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By Soluntra King
all artwork is from my photos, mandalas and paintings

After returning to Cusco from Macchu Picchu, I finished with the group I had been travelling with. But knew I had to return to Ollantaytambo, the sacred temple site up the sacred valley of the Incas where the Light Beings came in. I went with two friends who were also called to go back there. The first day we arrived at the site and went our separate ways. As I sat by some powerful rocks I remembered my story there. Where eons ago in another cycle I had come in from my home star Lichera, doing the cosmic dance of Sun and Moon, into oneness. I was then to return home in a Lightship but this crashed, the journey aborted. I now went to the site where this had happened, clearing the memories in Love and Acceptance, but now I was back to complete. No longer needing to go home to the stars, for now I had finally got the message. Home is in the heart, no matter what plane we are working on, or where we come from, as the stars and stargates we come through are only part of our story, as we come from the One. And being in our bodies the greatest gift we can have, as we can only marry heaven and earth in a body.

Then I went and sat by the sacred rock where I had received that missing fragment of my heart the last time I was there. Suddenly I was through the rock, which was a doorway into the higher dimensions, and I was in AN. AN is a light city like Shamballa, and every culture on earth who has the symbol of the Sun and the Moon originates from AN. AN was once on this plane but as the denser energies trapped us, and we fell into separation it went behind the veils. Only now are the veils disappearing, as we once again open our hearts. The energies there in AN are divine and I travelled throughout it, then I was told to take this energy where ever I went.

I then went up to the great temple site where the last time the guardian had come in, and sat watching the sunset. Then going to the great rock wall with engravings on it, the next thing I knew I was through another doorway, and being immersed in a bath of liquid Light. I knew this was a cleanse in preparation for the next day, and that night at the hotel where we stayed, we all had a sauna which was my physical purification. I meet with my friends, who were two men and we shared our days events. They also remembered when they had come in from the stars at the same time as me, and their job had been to create the temple site. They remembered all the layout, and how the water ways had been built, and that day they had found one of the great rocks from the temple site, not there any more, but down a dusty road close by. They knew it to be a cosmic computer and when they activated it the water in the channel nearby, which was flowing down hill now flowed uphill with antigravity!

The next day I went to it with them, and the water was still flowing uphill, not that I doubted that for a minute, for to me all these things are perfectly natural. The unnatural is how society lives now, with such limitations. The rock was golden and pulsing in its energy, and it was my turn to do my job with it. I sat on the rock and put out all my earth alignment crystals, that had been to every power place I had been to. Then I sprinkled the sacred ochre that I was allowed to take from the Gammon Ranges in South Australia around me and the crystals, as I lay down on the rock. Suddenly in my inner vision I was seeing all the main vortex points on the earthgrid from all over the earth, as the rock re-aligned and linked with them, into the central computer. My friends who were standing on the hill above watching said that the rock and myself moved with my head aligning to all the mountains surrounding us, but I felt quiet stationary. Then I was shown the last cataclysm with the words of how important it is that we get clear.

We then went back up to the main temple site, this is the place where I felt the physical golden disc was hidden, and as I aligned through the Central Sun it was re-activated and aligned to the others worldwide. Then sitting at the rock wall again, I went through the doorway once more, and was embraced by Golden Beings. As we walked out of the site and down the road to our hotel the setting sun sent out golden rays that made all the mountains around look golden. We knew this was a sign and our hearts were filled with joy.

I then left my friends and travelled by train through the high plateaus of the Andes to Lake Titicaca and Puno, which is on the side of the lake. I had intended to rest at Puno a few days and check out the Lake. The Uros Islands which are made of floating reeds which a tribe of Indian people live on are also out from Puno. But higher self had other things install and through a set of circumstances upon arrival, I was neatly bundled off on an early morning bus the next day for Copacabana on the southern shores of the lake and in Bolivia. As I travelled on the bus I felt excited about going there, which I had never felt in Peru.

Copacabana is a beautiful place on all levels and I felt good about Bolivia, the people much more friendly and open.

Up on one of the hills surrounding the town is the Solar Observatory in great rocks, the rocks are holders of the codes. I did some work there through the Central Sun but was guided to another rock which I lay on. This is the Cosmic Time Clock, and all being aligned in the Divine Will and Plan in Cosmic Time, which is No Time, the stillness. I was guided to do a Mandala of this to assist others to re-align to Cosmic time.

On the Sunday morning I knew I had to go to the service at the beautiful cathedral there. I found the service to be mechanical rote and wondered why I was there. Then seeing within that there was a powerful energy vortex and grid point under the cathedral that was sealed off with grey energy, understandably from what went on in the cathedral. So it was then opened up once more, and then I was off to the Island of the Sun for the completion of the work with the Golden Discs with the Solar Eclipse, October 24th `95.

Going across the lake, which is more like a sea, I choose to get dropped off at the northern end, rather than the south where there is accommodation. As we came into a small harbour I saw the place where the Starry Beings had come in after the Great Flood. This was one of the few places on earth still above water. The beings landed there with a golden rod which when they found the place where it would go into the earth was to be the founding place for the new civilisation. This being Cusco which I mentioned its importance as to the physical Golden Discs that the Incas used in part one of this story. I was meet at the wharf by a man, who must of known I was coming because he took me to a small room in a house where I could stay. The others on the boat being day trippers. After spending so long anchoring the discs in many power points worldwide I was told that nothing else was required of me except to be there, as they were fully activated with the Solar Eclipse. The eclipse was seen fully over the Taj Mahal in India, and in Bolivian time was midnight. An incredible Golden Ray came in then that I saw, and bringing with it new energies for earth in the higher frequencies of Divine Love. I was also guided to walk one day over a certain part of the island, and was shown that there had been a great city here once, and saw the cataclysm almost like nuclear explosions. The memories of the cataclysm and beings who were still stuck there were transmuted. With the understanding of how important it was for the memories to be erased as humanity still clinging to them with the old patterning of destruction and cataclysm, and then a new world starting. But now we can choose, do we have to do it this way again. For we have travelled so far and if we all open up to our divinity within, there is no need for such drastic measures. We can move out of duality and into oneness peacefully and lovingly, without having to have the carpet pulled out from under our feet. And so it is with the Golden Discs being activated around the world, and all the other work done by so many of us, bringing peace and harmony, creating the environment on earth for people to naturally open up their hearts.

Each night I went astrally to the council of Light who sit within the Andes, where a decision was made that the vibrations be heightened on this plane as the only alternate to so many probable futures of destruction and separation, that had been locked in to the collective consciousness. For there is movement in evolution and all is evolving as Earth Mother becomes a Star and all with her, who choose.

A Light city was also raised from the Lake and a Sirian Base that had been under the lake holding the beam was free to go home, as now the beam is being held by so many worldwide, as we empower ourselves to take responsibility for this beautiful planet instead of waiting for it to be saved by ET landings.

Next I went to La Paz which is an amazing city in a bowl completely surrounded by mountains. I travelled out to Tiwanaku which was a seaside temple site in Lemuria, and raised up 4,000mtrs when Lemuria perished. There are great pyramids there but they have no tops, all that remains is their base, and many ruins of temple sites and carved great stones that look very similar to Polynesian carvings. One of the jobs was to take the codings from them to New Zealand when I arrived there on my way home to re-link the two places. There is also a great stone statue of a Solar Being and he was re-activated at noon, becoming alive and glowing as I merged with him.

Then it was back into Peru and to the Nasca Lines. The lines, as well as huge symbols of insects, animals and birds are etched into 543 sq.mtrs of desert there. With no way humankind could of made them. They now required to be realigned to the Stars as they are now, as since they were made the stars and heavens have moved. The Spider is Orion, the Condor Antares, the Astronaut Arcturus, the Monkey Srius, the Humming Bird the Southern Cross.

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