The Cosmic egg was activated by 22 of us who were called to be at this event. We went within for two days intensely clearing, transmuting, transforming and transfiguring ourselves in preparation for the bigger picture work with the great Cosmic Egg out in the Bass Strait from St Andrews Beach, that has been placed there by the ancient Dragon guardian from the first cycle when there was land not a sea.

     An ancient volcano from the first cycle that has broken down over the aeons of time as the land came up and down and it is now under the ocean. The volcano has been extinct for millions of years and is holding the Cosmic Egg in the Dragon lair of Dragon lines that were connected once to the inter-dimensional doorway there that is beyond this universe and in the multi-universal realms.

   From the Council of Light the call went out for it to be activated in divine will and plan on Sunday 3rd April as the
Stargates have opened. But now need to open through the hearts of enough to own their Dragon Heart and be the vessels to allow this awakening through the earth with our love.
     The Stargates merged the un-manifest with the manifest universes and now as this ancient doorway is now opened again it will assist in the union within each who chooses to come from their heart.

     This doorway could only be opened as the clearing of the lower astral realms has happened enough and now it’s for all who are able to, and who choose to be clear conduits of this loving return of the grace of the golden cycle. To injoy the dragon light in diamond facets of multi-prismed life. To show the way beyond the fear and come home in the cosmic sphere, where peace and joy can dance again in through the cells of your body as the multi-dimensional realms unify within each cell.

   The cosmic egg activation and doorway opening is for all humanity to assist them to clear the etheric web that has trapped many into the lower planes of existence, not just to experience duality but they have been locked into a vast web as food and now it’s time to liberate.

   This Cosmic Egg could only come into my awareness after the Dragon Egg awakening Day on 28th February and is part of the handover of guardianship of the Earth to us. As we have graduated to be the loving Creator Goddess God here creating Heaven on Earth.

     On the Saturday in amongst much inner awareness and union we opened to our Star and Earth linages. The dragon linage and the dragon egg light codes that we hold from the Ancient Ones we are from the light within.
Each of us in the group had a connection to the light city from the third cycle that exists in the higher dimensions through the landscape. We became aware of ourselves as Light beings who had come in then to prepare for the Cosmic Egg that had waited until now as we returned at this time and shift in cycle. The spiritualisation of matter and holding the beam through time and space. To the Cosmic Egg now to be awakened for humanity to assist in the raising of consciousness and the opening of hearts.

     That night we went on a soul travel to the Cosmic Egg and the next morning we opened to our serpent wisdom within and the flow of the kundalini that sings with the Rainbow Serpent through the Dreamtime. The stars and earth as our DNA light codes illuminated through and the earth. From the doorway in the stars of Orion as it danced in the underworld to come out the other side as Ophiuchus, the serpent bearer and our light body fully integrated with our physical body. The Rainbow Serpent dancing between the worlds that we unify. Through our one heart, one with the heart of the earth and the new sun light codes in our body of light all aglow. With the higher dimensional stars embodied through the multi-dimensional beings we are. Iridescent shimmering essence of source...
   In the late afternoon we went down the beach after gathering outside the Divine Light Centre to prepare with our higher self mudras. In the last of the beautiful autumn Sun we made our way over the sand dunes and down to the beach. The sun was not far off setting as we gathered to watch the Comic Egg rise out of the ocean, as it shone through the sunset and silvery waves.


     Aware of the great columns of Light through the Light City here and ancient Light Beings that we are and that are with us. The preparation for this time was happening in the 3rd cycle as we were there and still are in the greater reality. Our presence required now as the Cosmic Egg was activated by our sounds and Light from our hearts.
   The Cosmic Egg is way more than just a doorway through the multi-verses, it not only clears the etheric web that has held us in suspended animation by those who have chosen to imprison humanity, but it clears that web and hooks we have in our own Being and for all humanity who choose.
     Many will not know they have the choice to be liberated but now the egg and Light codes and creation energies are liberated it is raising the level of consciousness. To assist in realisations by many humans to awaken from their slumber and wish to stop the abuse of the earth and humanity. The time is getting close when we will move through the eye of the needle, once enough have awakened. With the etheric web being cleared it is another part of the New Earth higher dimensional Earth being anchored so those who have Love in their hearts can move beyond the down trodden fear based illusion.

   The cosmic egg is linked in to all the others worldwide and through the new Light Matrix 6D grid that has just been anchored as a whole new grid system is around to Earth. One that can’t be manipulated like the old grid and vortex points that were misused by those with agendas of control and fear. This new grid can’t be accessed as it comes from the pure energies of love, and from level of selfless service not service to self.
   The cosmic egg codes are within each of us and we will be even more liberated in our own journey and life.

Thank you beautiful beings in the group for making this possible, for your love and being present, your loving service and radiance.

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