The prophecy is that the ‘Magic Box’, which is crystals from the Pleiades placed inside Uluru are ready to be activated on the Solstice December 21st at 9.04pm Northern Territory Time Australia.

That for this activation to take place it needs at least two hundred  thousand people (according to Steve Strong, or a certain precentage I think 8% of the Australia Population) who are of pure heart to activate it, this apparently is souls just in Australia. No wonder Victoria is in such lockdown, we need people to move beyond all these programmed fears. If it is just to be the people in Australia, we are here to support our brothers and sisters there totally. Some of us have a major connection with this work on the inner and bigger picture so will be there on the inner planes, if invited, remember this is so important.
ULURU21I have been invited to Uluru over the years for amazing work that unfolded but I would never go there physically or on the inner unless invited.
It’s not about everyone racing to Uluru in the physical either, if you have been invited by the Old Fellas and Guardians you will already have your invite. Otherwise no matter where we are in Australia or the world if we face Uluru at that time to send our Love and divine energies to the activation it will occurred. Then the energy will go to five sacred sites in Australia and then to one site in New Zealand then it will spread to the world.
There will be 12 elders at Uluru on the outside and those inside the rock as well.

This will be a vibration, it will be so high frequency that many may not be able to cope who do not have pure hearts. We have been given plenty of opportunity to get our inner house in order so trusting that most of humanity will be able to feel the positive effects. We also have just over three months to get our acts together even more.

The Earth will vibrate at a higher level and people who exists at that level can tune to it. People will know what’s going on, their soul takes them to vibration that resonates with them. The soul decides which vibration is for them then over time higher the vibe ones will stay and those souls that can’t stand it and will go.
This is not judgement day; it is simply how we can manage the vibration. For those in very dense states of being they may not handle it from the start.  
These crystal are so powerful and will cleanse the Earth and if we are not able to activate the Magic Box the prophecy is that in three years the Earth’s Axis will have shifted so much the Earth will flip and the seas will swill around the Earth three times taking out just about everything.
This was known only to the Aboriginal tribe of the Uluru country who have already been doing ceremonies for 9 years. Many other tribes did not even know about it until the rest of us.

For those of us that can go with it, and in fact welcome this then we will open to our other senses and start to work telepathically, bilocate, teleport and create a world of Love.

uluru from airKsusetclUluru was an asteroid that fell to Earth however many millions, billions of years ago and most of it is under the ground. It fell into the Eromanga Sea and its impact pushed up the earth that is Kata Juta nearby which is a completely different make up to Uluru.



Here is a link from Lisa Scallion about it
and more on the Magic Box

And a video with an interview with Steve Strong who with his son Evan is an Australian archaeologist, investigator and works with the Aboriginal elders.

Here also is a link to the Wingmakers, some of you may remember this for the 80’s or 90’s. I even have the DVD of the music and the art is awesome. Here is a comment by Will Hamilton
‘As the WingMakers who evolved into the Pleiadians, left 7 time capsules all around Planet Earth in 826 AD and as the first discovered such time capsule was discovered at Chaco Canyon New Mexico in 1972 where they also left an optical disc that introduces us to them as the WingMakers. This optical disc was investigated by the US NSA who wrote this important memo re the WingMakers also claims that the WingMakers/ Pleiadians left a time capsule in Central Australia -