gizadnaint   I had waited a long time to go to Egypt, like just about everyone on the planet I had a connection there and was fascinated by the pyramids, temples and Gods and Goddesses. Egypt is fascinating for us all not only from the romantised ideas of the pharaohs, high priest/priestess and the way they lived, their advanced culture and afterlife and spiritual awareness. But also because of its links to Atlantis and the last cycle, which we all remember not matter how unconscious and also the very position of Egypt, it is at the centre of the world and 30 degrees latititude and 30 degrees longitude, and the most powerful vortex point on Earth, as well as being the place of higher wisdom, the Goddesses and Gods, the initiates and the mysteries that still remain even today. There are many hidden treasures still uncovered such as in the Sphinx and under the Giza Plateau, not to mention the shaft from the Queens Chamber still not fully exposed yet.

     Just like the mystery of creation and the mystery of our own essence which takes a long journey to uncover so too is Egypt part of that mystery and synomus with our own inner discovery, and that of not only the Cosmos but the Journey from Source and the multi-prismed dimensions of our experience still. In order to understand Egypt we have to first understand ourself, connect to the Source within and gain the clarity of our being. Maybe that is why there is still so much interest in Egypt more than any other place or civilization as it is the unravelling of our own essence and Immortality. This in no way discounts the civilizations of the Americas, India, Tibet, Australia and all other cultures past and present as they are all interlinked and stem from the motherland "MU" - Lemuria and Atlantis and the time before ours.

hatpeace     I am personally fascinated by so many other parts of this beautiful planet and its peoples, culture and ancient civilizations but for now we are journeying to the Source through Ancient Egypt, and a civilization that purposely left incredible markers for us to follow in our time of awakening once more, the new Golden Cycle and the remembrance of our divinity and immortality. So I begin this dialogue with my story as well as many inner journeys of awakening through the pyramids, temples, Nile/Milky Way, Stars, Goddess and Gods to the Source of ourself and creation. As we came out of the White Hole and Prism of Lyra and return through the Black Hole unified, immortal, our body of Light, with the power of the Ankh and the Arc of the Covenant, the Creator Goddess/God of Heaven on Earth.  

    I had planned to go to Egypt in 1988 when I left New Zealand the last time, and even got a visa in Sydney but when I meditated on it a few days later got ‘no, go to Amsterdam’, which was just as well as myself and my partner at the time did not have much money and got a little Talbot van in Utrecht and travelled around Spain and Portugal and then to England but as I look back this was part of the journey that eventually lead to getting to Egypt in 2002. The reason for this was Trust, and only the heart trusts, I had always trusted in blind faith all my life but now it was being tested. In Egypt when I finally got there I was treated like the Goddess I truly am, this is not an ego thing as we are all Gods and Goddesses and in the Greater Reality one with Source. When we clear ourself enough to love ourself we activate the codings of our divinity and consciously remember who we are. This all takes time and each part of our journey in life gives us the initiations that if passed increase our octaves of light on a cellular level, becoming our body of light, the Creator Goddess/God we are.

     The trust on the journey in 1988 started when we landed in England in our van with 25 English pounds and we soon realised we could not afford to rent a place to live, as we had none of the references and bond landlords wanted. Sleeping in a tiny van was ok in Spain and Portugal where it was warm and we could use our kero cooker outside, but cooking in a tiny van it was near impossible as it was raining most of the time when we got to England. So we were driving along the road in Somerset saying we will just have to let go of worrying about what will happen when we looked and saw an old cottage with a thatched roof that was caved in. “Right this is the place” I said to Marinus my partner who could do carpentry work and so we thought we could stay there for free and fix the place up, never doubting for a moment. We parked and got out of the van and looked around the outside of the cottage and found a window wide open, so we climbed inside to find a huge chunk of Rose Quartz in the kitchen. This was a sign for us and much later when we were friends of the owners and told them about it they did not know where the Rose Quartz came from or ever saw it before or after.

     We walked over the road to the neighbour's cottage to ask who owned the cottage and a lovely old man told us, but when we drove to the big manor house where the owners lived, they had just gone on holiday to Portugal where we had just come from. They would be back in a week so not doubting for one moment that we would not be able to stay at the cottage we went to see friends in Cornwall with just enough money for petrol there and back and food. By the time we came back to the manor house, with its Aston Martin and Jaguar outside a week later we had about two pounds to our name. We knocked on the door like orphans from the storm to be greeted by Leslie who we had an instant repore with, she had a friend who had a Yoga Centre and I told her what I did, being a full time Naturopath at the time and having done Yoga for many years, she invited us in and rang Tony her husband who owned a big publishing company to come home.

     When Tony arrived he said we could not stay at the cottage as the builders were coming in next week but he had another place at Sparkford and he took us there. Of course it was right where we had spent our first night in England off the ferry, sleeping in our little van literally over the road. It was near Cadbury Castle the original King Arthur Castle and not far from Avalon or now day's known as Glastonbury. There was even furniture for us to use and we could have it rent-free. The next day Marinus was out in the yard and the neighbour offered him a job re doing his house, I could work there as well if I wanted, they totally trusted us and we would just ring at the end of the week to say how many hours we had worked, as the guy who owned it was a builder in Poole and his mate would come up and put an envelope through the mail lid in the door with the cash in it. They never came and checked on us with the work and we never saw them. It was the owners parents house and they had passed over, but needed some help to be at peace which I gladly gave, for years I had been assisting dis-incarnate souls to move on in peace. But as I cleared my own astral hooks this completed and I have not worked in the astral for years now. This experience in England was only one of many adventures in trust on that journey but as usual 'let go and let God' and it all happens, we never have to worry about a thing.

    Another energetic principle, which is interesting to note, is that if you have transcended something it helps others too. A very 3D example of this was at the same house in Sparkford, it was right on the 303 Highway from London to Exeter and very busy, the noise when we first moved in was so bad we lived in the back half of the house, the house was a typical English affair; terraced in a whole row with others and two proper stories and a big attic. I had my healing room at the first floor front room and we had just knocked up a massage table with some spare wood and put the cushions we used as our outside lounge while travelling in Spain and Portugal on it. Nobody noticed that came for help, nor did they notice the noise as I had let go of it affecting me, the house was also very dilapidated with holes in the floor and walls with plaster off in parts, half ripped wallpaper. But when someone came for a healing they would say what a lovely place I had and how quiet and peaceful it was! I have noticed this for lots of different circumstances as by being at peace within myself, no matter how unpeaceful the situation maybe others are affected not by the unpeaceful situation, but the energy I hold by being at peace which is the natural energy and so they feel that also. Something the peace movement often neglects as they are demonstrating for peace, wanting peace for the planet, how can it ever happen when inside they are not at peace. As usual it is all up to us as an individual, we heal ourself we heal all others and the planet, so easy but for most the outer is still the distraction and the inner does not exist.


THE 11:11

    The next time I attempted to go to Egypt was in 1992 for the 11:11, 11th January where the doorway through Orion was opening as the star Alnitak was returning on its orbit to being closet to Earth for the full unification and shift in cycle in 2012. Alnitak is aligned to Cheops the Great Pyramid and was the furthest from Earth 13,650 years ago when the pyramids were built making the Belt of Orion and the cosmic cycle that was at that time assisting us to experience duality and fear, our will and the full fall into matter, with Atlantis going down. The central star in the Belt; Alnilam is aligned to the second pyramid and Mintaka to the third pyramid, which are star mapped by the pyramids.

    Now we are ascending beyond duality and since the 11:11 doorway opened in 1992 there are eleven gates that open to bring in the higher frequencies of love, unity and oneness through still being in a body on Earth, the sacred marriage of Heaven and Earth. The Orion constellation was a place of great duality; of Dark and Light Lords playing out their game, with this drama still playing out on Earth as is very evident with the final throes of duality and those running their agenda for power and control going berserk at the present time. When the doorway opened in 11th January 1992 it created a vortex to assist humanity to anchor oneness within, become the multi-dimensional beings we truly are and awaken the DNA and codings of remembrance of our divinity. When the Earth is fully in the Photon Belt, according to those who have translated the Mayan Calender, 21st December 2012 then the doorway closes as we are in No Time, oneness and have shifted dimensions. This may be debateable about the dates but regardless of so called time this is happening, and on that day it is not that the world will stop or that a sudden change will happen, as everything is in the NOW, No Time, zero magnetics and is happening as a constant. In the Greater Reality there is no separation so this is really just a game we are all playing in the Maya, the illusion, so when you have unified enough within your being you are out of the game and fully multi-dimensional in an awakened conscious way and able to walk through the illusion. Being in the world but not of it, so really this is all just a play and the more you unify the more you stop playing. It might be interesting to note what happened to you around the time of the 11:11, 11.1.1992, more on the Gates through Orion is explained later in this chapter.

     We have had many gateways opening through this doorway that accelerate this process until eventually everyone has shifted out of fear into love and taken full responsibility for themselves and recognise their own divinity. The Earth herself is also shifting and on the 21st June Solstice 2001 we shifted fifth dimensionally, most do not realise this, and for those that have not embraced in love all their fears and related duality aspects such as judgement, anger, greed, control, revenge, hatred they will simply stay in a third dimensional reality which could appear to have great Earth Changes. For those who are open in their hearts and embracing and accepting aspects of self still hooked in duality then the shift is loving, easy, peaceful and beautiful. I used to be a Gatekeeper through Orion but after my journey and graduation in Egypt I got told I no longer am one, as everyone is their own Gatekeeper now.

     For the 11:11 in January 1992 rather than go to Egypt like my ego wanted or even to Queenstown in New Zealand where the master cylinder of the new energies is coming in, I went to Mt Abu in the Rajasthani desert, up to the high rocks overlooking the desert, an amazing portal to anchor the energies as the 11:11 doorway opened so again I was not to get to Egypt. I had actually let go ever going there and realised it may not have been safe for me as I held certain codes that those who were still working in duality wanted and on one level Egypt was their play ground as dark and light had played itself out rather full on in Egypt and dark had had the controlling interest there in more recent history. Not that that could affect the divine energy there as the higher energy is always held and it depends on what plane of energy one is working on. In the lower worlds and underworld if one has hooks into those realms through their own fear or issues of victim/victimiser, insecurities, unworthiness, fears from this life or parallel then one is going to be affected by those feeding on that energy in the astral planes. But when one has embraced in love and acceptance their issues of victim/victimiser and fears from all parallel worlds that are actually running concurrently, then one can walk into the darkest, most negative environment and not be affected and actually assist the shift into wholeness for those still stuck there. So it was for me that I had to complete all my initiations and be clear before I could experience the full gifts that the higher planes offered and on the physical plane Egypt is one such place that offers that gift.



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