operate. We just stepped into the illusion for a while, but now we are transfiguring, and all those unlimited ways of operating are here for us now, if we choose to be the unlimited divine being we are.
   We are now transfiguring into our higher dimensional codings of light, we are becoming invisible to the lower dimensional worlds, they are still there but don’t exist in our world. We live already in the New Earth which is simply the higher dimensional Earth.

     We are transfiguring our cellular memory by embracing with love and acceptance all the old memories of pain in duality. Our cells transfigure into light, a transmutation and transformation of our denser vibrations as they become lighter though our love.

   As you transfigure many things change in your life and you cannot live in the old paradigm anymore. It takes courage and trust in the unlimited abundance and love of the source within. It not protesting the old fear and control based world, but instead loving and accepting it, there by transcending it and being in the world but not of it. This brings great joy, love and peace into our being and life. It doesn’t mean you get into your head about how things will change, change comes from within, from the love you are, not trying to figure it out with your head.

We transfigure into the Goddess God we truly are here creating Heaven on Earth.
   Our bodies at present are in transition and we are learning more about energy, and that we are simply energy and that everything else is too. We move beyond judgements and fears about others, what we do, how we do it and how we relate.

To transfigure we are already on the path and with every transformation and transmutation of energy that you are experiencing means you transfigure your physical body and energy bodies into light, into joy and love, into your multi-dimensional self.

     In the workshops I facilitate we will be awakening our Light Body and illuminating the cells, DNA, RNA to be clear and able to hold the higher dimensional frequencies. Maintaining full presence of our self as we are in our beautiful physical bodies as they transfigure into Light. Utilising the light and sound codes of specific mandalas, and deep inner connection to the source,
stillness and love within for healing and awakening.


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for the full story of how the awareness and work with the seal came about.

The Seal of invisible forces that are behind every thought, word and deed, the energy that underlies the fabric of the matrix. This seal had been kidnapped and used by the Reptilians to control and master all the lower realms by controlling the invisible matrix. Now at the spinner wheel, Mt Pihanga the seal has been unlocked this has happened over different imprints of light, especially in recent years. Now the council are meeting about the seal and how best it can be cleansed fully and utilised to transform the matrix and fully serve the creation of the New Earth into the lower realms.

In the council there are many symbols being shown. Each symbol balances a quality of the seal.

harmonize- Harmonize the Earth and grids to receive the Seals light matrix again.


tramute- Allow the old memories, toxins and matrix to transmute.


refurbish- Call in all the light codes that have dispersed and create the underlying fabric.


balance-Creating balance and flow.



replace-Bringing in the Seal gently as it replaces the abused one.



The new Light Matrix of 2006/2007 created the base for this to happen.

The Diamond Light Matrix brought in the highest light energies that meant the Reptilians and dark Forces can not sustain themselves any longer.

strengthen- Strengthening the Seal and matrix.


The light council are well pleased this has now been completed.


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Now that the Crystalline Grid is harmonizing through the Diamond Light Matrix and the collective conscious is now open to physical immortality there is a new grid that is being anchored through from the 13th dimension and Shambala that awakens us to our own divine essence more fully than ever before.

Once we
know who we are, one with the source we have that pure connection within to the creator and divine love, so no matter what happens in our life that connection is there to assist us to bring ourselves

into our centre.
In the purest form we are beyond the realms of Goddesses and Gods,
but in our journey into wholeness we are not able to cope with the pure light of the One instantly,
it is still a process.
But once we own our self as Goddess/God then we take on our responsibilities as guardian of this planet.
A realisation that is needed now more than ever. So this new grid is assisting us to raise our consciousness and take on the mantle of being sovereign and that it is up to each of us to take responsibility for our own thoughts, words and actions. That our love nourishes the Earth and all life, that our self-hatred destroys it.
This grid is anchoring by each of us accessing this level of our being and open heart.
In order to do this we
love and accept every part of us that is not at this level
surrender into Divine Will and Plan.

  Time to connect to the divine being you are as you awaken the Goddess and God self within.
The Gods and Goddesses of the inner planes, ancient civilizations and cultures are all aspects of us.
They too are moving on and I have worked with many of them over the years, as they leave the worlds that religions have held them in at that level of service,
as it is now up to us to come from our own Goddess God within and hold the beam, love and oneness.
Take some time to go within to the inner planes within you
to meet these aspects of self that are co-creators and higher dimensional aspects
that are here for you to be now.
You are the Goddess, the God, divine aspects co-creating Heaven on Earth.
Even if you do not choose at this time to access who you are within, you may want to get acquainted with some of the Goddesses and Gods on the outer from books or myths.
The inner and outer are one. As we unify we realise we are our guides, angles, guardians, they are not external beings, now we have integrated those aspects and listen to our
own inner voice,

heart wisdom for all guidance.
We unify more to realise we are light beings and operate in the light ships and motherships,
a part of us in on earth as ground crew.
As we unify we realise ourself as a member of the Council of Light. There are many Councils of Light, they all hold great wisdom and clarity about the shifts in the cycles. Assisting us here on Earth at different times, especially at Solstices, Equinoxes, Eclipses and planetary alignments.
We realise we are a member of the Council of Light in our more unified divine self and become conscious of the decisions that are made, or to be made and how that unfolds into the lower planes of creation.
As we unify even more to the realisation that we are a Creator Goddess God
overseeing whole worlds, and a whole star system can go through its birth, life and supernova in the time it takes to blink the eye as a Goddess God.
We work through multi-universes and hyper-dimensional space and time. We are here on Earth in our own bodies as our energy field illuminates all life from the love in our hearts.

There have been two Goddess God Grid days so far on October 16th and December 7th 2014 with the Gemini Full Moon.
Below is the expereince of our connection.


Many of us have graduated into a higher plane of learning and are truly Goddess Gods dancing in the world of light, and the stillness of the void as well, and out again. Like you can go between the two and dance all through creation, that you bring this energy back to Earth and allow the Earth to move into the higher dimensions, as it’s not just the Earth herself that moves, it is us as well. As we are not separate from our Earth Mother, who is our Starship that awakens us into the next plane of humanity. Where we realise we are Creator Goddess Gods and that we are now here to communicate and operate with Star Beings, ET’s and Dimensional Beings and complete the creation stories of Earth as they all separated into duality and created havoc in the multiverse as well.

This is not a healing journey like we would do in the old paradigm earth but it is healed by us being our joy and dancing through the worlds and dimensions free of the limitations we had put on ourselves. This then creates harmony and peace through all the worlds and dimensions.

You are transparent and like the wind, we are merged in these beautiful iridescent rainbow coloured lights that are subtle coloured and multi-prismed.

We speak but our talking is part of nature and the stars and universes, like our words are part of creation. It does not matter exactly what was being said in a 3d sense as it is the sounds of creation and not something we can work out with our heads.

There is a swirling and spiralling of all the universes and creation like we are in a huge black hole but we are not being drawn anywhere as it is all there. As we bring our awareness back to our selves right here right now as we hold all that is within us.

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from the Diamond Light Workbook by Soluntra King

The RNA Receives the Multi Dimensional Codes

      The RNA is different to DNA in that it is single stranded and it is the messenger that brings the Light through the cells and to the DNA. With the great shift that is taking place within our bodies and being, as well as the Earth, Solar System, Galaxy and Universe, where we are graduating back into the higher dimensional Light being we are, this time in a physical body from carbon to crystalline based, the RNA is very important now as part of this process.
      In a metaphysical sense the RNA communicates in multiple time dimensions and receives information through its crystalline linear chain mechanism. That is how RNA molecules assemble the physical matter proteins in the Ribosome in order to receive the new Light Codes. The RNA receives communication from the Source/Universal Mind/Prime Creator and through to your oversoul/divine consciousnesses. Most of this information is of anti-matter and the RNA receives the new Light Codes that act as catalysts enzymes for the building blocks of our new bodies that are changing from carbon based to crystalline based.


     RNA is the gel that connects to the next level of DNA activation and you may find like myself at the moment, the need to eat a lot more protein to assist this process, this includes animal protein. I was a vegan for many years, then vegetarian and now I need to eat eggs everyday and fish or chicken. My body needs this at present to assist this process so listen to your own body and what it needs to help it with the changes.
     The RNA is not only doing its primary function of protein synthesis within a cell, but is the catalyst for this amazing upgrade we are going through physically. RNA is having an upgrade as well to be ready to receive the higher Light Codes that we are experiencing now as we heighten our frequencies and come to the state of stillness. In no time, no space as we move through the centre of our Galaxy and the cross over point into the new creation. As the DNA strands activate mostly in the etheric where the strands are functioning and in our higher energy bodies and multi-dimensional bodies that we are now integrating into the physical plane.  

      It does not pay to get caught up in numbers but to just be aware that these changes are happening within you, and that you can assist it to be gentle, easy and flowing, and can in fact enjoy the ride and allow yourself to awaken to your Divine Blueprint where experiencing life in your full embodiment is your next destination. You are already there now, as there is no time or space, but in the arena where we have chosen to play we are in density and matter and so it takes some conscious attention on our part to assist and know what’s happening, and to expand our consciousness to Universal Mind.

     This upgrade is affecting all of us and our Pineal and Pituitary and Thymus glands that are players with the RNA as we receive the Light through the Pineal and process it all in the Pituitary and the Thymus regulates our body and kundalini flow. We are receiving this information from matter, anti matter and dark plasma.
      Your multi-dimensional bodies are liquid light plasma and exist in the worlds of what scientists call dark matter or anti matter, that is lighter and higher frequency than dense matter and interfaces with the divine realms. It cannot be read by scientist in third density consciousnesses, and it is in unified consciousness and beyond the dense world of duality, it is not electromagnetic like the Earth, us and denser forms.

    As this process evolves in us with our RNA, DNA and Light Bodies it means we are holding greater light and our energy field is strong and clear. It also means that we have a lot of energy at our disposal and we must be so aware of our thoughts, words and actions. Like never before do we create from them and now we have a lot of responsibility to be aligned with Source and come from unity, rather than separation consciousness and to take responsibility for all levels of our being.
     We are fortunate now, in the past we have held these energies but often did not have the wisdom, now the journey home to ourself is through Love, not power and magic, and so we are safe guarded to a certain extent as not much happens to us in the way of getting lighter if we do not have our heart open and are loving, compassionate and allowing.


To work with the RNA please see in the Diamond Light Workbook 

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