Extract from the book "Light Code Activations" by Soluntra King  

     I was made aware of the Earthsun Body when researching within the connection of the human energy bodies with the Earth on Earth Day 2006. This was just after the huge shift we had for the Equinox where the Earth opened to the sixth dimension, and the Solar Eclipse just after where we graduated into higher light octaves, and that energy was integrating within us. I had heard of the Wands of Horus; that were used in ancient Egyptian times and had been made again in more recent times. Their purpose was to balance the first three bodies of the human with first three bodies of the Earth, to assist in awakening and activating the light codes within. In ancient Egypt this was practised in the temples by the Pharaoh/Queen and Priestess/Priests. I knew that it was possible to do this without the wands, so ‘tuned in’ to find out how. This was to be the beginning of an amazing journey of discovery as I was made aware of the Soulight Chakra, Earthsun Body and Present Light Body all through the Inner Earth Sun. When I was at Tula and Bernal la Pena in Mexico recently the Toltecs on the inner planes made me more aware of the importance of the Inner Earth, as we move into higher frequencies we move into the higher dimensions of the Earth which is the Inner Earth.

      The Earthsun Body is activated and utilised by connecting to the Inner Earth Sun and drawing its energy up through the Earth Star and lower chakras, and into the Soulight Chakra (between the Solar Plexus and Heart), which I was made aware of also at this time. Then aware of the Sun in our Heart Chakra, one with the outer Sun as its golden light illuminates down through the Higher Chakras and into the Heart Chakra. With the energies of the Inner Earth Sun in the Soulight Chakra and the Sun in the Heart, they then merge to create the Earthsun Body. This body is created through the union of the Suns, and there are Solar Spheres that exist in this energy body. It assists us to be clear and is a tuning rod that is connecting your physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies with those bodies of the Earth. The Earthsun Body is allowing and assisting us to open up our psychic and spiritual awareness, abilities and gifts. Being our Body of Light, master of our self and refreshed, re-vitalised, physically immortal, the divine being we truly are. The tuning rod connects us to the Inner Earth Sun, Sun and Second Sun. It rejuvenates and illuminates our body and in the “Physical Immortality” Chapter is more on this.

     The Earthsun Body connects our physical and four subtle bodies; etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual with the physical and four subtle bodies of the Earth, and is gifted to us at this time to awaken the light codes within and be our Body of Light fully. The Earthsun Body is one with the Physical, Etheric, Emotional/Astral, Mental/Causal Bodies and subtly through the Spiritual Bodies. It links us to all those bodies within the Earth. Now as we are unifying and becoming our multi-dimensional self, fully present, we can only do this when we are one with the Earth and Spirit. The Earthsun Body is a conduit, that allows this union to take place as we open up to the Inner Earth and the outer merge. The Inner Earth has always existed in the sixth dimension and now that the outer Earth has opened up to that frequency of Light, the two are one, as we create Heaven on Earth, the new higher dimensional Earth through our union.
      The Earthsun Body is a connecting rod of energy once activated, and is not like the other bodies that store all our im-balances. But helps to strengthen our energy bodies and clear them, as they connect with the Earth and the matrix of Crystalline Light that is the Earth and you, one matrix of Light. Our physical bodies are now changing from a carbon based structure to a crystalline based structure, and so we too are becoming the radiant crystal we are; clear, connected and light, through our union with the Crystalline Matrix of Light within the Earth and us.

      Align and connect through prayer and intention to Source, in Divine Love and Oneness, through the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun as the Golden Light from Source illuminates through the Suns and down through your Crown, down through into your Heart. You become aware of the radiant Sun in your Heart, your connection to the Source within you, as the warm glowing Golden Light illuminates from your Heart out through your body, down your pelvis, legs, feet and into the Earth, to the very core of the Earth. As you become aware of the Sun in the centre of the Earth and connect into the centre of the Earth. Then aware of the beautiful earth energy as it flows up from the core of the Earth, through the earth in through your feet, legs, pelvis, body and into your heart. You are one with the centre of the Earth through the doorway of your heart, as the earth energy flows up your chest, neck, head, out your crown and back to Source.
 You are the doorway that allows the energies to flow through you both ways, through your heart and body.
     Be aware of your connection to the Earth….. take your awareness down into the Inner Earth Sun, in the centre of the Earth… it illuminates up through the earth and into the Earth Star Chakra, then up into the Link Chakra and into your Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, until it moves into the Soulight Chakra, half-way between the Solar Plexus and the Heart Chakra……..
 Be aware that the Inner Earth Sun is in your Soulight Chakra……
       Deep breathe in as you connect deeper into your centre….into the Sun in your Heart…warm and glowing, soft and loving….Now be aware of the Sun in the sky… as you greet it… its golden rays illuminate down through the Cosmic Gateway and down through Universal Gateway, Stellar Gateway, Soul Star and into the Crown, then down the Central Channel through the Causal Chakra, Frontal, Third Eye, Throat, Thymus, and into your Heart…..As the outer and inner Sun are One…….
        With the Sun in your Heart and the Inner Earth Sun in the Soulight Chakra….become aware of the energy flowing between the two in a figure 8……..As the energies of the two Chakras and Suns merge, an energy body is created from the union of the Sun and Inner Earth Sun within you, the Earthsun Body…..Allow its energy to align and unify through you……..As it expands your awareness.....activates the DNA divine light codes.....As it strengthens and connects your energy bodies, they are refreshed, revitalised, rejuvenated.... as your physical body is one with the Earth's physical body...As your etheric body is one with the Earth's etheric body.....As your emotional bodies are one with the Earth's emotional bodies.....As your mental bodies are one with the Earth's mental bodies......As your spiritual bodies are one with the Earth's spiritual bodies.......Your Earthsun body connects you one with the are a tuning folk, as your conscoiuness is expanded....

Now allow yourself to go down into the Earth, deeper and deeper into the Earth into the Inner Earth and through the radiant Sun of the Inner Earth.
 Be open to receiving and giving in divine will and allowing, to Be....



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