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the callanish stones

Soluntra King


     I had wanted to come to the Callanish Stones for years, and like all my journeys I waited until I was invited on the inner and the timing was right. I needed to be at the stones for the June 15th Total Lunar Eclipse and Sagittarian Full Moon 2011, and had no idea what the stones were about, just that I was to be at them at that eclipse. I had flown in from New Zealand to Glasgow where I stayed the night ready early the next morning to fly to Stornoway the main town on the Isle of Lewis on the northern eastern top end of Scotland.

harris2     When I arrived it was cold and raining and I got my hire car from the airport and drove into town to have a cooked and warm breakfast and get my bearings. I then drove down to Harris over the moors with lochs; the lakes born of the glacier melting’s, and the ice etched landscape. Driving along just as the rain stopped for awhile I found a walking track that lead me over the hills and to a beautiful bay. Little channels of water ran everywhere amongst the heather and peat and the dirt track was strewn with beautiful green and pink stones that Mother Earth gave unconditionally, a few of the stones asked to come with me and were for other lightworker friends, so I gathered the few that wanted to come. The view to the sea and the hills was divine, and there were cute whitewashed cottages dotted sparsely across the landscape.
     I then drove to the town of Tarbert and down these narrow one way roads along the coast past talbertcottages and coves with the odd small fishing boat and nets. With lily of the valleys and daffodils and wild roses growing in places, the day was perfect with the sparkling grass and plants from the rain and the cottages looking picture perfect in the sunlight.

      After checking it all out I drove back to Lewis and to the west side and to Callanish to find my B&B. I stopped at the candle shop to ask where my accommodation was and stayed to chat with Calum, who made the candles. Talking of things cosmic and local I admired the beautiful candles and brought a landscape one that I knew I would treasure from such an amazing place and beautiful person. The people on the island are very friendly and open and Calum a gatekeeper for the site as his home and studio/shop are right at the entrance to the road to the site of the stones. With a second group of stones behind Calums house and a third over a bit further. In actual fact there are lots of stones in this area of the planet, but the Callanish ones had not only survived and been found and restored as much as was possible but they are so tall, and as one local lady told me; ‘only half of the stone is exposed with half still in the earth’. I knew this was a very important vortex place and was excited and felt honoured to be here. I found my accommodation and then went straight up to the stones, feeling so blessed to be staying so close to them and the fact that it hardly got dark at this time of year, and anyone could visit the stones day or night.

        When I first arrived I went over the stones and connected; there is a central circle with thirteen stones and then three lines out from the centre in three directions, east, north and west and at the south is a processional pathway with stones lining each side of it.
      When I tuned in to them I got that they are connected to the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter and were constructed to draw the lunar rays into the Earth for fertility of the crops and humans. This was the 3d purpose of them that worked well until the decline of the morals and standards of the people that also declined as the Ice Age began to reappear and things fragmented.
       I did not see this in my time that I remembered from  a parallel life there, it was all working well then and now I was back, it was the Full Moon in Sagittarius with a Gemini Sun as we aim for oneness to create in the fertile  New Earth as the Sun and the Moon merge.
newlights     I got to also paint a mandala of the’ Return of Light and Creative energies for the fertility of Earth and abundant Light for all Humanity’, and was told on the inner that the day before the eclipse, Tuesday 14th June would be a special day, to anchor the Moon into New Earth and that the Inner Earth vortex was ready.

      The Tuesday was a beautiful sunny day, the breeze was still fresh but when I could get out of it summer was happening. I drove to the west to Uig and to an amazing sandy bay. I parked on the grass and ran down to  the sea, the water was warm and ifuigbeach I had had some bathers and towel I would have gone in and braved the cool wind when I got out. It was so beautiful with the sun and white sand and turquoise blue sea with a very gentle small wave rolling in on the sand.

      The stones had called me to be there by 4pm, so I drove back checking out some more of the stunning coastline and arrived in the carpark in time to walk up to the stones by 4pm. It had got colder and I was back into my ski jacket and as I walked up to the stones I sensed something was not right with big one. I felt they were set when the Earth was different as I then became aware of the Earth spinning around and the stones were getting recalibrated.
      I was told on the inner that ‘when you were here as a hologram, your essences came in as this place is a big doorway for the light ships and still is, just as you have felt them here this time’. I had seen Light ships over the area and had a Light Being sitting next to me in the car as I drove around.
     I was also told “The lunar cycle has changed that is why many think the Moon is negative; it is not, it is them that are negative (*please see footnote at end). T
he Moon reflects what is out of balance that is why many go mad on the full moon. The Moon was created to keep the Earth from falling through space. It holds the Earth in a pattern that sustains life. This stone circle was built to enhance the lunar rays and utilise them for the abundance and fertility of Earth and the people.
      There is a deeper meaning of all this to do with the RNA and DNA and cellular memory as you know the death and decay programme has infiltrated all cells. But now from the sacred space today, not tomorrow at the exact time of the eclipse, but today the light codes you hold from your recent work at Mt Titiroa on the Ninth Wave and beginning of the Universal Underworld and at the West MacDonnell Ranges (for the Wesak Full Moon), can now awaken within you and through the stones here.

caludeus     The standard helix pattern of DNA like the twined serpents, the caduceus is not right for the
new energies, now it is Diamonds linked. This creates a full link of the DNA patterning and has no top or bottom that leaks energy, which creates death; in the new paradigm the diamonds linked contain the complete codes, (the DNA actually moves in circles).
    This is the birthing place, not the southern hemisphere but here, as the merged Diamond Lights as in diagram hasnewlightc worked through all the Earth and comes out exactly here from Mt Titiroa, (which is an amazing vortex and Crown Chakra of the New Earth, in the bottom of the South Island, New Zealand).
The thirteen rays of the rainbow that activate the RNA are now brought in with the merged diamond light.
    The work with the Diamond Light and RNA is in my booklet ‘Diamond Light Workbook’ and the new light codes will be in the booklet “Living Light”

        As I was sitting on the grass just outside the stones writing all this I saw a huge Full Moon come into the centre of the stones in the other dimensions. I felt myself as a Diamond sitting by it and the stones too are all diamonds, the light ship above is vibrating at very high frequencies. I wondered if I would meet anyone who was aware of what was taking place but realised it was not about meeting anyone but meeting myself, my Diamond Self was glowing. 
 tara     Just then a little girl was standing by me saying ‘dada dada da’ just as I was making sound codes quietly and the Moon became luminous and glowed in the centre of the circle on the inner planes. She knew exactly what was going on and was watching it also. She wandered off with her parents but could not help but watch me; I knew she could see who I really was and what was taking place. She was mesmerised by me and walked over and sat next to me as our combined energies were required. With both us being there as anchors I was told ‘the doorway of light and life is open as the Moon illuminates the cells, through the stones’.
      My co-lightworker had her mother with her and then her father came over, I talked to them and they told me their daughter is called Tara (how appropriate), she is 21 months old and they are from Cologne in Germany and that she never comes to anyone, including family. I felt so happy to have spent time with Tara and she scribbled in my diary and did not want to leave. It was also heartening to know that there are some beautiful souls coming onto the planet who are so aware and switched on.

        On the day of the Total Lunar Eclipse Wednesday June 15th 2011, the next day, I drove off to find the Steinacleit stone circle off the road up to Port Ness and the Butt of Lewis, the northern most tip of the island. The Steinacleit stone circle is a place of the Sun and I needed to come here for the solar energies. The circle was not very obvious and had small stones in a big circle over the landscape and a few fallen over main stones in the centre of the circle. As I sat next to the tallest stone that was only big enough to give me some shelter from the cold wind I wrote.

he Sun is the source of Light and the Moon is the reflector of it and sustains life, without either we cannot exist here. On the Lunar Eclipse the codes of new light are flowing to you and you will receive and integrate them within you. The Lunar Eclipse tonight is for the awakening of the DNA at multi-dimensional levels of light beyond numbers and beyond comprehension to most’. I also received new information about the DNA Integration that is in my Light Code Activation book.

     I was then surprised to receive a healing and clearing of more dark energies in my heart chakra. I had spent years transmuting old energies but never think I have it together, but realise now after 30 years of this work that I have taken on a lot to assist all humanity as I work in the bigger picture. So I was grateful as the Sun came into my heart and the old black energy that had been caked in for aeons was removed. I breathed in Love and Acceptance into some energy that had been blocking my breathing and saw an old witch/death crone leave and ugly trog like male, then out the back of my heart chakra swords, daggers and old energy was pulled out. My old witch I had loved years ago, as this is the part of me that had believed in death and decay which are total illusions, but we have to own that it’s still there in our cells and energy bodies until full rejuvenation kicks in and we become our Body of Light fully.

     Then on the inner planes the Merman King with his beautiful fish tail came out of the circle. He said ‘ I greet thee, you have come here to help us all and for that we are most grateful.
I will tell you a story of the first humans who came out of the sea, they came here and you came with them, your dolphin self left the sea and you grew legs, like the Little Mermaid story you loved so much (the Hans Christian Anderson child’s story of the Little Mermaid always made me cry and I knew that story even as a child was more than a fairy tale). You grew legs but found if hard to breathe as you saw what happened to those from the sea, once they came onto the land they forgot.
     In the cosmic ocean of life all was in balance, once breathing then the balance was lost that is why the breathe is so important now to return by, as it disconnected us and now it must connect us back. This is why your lungs have trouble because it is not natural to you, no breathe is more familiar. (I had looked at issues of being in my body and being in life for years and spent a lot of  time in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s getting myself into my body. I have also experienced being in No breathe where I did not need to use my lungs to breathe but Light came straight through me. Would you believe I got bored with this after about thirty minutes and came back to being earth action woman, but had cosmic organism in every cell of my body for three days afterwards and know that we live on Light, not food or oxygen.) ‘Now we ask for your help to fully return to the sea once it is cleansed of the mess the two leggeds have created.’
      I then do some deep breathing and connect to the Moon Pearl from yesterday at the centre of the Callanish stone circle as it merged through the Sun.  The Sea King then said ‘This is what we waited for; you have freed us to return to the cosmic ocean’. The great mothership leaves making sounds that send the Pearl Sun into the earth, into Inner Earth Sun. As it connects the Earth cracks open and the old skins fall away leaving beautiful spring growth, new growth. The circle hums in spirals and all the Ancient ones are happy, they rejoice that the Light has returned and balance and love will be how life is.

      I walked back down to my car feeling happy with all the Ancients so joyous and then drove to the top point of Lewis, to Ness and parked the car near the stone wharf. The Sun had come out again and the sea sparkled, I walked up a short road and through the gate of someone’s farm and over the rutted earth covered in short grass with sheep resting in the Suns loving rays. When I got to the cliff edge I could see a great Golden Solar Disc out at sea, I did not feel I needed to do anything but enjoy its presence on this special day.  Looking out at sea for miles and up to the Artic I could see dark clouds approaching fast and another shower of rain cleansed me as I made my way back to the car.
     I still had plenty of time before the eclipse that evening at around 9pm and needed to get some more food at the supermarket and have a lap swim. I drove into town and it took me awhile to find the pool due to roadworks, I pulled over to see the map and the next thing someone whacked into me. I was parked in a parking area off the street and it gave me a realisation to be aware of attempted interference. Luckily the car was not damaged and when I got in the pool there was no area for lap swimming. I asked the life guard and the next minute he corded off an area and before I knew it there were all these adults who wanted to lap swim in with me. The swim was awesome and after doing my food shopping I drove back to my lodge near the stones to have my supermarket salad dinner and then go up to the stones.

stones6     The eclipse was actually quiet challenging, I knew I would not physically see the eclipse as we were too far north for it and would you believe I did not see the Full Moon either. The sun set was at 10.30pm and the moon rise at 9.30pm and it stays light all night, but for some reason I just could not see the Moon at all due to cloud and the light, on the nights before and after I also never saw the Moon, it did not matter of course as the energies were still on.

    At the stones there was no one except myself that knew how important this Eclipse and Full Moon were, or what was taking place, there were people there to take photos of the sunset with the stones and I was in the way of some as I stood and meditated and channelled the energies at the biggest stone in the inner circle.

stones5     Standing by the great stone I connected and the energy and light codes came down and I saw the Sun go across the Moon on the inner. It was so beautiful and was aware of the doorway of my heart opening. As I moved through the open doorway there was a pathway of Stars and Goddesses all around the circle.

Two vans full of Korean photographers arrived (I was not aware of those details then as I was meditating), but two of them came right up to me saying ‘excuse me, excuse me’. I ignored them and kept on but heard them saying to others at the site; ‘we are from Korea’, then when I finished they wanted me out of the way and were still hassling me. I told them how rude they were and I would never come into their temple and disturb their prayers, then as I went to sit down and write what had happened a male hippy who was smoking dope yelled out to me ‘hey person’, I replied ‘sorry I am busy and cannot talk now’. As I sat on the grass away from the madness of the photographers and wrote what had occurred I realised even where I was sitting was in the way of the Koreans and they were coming over again saying ‘excuse me we are from Korea’. I said ‘so what, I am from New Zealand’ and told them howstones2 rude they were, then their boss came and apologised. They were also trying to get the other photographers out of the way, where as everyone else waited for people to get out of the way or worked around them as everyone is allowed to be there.
    It really showed me how so many are just not ready for the shift, it seemed weird that here I was at this major lunar sacred site right on the full moon and full lunar eclipse and yet there was not the awareness of what was happening. The major attraction was the coming Solstice when many arrived to be at the stones for it and camped on the site or nearby, except it is a lunar not solar place.
      None of this deterred me and I had pages of information to write up from what occurred and more insight into the Moon and it was an amazing download of light codes. I also linked with others I know worldwide who were very aware of the incredible Light coming in. Aware of how important the light codes are and that those trying to disturb me were being used to try and stop the Light coming through, but nothing can stop the higher Light octaves now. The light codes are creating new life and the New Earth.   
       I visited the stones every day, in fact twice a day and was aware of them vibrating at very high frequencies and enjoyed just sitting for ages on the grass just being there. I briefly got to be on my own with the stones, but mostly there were at least five or more there through the day and night. There is no fee to get in and no fences to stop anyone which is wonderful and the Calum, the candle man told me they belong to the people of Callanish village and they like people visiting and will never close them off like Stonehenge.

      After the exact eclipse time and my experience with the photographers who were still there I stayed a lot longer and from listening to some people talking I learnt that the stones were an initiation place and that the Druids are trained for 18.6 years which is the cycle of the Moon. Two years ago the Full Moon came up from the belly of the ancient goddess who is silhouetted in the landscape of the hills behind and there are thirteen main inner circle stones, just like the thirteen Moon cycle.


      The next day Thursday June 16th I returned to the circle and back to the main stone where I had stood for the eclipse and completed the download. I was told on the inner ‘this was the initiation site for moving through the dimensional worlds physically’. Then I received more information on the DNA and the moonshine through the nuclei of the cells.
      The DNA is influenced by the Moon, the lunar influence is so important to rejuvenation and Physical Immortality just like the Full Moon essence I made. Now in this next step the nucleus of each cell is a trigger that can only activate the latent energy that has lain dormant until now with this Full Moon. It is the mid summer Full Moon that the ancient ones built this place for (not the summer Solstice) but the Moon. ‘You are here for the illumination of the nuclei of your cells to take place’. I was told ‘to see the moonshine of the mid summer Full Moon in Sagittarius illuminate the nuclei of your cells sounding LUMMMMM UN LUMMMMMM UN LUMMMMMM UN LUMMMMMM UN I. (If you want to do this you do not need to be at Callanish or wait to until next years Sagittarius Full Moon just know you are there.)
      Once the moonshine is glowing in the nuclei of the cells, inside out then the thirteen rays of the RNA can radiate through the spaces in between.

     Tonight when you go to sleep a lot of work is going to be done on you that will assist you to integrate all this. The new mandala you are making will activate the Moon energies and the light in the cells. You have worked with the RA and Suns, and Inner Earth Sun, Second Sun and now the Moon. The Moon at mid summer holds the codes of light not at any other time of year, they have been downloading through you and the Earth. The death and decay of the old cycle and beliefs is now leaving. This is happening as we unify the Sun and Moon within.’

    I walked up to stones again for the sunset, there were not so many there, the hippy guy was, and talking away loudly right by the inner circle to a tourist and I was grateful when they left and it was peaceful. I meditated again and got told; ‘I am light, it’s not from these places or cosmic events they just activate it more’. I already knew this of course but we often need to be reminded of the obvious. As I stood there I sensed and felt transparent with the stars and universe through me.

      That night I Soul Travelled to the stones and the next morning I tuned into what had occurred.
      I am at the
stones and the big pearl essence Moon is right through the site. I cannot even see the stones just the ball of Light then out of it I see houses from another time, then going back into the past the glaciers and Ice Age, then before that there is a light ship base there. The beings there are telling me they came to prepare the Earth for the Ice Age that was approaching. They said that no one could survive and only a few escaped south while most died, they are saying this is happening again, except it will not be with ice this time but with water and fire, and all the elements as the Earth is changing fast. They say they cannot come into the third dimension this time as the energies are too dense and polluted to support them but can only contact those who can reach their dimension.
     They are showing me how I am in the light ship and going under a scan as the dark matrix is being changed, they are telling me that because of who I am in my higher dimensional aspects that I can change my DNA very easily back to higher light and that my books explain and show how to do this. Many only think of 12 DNA but it is multi dimensional and its time now for the wake up into our multi-dimensional self. We are able to make the transition now from our two strands to multi-dimensional beings of light. For those of us doing this we need to record what is occurring genetically as well as intellectually, as this will make stronger beings who can handle many worlds.              

    The Earth herself speaks now and says that ‘she is waiting for the shift and has given us more time to get ready’. I am shown how Callanish was constructed as a circle to maintain the connection with the Moon, as the Moon was brought in to keep the Earth balanced and to sustain life. There are many more Moon Temples and circles that have not been discovered because they are far older than the Sun Temples and circles of the Solstice. They say that NASA and secret government know about the real purpose of the Moon but do not broadcast it as they do not want humanity to know how fragile life is here, but instead they choose to utilise that fragile ness to control.
     There was a Council of Light meeting about the areas of Earth and what is occurring with the earth changes. I was also aware of the dolphins out at sea, and had just connected to a pod of twelve dolphins over Jerusalem via a light worker friend there. They were very happy and chatty all wanting to speak at once and were happy to connect with where I was at the Callanish standing stones on Isle of Lewis. I was aware of the dolphins out in the bay and even my guest house is called Leumadair which is Gaelic for dolphin.
     I wrote via email to my friend in Israel who asked about the dolphins working there on the inner planes.
The pod of 12 that are assisting with tolerance and love, acceptance and peace for humanity also have a bigger picture mission the do with the shift in cycle and what is occurring on Earth and the physical changes that are and will continue to affect most of humanity. They are saying that by being in Jerusalem at the great vortex there it is assisting in holding the energies through the solar system and universe into the Earth and the tectonic plates, which are the ones most affecting us on the surface. They are showing me the volcanoes that will erupt and some that have not been volcanoes according to geologists in their known his story. They are saying that the seas will swell up and that rains will come down and that all the elements will be involved in a great cleanse. That is why they are holding the energy where you are as this is directly connected with human consciousness as you know we are the Earth and all creation. That the doorway of the heart and love takes us through into the New Earth which we have worked with for years but now humanity is being given this final assistance and the Earth herself has already delayed the shift waiting for more of humanity to open their hearts. By being at Jerusalem where in more recent his story the doorway of the heart was anchored by beloved Christ and the way shown but not accepted by most and fragmented into power and control dramas by religions and dogma that had come from the past. Now the dolphins who hold the love and joy and divine essence that we also hold are there to assist all who choose to be from the heart. This is so important not just for individual souls but for the Earth and what will occur with her in the shift.
     They are linking with all the other dolphins world wide and singing a beautiful song around the Earth and through the oceans that are so important to our survival and from where we came, out of the cosmic ocean as we decided to move onto the land and now to the cosmic ocean we return. They are ecstatic that we connect with them and in our own way also sing with them and make the connection stronger


      I also kept seeing a great Diamond under the land at the beautiful couples place on the Black Isle near Inverness where I took a Diamond Light workshop the following Sunday.
    The Diamond is big and the same size as the one in Doubtful Sound, South Island, New Zealand, it is 19kms in circumference and I emailed all the participants that we would soul travel into the Diamond at Black isle the night before we met.

harris3    On my final day I drove back to Harris and over to the western side where I stopped at a museum and place where the ancestral trees are worked out of where the islanders all went in the times of famine. I felt a deep sadness for the suffering that took place on the island as in the past fishing was the only work and potatoes about the only crop that could grow. Like Ireland the potato blight and consequent famine sent the islanders out to the four corners of the Earth.
     I realised that I had some ancestral memory still in me, and must have had ancestors from here somewhere way back, I knew I had Scottish ancestors somewhere. So I went within and sent love to them all until they were free of the pain and suffering and the grief of loss. 

      Later; on my way back to my lodgings I stopped and walked to the smaller circles of Callinash two and three again. I had been to them a few times and the number two stones were a doorway into thecallanish2 Inner Earth, now I saw a Light City in the higher dimensions there. 

      On my last night I Soul Travelled there to the Light City aware of going swirling down a wormhole tunnel, and into Inner Earth where the doorway is through the number two stones.  There are many beings there to greet me and they all want to tell me things. I say ‘one at a time’, and they say ‘what is happening now on the surface is very important for the shift not only in the cycle but for the future of the cosmos’. It is only the beginning of a whole new way of life and creation, the light city here is not ready to be activated yet, you will return to do that’.
callanish3    I knew I would return when called and as I left early the Saturday morning to drive back to the airport to fly to Inverness I forgot my water bottle that had a filter in it. I turned around and drove back to get it, as I had not driven that far. Seeing my beautiful host this time, I missed him and his wife as I left early, but I obviously needed to see him again and he told me he would see me again. I had loved staying at their guest house, it was beautiful and they were very generous and caring hosts, I loved Lewis and was aware of the energies of the stones that still had many secrets to reveal.

*Footnote re the Moon is negative.
     I hear a few people say that the Moon is negative; we know it’s a satellite and was placed where it is to assist Earth. Others say it is to control us, and how the Moon creates us to have wars, and many flip out over a full moon, the word lunatic comes from lunar. We know the Moon affects the tides in the ocean, the water in our bodies and our emotions, the sap in the plants and if we garden to the cycles of the Moon, even cutting our hair then we reap the benefits. So the Moon has a huge affect on us.
     But to blame it for all the negatives is a bit much, we are being controlled in all sorts of ways from the two strand DNA mentality, to all the programming genetically, to TV and movies, chemicals in the water and food, nearly everyone is on prescription or illegal drugs. So before we think that solving our problems just means getting rid of the controllers who so called use the Moon to brainwash us and we decide to rearrange our solar system, how about rearranging ourselves. If people want to be victims to the so called bad guys then look at the negative ET or dark lord in ones self first and tell that aspect in you that is not loved; ‘I love and accept you exactly as you are’ until your negative selves are all whole and healed. Then once you have loved all your darkness and owned your Light see how you feel about the Moon.
     There is a doorway through the Moon that initiates take, it is after the Sun initiations and is the final clearing of the emotions and lower mind, as you move through the Moon you will see what still needs sorting out.


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